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  1. I'm guessing we hear tomorrow, maybe end of the week that there will be no suspension.
  2. These are places that I looked into right off the bat. They all look great, except everything I saw was fly fishing. Canada is certainly doable. But I'll need that booze, fire and cigars. Those are deal breakers.
  3. Hey guys. Maybe you can help with a dilemma my wife and I have been wrestling with for a few weeks. I'm going to be 50 this year, as is one of my closest friends, who I went to college with. A third close friend is also a pal from college. We have stayed friends all these years. One guy's family has a house in Montauk and we used to drive from upstate New York to Montauk, just to fish for cod for one day!. When younger, we spent many a weekend in the surf of Montauk chasing strippers. Since then, we do 2 off shore trips out of Montauk every year, one shark tourney and one 2 day tuna trip. My third pal coordinated a trip to Panama for his 50th last year. It was fun, but a little TOO much fishing for me. Up at the crack of dawn and fishing all day, literally for 5 straight days. Caught a ton, but for my 50th and the other guy's, we're looking to do something different. I have always dreamed of staying in a cabin in the woods and having a guide take me out fishing in fast rivers in the mountains somewhere. I was very surprised when I started looking around and while there are tons of guided trips all over the country, they all seem to be fly fishing. I've been surfcasting with a spinning reel forever and have never picked up a fly reel. All our offshore fishing is big game. I have no desire to try and learn to fly fish now, I can barely fish with a spinning reel and I've been doing it for 35 years! So, I'm looking for a fishing experience in the mountains somewhere where a guide can take us out, fish all day on spinning tackle and then come back to a cabin or whatever and drink beer by a fire before getting up to do again the next few days. And Alaska or probably even the pacific northwest is probably too expensive. I want to go into the mountains, kind of like an episode of River Monsters. Any ideas?
  4. I've been with FBG since the old yeller days. I have never purchased a subscription. Here or anywhere else. In the old days, I would by Pro Football weekly as soon as it hit the shelf in Penn Station and that was my greatest source of info. I still buy every magazine out there for when I go fishing or on the train etc. There is so much info out there, I gather it all up, read about people's opinions on stuff and decide things for myself. I simply never felt it necessary to pay for other people's opinions.
  5. How in the world can a coach say he's not at all worried about his starting QB still not throwing a football? Why bother commenting at all. I'm pulling for Luck and hope is fine for the start of the season. But the fact that it's nearly June and he still isn't throwing is certainly cause for concern. How much concern is debatable. But it's not fine.
  6. Black market who's hottest threads
  7. Check out the big brain on Brad
  8. Nice hooters
  9. Curious as to what people think about Baldwin. Graham is gone and Seattle hasn't brought in any WR's that in any worry me. With the defense sure to take a hit, do people think Baldwin can bounce back after a fairly down year last year? I think he can be a low end WR1. Thoughts?
  10. Does the draft indicate a bigger role for McCaffrey this year?
  11. Maybe by not taking James, its a sign that Conley is healthy. I hope so, I was hoping for either James or edmunds
  12. Fine by me, as a Hyde owner
  13. From what I've seen of him on ESPN etc., his game film is fantastic too. But whatever, we'll know soon enough
  14. Only if Cleveland take Barkley at #4. Otherwise, I'll be very happy
  15. I'm with you. I knew he was going 1 the day I watched his pro day. It was awesome. If the Browns go QB at 1, which I believe they will, I think it's Darnold. Everything else we've been hearing is white noise. Just my two cents