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  1. Married 21 years. I simply wait until everyone else sits and there's only 1 spot left. That's where I sit. Sometimes, I'll ask my wife "across or next to" and leave it up to her. Why make things complicated.
  2. Patriot way. I know he didn't sign the contract and it wasn't a formally done deal, but he agreed in principal and knew the press conference was scheduled for today to announce him as head coach of the Colts. No matter what team you root for, this is bad form. And bad business. And not going to be received well by the 30 other owners in the league. Like I said, Patriot way....ok that last part was a factor of who I root for
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think Cousins will "chase the money" this offseason. Quite the opposite, in my opinion. He just got $40 million bucks for the last two years. FORTY MILLION. Suffice it to say, no matter where he lands, he's going to get a nice contract. Even if he gives a team a bargain basement deal, all things considered for QB's and their going rates etc., he still stands to make a ton MORE money regardless of where he lands. I think he is in the best possible situation a guy in his position can be in. He doesn't need to chase the money and can look around to find a team that best suits his game and chances to win a super bowl. It may not be the team with the most money or best deal, but it aint gonna suck. Good for him. Denver seems like the perfect fit to me. Jacksonville and Arizona are close seconds since both have solid defenses and with DJ coming back, very solid running games.
  4. Man, do I hate the Patriots
  5. I am very sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  6. Conventional wisdom says start Cam here. I'm going Stafford. He got me here so I'm gonna ride him, tough match up and all. Let's go!
  7. I"ve ridden Stafford all year long. Basically, this week is a playoff game for me. I can still get into my playoffs if I lose, but I'll need help. Quite a bit actually. I traded for Newton a few weeks ago as a backup during bye week scramble and was seriously considering starting him this week over Stafford. I kept Stafford from last year and lots of people laughed at me. He's been a solid fantasy play all year long so I'm sticking with what got me here and keeping Cam on the bench. Let's go Stafford!! PS- all you Newton owners owe me big time as I all but guaranteed he has a huge game this week since I'm sitting him.
  8. I have to decide between either CJ Anderson or McCaffrey over him. I'm leaning towards Anderson because Oakland's D has looked so horrible. Not sure how the firing of Norton is going to effect that though.
  9. I'm torn with indecision. I've been rolling with Tate and Baldwin all season long. I can't bring myself to bench either for JuJu.
  10. In the time it took for you to type this reply, you could have given your opinion. Just saying and thanks for your vigilance on the AC front.
  11. Anyone....
  12. Hi all. 12 team PPR league. When Clay went down, I picked up Brate in his stead. Now that Clay is back, I have to decide who to keep. Not just for this week, but for the rest of the year. I guess this is kinda/sorta not the right place for this post, but I could use some help deciding who to keep. I was digging Clay's production before he got hurt but Brate has his upside (including a seemingly decent raport with Fitzpatrick) as well. I would appreciate thoughts on what the Shark Pool thinks about which one I should keep and sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  13. They were scrappy all day. OK. Still doesn't explain Green just blowing a gasket like that. Nuts
  14. Dude just lost it. Totally lost it for a meh shove. Can't figure it out