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  1. I had forgotten about that post, cute that it's stuck with you over the last couple years. That said, I guess we have different opinions of what "singing the praises of that thing" are. In most people's world "Works pretty well" isn't particularly effusive praise, but different strokes I guess. :thumup: Carry on!
  2. Agree. I think it's insane. I would have never bought it. She wanted to. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking very about... I think you may have spilled zima on your notebook
  3. Well said. I've got friends who do the same thing (drop in with the folks for a drink) too. Save the flipping out and harsh penalties for the serious stuff...
  4. Link added to OP. The GF (name redacted to protect the innocent) got it for me because I'll often work with my laptop on my chest while laying on the couch at night. She's convinced it's going to give me heart cancer or something (it DOES get pretty hot sometimes when working on huge photoshop files)... so she got it for me.
  5. I keep a small "radiation blocking panel" in my laptop bag that's about 1/4" thick, a couple inches larger than my 13" macbook pro, and pretty sturdy. GF got it for me to protect me from radiation I guess. If I have an obese person next to me I will place it on the side of my seat along the armrest extending vertically, creating a 6-7" tall "wall" flush with my side of the armest. I've only had to deploy it once... but it was immensely helpful. The 400ish lb woman sitting next to me who was spilling into my seat looked at me incredulously at first, as if I had some nerve, then got a bit haughty. I just put my headphones in, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the flight without an unwanted Jello Lapdance.
  6. RIP ForrestMailâ„¢
  7. YES. Unless you are a smokeshow or a famous person, I have zero desire to talk to you on a plane. I will usually be wearing my headphones when boarding a plane even if I'm not listening to music, just in case I get sat next to aunt gertrude with her 6" thick photo album wallet, or Bob the Excitable MLM sales guy.
  8. Bingo. No small part of why I think both Repubs and Dems can go #### themselves.... and why I think we're closer to a "3rd party" candidate (or one who breaks from the ranks on either side) than many think.
  9. Me too. That's a solid list.... especially for Thrillist that's usually a hair above clickbait. YES. Slide to the end...Grab your ####... don what is quick and necessary... REMOVE AND STACK YOUR EMPTY BINS...... then move to the benches to finish up, put on your shoes (if you're not wearing slip-ons like a smart traveller) and be on your way.
  10. And yet there are still mouthbreathers lining up to proudly associated themselves with, and pledge undying allegance to, one side or the other... comical
  11. DIdn't read the thread: Just about every HS kid I knew who was overly sheltered by hard-line parents ended up going ####### nuts in college. Like 80%. They also did all kinds of #### and hid it from their folks. My folks were pretty lax... took the "You shouldn't be drinking but we know you're going to, so keep it under control and be responsible/safe" approach. I respected that and kept a much more open line of communication with my them. When I'd ask about a party they'd ask if there was going to be drinking... I'd tell them if there was... they'd ask if I had a plan to get a safe ride home... I did. Okay have fun and don't overdo it. If you play by the rules, no punishment. If you blow it... Punishment comes. Hell, half my freinds would cop to #### to my parents that they refused to tell their own parents because they'd lock them down for a month or two like your wife is proposing. HS kids are GOING to drink. You can try to stop the inevitable, and narrow the lines of communication... or you can be understanding, encourage responsibility, and be kept abreast of a large part of her "bad" behavior. I'm firmly in the latter camp.
  12. My Pit is trained.. he's safe!
  13. Heading down to Destin for a week with some friends (6 couples). The house has a decent size gas grill on a huge deck overlooking the pool and destin harbor. Going to hit Sextons fish market and pick up a bunch of giant prawns and some lobster tails. Considering doing Chargrilled oysters as well. Perhaps a side of fish (Cobia or grouper?)... may bring cast iron so I can blacken it...... kinda weighing options now. Feedback welcome.