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  1. Definitely. Highway is long-hauling usually.... not always.
  2. This... many folks don't appreciate the musicianship/creativity that goes into Tool's music. They're like a metal radiohead... in that they're not everyone's cup of tea, but they're pushing boundaries one of my favorite bands. Oddly, for being a somewhat "heavy" act, most of their songs have a very calming effect on me.
  3. 9 months from now we'll be treated to a different kind of thread.
  4. Thanks for sharing... I'm listening/reading This week I like Ole Miss over Memphis..... Memphis has looked okay and has hung some points on folks.. but I feel like it's somewhat of a mirage, having played the 178th most difficult schedule in NCAA. Ole miss isn't exactly Alabama, but they're going to present challenges and skill level Memphis hasn't seen this year. At the same time, this Ole Miss offense has looked like one of the best in the country for a dozen or so quarters this year, only losing in heartbreakers to two of the top teams in the country. Make no bones about it... Memphis will be up for this game, but so will Ole Miss as they look for revenge for last year. Look for Ole miss by three scores or more IMO. Also.. what's with the Clemson line... -10 preseason, opened around -4 and has been bet to +2?! Is it me or do line moves of this magnitude rarely end well for those riding the tail end of that steam? Anyone have numbers on that? For those who aren't teaser averse... I LOVE Ole Miss -8 with Clemson +8.5
  5. 10 Team $350 Buy-in PPR League and someone dropped AR15 before last week. Never seen anything like it. I'm stacked at WR (carry 5 / Start 3: AJ, TY, Benjamin, Matthews, D Thomas) but dropped Deymarius for him and won with a $26 Bid (Of $150). Was torn and figured if I got outbid for him it wouldn't be the end of the world, but got him somehow. Crazy.
  6. Anyone that sees fault in the police after this simply doesn't get it.
  7. Tailing at Bovada at 3 and 36.5. Thanks GB
  8. Are you just using regular tosses or spin tosses? I think curves increase catch rate. Are you throwing when the circle is larger, or trying for smaller tosses. I KNOW catch rate increases with "Great" and "Excellent" tosses inside the circle when it's half size or smaller. I catch all sorts of very high CP stuff with regular balls just by using curve tosses and hitting "Great" or "Excellent" tosses .
  9. Naw they post everything on the Checker Neyland website and folks will look up their seats and find out if they're orange or white. Somehow crowd participation is extremely high.
  10. Sucks... but let's call it what it is.
  11. Love these kinds of stories .