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  1. Yeah Craftsteak is legit. Best steak I've had in vegas, IMO.
  2. Buddy at work got one. The first week we woudnt shut up about how amazing it was. The first 3-4 months he was elevated at all times, then gradually starting sitting more. He sits 100% of the time now.
  3. Johnson & Murphy ($125-150) make a solid shoe that's a step between the $90 crap and the $250-300 Allen Edmunds linked in here. I'm on me second pair and not only have they lasted ~2x as long as the cheaper shoes I used to buy, they look better and are orders of magnitude more comfortable.
  4. Keep on keepin' on, buddy. Glad to see things are going well.
  5. Sorry GB I have no idea.. Google maybe?
  6. Anyone know of a good free site to host a best-ball league?
  7. Broiler with foil covered broiler pan on 2nd shelf from the top of the oven is a great emergency backup plan if the Grill isn't an option. If using fatty beef you'll likely want to poke holes in the foil and let some of the grease drain through (will require more cleaning, though).
  8. Exactly. This should be unanimous
  9. Don't recall if posted this story before, but came up again last night so I figured I'd share... Driving through a park that's pretty loaded one night a week or so ago, myself, GF, and buddy in the car. All Blue team. We take out a gym and head for a lap to get some spins in and try to catch some guys... we come back to the spot a bit later to find a car stopped at the intersection (low traffic but still blocking traffic) trying to take our gym. It's one guy, and we've got some pretty big characters in there (snorlax 2200, and a couple 2k vapes) so it's taking him a while. We see a car pull up behind him then give up and have to go around him. So, we pull up behind him (but on the shoulder of the road to not further obscure traffic), and wait as he slowly chips away at the gym. Right as the gym turns neutral, all three of us throw another high CP character in there to snipe him... then pull up next to him, couple quick taps on the horn to say hi, and drive off. He figures out what just happened and LAYS on his horn as we drive away. Don't be an ####### and block traffic.
  10. Awesome.... Currently in employer-sponsored market but don't like the sound of the above.
  11. Yeah I'm dreading the time suck. Honestly, half the reason I'm talking to an attorney is to minimize that. Already having to adjust my schedule wednesday to get the car looked at by an adjuster.
  12. It's easy to overthink the menu... then you'll find yourself scrambling to cook a ton of crap and miss out on the reason for the cookout (talking to her). Pick a couple staples (burgers and dogs), execute them well but with limited effort required (appear proficient, but leave time to engage her). Backyard cookouts are about nailing the basics... you're going to get a LOT further with time spent talking to her, than you will with an overly-complex menu. Down the road when you have her over for dinner solo... THAT's when you break out the more complex meal to flex your culinary skills.
  13. You're doing asparagus wrong.... 1) Don't buy toothpick thick stuff, get the good moderately thick stalks 2) Don't overcook it. Olive Oil + Coarse Salt / Coarse Pepper = Grill until al dente. Maybe drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar to finish it off... Tied with Corn on the cob for best grilled veggies option.