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  1. The video that closes in on Dr. Birx while Trump is spewing drivel is so sad. You can see the internal struggle. I want to feel bad for her, but she has chosen to be there and stay silent.
  2. Simply unconscionable, but sadly it’s our reality.
  3. I cannot think of a more qualified individual than an epidemiologist. You would think that people would want to listen to these experts, like Birx and Fauci, or christ, even Redfield Doctors, nurses, and many other healthcare professionals are the ones fighting on the frontlines for all of us. But the epidemiologists are the ones who should be directing the fight.
  4. I’m curious which of the regulars in here have degrees/certifications in science and health? I’m curious to know who understands the molecular, physiologic, and genetic processes we are seeing with respect to this virus. I’m not saying it is required, but if we’re being honest, science and health educated professionals are going to have a better understanding of this stuff. I myself have an official degree in zoology, over 5 years of research experience in molecular genetics, 10 years in veterinary medicine, and now 15 years in clinical pathology. I know there are others out there with even more knowledge than myself. I’d like to know who you are so that I can pay more attention to what you’re saying.
  5. And the fastest development to a vaccine is 4 years for mumps.
  6. Herein lies the conundrum, and one that you and others fail to explain... This drug was not developed to treat Covid symptoms. And the drug is not successful in treating Covid. So how would they turn to it and hone in on its success?
  7. Doctors are choosing it because there are no other options, and the President is touting it as a miracle cure. All we are saying is “Pump your brakes on the miracle drug talk. Let’s test it first.”
  8. One could also interpret this information as... those with mild to moderate symptoms would have likely recovered without HCQ treatment. And therefore it might not have any effect on outcomes at all. As many of us have said from the very beginning, we need to test the efficacy of the drug. I’m all for using it for compassionate end-of-life scenarios, but get outta here with this drug being a miracle cure.
  9. A protester (in Michigan I think) is upset that he cannot go out and buy GRASS SEED!
  10. Right. The main focus is on "Getting Trump!". Possible breakthrough is going to short-circuit that and destroy the narrative. Can't have that happening so we'll just dismiss it as "rubbish" and continue on the tirade. Also, how do you know it's rubbish? Did you even bother to read the links? Or is that going to interfere with the narrative? A month ago today (re: hydroxychloroquine)
  11. Meh... he might win the point with 30-40% of Americans. But let’s not get carried away here. Those who are paying attention know the truth.
  12. President Trump's new acting Secretary of the Navy, replacing the previous acting Secretary of the Navy, was, until last week, the acting Undersecretary of the Army. Acting!
  13. Navy Secretary Modly resigns over botched handling of coronavirus scandal