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  1. You had me until then. There is no way on God's green earth that KC survives Pittsburgh and then goes to New England and has a miracle. And then, if by some divine intervention both these things occurred, and then they crap the bed in the Superbowl? Come ON, man!
  2. 12 Team PPR SuperFlex Dynasty Team A gives: Gronk, Jordan Mathews, Hyde, Hogan Team E gives: Kelvin Benjamin, Sproles, Barnidge, two 2017 1sts (mid) Not involved. Team A can't make the dance, dismantling his team to start a rebuild (I think ) Team E is desperate for a win at 4-5.
  3. My input is that the trade is ridiculous. Whomever the starting RB is for the G-Men, he is NOT worth a 2017 1st. An ugly 40/40/20 split is not worth a 1st either. Whomever emerges, if someone does at all, is probably supplanted by the Giants second or third round pick in 2017, who will likely be a shyte-hot RB from the big cohort next year, as the Giants are a prime candidate to draft a meaningful replacement for their pack of scrubs and has-beens at running back. Though yes, I suppose it's possible they dodge that position entirely in next year's Draft because they need help on defense. But in that case, they might pick up Benny Cunningham or even Murray, or some similar soon-to-be Free Agent ...who would also be acquired to be the starter. In the meantime, Team W, who was leveraging his 2017 1st (or one of them) for needed depth at RB, now has to use three roster spots and wait most of September to see what he got for his money. Could Perkins emerge, submarine all this conjecture, and be good value for the pick? Maybe. But I would bet against it.
  4. Recently I picked up the first 40 episodes of America's Game in a slightly used box set. What a beautiful find. This brought me to watch subsequent episodes of the series, of the most recent ilk. Just last night I watched the Ravens 2012 version of these dramatized tales. At 11:42 of the video, you'll watch a key play, perhaps one of the most remarkable plays of their season, and without a doubt, a game changer... 4th and 29 converted. And the one name Flacco, Harbaugh and Lewis fail to mention (or more likely, the name that got edited out) is Rice. Pariah or no pariah, that's a play.
  5. 12 Team PPR QRRWWTKD + Flex + SuperFlex, TE Premium Gave: Josh Gordon Got: 2017 1st
  6. 12 Team Dynasty PPR, QRRWWTKD + Flex + SuperFlex, TE premium Team A gives: Gurley, Bortles Team B gives: Rodgers, Hyde, 2017 1st (mid), 2018 1st
  7. I am in two SuperFlex PPR Dynasty leagues with TE Premium. Also, regularly play in a third, ReDraft SuperFlex QRRWWTKD + Flex + SuperFlex QB scoring is 4pts for a PaTD, which limits QBs a little. Small bonuses for 100 yd games for RBs and WRs, combined with full PPR further balance out scoring. A great day for any player is about 25-30pts, QBs included, but top WRs can really tip the balance. Yet, good QBs make for a superior SuperFlex due to them just about always scoring decent numbers. You can get 15-20 points reliably. Your optimal line up is QQRRWWTKD + your best remaining WR or TE. These days, most persons have a crappy RB#2, so high-end depth at that position can be a difference maker, whereas carrying a 4th RB with any really talent only really helps with injuries.
  8. To me this is close, in a two year window. I don't usually project much farther than that, due to my short attention span and poor planning skills. People are calling Dez old at 27. I don't buy it. I see his production as roughly equal to DeAndre for two years...say in and around 300 pts for a full season in PPR leagues, barring injury or QB injury (DeAndre appears to be QB proof, but Dez has the better, more proven QB if Romo can just stay on the field) Martin is younger than DeMarco, by a year. I see both their situations as tenuous, DeMarco perhaps more so. The real heart of the trade, I think, in terms of who wins and loses short term...boils down to Mathews. In the two year window, his value could tank or turn into something huge. I think Adams had his chance last year with Jordy out. I am a Pack fan, but he just plain sucks under the gun - and I think he's going nowhere.
  9. 12 Team Dynasty PPR QRRWWTKD + Flex + SuperFlex. TE Premium. 3 year contracts no salary Gave: Doctson, Hyde, 2017 1st (mid), pair of 2018 2nds Got: Zeke (and Hauschka as a throw in) Paid heavily for Zeke, but I think he's worth it. And, though it's immaterial to the trade in a vacuum, I did get those pieces for pretty cheap...
  10.'s Charles for Goff and a 2017 1st. It's a single QB league so Goff's value is highly speculative for the time being. Could be a while before he's startable, if ever. If the first is top four, I like that side. If the first is late, like 1.09 or later, then the guy who's trying to win now with Charles did himself alright.
  11. 12 Team PPR Dynasty Flex + SuperFlex, TE Premium, 3 year contracts, no salary Gave: Matt Ryan, CJ Anderson, 2017 2nd (mid/early) 2018 2nd Got: Mariota, Shorts, 2017 1st (mid/late), 2018 2nd
  12. 12 Team PPR Dynasty Flex, plus SuperFlex, TE Premium, 3 year contracts, no salary Gave: Bortles, Olsen Got: Ryan, Eifert, 2017 2nd (early), 2018 2nd
  13. 12 Team PPR Dynasty Flex + SuperFlex, TE Premium, 3 year contracts, no salary Team G gives: Dwayne Allen Team J gives: 2017 2nd rounder (mid/late), 2018 2nd rounder also, same two Owners in another deal they negotiated the same day... Team G gives: Treadwell, Barnidge, 2018 3rd and 4th Team J gives: Khiry Robinson, DWill, Golden Tate, Witten, 2017 2nd (mid/late), 12 bucks in BB dollars (out of 200 starting budget) Not involved. I personally like Allen in the first deal, and it's essentially Treadwell for Tate and a 2nd in the following a three year window, I might like Tate.