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  1. I was watching Mississippi Burning the other day. And some of the quotes from the movie were oddly similar to some of the rhetoric we are hearing today. Here is one example:
  2. Ask away. I have strangers wipe my ### now. Your questions will be a breeze! I'm curious randall, is your mind still sharp? Does this affect your mental processing power?
  3. Robinson brothers announced an acoustic duo tour... Brothers of a Feather.
  4. Yeah, stop mucking up my man-crush thread!!! Take it somewhere else you two!!!!
  5. This impeachment trial is merely a huge taxpayer-funded smear campaign ad against Donald trump for the upcoming election. And I am perfectly okay with that.
  6. Haven't we all seen more than circumstantial evidence? I mean c'mon man!
  7. A fun exercise: Listen to yesterday's closing argument as though Schiff is speaking to a bunch of elementary school kids. It's simple, it's eloquent, it's concise, and it's accurate. It's presented as though all of this could be understood by a bunch of 8 year old kids, which is not far from the truth. Just masterful.
  8. Dems: Agreed. GOP: Yes, we agree too. But let's wait until we have a Democratic president to come together on this.