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  1. Refer them to your accountant, Skylar White
  2. My daughter was severely ill several years ago. I live in NY and she was vomiting and ill for nearly a month before we took her to Cohen's children's hospital. She was there for 17 days and underwent every test they had and they could not figure out what was wrong with her. We were sent to CHOP, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It saved her life. That place is real life HOUSE. I mean it. Do the research and urge the family to take them there, When we couldn't get in to the Ronald McDonald house, they helped set us up in a hotel near the hospital at a very minimal cost. They really were amazing and diagnosed here within 48 hours. It truly was amazing and one of the top rated children's hospital in the Country. Good luck.
  3. Man, this would be fantastic: McKenzie sounded almost giddy about the condition of Mario Edwards Jr., who saw last off-season impacted by a neck injury and then was limited to just three games (including the playoff game) after injuring his hip in the preseason. “He’s extremely motivated,” McKenzie said, “because he wants to show the league that he’s a dominant football player. Not just a solid football player, but that he’s dominant. He’s healthy, he’s strong, he’s in a good mindset so he’s ready to roll and we are extremely anxious to see him get going in the season.”
  4. The beginning of every dead show I saw when I was young.
  5. I love deadliest catch and was sad when all the drugs and stuff got to Jake. I recall hearing he almost died from a beating he took several months back. Haven't heard anything about him since this article I just came across. Dude, he doesn't look at all like he did on the show. Sad.
  6. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Stick that in your trophy case - The original I guess we all died a little in that dammed war Via Con Dios - Johnny Utah Pulls back handshake to salure...."you old dog" - Winger It's the stay puft marshmellow man Hey Blondie, you know what you are, you are nothing but a low down, Hijo de grande putah!
  7. I don't think the tape, in and of itself, has as much power as people would think. If you noticed, when Kim first asked about the conversation before telling Jimmy there was a tape, his first and immediate reaction was to say so what, there was space blankets all over the walls and the ceiling etc. Jimmy's immediate reaction was that he was just saying what Chuck wanted to hear to walk him off the ledge. With Chuck's prior cooky behavior and trips to the hospital, including that female doctor that was pushing for him to be committed, Jimmy will have a field day avoiding anything serious from the tape itself. He will be, however, guilty of kicking in a door, threatening Chuck and a few other things arising from that scene. I think the drama of the trial, pitting Jimmy v Chuck is what is going to push Jimmy into becoming Saul. Not the tape or what it purports to say.
  8. When I saw this story I was so hoping it was a fake. So tragic, I feel sick.
  9. As long as we're talking about Lynch, how about discussing a package deal for Lynch and Sherman.....
  10. I love the move. All I can say is my wife already signed off on me taking a trip once a year to catch a game. I'll be taking Friday off and spending a few days drinking, gambling and golfing before catching that game. Can't freaking wait!
  11. Cool, thanks.
  12. What's the story on Eiffert? I haven't heard anything about him since he went on IR at the end of the year last year. Is he scheduled to be a full go for training camp?
  13. Oakland may sign AP, but I don't think that's what I was being clued in on. That wouldn't be such a super big deal at this point in AP's career. The vibe I got was something bigger. Time will tell....
  14. Hello fellow Raider fans. I am happy to provide the following TOTALLY UNOFFICIAL, RUMOR BASED, SPECULATIVE and COMPLETELY UNCONFIRMED little snippet of information. I just received some information that seems to indicate the Raiders have a deal in place or are very close to a deal for a big name free agent or possibly more than one. No names were mentioned, but I was told in no uncertain terms that several important people were seen in one place at a time, and more importantly, were visibly giddy (his word, not mine). Of note, some of these folks are people not ordinarily in this particular place and the sense was, the combination of people seen was noteworthy. Of course, I asked the obvious question, that being did he think it was a deal for M Bennett. My friend wasn't sure but he seemed quick to dismiss that notion, not because of anything that he saw or heard today, but rather, things he has gleaned from earlier when word of Bennett becoming available first hit the airwaves. I have a feeling we'll know what's afoot late in the day on 3/9 and very shortly after the official signing period starts. I'll let everyone know if I hear of any other vague and unconfirmed info.
  15. I am so sorry for your loss and all you and your family have had to endure. You truly are an inspiration. Many, many years ago, we had almost the same experience you just went through. My wife went in for a normal 12 week visit and there was no heartbeat. This happened on a Friday and I was at work in Manhattan when my wife called and told me what had happened. I got to the OBGYN on the Island as quick as I could and found my wife in very bad shape. We had to wait until Monday to have the D&C because they told us the procedure would go a lot smoother for my wife by waiting. That was the longest weekend of our lives. I remember having to call the family members we told what had happened. Brutal. Anyway, that was hard enough for us so I can only imagine how hard it must be for you guys considering how much more you guys have been through. I don't post in the FFA all that often but I just wanted you to know I am sorry for your loss and I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.