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  1. Odds this thread has karmically destined Otis' daughters to working 2nd shift at Scores? 2:1
  2. I generally don't drink much Jeffersons stuff, given it's dubious origins and price point... but they reportedly have hit on a few winners with their "finished" line.
  3. I will vouch that @sbonomo's duck was phenomenal. It just occured to me that flipping one vowel there would have a profound effect on that sentence.
  4. Available for sale at the booth. $20 or 25 (I forget) with a koozie. Any FBGs who are coming down are welcome to inbox me with sizes and QTY's and I'll get them ordered and set aside for ya to pick up. I owe Kee one (as well as one from last year) that I'll be shipping up when they come in.
  5. LOL. Cool chick. 27yo. Hmong/Thai decent. Speaks 4 languages. Met her when she showed up at our booth 4 years ago with 5-6 other asian chicks asking if we had any food. We were done serving, but @tipsy mcstagger's yellow fever kicked in and he cracked out a fresh butt for them to gnosh on back in the kitchen area. Recently divorced. Makes a mean batch of Pho.
  6. Thanks! Michael Hillenbrand does some great work. Front Back
  7. I am kinda the unofficial team organizer / cat-herder. I have my hands in everything I guess. How the team is basically structured: Pitmaster: Troy Black Unofficial Team Lead/Captain: Me (not so much a leader as an organizer. On all matters my vote counts the same as everyone else's) Kitchen Team: @sbonomo, his brother, and another guy who's is head cook for my comp italian cooking team (who rakes in hardware there). DJ's: Two guys who are among the best DJs in the city. Everyone else: 10 other guys are "all purpose" guys. We have IT guys, construction guys, scaffold guys, marketing guys, liquor reps, radio personalities, restauranteurs, Finance guys, Pilots, etc..... We tend to gravitate to our strengths, but everyone contributes in all ways. Grunt work (cleaning/load in&out/etc) is shared among the team. In the kitchen, the kitchen guys have lead and know they have assistance as needed during crunch times. For comp entries, most every guy on this team is at least a solid cook if not an excellent one. Everyone is encouraged to submit candidates for the ancillary entries (beef, seafood, poultry, exotic, wings, sauces), with the kitchen team making the call on what we enter. As far as my role in particular, I manage the budget/finances, spearhead the fundraising/sponsorships, try to keep meetings on topic, design booth layout, design and order all branded goods (cups, plates, koozies, banners, some shirts, etc). Also generally handle all the festival related stuff (ordering potties, refrigeration, PODS unit, electical, tables/tents/chairs/etc. I work closely with the kitchen team to make sure they have the budget they need and assist where needed with meal planning and whatnot. The kegerator and bar are mine and I generally lead on getting them stocked and set-up. It's a LOT of work, but we all bust our asses. I know Sbonomo and his brother work their asses off in the pit, and are very active leading up to the festival testing recipes (their own and those submitted by the team) getting ready for the event. Many others are very active as well. Hell, we meet every month for all but 2 or 3 months a year, which is pretty much unheard of. Many teams are just now getting started and we've been in high gear for months. I like to think the work shows in the results of what we do.
  8. CYP RETURNS WW Ruleset underway. Roles go out tomorrow at noon.
  9. First off, how are the monkeys?
  10. No. The reason for this is for the last 15 years this team has self funded through bar tips. Our guests, some of which come in once a year from across the country, are conditioned to the fact that the team gets tips. These tips are often $50-100 and perceived as a unofficial/voluntary cover charge to help fund the booth. These people aren't meaning to tip $100+ for a pint of beer. We taking in thousands in tips as a result. This is commonplace at this festival. We thought long and hard about it and decided a flat rate was the best way to go. We consulted with bar owners, bartenders, and posted a thread on the local ABC board and the range of a fair flat rate was deemed 200-250 a night. So we went for $250+bonus that is based on the basics (showing up time, having a good attitude) and more for kicking ###, bringing in large number of tips, etc). Everything was disclosed up front (Flat rate + bonus) and everyone is cool with it, as anyone who goes to this festival knows the unwritten rule of tips going to the team in most cases.
  11. The best submission we got was this super nice old lady that bartends events at the Orpheum theater. It's great because while she might keep pace with a light drinking theater crowd, anytime a band plays and the crowds get thick/thirsty, she is NOTORIOUS for being slooooooooooooow. I'm talking "lines wrapping back and forth through the lobby like you're waiting to ride Space Mountain" caliber of slow.