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  1. Joe, while I agree with everything you said, I agree with Hankmoody too. When I open your email, I am in the mood to read about football and to temporarily get away from an ugly subject that I spent most of yesterday and all of the last 10 hours of my day thinking about. You invaded my time and that isn’t okay. Create a group email to share your non football views if that is what you feel compelled to do, but keep it out of your group email about football.
  2. 12t ppr Team A traded Swift and Vaughn Team B (big rebuild) traded Kamara
  3. 10 team ppr I am not in the league. My son made this huge trade He traded - Chubb, Sutton, 1.4 He got - Barkley He paid a ton but got his guy and ends up with Barkley, Mixon, Sanders at RB and Cooper, A Robinson, C Ridley and Metcalf at WR
  4. 12t ppr Kamara for Swift (already drafted), 2021 1st (probably 1.4 - 1.6), 2.3
  5. I think we should lower expectations for all new qb/wr combinations. The lack of practice time, due to the virus, will cause the timing/trust to develop slower than normal. Year 1 is almost always a challenge. I seems to me that this will be an even bigger challenge this year. This is especially true for QBs that rely on precision/timing (TB)
  6. Thank you for doing these Biabreakable. They are so valuable as rookie drafts approach
  7. Scottie Phillips RB to Houston Javon Leake RB to NYG
  8. Thaddeus Moss to Washington
  9. Best offseason for the Colts since they drafted Luck
  10. 12t ppr Team A trades 2021 1st likely 1.08-1.11 Team B trades Prescott