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  1. As a side note... Once you buy REALLY good headphones, poorly recorded music is highly frustrating.
  2. Late night after a good night with family you've not seen in a while... Strap on some grados... Dark room with your girl our cold snuggled up on your shoulder... Ideal listening environment this girls music continues to get exponentially better with every listen... I can't look away and I don't know why.
  3. I was really hoping Zippy would have stuck his neck out for us, here.
  4. jesus christ... you into tantric sex by chance?
  5. Worst Friday thread ever? f'ing zippy.... Its was a good run
  6. Problem is Vapes are so powerful across the board that even with high damage, Jolts still get their asses handed to them against Vapes.
  7. She has a 5 track "Spotify Sessions" EP on Spotify that is stellar as well. If your experience is anything like mine, her style/songs grow on you exponentially with each listen. Absolutely all-in on this chick's music. Definitely mellow/sad style, but also kinda uplifting in a weird way. Just gorgous stuff. The girl is immensely talented.
  8. Had to go for a run last night and the GF suggested this park behind a YMCA she works out at because it has a Nice walking/jogging trail with a lot of pokestops. She wasnt kidding (500ft Scale icon left on bottom for reference). Had a great 2mi run and hit a ####load of stops while running, spinning on the fly. Some spots were so dense (3 stops within ~30ft) that it was tough to get them all while running. Point is, we noticed a few things: • The park was MOBBED. She said it used to be pretty dead when she would run there a year ago. • EVERYONE was playing pokemon go. About a half mile in we were laughing about it... I'd say 85-90% of folks had phones out on POGO Screen while playing/walking/running/etc. It was insane. Made for a few interesting encounters having to dodge folks walking 3 across wtih heads down, oblivious to their surroundings... but most folks were pretty self-aware. Pretty amazing to see how many folks are out and about walking/running and playing this game. Oh, we stopped and hit a gym midway.... two teenage girls were huddled around and had just taken it (saw it go from grey to yellow). Asked GF if she wanted to take em out... we jogged in place and my 1800cp vape smoked their two 500ish guys without taking more than 15% damage. We took the gym, dropped our 'mon into place and took off right around the time the girls figured out what had happened I left them an 1800cp Vape to contend with. We will likely run there at least once a week... very cool spot.
  9. Agreed 100% on these washcloths. Have been using for years as well. Just reminded me to reorder more. Game changer in the shower. Texture makes for serious scrubbing and length makes great for back washing/scrubbing (back and forth motion like with a towel). Good stuff, these.
  10. Anyone else grab the Third Man Records Vault Vinyl pack? At $60 I wasn't a fan, but at $45 for 10Club members I bit.
  11. Social https://www.facebook.com/julienrbaker/ https://twitter.com/julienrbaker Background Article: "Julien Baker Arrives" - Memphis Flyer From Exclaim Magazine: Memphis-born singer-songwriter Julien Baker has gained a lot of traction online from her emotionally honest tracks, which detail near-death experiences, substance abuse and spirituality. Though the 20-year-old artist originally self-released her heart-wrenching debut Sprained Ankle on Bandcamp while studying at college, she later signed to indie label 6131 Records for an official release last year. As seen at/on: SXSW, ACL, NPR Tiny Desk, Newport Folks Festival, Rolling Stone Magazine, Pitchfork, The New York Times, etc.... LISTEN: NPR Tiny Desk Concert: Bandcamp (Debut album "Sprained Ankle")
  12. :slowclap:
  13. Thanks buddy, limit is 4 or 5, so should be good. Will Pm you my cell number and we can work it out. You going Sunday as well? If not I can grab you a Sunday to trade. If not, I can PayPal or venom cash. Staying thru weekend? Will work out handoff. Thanks a million!
  14. not in England it's not.