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  1. I LOVE mine. For $30 and 10 mins install it’s a no brainer. Uses: 1) “Oh #### did we close the door?” When leaving/gone 2) When friends/whoever need access to the garage to pick up / drop off stuff (common for me).. no longer need to give them the code. 3) Amazon key : to drop packages inside the garage vs leaving on porch risking rain/theft.
  2. I feel ya! Most folks I know were laying low Friday in prep for 5-6am show times for Saturday. Honestly Beale Street generally sucks. It’s like going to Bourbon St when you’re in NOLA. I might hit Beale once or twice a year. I generally strongly advise folks to branch outward unless you’re looking for the “drink overpriced sugary drinks out of an obnoxious container with a bunch of other tourists” Type off vacation... which is clearly not unpopular given places like Beale and Bourbon exist. I really hope you guys found some fun pockets while here. If not, come back sometime and let me drag ya around...
  3. I don’t doubt that at all. Everyone went to the stadium to tailgate for the game. Imagine the late night crowd on Beale was thinner than usual too, as a result.
  4. Exactly. But old man Tanner doesn’t actually watch NE play so he doesn’t know that
  5. Vaunted Patriots rush offense? They’re bottom 3rd in the league this year, averaging not much more than that precious 82 yards (by the backfield) you’re all excited about. Pats passing and rushing attack was a whopping 20 yards below season averages.. which consists of a lot of games against tomato cans. CLE defense was exactly who we thought they were. at the Chubb comments. Perhaps you’re the one not watching much football. NTTAWTT
  6. Weren’t you the one saying the Cleveland rush was going to be too much for Brady last week?
  7. Bump for white news... the late start is problematic
  8. On the road but was impressed with how Beale looked... hell of a crowd. I was against anywhere but the stadium but in hidsight Beale was definitely the correct call. Place was mobbed well before sunup.
  9. ESPN College Gameday setting up on Beale Street for SMU at Memphis Cool pic More photos and a story about some details. Liberty Bowl is just about sold out (~60k) and the town is amped up. Should be an interesting Gameday / Game Atmosphere. Im skipping town for my Folks’ 70th birthday cruise on Celebrity in the Caribbean, little bummed I’m missing it. Have fun @bryhamm!
  10. Heard Bregman struck out at the hotel bar After the game. #0forEverything
  11. Shame we didn’t get to see Bregman make that final out. Congrats Nationals! 👍
  12. If someone gets on base we may get to see Bregman to end the Astros season