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  1. Even without Soulfy and Bazinga, this thread is still a #### show
  2. Trade just went down in 12 team ppr (not involved) Team A gets Barkley Team B gets Fournette and M Evans I love Barkley, but that is a big price. Not sure how I feel about this one.
  3. wow...we agree 100%. That is scary
  4. My favorite RB in this draft. I am with Meno on this one. He is in my top 5 overall and if the situation is decent I would be happy to grab him at 1.5
  5. Massive Trade PPR TE premium Kerryon Johnson, Landry, M Williams, E Engram, 1.4 for Mike Thomas, Ertz, 1.1
  6. Jabrill Peppers DB, New York Giants Giants acquired S Jabrill Peppers and first- and second-round picks from the Browns in exchange for WR Odell Beckham. Related: Odell Beckham , Cleveland Browns Mar 12, 2019, 5:05 PM Odell Beckham WR, Cleveland Browns Browns acquired WR Odell Beckham from the Giants in exchange for 2019 first- and third-round picks and S Jabrill Peppers. Related: Jabrill Peppers , New York Giants Source: Mike Garafolo on Twitter Mar 12, 2019, 4:59 PM I think Rotoworld is confused
  7. Wow are you rusty, that wasn't even in your top 3,463 posts
  8. If I was 6'9 275, ran a 4.2 40, with a 45 vert, a 5.5 3 cone, ran perfect routes and never dropped a pass in my entire life. Would I be the greatest TE ever?
  9. For the record, I agree with your thought process. Could you be wrong? Of course, but the downside risk is too great to wait and see, if you can get a solid return now. I think you did on both trades. Smart moves imo
  10. Dropping Gurley 5 spots in my overall dynasty rankings on this news. Could be more or less as we get some clarity, but as of right now I add +2 yrs to his age when thinking about his future value
  11. The Soulfly curse lives on hahaha All jokes aside. I agree with the guys saying buy low. This will be the cheapest Chubb will be for a while. Buy now if you can. Many owners will hold out hope, but some will look to get out due to concerns of a committee. Take advantage of their concerns.
  12. If you think, on the sidelines, in uniform after warmups for the game, isnt at work, then I guess we just have to disagree.
  13. True....It is also a fireable offense to protest at work while on the clock in most companies. What is your view on that?