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  1. Thus far Memphis seems to be doing it right, which is interesting giving the crime/racial issues here. Large protests, but from what I'm reading they're all peaceful marches. The main March stopped at each intersection for 9 minutes as a tribute. Messaging on chants/signs seemed to be more "positive" (as positive as you can be with somethin like that), vs violent. Some on-news comments: (Chant) “The people united will never be divided!!” (Interview) “This is is our city! I’m not talking about this is the city that belong to all the black people. I’m not talking about this is the city that belong to all the white people. This city right here belongs to Memphis.” Followed by a chant of “Memphis!!!!”
  2. Just took profits on DKNG. Up nice but I'm unsure on the rise being legit. I'm probably wrong. @Todem what are your thoughts on DFS right now? Big rise.. just got dropped to neutral/bearing ESS score. Good time to take profits?
  3. I was on the call and tried to ask but they didnt take my question.. unless I screwed it up somehow
  4. Feels like profit taking rest of week... Big (for me) position in TVIX at 144.xx Dumped half of DKNG this morning for ~13% take as well.
  5. @ a bunch of school kids keeping masks on and social distancing all day... every day.... Ain't ####in' happening
  6. If SK can't handle schools because of tracing issues, we are absolutely ####ed when kids go back to school in a couple months. No chance of not having a 2nd wave.
  7. How can we bet on this going down 20% or so near term?
  8. Joining for a small slice of each with sell orders at +25% or so
  9. Is anyone in the queue to ask the question for Chet? I am having trouble getting in
  10. @chet how do we ask questions on the CYDY call?
  11. Thank you for continuing to contribute your knowledge and experience to this community.... in spite of the horrible influx of science denier Please keep posting. ❤️
  12. Two doctors, the bare minimum required to use the attention grabbing "Doctor" in the headline to imply it's a universal sentiment. nice anecdotal evidence.
  13. RIP the back room forum or whatever it was called :poursout40oz:
  14. Seconded. @bucksoh do you have the link/evidence of these death threats? As stated, Mods would love to know if members are doing this.