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  1. That's not good Have you SEEN Zeke? That dude LOVES pie....
  2. Solid price on M855 5.56 Green Tip Federal Lake City Ammo: 1000rds for for $289. M855 Green Tip is what you're looking for for long term storage and penetration of light/moderate body armor.
  3. Just locked at 3.625% on 20Y Fixed Cash Out (no points). $1050 Origination Fees. $880 Title fees. $500 Appraisal PenFed (Current mortgage holder) was impossible to get ahold of, or to get a callback. LenderFi (The guy who's info is being passed around via PM) sucked at callbacks too. Found this woman Tina with a smaller company and she's been incredible. Texting, emailing, calling as needed. Super nice. Been doing this 20 years.
  4. I always knew you lived in a house of cards.... (wah wah wah... I'll see myself out).
  5. I’m totally sniping any Zeke owners in keeper leagues.
  6. Throw another couch on the dumpster fire lawd, I’m getting more popcorn. I can’t look away. Cowboys might go 8-8 this year...
  7. Depends on the market but from what I understand they’re wrong more than they’re right. Generally inflated. Look at recent sales in your area on the app to see where they are getting their numbers from. I thought my Zestimate was high until I saw the house 2 doors down (smaller, worse floor plan) went for that.
  8. Help! Happens once per year to be because of the aforementioned drinking and socializing. Usually look back 5 picks at a time till I find one that is good, then undo to that point and begin re-entering (once one pick is off, everything after that is off).
  9. So you think it’s lame for people to have a computer list players based on someone else’s projections, UNLESS you print that list out? Then it’s okay? I do 3 big live drafts per year. We use OG stickerboards because I hate online drafts. However most folks use computers to track the draft. There is NO shortage of trash talk, camaraderie, eating or drinking
  10. Just so you know, WHEN (not if) you screw up one pick and realize it a round later, then go into a butthole-clenching panic trying to figure out how many picks to undo, then reapply the correct picks, all while accidentally autodrafting Jordy Nelson because your clock ran out on your draft.... be sure and stop back in and bump this post saying “yep, it happened!”
  11. Sour: Rodgers / Brees / Trubisky Bell / Jones / Michel / AB / Hilton / Cooper / Kupp Kittle / Ebron Sweet: Watson Wentz Jackson Winston Cook Carson Jacobs Montgomery Sanders Harris Juju Edelman Lockett Godwin Ridley Moore Anderson Kirk DJax Pettis Allison Howard Henry Mcdonald walker reed Andrews Everett
  12. Why is that every cowboys fan’s response to people pointing out flaws in what is, and has been, a horribly flawed team for decades. My crush remains on the same team that I watched growing up in Massachusetts... we’re good. What looks like a train wreck? Aside from the QB turning down $30MM/yr, the top WR wanting a deal while nursing PF, reviving the corpse of a TE from the grave, and the star RB holding out while engaging in a twitter feud with the owner? I mean if you grew up in a trailer park I guess that might not look like a dumpster fire... but to those who don’t have 29 cowboys logos on their 1998 flareside Ford Pickup... that’s an impending train wreck.
  13. We spend enough time staring at a computer screen these days.... DraftKit Jumbo board FTW. 16’ wide board with 8”x2” player decals (4x the size of other boards)... awesome to avoid old dudes having to keep walking up to the board to read who’s been picked.