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  1. Ahh, to be back in college... Genesee Cream Ale. Dude, have you ever seen the Genesee river? I drank mass quantities of this (and Piels) in college. Very affordable......
  2. Karma, fate, destiny....those were all words I was thinking about since the Mexico City game. Carr getting hurt was a devastating, crushing blow to Oakland and its fans. I was down, but I'm thinking of those words and saying why not? Sure, the odds are long for us now, but ####, let's kick some Texans ### and then bring on the Patriots. I have no other hatred like my hatred for the accursed Patriots. I mean that most sincerely. The odds are long, but go back and look at what people were saying about us before the season started and then look at our record. #### Carr getting hurt, lets go! Beating Houston and then surprising the world and beating the Pats, in New England would be better than winning the superbowl for me. OK, maybe not better but you know what I mean. Let's go
  3. I'd go down during the instructions
  4. I'm not a MD but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night. Sounds like ball cancer. Hope that helps.
  5. Mine: Palmer Ajayi Gore Baldwin Crowder Eiffert Bryant Denver
  6. I just read Royal is active and will play
  7. Ugh, I have to decide between him and a now active Royal.
  8. Great write up, thanks. Like you, I drafted Stafford as my #2 QB. Palmer was my unquestioned starter. Now I'm thinking of going Stafford over Palmer but am reluctant to pull the trigger. Thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the update. The last few days have been like this though.
  10. First off, I'm pulling for you colonel. The way I figure it, this is what he is hoping will happen:
  11. I'm not sure I agree. I believe Sanchez wins the starting job, and quite easily at that. That said, I certainly have no illusions that he will suddenly turn into a top 5 QB or anything. But in my opinion, Sanchez is more than just a serviceable QB. He has been in several AFC championship games and is a veteran NFL QB. He can make all the throws and when put in a position to not have to go out and win games, but rather, to manage them or maybe a bit more, I think he is more than capable of getting the job done. I think of Trent Dilfer and the Ravens when thinking of Sanchez and Denver this year. If the Denver O line can hold together, he has several good options to throw to. If the defense doesn't have to much of a drop off, I think Denver's offense as a whole is going to surprise a lot of people this year. This probably bodes well for Anderson, at least, in my opinion.
  12. First of all, hang in there Shady. Keep your chin up and your resolve strong, for your daughter, wife, your other son and yourself. I will keep your whole family in my prayers. My now 14 year old daughter was very ill two years ago. Long story short, she was throwing up for weeks and on end, began having trouble with her vision and too tired to get out of bed. She had an endoscopy, colonoscopy, cT scans, MRI's, you name it, she had it. We ended up at Cohen's children's hospital on Long Island where she stayed for 17 days. She had every test they had and nobody could figure out what was wrong with her. In the end, we wound up at CHOP (Children's hospital of Philadelphia) where she was diagnosed with a crazy rare kidney disorder that somehow effected her vision. She had lost 35 pounds in just under 12 weeks and we were convinced we were watching her die right before our eyes. Ultimately, steroids saved her life and she is now basically back to her old self. I tell you my story for a few reasons. First and foremost, the biggest lesson I learned from the whole experience is something you seem to have already learned, that is, you have to, HAVE TO, be a strong advocate for your daughter and her treatment. It's easy to get intimidated by doctors while you are going thru something like this and be guided by everything they say or recommend. We pushed the doctors every day, and ultimately, we got sent to CHOP because my wife made it happen. So remain strong, question everything that is being done for Riley and do and say whatever you and your wife believe is best for her. Second, if you have any issues whatsoever with Riley's care or treatment, any, look into CHOP. I believe it is the number one children's hospital in the Country. It was an amazing place. We were baffled for months about my daughter's condition and within 48 hours, they had her diagnosed and started treatment. It was just like the place in the show House. Everything about that place was amazing, including getting my wife and I into a hotel since we made the trip without having a place to stay. CHOP saved my daughter's life so if you have any issues with where you are, it's something to remember. Lastly, my experience taught me the hard way that you really have to worry about your other children while going thru this with Riley. My wife was staying over in the hospital with my daughter and I was spending as much time there as I could, I have two boys as well, and while I was coming home every night to eat with them and see them off to school, I wasn't taking very good care of myself, and they picked up on it. I was a mess and often had to walk away so I wouldn't cry about what was happening to their sister. Both my boys suffered from the experience and it is the one lingering effect that continues to cause us issues to this day. So make sure to take care of yourself. Find time to get away, even for a little while to get some sleep. Take a ride to clear your head. Whatever, just find a way to take care of yourself so you can be strong for the ones who need you most. Good luck Shady. I'll be praying for you and yours.
  13. I went tailgater. I hate when someone tailgates me like that. True, if I'm in the left lane at any speed and someone gets on my butt like that, I move over. But in general, if you're going to ride right on my ###, be ready for the short brake. Guy shouldn't have been riding his tail like that. I assume after his pretty nasty crash, he won't be tailgating like that again anytime soon. Lesson learned.
  14. I've been on trial for about a week and have been out of the loop for the most part. I have to dig out my desk tomorrow then I'm off to Vegas for the weekend for some much needed R&R. I'll give my buddy a shout next week and see if I can shake anything loose from the information tree. Don't worry, if I hear anything in the interim, I'll post it here.
  15. Hope. They can't take that away from us.