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  1. With the addition of Cooks, Edelman still looking unstoppable, and Gronk presumably back healthy, I'd be surprised to see NEP with much more than 450 rushing attempts this year... or about 28 per game. This is barring injury and the usual caveats like opposing teams totally selling out to stop the pass, of course. • Bount has averaged about 16 carries per game the last two years when healthy. • Lewis has averaged 8 carries and 4 receptions per game the last two years when healthy. • White has averaged 3-4 carries per game the least two years when healthy. IMO: We might be looking at something like below by year's end: Gillisee: 200-250 Carries Burkhead: 100-125 Carries Lewis: 60-70 Carries White: 50-60 Carries Injuries and "Hot hand" will likely play a huge part, not to mention the usual Belichick game-planning factor. Short of someone earning lots of goal line love, I'm not sure I see a solid RB1 on this roster. Pats have had 19/14/13/19 Rushing TDs the last few years... so I think there are probably 14-16 Rushing TDs out there to be had... particularly with Gronk "healthy" (19TD years are when Gronk missed time) IMO any attempts to pin down Gillissee's production with any accuracy are shots in dim light at best given the number of back as and the well-known volatility of the NE backfield. Gun to my head: He lands 800-1000 rushing yards with 12-14 TDs (assuming GL duty) for 150-185pts. Add maybe 10 receptions for 50yds for 15pts in PPR.
  2. They have incredible service. Unfortunately some folks took advantage of their incredibly liberal return/exchange policies so they had to tighten them up a bit.. but they're still great. Most folks know by now, but if you buy a TV with 1yr warranty, they double it to 2.. then if you use their Visa they tack on a 3rd year no charge. Lots of little things that make Costco/Amazon my favorite companies to buy from.
  3. Yep... huge part of why I love them... Nothing pisses me off more than a 3/4" thick ribeye/strip/filet. GFTO of here with that ####.
  4. I blame the guys in the Kodi thread Wait.....
  5. This event deserves every last ounce of praise it gets... and in my experience of trying to help out down there with his team this year, Tipsy is indeed revered in the Hogs circles. Great article. I encourage anyone to check it out sometime... awesome event.
  6. Yes. Costco's beef quality alone CRUSHES local grocery options (while being slightly to moderately cheaper)... and is generally on par with (or slighly better than) Whole Foods type stores while coming in at half the price or less. The only beef I will buy outside Costco are Flat Iron Steaks at Kroger when on sale for 5.99-6.99/lb.
  7. Not to mention if Ebonics is ever formally accepted in some capacity, it will immediately become "uncool" and it's fan base will adapt to something else.
  8. The world we are living in has a finite number of jobs, and that number is very likely going to decrease substantially over the next decade or two. This means competition for those jobs will be increasingly tough.... If you're not actively improving yourself, you're going to be left behind.
  9. Yep. Here's your mop. Start in the basement and work your way up.
  10. Then you should probably learn the basic skills required. One of those is being literate and communicating as such.
  11. If you want to make minimum wage, sure.
  12. USDA Prime Spinalis Dorsi (Ribeye Cap) steaks.. $19.99/lb. Grilling em up tonight
  13. Probably pretty similar to the consequences of the wolf-crying. I don't think this is a case where "not enough proof to convict the guy = girl gets locked up"... but I'm good with locking her up when clear cut evidence of malice and deception surfaces.