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  1. Tom Skerritt

    Gillette Commercial

    K-A-R-S CARS FOR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ETA:
  2. Tom Skerritt

    Gillette Commercial

    So you can't think of any parents who might've missed delivering this message to their boys? Stop being a troll.
  3. Tom Skerritt

    Gillette Commercial

    Because they can?
  4. Tom Skerritt

    Gillette Commercial

    I would assume that they were aware of a potential backlash, and they decided that it would be worth it. Also, negative publicity is FREE publicity, and they are getting a ton of FREE publicity out of this. And women buy razors too.
  5. Tom Skerritt

    What is the best mattress?

    I was almost ready to order the Dreamcloud, and then I saw something that said they were really firm. Glad I caught that. I'm also leaning toward the Medium-Hybrid because... thinking that it will sag less over time than the plush/ultra-plush models, and thus should last longer. All theoretical thought processing mind you.
  6. Tom Skerritt

    What is the best mattress?

    Wife and I are upgrading from a queen to a king. King frame was finally delivered a couple of days ago, so now we need to decide on a mattress. Fortunately my wife and I both prefer a softer mattress. Problem is that I toss and turn all night long and I snore a bit. My wife is a very light sleeper, and once she is awakened, she will be up for several hours. I am a light sleeper too (I wake several times each night), but I am able to easily fall back to sleep. So I would like to get something that accommodates both of our high-maintenance sleep needs. I looked at the dreamcloud, and I like the concept and certainly the price. But the reviews all say that the mattress leans to the firm side. So that one is out. We also went to a few mattress stores the other day. The Simmons BeautyRest Black was good and very expensive. The Purple2,3,&4 was interesting, though not sure I'm willing to risk it on a potential gimmick. And finally we looked at a couple of Tempur Pedics. We both liked the Tempur Pedic ProAdapt Medium Hybrid. This one has the softness and contouring of memory foam and the support of coils. This is not unlike the dreamcloud, but on the softer side. Also more expensive. Considering doing a split king with an adjustable base. Because of my snoring and lower back issues, I like the zero-gravity setting with head and feet raised. However my wife does not, so that is why the split king. My estimate is looking at around $6,500. And for the record, I had a guy at Mattress Firm price out the split-king Simmons BeautyRest with adjustable base. His quote was a little over $10K!!!
  7. Tom Skerritt

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Our president doesn't know that cameras exist. I believe Melania tweeted a picture of the view from the WH. Trump is just a troll.
  8. Typing this only because I don’t know what the truth is, but... in the M. Knight Shyamalan universe, Trump is completely innocent, and Hillary is the real criminal. Imagine if that is the truth.
  9. Tom Skerritt

    Billy Madison moment at my kids HS ...

    Nikki Sixx recently turned sixxty years old back in December.
  10. Tom Skerritt

    2019 Is Already THE SUCK!!!1!!!!

    An update: The particular type of lymphoma that this girl has is either a localized cutaneous lymphoma or a systemic one that is also located in other parts of the body. The initial diagnosis was based on a cutaneous lesion, and the consulting pathologist note indicated that these lesions tend to be secondary to a systemic disease, particularly in children. But... tests need to be done to confirm. Daughter's friend had a PET scan done yesterday to identify rapidly growing cells in other parts of the body, and the scan came back negative!!! So presumably this would indicate the localized cutaneous lymphoma which has a better prognostic outcome than the systemic one. I would think that more tests will be done to confirm all of this, and I'm not even sure if this amended diagnosis changes treatment. But it is certainly a bit of good news.
  11. Tom Skerritt

    Tony Romo: Broadcaster

    Why does Romo's voice sound like he smokes a pack a day?
  12. I might be blinded by my biases, but it is really starting to feel like the pressure is mounting and mounting on Trump. He is doing his very best to push back and defend, but even the best and strongest criminal will eventually succumb to the truth. I sincerely hope that we are getting close to the end of this. The future of the United States -- and further, the entire planet -- hangs in the balance of the corruption that controls the White House and the country right now. I try to understand how anyone can support this evil and hatred our president represents. And the conclusion that I come to is simply for power and greed. Two things that are not that that important to me. I'm not saying it's not important, but I feel like our priorities are out of whack. It permeates only a minority of our society, so hopefully it can be defeated. I do think we are seeing a generational change that is fighting back. I for one am happy and hopeful, and I support the cause.
  13. That sounds incredible. A bit of trivia surrounding this concert, and the particular form of Heart at the time... The bassist was (and still may be) Dan Rothchild, son of legendary Doors producer Paul Rothchild.
  14. Love Alive absolutely kicks ###! And I love Kick It Out. My wife is a huge Heart fan. For her birthday a few years ago, I bought a VIP package at Red Rocks. We got a buffet with drinks and food. We got to tour their tour buses and visit with various members of the band. And then we got a photo op with Ann and Nancy followed by a picture opportunity holding their guitars with the Red Rocks mountains in the background. And THEN... we had 3rd row center seats for the concert. Cheap Trick opened, then Joan Jett, and finally Heart. Was an amazing concert, and my first and only time at Red Rocks.
  15. Discovered that my son was ADHD when he was in the 1st grade. He would constantly get reprimanded for distracting others, not paying attention, etc. The public school system, and particularly at these young primary ages, schools are not set up for teaching children like this. The expectations are that children sit in their seats, don't move, and be quiet. ADHD brains do not work under these conditions, and therefore their schoolwork and behavior suffer for it. His teacher at the time asked me if we had ever had him evaluated. Hadn't even considered it until that point. I sat my son down and tried to talk to him. I asked him to sit there and be still. And he physically could not sit still. His arms and hands were moving all over the place. I asked him again to sit still. He just couldn't do it. It was in that moment that I realized that he had no control. It was a pivotal moment for me as a parent. Changed the way I raised him from that moment on.