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  1. This was awesome. Thanks for posting
  2. BRING IT. We will be well stocked with two types of gummies. One being Marsh House Rummy Bears, and then there's another kind :BVFWIH:
  3. My theory on that is the "bad" cases are more "recoverable" when a healthcare system is under reasonable load and resources like beds, doctors, ventilators are available. It's when the virus transmission goes vertical that resources are spread too thinly and mortality rate spikes along with it. I think that is a MAJOR component on why mortality is much lower in countries who might have 10, 20...30 serious cases, vs thousands.
  4. Some facts here: The head of the CDC has said in no uncertain terms that they are unable to stop it, and quarantine measures are purely an attempt to slow the virus. He expects it to be spreading in the wild by later this year or early next year at the latest. A LOOK AT TRANSMISSION - VIA R0: - Season Flu: 1.28 (NIH) - 1919 Pandemic: 1.8 (NIH) - CoVID-19: Ranges from 1.4 to 2.4 (CDC) up to 3.28 (this international team) NUMBER OF INFECTED: - Seasonal Flu - Generally infects approx 8% of population (CDC) - COVID19: Can we expect more than 8% given the high R0..I don't know? Anyone? NEEDING MEDICAL CARE: Seasonal Flu (thus far): 30 MM Infected (Already 9% of population) / 250k Hospitalized (0.8%) / 25k Dead (0.08%) (CDC Estimates thus far) COVID-19: WHO Estimates infected developing pneumonia 15% of the time / 3-5% needing intensive care / 2% Fatalities. WHO ASSUMING 10% OF US POPULATION INFECTED: NOTE: Assumes seasonal flu continues through end of flu season, and lets assume COVID-19 with it's 2-3x worse R0 infects ONLY the same number of folks: Seasonal Flu: 264k Hospitalized / 27k Dead COVID-19: 5 Million developing Pneumonia / 1.3 Million needing Intensive care under Critical Condition (Bottled O2 / Ventilators) / 660k Fatalities Obviously there are a ####load of assumptions there. Intensive Care / Fatalities SHOULD drop here. There's far from a guarantee it will hit 8-10% of the population here. We could develop drugs/processes that interfere with transmission or virulence, Warm weather could slow the virus (unknown), etc. I would be SHOCKED if we hit those numbers, but they're sobering to see, and are based on assumptions that are fairly "known" from viable sources. If we even get half of those I envision hospitals being overrun, with significant numbers of military quarantine centers popping up around the country providing substandard care due to shortage of resources (medical professionals, equipment like ventilators, etc). Also, how do we plan to better protect our healthcare workers? Looks like a LOT of them were infected in China. Is it an issue of quality of PPE? Training on it's use? Do we need full on biohazard suits? Kinda rambling, but wanted to get some numbers and thoughts down in one place. This was done at work while multitasking so I'm sure there are some errors somewhere in there. Feel free to shoot holes
  5. Agreed the mortality rate is bunk, but the chart showing infectivity curve vs SARS is valid and eye opening.
  6. Guggenheim think virus bad for stonks Interesting read:
  7. Pending economic ####storm possibly triggered by CoVid19.
  8. You're doing Boston wrong, IMO.
  9. I'm sure there are a couple teams cooking with the higher end models like Rec-Tec. I'm not aware of anyone winning or finishing strong at MIM with one, but I could very well be wrong. Pellet cookers are incredibly convenient, and offer a VERY good product. However, at this point they don't quite offer the same quality of smoke or customization (types of wood, moisture, etc) that you can achieve with other cookers. In addition I believe there's still a small stigma in the minds of judges. MIM features onsite judging that's a huge component of your score. Part of that onsite judging is showing your cooker, explaining your process. If one team has a true smoker with logs of apple and hickory, is using apple juice and jack daniels in a water pan to add moisture, is orienting meat in a certain way to capitalize on the airflow, etc..... then the next team is like "we dump pellets in here and set this at 250".... MOSTjudges are going to subconsciously favor the labor of love product more. Im confident they're growing in popularity in other smaller competitions, however.
  10. Have a meeting today with the national sales manager for Yeungling Brewery. They are tentatively on board to be our beer sponsor. We'll feature their Flagship Lager and their Golden Pilsner in cans, as well as using our taps to highlight an upcoming launch of their new Mich Ultra competitor called "Flight". We'll be branding the 2nd floor of the booth "The Flight Deck" and working in several elements as part of this being the "official" roll out of the new beer in our market. Part of our shift to cans has led to massive amounts of ice and meltwater being needed to serve ice cold beers. Those Ice Vendor machines we rent onsite just don't cool it down very well. As a result we've invested in two used True TD-50-18 Deep Well Bottle/Can Coolers. Each will hold about 24 cases of cans. Restock at the end of the night and it'll be ice cold by morning. For this year's video we're looking to take it to the next level, and incorporating a documentary style. Our new videographer has shot for, MTV (in the beach house era), etc. We're hoping to capture more of the behind the scenes components with snips from meeting, practice cooks, team party, the festival in Ecuador, etc. Also looking to work in some on screen clips / voiceovers from team members as well as guests, Memphis in May execs, Local Celebs, sponsors, etc. Shooting for 5-6 mins... working on framework/loose scripts now. LOT of work to do... but shaping up to hopefully be the best year yet.
  11. Kodi Solutions still has some Network feeds but never had tons of locals options.. only a couple of each network. Cinema TV even with RD Continues to get weaker and weaker with options available. We find ourselves using Venom much more often to get a decent (or often, any) feed. That sucks because Venom is SOOOOO much slower and more clunky, compared to Terrarium clones. May try to reinstall/update Cinema sometime soon to see if it helps, but not optimistic.
  12. interesting play here. I set several manually and schedule a lot of meetings myself, but this would at least catch incoming ones....
  13. Last night i found an article about a famous Chinese director who was on his deathbed after both his parents and his wife had recently died from the virus. He was sending a video to his son in the states. Cant recall where I saw it, if anyone can find it please post in here. edit: found iT. Correction: wife is infected but okay so far.