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  1. Not sure if he has been mentioned but, a guy who seems to be way under the radar is John Ross. He has had a rough start to his career, but the talent is there and the significant QB upgrade he is about to get makes him my top buy low target this offseason.
  2. He reminds me of Arian Foster more than those 2. Not saying he will have that success, but that is the style I see
  3. Why are we discussing Taylor Swift on a FF board?
  4. Exactly the wr he reminds me of the most. A very accurate QB will maximize his talent
  5. Where is Soulfly? I think this might finally be the time to buy low, but I want his advise. He is always right about Gordon 🤢
  6. Glad you like the style, but does it work? Not from what I have seen. If you only followed his advice in Dynasty the last 10 years, I am certain your team would be in pretty bad shape
  7. Miles Sanders is very good. He looks great in the starting role. Much better for the offense than Howard. Howard is really good at what he does, but Sanders can do it all.
  8. What happens is you would start another thread called “Did the NFL, The Pats, Tom Brady or the Clinton’s kill Garrett?”
  9. I think everyone should hold on to him for another 6 years