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  1. I have to decide between either CJ Anderson or McCaffrey over him. I'm leaning towards Anderson because Oakland's D has looked so horrible. Not sure how the firing of Norton is going to effect that though.
  2. I'm torn with indecision. I've been rolling with Tate and Baldwin all season long. I can't bring myself to bench either for JuJu.
  3. In the time it took for you to type this reply, you could have given your opinion. Just saying and thanks for your vigilance on the AC front.
  4. Anyone....
  5. Hi all. 12 team PPR league. When Clay went down, I picked up Brate in his stead. Now that Clay is back, I have to decide who to keep. Not just for this week, but for the rest of the year. I guess this is kinda/sorta not the right place for this post, but I could use some help deciding who to keep. I was digging Clay's production before he got hurt but Brate has his upside (including a seemingly decent raport with Fitzpatrick) as well. I would appreciate thoughts on what the Shark Pool thinks about which one I should keep and sorry if this is the wrong forum.
  6. They were scrappy all day. OK. Still doesn't explain Green just blowing a gasket like that. Nuts
  7. Dude just lost it. Totally lost it for a meh shove. Can't figure it out
  8. this but this is better
  9. Can't hurt, that's for sure
  10. Bowman coming to Raider
  11. Maybe I'm just getting old and crotchety but it makes me sad that this discussion is even being had. First and foremost, no matter what the argument is about, to me, it's never ok to just lean back and clock a guy in the face like that. Again and again. What happened to us a community, as a country? Anyway, I think everyone will agree on that part of it. But what really gets me is that the obvious answer is, well, obvious. It shouldn't be about whose "allowed" to do what at an event, it's about common courtesy. If people are mad about people standing or being loud or being drunk or cursing or whatever, how about going and grabbing one of the stadium workers. Let them come down, see what's going on and go from there. It's my experience that when you get one or two people acting like jerks, everyone around is more prone to speak up when the stadium guy in his uniform shows up. Very simple and civilized solution to a simple problem. I know, get off my lawn! Anyway, the whole thing makes me sad and reluctant to take my kids to games anymore.
  12. Call me a cynic, but I'm thinking he's looking for more awareness of his bank account. Maybe work out a settlement and have him just go away. The filing basically ensures he'll never play in the league again, so why not get what he can monetarily while he can. Only thing that explains the timing of the filing in my mind.
  13. I'm sorry but I don't see any way he can "prove" collusion against all 32 owners. Period. Everything else aside, what he is seeking right now has zero chance to succeed. Interesting that he filed this grievance two days before the owners meetings.
  14. All I know is before I do anything else, I would cut Cook and let him get his own flight home from Denver. Unforgiveable, IMO.
  15. According to his verified twitter account, his last post was 19 hours ago thanking everyone for his birthday wishes. I checked and he was born on September 21. Hopefully, he has been away for some sort of birthday bash.