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  1. Wow, what terrible news to start the week. I hope the big guy pulls thru and makes a full recovery. Hard not to wonder what he may have been into to lead to what looks like a calculated assassination attempt.
  2. Scarface was a great movie, and in fact, I like/love many of the movies on this list though Donnie Brascoe and Carlito's Way are far better movies than a few on this list). That said, if we're talking signature movies, I don't see how it can't be Michael. Mention Pacino and in all likelihood, the first movie people think about is Godfather. To me, that makes it his signature role. Maybe you can get one of those first class tickets to the resurrection........ Watch, you see that man over there, he's gonna stick his tongue out at that girl over there. many great lines
  3. I felt like many of you guys about our draft. At first. Then I woke up this morning and watched the interview with Mayock. The Raiders clearly have a plan. We may not like or agree with it, but they do have one. And that is drafting guys, and telling the guys in the locker room that we want football players. Guys that love the game. Play hard and play physical. The interview was pretty cool and my respect for Mayock went up a tick after watching it. If you haven't seen it, watch it, you may feel a little better about our first round if you do. I certainly do. I will admit, however, in the moment, I was quite upset we passed on Allen/Oliver. Oliver looks like he fit the mold of guys Mayock was talking about.
  4. Did you not see the Shawshank Redemption??? Screw that. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. I will stop by for the occasional conjugal visit though
  5. Here's my take. If the top 3 stud D guys are gone, we do one of two things. We either trade down and gain a bunch of additional trade stock or we use the pick and take Oliver or White. Our defense just has too many needs and getting an exciting, young stud D player will help take some of the sting out of the Mack trade. If we do that, we have a few options. We use one of our other or both of our other first round picks or some other combo to move up in the first round and take the QB we like. If Murray is really there at 4 and we go D, if we move up a handful of spots from 17, we should be able to get either Murray, Haskins or Lock. I'm thinking Gruden has a hard on for Lock so moving up slightly from, or heck, even standing pat and hope on of these guys falls to us is the way to go. Yes, getting an exciting Murray at QB would be great. Just not at number 4. Defense has too many needs and Carr has shown he can be a top level QB. I really, really hope Arizona takes Murray, and the Jets like Allen better than Williams, leaving Williams for us. That would be my X/Mas come early. Not to much to ask for.....
  6. I have been so not worried about the draft this year. Figure Arizona takes Murray and Oakland is guaranteed Bosa, Williams or Allen. Color me happy. Unscrewupable (word of the day). Now, all this rumor about a possible surprise or mystery pick. I'm not the biggest Carr fan in the world but if we don't take one of these 3 guys if any of them are still there at 4 and we go QB there, I may go postal.
  7. It will be a lot easier dealing with all his twitter and other nonsense when he's catching 7-10 balls a week and TD's at a steady clip from Carr. Until then......groan
  8. I was always a big fan of Crowell and would love it if the Raiders can ink him.
  9. Raiders sign Glennon I like Glennon and this signing.
  10. Ugh. I don't understand this signing,. I mean, I do, but not really. Kinda sorta.... Burfict is a very good football player to be sure. But I will admit, he's one of the few guys I can say I really hate. There's cheap and there's cheap. Many of his hits are truly and horrifically beyond the scope of the rules, and if i'm honest, look like he's intentionally trying to injure the other player. I'm an old school guy and like the hard hits of yore. But a lot of his hits clearly and obviously cross the line. The reason I don't truly get this signing is that, in all likelihood, the Raiders are going heavy on defense in the draft. This means lots of young guys in the locker room. I appreciate they are trying to put a good product out there for 2019 and not make it look like they are 100% just setting up for Vegas in 2020. But at what cost? I'm not sure Burfict is the guy you want around all your young, impressionable players. In the end, if Burfict can play his style of football and avoid the ridiculous, cheap hits that has warranted his much earned reputation, I will embrace him and be happy he's a Raider. Unfortunately, my spidey sense is tingling on this one and I feel more like its just a matter of time until he does something stupid that both gets him suspended and/or costs us a huge 15 yard penalty in a crucial situation.
  11. The kid is 3? Hitting him with a belt? Kid ends up with a broken arm? I feel like I am insane. Forget football, I hope if it turns out these things are true he gets prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law. Makes me sick.
  12. I am an innocent until proven guilty guy. I usually don't read anything in the media about these types of situations because so much of what you hear or read is skewed by the media outlets etc. That said, when a story like this comes out, it is impossible to simply ignore the person's past. I'm not saying how much weight the past should be considered, but for me, it is impossible to say i'm going to pretend nothing ever happened before. With this in mind, reading the bare bones of the story at face value, I see Hill being investigated for possible child abuse for a situation he was involved in that resulted in his small child breaking his arm. Even without coloring my opinion of him based on his history, this is a very bad look for the player and it is impossible, at least for me, to not have an initial feeling of bias about this incident. I hope the investigation unfolds fully and we eventually learn it was some sort of innocent accident and not child abuse. Until then, I can't help but cringe and thing negatively about him and this situation.
  13. I didn't read the whole thread, so I apologize if he did in fact weigh in, but it seems to me, shouldn't we just ask @Godsbrother to ask his brother?
  14. Eli is going to love Tate. Dude catches everything and is amazing after the catch. Good pick up by the G men