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  1. No way pedo state makes the leap
  2. Very true! I don't hunt but have used my 870 with an easily swapped long Barrel w modified choke for skeet shooting and range schenanigans.
  3. Wanted to add that the best home defense weapon is the one you're personally most comfortable with. If you have a ton of range time with your pistol and think that's where your best chance lies... that should be what you use. Generally speaking, most folks lack the proficiency with a pistol required in that type of scenario, so I suggest a shotgun. Lots of factors should be considered, though. There's certainly no "right all the time" answer.
  4. Sure! Here is one quick video showing 5.56 vs 9mm Hornaday Defense vs 00 buck https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AXOIQgfvVlE You can see a few things: 1) Overall penetration between 9mm and 00 are identical, with only one of the 00 pellets seeming to make it to the next to last drywall panel (where the 9mm round terminated as well). 2) 00 wound channel is MUCH larger, effectively the same as hitting the target with NINE .380 rounds at once in a 2-3" area, in general. 3) Stopping power is visibly greater, with the 00 shot toppling the test boxes
  5. I had one... wasn't a fan of the single stack mag (lower capacity and too small for my large hands).... also found I wasn't as accurate with it (vs my glock26) in several side by side sessions. That said, handguns are very varied and will perform differently for different folks. Anyone who buys one based on how it works for someone else is doing themselves a disservice. Go shoot a lot of different models and FIND which one works best for you. Not speaking to you rascal, just in general.
  6. My biggest advantage of shotgun > pistol is forgiveness in targeting in what is likely to be a poor visibility / chaotic situation... and knockdown power. Talk to any LEO about how many times they've seen folks absorb multiple handgun rounds and keep coming. Or, god forbid you miss center mass (or all together) due to lighting or chaos... now you're fighting hand to hand with a pistol in the mix. MOST folks lack the pistol training to be effective in those low light high stress scenarios. If you're that confident in your handgun marksmanship under duress, more power to you.... you're in the vast minority. In CQB scenario where an attacker can close nearly any in-home distance in a second or less, I'll take the targeting forgiveness and one-shot KO power of a shotgun. Regarding drywall penetration, ANY round effective enough to penetrate a body is going to penetrate drywall. However many studies have shown real-world overshooting risk is comparable between Buck and most handgun calibers.
  7. Agreed with everything above by osb except the "don't need a shotgun unless you hunt" assessment. A shotgun is the best home defense weapon there is.
  8. Coarse salt liberally for 1hr Rinse, dry, olive oil, coarse pepper cook
  9. A key component in the white trash starter kit along with an above ground pool, trampoline, and aluminum storage shed or carport.
  10. Bama could lose the SEC Champ game and likely still should be in the playoff.
  11. I have not, but there is a good group of folks who use those, as well as oak sticks you can slip into a bottle and let sit. You have to be careful because there is a rapid pickup of flavor given the smaller bottles that can cause the hooch to get overly oaky pretty quick.
  12. Naw... Memphis, TN area.
  13. Everything will be at retail and it will be one bottle per person.. once you purchase you can go to the end of the line and try again. With the conditions as they are, I find it hard to believe we won't be first in line. Hoping to snag a PVW 23 (retail about $250 - Value $1800ish). If I'm lucky enough to get one i'll likely attempt to swap it out for a PVW 15yr, a Stagg, and a William Larue Weller or 2x 15yr PVWs. They claim they have "multiple cases" (3 bottle cases) of some BTAC bottles, so apparently there's a lot to be had. Hoping the GF gets something BTAC (maybe ER17 or Handy) for getting out there early as well. If the cold weather keeps the worst of the crowds away, might get a 3rd bottle of something interesting by going back through the line again....depending on what they have and how many folks are there. Honestly, the camping out will be a great time with this crew. All well equipped for cold weather camping and are pretty much my best buddies who get together to drink brown water regularly. Should be a ton of fun. Not to mention most are military, take Aikido or Krav Maga, and are 6'3"-6'5" powerlifters so any line jumping shenanigans should be entertaining.