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  1. Been too busy to update lately... Did our annual Eagle Rare barrel pick a few weeks back Scored a 500ml tax stamped 1980 Old Taylor from National Distillers (Castle Distillery). Pretty damn excited to open that bad boy and taste it. Ive had OL Grand Dad and Bourbon DeLuxe and ND whiskey is phenomenal.... total caramel bomb.
  2. To all the Next year folks.... Next year probably isn’t going to happen. This festival is under profound development pressure and it is almost guaranteed the park is about to be royally ####ed up by people putting in hills and basketball courts under the guise of “inclusivity” (ignore that most of them are white people who pay $30k/yr to send their kids to private school... and they own real estate along the river) . THAT SAID: leaving politics and money out of it, this i probably the last great year of Memphis in May. Next year it almost guaranteed won’t be by the river. In 2021 IF it’s by the river again it will be a shell of itself. If you ever were going to come... this is the time. No hyperbole, just reality. If you have been putting this off, and always assuming it’d be there next year.... you might wanna make plans next month. No shtick...
  3. Just got word on our A5 Waygu... So I thought A5 like USDA Prime, obviously way way way better, but I didn’t realize there were subgrades... So apparently the Japanese BMS scale runs 1-12... here are some relevant scores (Australian Waygu and USDA relevant scores): BMS 1 =AUS 1 / USDA SELECT / JAP A1 BMS 2 = AUS 2 / USDA CHOICE / JAP A2 BMS 3 = AUS 3 / USDA CHOICE+ / JAP A3 BMS 4 = AUS 4 / USDA PRIME / JAP A3 BMS 5 = AUS 5 / USDA PRIME / JAP A4 BMS 6 = AUS 6 / NO US EQUIV / JAP A4 BMS 7 = AUS 7 / NO US EQUIV / JAP A4 BMS 8 = AUS 8 / NO US EQUIV / JAP A5 BMS 9 = AUS 9 / NO US EQUIV / JAP A5 BMS 10 = NO AUS OR US EQUIV / JAP A5 BMS 11 = NO AUS OR US EQUIV / JAP A5 BMS 12 = NO AUS OR US EQUIV / JAP A5 So, last year I was dumb and assumed “Holy #### A5”. Somewhat justifiable in that there is no US Beef that holds a candle to Any Japanese A5, but I didn’t realize that the insanely delicious tenderloin/filet we had flown in last year was “only” BMS 8. I was just informed we have the following beef leaving Japan next Tuesday: 10lb Tenderloin : A5 - BMS12 13lb Ribeye : A5 - BMS12 Well ####.... Yipee Kayee... Lets eat the best beef in the world. Cmon if you’re coming. Stay tuned
  4. Awesome GB! I suspect you won’t have much trouble finding some pork to shoot at MIM while there Im working up a schedule for our video crew, once I have it nailed down I’ll send it over to you as well and will give ya a ring to go over when you may want to be there for content/eye-candy reasons, and when you might want to be there for gastronomic reasons 😁👍🏼
  5. We have a local source who will be custom making a batch for the booth... or so I’ve heard 🤫 Thanks man! That means a lot. The plan is to pick up a 22-24lb Bone in Rib Roast... french it, then smoke it in the southern pride. Once it is done we want to reverse sear it. Part of us says KISS and use the Saber IR Grill on blast. Part of us says #### that, we will have a video crew and some social influencers in the house, so let’s make a show of it and blast it with a flamethrower or slather in oil and set it on fire 😂 🔥 Stay tuned....
  6. Sounds good! FYI you will want to be at the booth at 10pm on Thursday and Friday. We are looking at some combination of Magnums of champagne with bottle sparklers, multiple fog cannons, confetti cannons, and an array of intelligent lighting that is sure to produce a ridiculous 1 min long show/event. We attempted to get permission from MIM to blast confetti out over the crowd in front of our booth but they said given the battle over park renovations with MRPP the cost of cleanup and potential to give them something to ##### about was too risky. So we are going to do it INSIDE our booth Also, we are thinking about ways to finish the 22lb Frenched Smoked Prime Rib, and one option is using a 100,000BTU Propane Weed Torch / Flamethrower that shoots 3-4’ flames. Would make for quite the show. The catch is making sure to adjust the flame to properly oxidize all the fuel.
  7. Per @IC FBGCavs request:
  8. Finalizing list for the bar: 40 Diet Cola (2L) 32 Cola (2L) 48 Diet Sprite (2L) 40 Sprite (2L) 32 Tonic Water (2L) 48 Cranberry Juice (96oz) 16 Pink Lemonade (2L) 16 Soda Water (2L) 8 Pink Grapefruit Juice (Half Gal) 14 20oz Bottles Water (48pk) 190 Cases Domestic Beer (BMC) 30 Cases Lagunitas (IPA / Daytime) 15 Cases Domestic Beer (40oz) 13 Cases Vox Vodka 7 Cases Beam Black 1 Case ea Beam Fire & Apple 6 Cases Marsh House Rum 30 Liters of Barrel-Aged Old Fashioneds 30 Gallons Margarita 2 cases Segura Vuidas Brut 1.75L 2 Cases Sequra Vuidas Rose 750ml 1 Case Line 39 Chardonnay 40lbs of Haribo Gummy Bears that are then soaked for 3 days in Marsh House Rum & Coconut Milk
  9. My grey market IPTV streaming service ($8mo for every channel/ppv/sports package on earth) worked flawlessly live 🤘🏼 Get what you pay for?
  10. His dreamy eyed vacancy is annoying is ####, I agree. “Hey everyone, I’m all knowing... but I’m just going to tell you they’re coming then sit here and watch the clouds all day. Pretty sure he’s warging into Sansa’s pubic lice for FAP material. Also, this thread needs more whining about dragon flight scenes. The other important stuff really doesn’t merit discussion.
  11. B- episode... foundation setter. Agreed it’s odd to burn one of 6 remaining episodes as foundation fodder, but I guess I get it. They really do need some 1.5 or 2hr epidsodes in the mix though... I don’t see how they possibly wrap this battle and get closure with all storylines in 5 hours....
  12. How did you survive a dagger through the heart. I didn’t