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  1. Okay I'm happy to ship glasses to anyone who needs them. CONDITIONS: 1) provide a FedEx label for Sat or Priority AM Monday Delivery. 2) My cost is $3ea+tax (venmo/paypal). 3) DEADLINE: I need to know by 12ish Central Time.
  2. Sounds good. I'll confirm I can go grab them at lunch and if so I'll get them packaged up and shipped out to ya. PM me the number just in case I need to ship while out at lunch (trust me, I won't abuse it)
  3. To win moved to -550 at Sportsbook which sucks... Jumped on May via KO/TKO/DQ for -160. May throw on "to win" if the number dips again but ROI just isn't there. May just try to get a dumb McGregor supporter buddy to Give me $100 to my $400.
  4. How many do ya need GB?
  5. Dates are definite per MIM. Rooms are nuts right now... may want to book something cancellable and wait for a drop
  6. If this is the case (cuts easily) then yes... stoppage for a cut could be a big factor.
  7. Overnight shipping is never cheap... I paid $30 for standard overnight to Chicago in a Fedex Pak only because we were out of envelopes... would have been ~$20 with a FedEx Envelope.
  8. The world's largest manufacturer of these glasses are right here in Memphis about 7 minutes from my office (American Paper Optics - dba 3dglassesonline.com or eclipseglasses.com). They had a stand set up outside their manufacturing facility selling them for about $3ea with an unlimited supply. I grabbed 15 and immediately got hit up for most of them. Shipping 5 to a buddy in chicago. Probably going to get more tomorrow at lunch and I guess I could priority overnight some (not cheap) for a few folks Monday AM delivery if anyone is hard up. Just let me know. Fun quote:
  9. Yep. Mayweather KO of McGregor comes if: 1) McGregor punches himself out trying to put on a good show, or knowing his only shot of winning is a KO 2) Mayweather finds McGregor's defenses to be very weak, sees an opening and goes on a KO-style offensive that he normally wouldn't against a more competent fighter. McGregor's best shot is, IMO to rope-a-dope a but... lulling May into coming out of his shell and getting a bit too aggressive, giving Connor his best shot at the lucky KO power punch. The problem is, May knows this.... and he doesn't exactly have a glass chin to begin with. IF there is to be any sort of "fix", I'd anticipate a somewhat controversial "knock down" of May (stumble and or knee graze) that gives McGregor camp to push for a rematch despite a loss under the banner of "first to Knock down mayweather". I don't see May willing to take a loss... but I could see him willing to accept a tainted "knockdown" to open the door to another half-billion dollar payday.
  10. Just played a normal unit bet for me on Mayweather Decision +230 at Bovada. My larger bet will likely just be on Floyd -500, but I'm hoping for one last small dip.
  11. Larry Davis Priest Tomlinson Marshall Sanders
  12. Thanks GB. It's made a huge difference and is one of everyone's favorite parts of the draft leadup. Also helps limit some of the "I can't believe Bob gets David Johnson in the 14th Round!" complaints... because Bob's ### is drafting last.
  13. Bath tub / sink if a suite, or cheap foam coolers delivered from grocery store.