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  1. 12 team ppr Team A gets Moncrief, D Parker, Calloway, 2020 2nd figures to be late Team B gets mid to late 2020 1st
  2. 12 team ppr Team A gets TY Hilton Team B gets Mike Williams, 2.5 and an estimated mid 2020 2nd
  3. Smug? I see no reason to try to rationalize and defend a clearly poor ranking. I am pointing out how bad it is and I get several people trying to cherry pick comps and trying to rationalize a ranking that shouldn’t be defended but here we are and that makes me smug. Carry on shark pool, this is why I rarely engage
  4. Got it. So you meant the #6 wr not #9 and the Qb who completed over 100 passes for over 870 yds to Kamara and Ingram. Not to mention a QB known for spreading the ball around, completing tds to 13 different players (8 for Prescott) I even doubt Brees can repeat those stats without a better #2 wr and or TE.
  5. You mean Cam? The QB who ran for 181 more yds even with missing 2 games and had an rb catch 107 passes for over 850 yds. Got it
  6. I assume you are describing Watson. First of all #2 versus #9 is significant. 275 yds last year. #64 was #22 (wks 1-8) until he was hurt, missing weeks 9-17. To offset that loss (for ff stats) Watson rushed for 321 yds from weeks 9 - 17. That is more than Prescott's entire season total.
  7. They save 6.4MM if they cut him prior to week 1
  8. The only context needed is 5 versus 9 65, 63, 18 The others if the same would just represent a repeat of the mistake, but just for the fun #4 versus 2, 29, 69, 24 #6 versus 16, 24, 35, 30
  9. Waldman in a nutshell Dallas QB ranked #5 Dallas wrs 9, 52, 63 and TE 18 One thing does not equal the other.
  10. If you haven’t been able to get away from this train wreck by now, maybe you are the one with an addiction problem?
  11. Based on what? The guy put up the 12th highest ppr total points and ppg avg for rb's during weeks 1-16 last year. He averaged more than Fournette, Cook, A Jones, Lindsay, just to mention a few. Are those guys less than half decent flex options too?
  12. Sony Michel RB, New England Patriots The Athletic's Jeff Howe reports Sony Michel had a knee scope this offseason. Source: Jeff Howe on Twitter Jun 12, 2019, 1:20 PM ET How can FBG have this guy ranked as the number 13 dynasty rb still?
  13. 12t ppr Penny for D Singletary and 2020 2nd (likely top 3)
  14. 12 team ppr (not involved) - a simple who do you like more trade Both teams are likely playoff teams Team A trades K. Johnson (RB Lions) Team B trades Fournette