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  1. Nice MLT
  2. Good, and you
  3. I was going to say almost exactly what you wrote. I like the guy and I'll be pulling for him.
  4. I have a thing for Michelle Beadle. She knows things and I think she would be a blast in the sack. I find the show entertaining. If I want just highlights etc, I watch sportscenter. On a side note, anyone watch the chris carter show on FS1 I think. Talk about unwatchable. The female host always looks like she's about to hurl
  5. Hey man. My daughter was very ill a while back. When she had a recurrence back in October, she required back surgery. The pediatric neurosurgeon she had treated with in the past was no longer on our plan. Because of the prior relationship, the doctor's office dealt directly with the insurance company and worked it out so her surgery and follow up care was covered. Obviously, not apples to apples but it's worth a shot to have your providers contact the insurance company to see if something can be done. Either way, good luck and glad to hear things, in general, are going better for you.
  6. I think the prospect of playing with Irvin and Mack has to be appealing to him. With Suh clogging up the middle and Irvin and Mack on the edges, and dare I say, a healthy Conley on one side, this defense would get infinitely better. Is he worth the money someone is going to pay to get him? Probably not....but I think it will be pretty close. I say sign him if we can and cut somewhere else to make room.
  7. I was expecting Denver to cut CJ Anderson by now. Do any of you homers have any insight as to whether they are gonna stick with him and Booker for this year? Especially if they don't take Barkley if he somehow falls to them.
  8. I didn't see this, but that's a good deal for Blount if true. I was very impressed with how he looked last year
  9. I know he's not sexy, but I watched almost all the Eagles games last year. Blount looked good, and not just in short yardage. And agree on Gore. He's no longer an every down back, but he too looked pretty good last year. On a reduced role, he can be very productive and is clearly a major plus in the locker room. Both good choices if you ask me, assuming of course they bring in a young back as well.
  10. I love it. He isn't the same receiver he was 5 years ago, but he is an excellent route runner and is just one of those pesky guys that always seems to get open and catch almost everything. He'd be a good fit for us, as long as he isn't too expensive. Good veteran leadership as well.
  11. It's gonna be really hard to cheer for this guy. He really is a dirty player, in my humble opinion
  12. I get it, you don't agree. That's what makes the world go around. Time will tell.
  13. Fair point. But sometimes, the intangibles say a lot. For me, it's clear Bellicheck loved Jimmy G. He sat and watched and learned from Brady and arguably the best coaching staff the league has ever seen. I don't know what the heck happened in and around the time he was traded, but something was going on internally with the Pats that lead to his being traded. I believe he was absolutely the future of the team, but somehow, someway it got bungled and off he went to SF. Lynch is no dummy and the niners obviously saw a lot in Jimmy G to give him a deal like they did. Now, I like Cousins, and he has looked really good at times. But he has also struggled and had some issues in his time in Washington. Reasonable minds can obviously differ, and that's what makes all this stuff so much fun. I look at Jimmy G and I just he has "it". I'm not saying Cousins can't be a great QB, but I don't see that "it" with him. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Well, for starters, and to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a player's contract is FULLY guaranteed in it's entirety. Insofar as this is the first time an event like this has happened, I found it shocking, in and of itself. Secondly, Jimmy G got a huge chunk of a much longer contract guaranteed. There appears to be a lot more questions about Cousins than Jimmy G so I found this deal shocking. Lastly, I'm old school and remember well the days of guys like Scott Mitchell cashing in, only to turn out, well, not worth the contract. I like Cousins but for a team to fully guarantee his entire contract is just a big deal to me. Hope that clarifies it for you.