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  1. No... annnnnnnd no. But carrry on
  2. My Smoo account got banned so I set this one up
  3. Pretty much haven't played in a month or so. Oh well .
  4. Quality upskirt pr0n
  5. Dear: money.never.sleeps.when.you.have.none. QB isn't a Defensive position/talent. HTH
  6. Yep. That was a "humanity is more evil than zombies" thing. A touch heavy handed... but the point was made.
  7. Halfway wish we had a full season of Negan's Reign, vs him immediately facing confrontation at XXXX . I want to see more of what Negan's world is like.
  8. Naw... the governor was never particularly engaging or charismatic. I can't put my finger on it but he never did it for me.... Negan might instantly be my favorite character on the show
  9. Not much that hasn't already been said. Great episode. A little dramatic at times, but I don't think it's out of line given the bleak scenario. Rick turtling up is disappointing, but again somewhat understandable given his limited options. I ####### love Negan. Man...JDM is owning that role.... has the potential of creeping toward Ledger/Joker SUPER-ELITE-UPPER-TIER of bad guy if he keeps it up. Brilliant coming out party though. GF is a huge Greys Anatomy fan, and she's in total shock that "Denny" is doing all this. Alexandria will be interesting... welcoming back the heroes completely broken and defeated will have to incite some pushback from folks who aren't aware of what Negan is capable of. Welcome back gang...we've missed ya.