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  1. Cool, thanks.
  2. What's the story on Eiffert? I haven't heard anything about him since he went on IR at the end of the year last year. Is he scheduled to be a full go for training camp?
  3. Oakland may sign AP, but I don't think that's what I was being clued in on. That wouldn't be such a super big deal at this point in AP's career. The vibe I got was something bigger. Time will tell....
  4. Hello fellow Raider fans. I am happy to provide the following TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL, RUMOR BASED, SPECULATIVE and COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED little snippet of information. I just received some information that seems to indicate the Raiders have a deal in place or are very close to a deal for a big name free agent or possibly more than one. No names were mentioned, but I was told in no uncertain terms that several important people were seen in one place at a time, and more importantly, were visibly giddy (his word, not mine). Of note, some of these folks are people not ordinarily in this particular place and the sense was, the combination of people seen was noteworthy. Of course, I asked the obvious question, that being did he think it was a deal for M Bennett. My friend wasn't sure but he seemed quick to dismiss that notion, not because of anything that he saw or heard today, but rather, things he has gleaned from earlier when word of Bennett becoming available first hit the airwaves. I have a feeling we'll know what's afoot late in the day on 3/9 and very shortly after the official signing period starts. I'll let everyone know if I hear of any other vague and unconfirmed info.
  5. I am so sorry for your loss and all you and your family have had to endure. You truly are an inspiration. Many, many years ago, we had almost the same experience you just went through. My wife went in for a normal 12 week visit and there was no heartbeat. This happened on a Friday and I was at work in Manhattan when my wife called and told me what had happened. I got to the OBGYN on the Island as quick as I could and found my wife in very bad shape. We had to wait until Monday to have the D&C because they told us the procedure would go a lot smoother for my wife by waiting. That was the longest weekend of our lives. I remember having to call the family members we told what had happened. Brutal. Anyway, that was hard enough for us so I can only imagine how hard it must be for you guys considering how much more you guys have been through. I don't post in the FFA all that often but I just wanted you to know I am sorry for your loss and I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
  6. Hire Denny:
  7. Have a good trip dude. Just got back from a weekend away with the wife. I'm in the basement listening to the Dead Christmas 71 show and catching up on emails etc while wife and daughter make pizza and calzones. All good. Edit: Christmas eve show.
  8. Ahh, to be back in college... Genesee Cream Ale. Dude, have you ever seen the Genesee river? I drank mass quantities of this (and Piels) in college. Very affordable......
  9. Karma, fate, destiny....those were all words I was thinking about since the Mexico City game. Carr getting hurt was a devastating, crushing blow to Oakland and its fans. I was down, but I'm thinking of those words and saying why not? Sure, the odds are long for us now, but ####, let's kick some Texans ### and then bring on the Patriots. I have no other hatred like my hatred for the accursed Patriots. I mean that most sincerely. The odds are long, but go back and look at what people were saying about us before the season started and then look at our record. #### Carr getting hurt, lets go! Beating Houston and then surprising the world and beating the Pats, in New England would be better than winning the superbowl for me. OK, maybe not better but you know what I mean. Let's go
  10. I'd go down during the instructions
  11. I'm not a MD but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night. Sounds like ball cancer. Hope that helps.
  12. Mine: Palmer Ajayi Gore Baldwin Crowder Eiffert Bryant Denver
  13. I just read Royal is active and will play
  14. Ugh, I have to decide between him and a now active Royal.
  15. Great write up, thanks. Like you, I drafted Stafford as my #2 QB. Palmer was my unquestioned starter. Now I'm thinking of going Stafford over Palmer but am reluctant to pull the trigger. Thoughts?