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  1. Yet another reason nobody wants to live in Milwaukee
  2. #fightclub RESET THE DEBT
  3. You soggy kosher cumstain
  4. Are you implying that Newton and Stafford have a similar skillset and are at similar points in their career trajectory?
  5. Who would do that? Worst pick ever.
  6. It's a trap
  7. almost ready! SOrry crazy morning at work
  8. 7/11 Squirtle 13cp
  9. 05.16 & 06.01 > Binky Skipped 06.08 > Wildbill skipped PICK: 06.09 Julius Thomas TE >> FlapIcon
  10. i use white noise app on iOS... some effects are a bit repetitive which I pick up on and it keeps me up. Crickets effect is fantastic and the GF and I have been sleeping to it every night for years now.
  11. Take yours... put them in a "exact opposite machine". Voila.