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  1. I have never used DPD powder. What are the advantages? I have suspected that the algae outbreak never fully cleared, but I have shocked it repeatedly (18 pounds) and used three bottles of algicide. There is nothing visible. PH is a little low, but that's not unusual.
  2. Ok, since we are talking pools, let's see if you guys can help me solve an issue. Pool has been behaving for about two years, no algae outbreaks and no other issues in general. We took a direct hit from Hurricane Laura and were without power for two weeks, plus an unbelievable amount of vegetative debris got in the pool. I had a major green algae outbreak while the power was out and it took about six weeks to get it cleared and looking nice again. Then we got hit with Delta. No power for three more days and again, a lot of tree limbs, leaves etc. in the pool. Not as difficult a time getting it back nice, but for some strange reason, I can't get it to hold chlorine. Stabilizer was low, so I bought some and raised it to normal, thinking that would solve the problem. Nope. I thought maybe my reagent was old and wasn't giving me a good reading, so I bought the strips. Basically no chlorine showing up. Meanwhile, the pool looks fine. No cloudiness, no algae, it looks great. But the chlorine levels are not there. I plan to leave it alone unless I get an outbreak of something. Maybe I'll drain it over the winter and start with a fresh batch of tap water. Any ideas from you experts?
  3. In Louisiana with a vinyl liner pool. I spend $300-400 annually on chemicals (chlorine pool). I do everything myself. Liner costs about 4k installed and you need a new one every 5-7 years. I spend bout 30-45 minutes per week maintaining. It's important to have a Dolphin or other robot cleaner. It cuts back considerably on the amount of time you spend. They run about 2k and last 5 or so years. I can't believe some people spend 1500 or more on chemicals, but that's what I hear. It's not that difficult.
  4. Derek Lowe (essential reading) comments on the Arizona study and on re-infection.
  5. Another study from Arizona suggests antibodies are still present up to 7 months after illness.
  6. House is fine. Cat is fine. Lots of flooding is the worst aspect of the storm. Wind damage is not that bad. Most tarps came off, so those houses likely took in water again.
  7. I'm settled in at work for the duration. Wife is in North Texas and my cat will endure another storm under the bed at home. She will hiss at me for a week after the storm, but she's too high-strung to handle an evacuation. Drippy rain right now. Winds 25ish.
  8. Last day for us to prepare. I'm working now, will head home and try to get everything inside or locked down after lunch. My ditch is still full of Laura debris. I need to clear it as well as I can for drainage. I have a bunch of sheet metal from my neighbor a block away that blew into my yard in Laura. I need to get it in my garage so it doesn't fly through the air slicing everything in its path like a veg-o-matic (or my two-iron). This sucks.
  9. Latest track moving closer to me in SW LA. Lots of people here still don't have cable and internet from Laura. I worked 40 straight days and just had my first decent weekend since before the storm. I am not sure I can take the stress of another one. Crap.
  10. Only about 70% of power has been restored here from Laura. Now we might get heavy rains from Beta. It doesn't look likely that we will get a strong wind event, but could have major rainfall and we can't handle it now. Ditches and drainage laterals are full of Laura debris. It will take months to clear it. We could have major flooding issues if we get big rains. Crap. I have worked 32 straight days and now we go back into panic mode. I was hoping to get my yard finally cleaned up this afternoon. Tree guy is removing the neighbor's oak that smashed our deck right now. I'll probably end up working all day.
  11. Power came back on last night. In Rita in 2005, I was one of the last to get power on day 19 after the storm. This time, for Laura, I am one of the first to get power back on at day 12.
  12. Ten days post hurricane and I am rapidly running out of wardrobe options. I fear a major fashion faux pas is imminent. Perhaps FEMA could dispatch a style consultant with the next load of bottled water and generator fuel. The right fashionista might be able to save us all from the humiliation of being caught on the tv cameras while displaying poor taste in clothing. Perhaps we could even create the next fashion craze from our tattered remnants with the right person. We could call it "Aftermath Chic." #KeepUpAppearancesCalcasieu.
  13. Generators are also dangerous. We've had six deaths from Carbon Monoxide due to misused generators so far in Calcasieu.
  14. Lot's of people here have generators. You can hear the sound of them everywhere. It's not really an option for me. You need gasoline or diesel and there no stations open in the Parish. You can't get fuel. Folks staying here are driving to Lafayette or Beaumont daily with as many gas cans as they can possibly carry to get fuel. I am working 12-15 hours a day, so driving elsewhere isn't an option. I can stay at work where there is a generator and AC, but you know, the cat and everything.