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  1. Yep. I have camping gear that fits in a good sized backpack that would render me comfortable enough for weeks on end. Food would be the challenge but fishing could supplement purchased goods.
  2. I don't think it's quite that cut and dry. Football Outsiders ranks NEP 1 and ATL 2 in DVOA (Defense-Adjusted Value over Average) that has been weighted to favor recent games over early games. Using that metric it has them neck and neck, with NEP performing 25% better than an average NFL offense, and ATL performing 24.8% better than an average NFL offense. DVOA, explained here, is a very interesting statistic that does a great job of compensating for different schedules and opponents. It's also important to factor in that this offense was without its HOF QB for 25% of the season. What would ATL's collective offensive output look like if they had started Matt Schaub for the first 4 weeks of the season?
  3. I think it's great they got some exercise and took advantage of their right to free speech and assembly
  4. Just because the Steelers failed to get pressure on Brady doesn't change the fact that they were a VERY good pass-rushing team down the stretch. Atlanta fans would be ill-advised to assume it's as simple as just deciding they will pressure Brady. Nearly every NFL team is aware that's the best way to beat NE. Very very few have the personnel or ability to scheme in such a fashion as to be able to DO it.
  5. Looking at Football Outsider's advanced metrics (weighted to favor more recent games): • Atlanta and New England are the two top offenses in the league. • New England has an above average (11th) defense, while Atlanta has a below average (22nd) defense. • New England had a very good (6th) special teams, while Atlanta is above average (11th) This is certainly anyone's game, but I do think New England has an edge.
  6. Now let's shift the focus to offense on those teams they beat: Denver: 30th Arizona: 18th Seattle: 17th Carolina: 26th Tampa Bay:16th So while Atlanta has gone 6-4 against teams with good DVOA defenses, all of those wins have come against teams with offenses ranking in the bottom half of the league. Mean while the patriots have the #1 ranked offense under that system, and #2 scoring offense overall. So while Atlanta HAS managed a slightly better than .500 record against good defensive squads, New England will be by far the most complete team they've faced.
  7. Who is saying top defense or drawing those comparisons?
  8. What's the scoop with IVACY VPN? Looks like $35 for 2 years? Is that a great price? Is their service good? Easy to use?
  9. Naw, it just makes you someone unable to admit they were wrong, and unwilling to let it go despite being proven so.
  10. The patriots allowed the fewest points of any defense in the NFL this year, by a good margin (which is the true measure of a "bend don't break" defensive style like the one schemed by Belichick and Patricia). They allowed 156 points fewer than Atlanta who had the 2nd worst mark in the NFC and among the worst in the entire NFL. New England's weighted DVOA places them 11th in the NFL in Football Outsider's defensive efficiency (with recency bias included). Meanwhile, Atlanta comes in at 22nd best in weighted DVOA, significantly worse than the Steelers 7th best unit. Interestingly enough, they share similar weaknesses (secondary) and strengths (solid pass rush). Thankfully the Patriots offense was able to absorb that rush to give Brady time to pick apart that weak secondary. This seems to indicate they will have as much, if not a bigger issue slowing what some metrics grade as the NFL's best offense (and certainly at least the second best). Asserting New England's defense is "average" and saying that it's not up for discussion is either misguided understanding of the situation, or willful ignorance... perhaps due to bias. Either way, it's simply wrong.
  11. Not sure I get the book snobbery, but okay. From what I understand the majority of folks here have accounts with Bovada and Sportsbook for props. Are you saying if you liked Atlanta and could get them +3.5 from either of these books, you'd turn your nose up at the action because its not with 5 dimes? Such an odd mindset, but if it works for ya.
  12. It means something to me since that's primarily where I make my plays. I am hoping to get ATL +3.5 if they get enough action to move the line, so I'm happy to see the -105.
  13. Current lines at SB indicate money coming in on NE: NE -3 -115 ATL +3 -105