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  1. GL Tommyboy. My case wasn't too bad, but I occasionally have recurring pain at the site. Hang in there.
  2. I love Time Out of Mind for many reasons, one of which is that the title comes from Warren Zevon's "Accidentally Like a Martyr." Zevon is my favorite artist of all time and Dylan and Zevon were fans of each other. Dylan played harmonica on Zevon's "The Factory" in 1987. When Zevon was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2002, Dylan began covering several of his songs in concert, "Mutineer," "Lawyers, Guns and Money," and "Accidentally Like a Martyr." Zevon, noted for his dark humor, said that having Dylan cover his songs made cancer almost worth it.
  3. I got my tickets! I realized my wife had never seen Drew Brees play in person, so we made plans. I will have to miss a women's basketball broadcast, but the sidekick says he will handle it! We paid $275 per seat, down low but in the end zone. Wife won't sit up in the rafters!
  4. I enjoyed it very much. The middle third was outstanding. It did drag on a bit toward the end, but not so much that it spoiled anything. Perhaps I enjoyed it more than others because I had no idea what the story was about. I knew it was Scorcese and DeNiro, but i didn't know any of the back story. I knew what happened with Hoffa, but had no idea that was the central story here, so the film had a lot of tension for me.
  5. I grew up in a small Southern Illinois town. After college I got a job in Alabama, then nine months later I moved to SW Louisiana. First person I met became my wife. Been here 31 years and I doubt we ever move. She's got all her family here.
  6. I was pretty young, I'm guessing around seven. My brother was a year older and extremely smart. An old lady at church asked us "Do you still believe in Sanny Claus?" (She actually said "Sanny"). My brother used logic to determine that her question could only mean that at some time in the future we would not believe in Santa, therefore he was not real. My seven-year-old brain could not make the logic leap, but he insisted he was right. Later, we went searching for presents and found the hiding place. I was convinced.
  7. Every Bob Dylan album, even the worst ones, has at least one astonishingly good song on it. Because the albums are sometimes forgettable, these great ones get lost pretty easily. I look forward to the list, in hopes you include some of those obscure songs. I have a few in my mind right now and I'll keep checking in to see if they make the cut.
  8. Finished Season 2. I give it a five out of ten. Season One was a seven. Last episode was awful.
  9. I can't say this is true everywhere, but in Louisiana Trucking companies are the number one target of the tv lawyers. Our judicial system is tilted heavily in favor of plaintiffs and the trial lawyers are literally every other commercial on local tv, mostly targeting big truck accidents. The extra cost of doing business in purchasing insurance is a major factor in trucking companies leaving our state and closing down. This guy is spending more than 4 million dollars annually in advertising in Louisiana.
  10. I was on a Cruise at a piano bar and we were playing trivia. The pianist played a bit of this tune and I dutifully wrote down "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington, Jr. When it came time for checking the answers, the pianist said it was by Bill Withers. I spoke out loudly, "It was a Grover Washington Jr. Record!" The pianist looked at me like I was crazy and said it was Bill Withers. I lost the trivia game because he didn't know his ####. I saw the piano player at breakfast a couple days later. We were in port in San Juan so I had an LTE signal on my phone and I went to the Wikipedia page for "Just the Two of Us" and stormed over to the pianist's table to show him I was correct. My wife was horrified and refused to have sex with me for the rest of the cruise (but I proved my point)!
  11. I had been saving some real old ones. I gave my 1982 Who shirt and 1981 Tom Petty shirt to my niece's boyfriend, who is a really amazing guitarist. My niece dumped him shortly thereafter. I should have kept the shirts.
  12. I am hoping yesterday's increased usage is a sign of things to come. They've been cautious so far but now they need to push the envelope a bit since they are outside of the playoffs currently. Wishful thinking?
  13. Just recently diagnosed with tinnitus. It started after I used an OTC ear wax removal product, which may have damaged my eardrums. The years I have spent listening to The Who and The Clash at full volume probably contributed too.