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  1. This. Try lots of options, don't go on brand or what others say is "best" for them. I've made that mistake before. And yes on 9mm Disagree on Shotgun being best for home defense, used to think that, then I read up on a few studies from experts and changed my mind. Posted a link to the best home defense weapons study on this page or the one before it. This is a myth from the movies, IMO. It's already been mentioned a couple times in the last couple pages. If an intruder is armed and you rack a shotgun you've likely got lead heading your way.
  2. Handguns are always a good place to start. What is the purpose of the gun, first off? Home defense? Concealed carry? Range fun?
  3. I'm guessing you don't do much cold weather camping?
  4. NICE! What's the pay yourself back feature? I'll spend the $300 in travel but who knows when that will be. The ability to apply to gas and groceries makes it near instant. Is that automated? $150 is absolutely palatable for this card. Thanks!
  5. This is what I guess I was wondering... is this everyone's experience? Hrmmm...
  6. I'm aware... amazon too. However the max value is when redeeming for travel at 1.5x multiplier (CSR), from what I understand. Just wondering if anyone has had luck negotiating a discounted renewal / extension due to COVID impacting benefits of a travel card.
  7. Sooo I have 125k chase ultimate rewards points On a sapphire reserve. Was planning on using them before the 1 year was up and NOT paying the $500 renewal. Sadly with covid that's not an option. Has anyone had luck playing the COVID card to get a discounted renewal due to not getting to use travel features of a travel card for most of the year? I'd rather not downgrade to 1.25x redemption bonus with Sapphire Preferred but not sure I can justify the damn ~$500 again.
  8. I pre-Ordered a Vortex UH-1 holographic optic with a 10% off coupon ($449). Very excited to move from red-dot to holo. I think FOV will be much improved (Uh-1 even beats eotech). Got a coupon for 20% off so ordered a second one ($399). Going to sell the other one. Would cancel the first order but on the fence if the second one will get in with the next monthly shipment (due any day). Have stocked up a bit on Ammo too. Have added about 1200 rounds of .300blk, and 1000 rounds of AK Ammo over the last month. Ashamed to admit some of that 300blk was gunbroker inflated pricing (500 Barnaul for $380) 😕. Also scored 200pcs Barnes TAC-TX bullets and 2lbs of H110 Powder (enough for 700 rounds of 300blk SuperSonics). Have 200 brass for them. Just have to track down some primers. That will bring me to 300 rounds TAC-TX which will be my primary "Defense" round. Definitely the most Effective 300blk round right now. Still no word on the suppressor, and the plates got pushed back 3 weeks to late October. Shot Stop exec called me personally to apologize. Very cool of them. Last stuff I'm looking for 500 more 300blk Subs @ .70 1k plinking/training 9mm @ .25 1k plinking/training .223 / 5.56 @ .25 / .35 Been stocking up before this damn election. With online Ammo sales and a big tax being on the table, I don't wanna be caught light.
  9. Hell if you're in Paris then look up the ability to score a Madison Du Whiskey release. Those are crazy rare. Not sure on how/where they're sold though.
  10. Ordinarily I'd suggest Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon as it WAS in your price range ($100-110 retail), semi-easy to score and rather fitting for obvious reasons. Sadly that's been caught up in the hysteria and is now very tough to find and secondary value has spiked to $500+. IMO it's not worth anywhere near that. Blantons is always a great gift/occasion bottle due to cool packaging and a very solid and mild/smooth/sweet bourbon. Retail used to be $50 but is now around $70...but you're more likely to spend around $100 if you can find it. It's worth that in this market.
  11. 168... should probably be okay Jarwin and Cohen now toast... Carson TBD
  12. Currently benching him for Edelman and Dionte Johnson in PPR in a close / rivalry game. Torn