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  1. Local AO Memphis chapter voted and my logo won out of about 10 candidates. Kinda proud to have made my mark on the AO system.
  2. Whoa On a serious note... I'm really intrigued by super-sub Dempsey. Does locking one of our subs in each match hamstring us at all? Are there matches in Russia we call on him to go the distance?
  3. You'll catch no #### from me. My buddy owns a Traeger Pro 34 and enjoys it. Just upgraded to a backwoods and is selling his Traeger now, but it served him well.
  4. Two out of three ain't bad... especially when it's the right two! I am less than 100% today. Don't care. Great match.
  5. Settle down Sheldon. Penny is already ####### Leonard.
  6. I had a buddy inside IBM's DeepQA Division go ahead and feed our results into Watson and run probability analysis of victory with 10MM simulations of the balance of the draft and playing out the season. Current odds of winning league: [icon] 11.1% BassNBrew 9.2% Fiddles 9.1% Sinrman 7.8% Hell Toupee 7.8% Blinky The Three Eyed Fish 7.7% 5rings 6.7% ryheaps 6.5% Firstseason1988 6.2% Maggot Brain 5.9% Crippler 5.2% jhexel 4.9% Cockroach 4.0% Yellow Snow 4.2% Dreamers 2.9 % ZWK 0.8%
  7. I ####### love statistics.
  8. #lowroller lottery tickets: Result Bets (reg time): Jamaica win 2-0 +4500 USA win 2-1+800 Both Teams Score (reg time): Yes+170
  9. USA v Jamaica - To Lift The Trophy USA -625 (bet $625 to win $100) JAMAICA +380 (Bet $100 to win $380) That's one hell of a spread there....
  10. 4 hours 30 minutes. The ####### bar that AO Memphis is hosting at is closed for the month for remodeling. Due to some "unforseen circumstances" they won't even be OPENING the bar until 8pm CT (30min before match time). Not a big fan of trying to get settled at a table, ordering drinks / opening a tab, etc during pre-match stuff. Especially when it's exacerbated by 100+ folks all trying to do the same thing at once. Usually like to be settled and have a couple drinks in me before a big match/game..... Soooooo the fellas and I are meeting at another bar 2 blocks down to pregame at 6:30, then walking over a hair before 8 to get settled for the match.
  11. Good call. Anarchy has inspired me. I'm going to begin taking 24hours per pick after this round Thx GB!
  12. I'll be at the bar again tonight for USMNT vs Jamaica in Gold Cup Finals. I'm entering pre-draft for my first pick in case the 15 picks magically happen in the next 9 hours... but won't be pre-drafting for both slots because I'm not getting stuck with TWO kickers at the turn here. IF my turn comes back up tonight, I'll make my second turn when I'm back from the bar around 11:30ish CT.... which will be good for you guys as I'll be properly lit from either celebrating or drowning my sorrows (pending match result), and may just take a second Kicker anyway.