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  1. No offense but no you couldn't. When A Rod is throwing the ball, Jordy is HIS guy. Period. Jordy is getting older (will be 33 next year) but he is still Rogers #1 target. That said, Adams proved he is worth the contract here and a great guy to own. The one on the outside looking in is Cobb. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him cut when it is most advantageous to the team.
  2. I'm certain I didn't instigate the confrontation with him. Please let him and his whackadoo buddies know to drop it as well. Thanks.
  3. You right wing whackadoos sure do stick together. I got hand it to you.
  4. Maybe summon your friend to tell me what "disease" he's referring to so we can get to the bottom of problems in the NFL.....
  5. And him telling me to seek therapy is cool with you? How does that elevate anything? Or maybe you should just not chime in at all. Thanks
  6. The disease being cops unfairly targeting and executing people of color? Or is there another "disease" you are referring to? Care to explain?
  7. Yep, this could all be a symptom of aging baby boomers priorities and a shift in the NFL marketing towards the future purchasing power of 85 million millenials.
  8. Wow, take a long walk off the nearest short pier. If I wanted your opinion on anything, I'd give it to you.
  9. First, I don't really believe a large number of fans turned the channel because a few players did not stand for the Anthem. If they did, they are small minded, petty, and have a lack of empathy towards a large number of Americans. History shows that it's best not to cater to or cave to the demands of those types of people anyway. A lot of factors can contribute to a decline in viewership or attendance; aging/dying demographic of baby boomers and high ticket price come to mind very quickly. If there is a temp downswing in ratings, deal with it. They aren't the only sport that needs to relook incentives to attend games. Second, I believe the vast majority of the blame that this has become a hot button issue lies with our so-called POTUS trying to divide Americans against themselves to cover for his own failures as a person, candidate, and leader. He is an absolutely horrible person and terrible example for all of our youth and seems to enjoy trying to destroy the brand of NFL for some reason. (maybe because of his failure to compete with them with the USFL back in the 80s) Allowing him to have a say in anything regarding the league should never be an option. He has had many opportunities to bring this country together to heal and has chosen the exact opposite path. *insert swear word here* him. Third, Good for the league that they are investing in less fortunate communities when our so-called POTUS is turning his back on and openly hostile towards them. The league is in a powerful position to affect positive change in this country and can leverage those assets to do as much good as possible if they see fit. 4th, The 1st Amendment of the Constitution protects our rights to peacefully protest. Speaking as retired Army, I fully support players' right to kneel during the Anthem. I am not offended. It has elevated discussion on the unequal treatment of POC by law enforcement. There are much more damaging ways to get that point across than a peaceful protest. My hope is they will stop when they see that their voices are heard and issues are being addressed appropriately.
  10. Every Joe Mixon Touch vs. Tampa Bay | Bucs vs. Bengals | Preseason Wk 1 Player Highlights:
  11. Agholor is someone Matt Millen would call, "a devout coward". Until he shows up in a game and makes a catch in traffic or when the camera is on him, I will pass.
  12. "There's an old saying in Tennessee—I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, 'Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again." GWB
  13. I REALLY like this guy for the dynasty rookie value and this video is just one more reason to be high on him.... Been grabbing him everywhere I can after 1.06 and will continue to do so.
  14. JMO, the Funchess pick seemed more like an insurance policy for K Benjamin. They have similar skill sets in that neither is a dynamic mover and are both big bodied guys who can post up, use their bodies and win the 50/50 against smaller defenders. When KB went down, Funchess should have just stepped into that role which didn't not happen. The success Benjamin had as a rookie, again I think, led the scouts and coaches to think they found some match-ups they could exploit on a regular basis. That really didn't turn out to be the case with Funchess. With the addition of McCaffrey as the joker back and Samuel who is projected to fill Ted Ginn's deep-ball role as well as Cotchery's role in the slot, Funchess doesn't have a set place in the rotation barring injury. Rivera is on the record as wanting to feature the slot receiver going forward, and that is not Funchess' skill set. Also, the addition of Lance Taylor (McCaffrey's RB coach at Stanford) and Cotchery as the WR coaches doesn't really bode that well for the big bodied guys IMO. That offense is evolving and not towards featuring the twin towers.