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  1. I can't remember where I heard it, must have been on a documentary somewhere, but there was a mention of the album release party for the album. And talking about where the party was, and who was there. And I just thought to myself, 'How freaking cool it must have been to be at THAT album release party!'
  2. Care to unpack this?
  3. Not going to miss the Juan Manuel Miranda commercial that has been running non-stop during the US Open.
  4. My employer-based health screening is coming up in 5 weeks. I missed my BMI goal by 1 point last year, and I am determined to reach that goal this year. Will save me several thousand dollars in health insurance premium discounts, so there is $$ incentive. Last year, my target BMI was 27, However I recorded a 28.1. I had gone from 215 lbs down to 192 at the time of my weigh-in. This year I am right at 200 lbs, so I need to get down to 185. Have developed an aggressive weight-loss program for the next 5 weeks, and I am already in ketosis. Will post periodic updates.
  5. I was around 12-13 years old when I first "heard" ELP. It was 1984, and I used to fall asleep listening to the radio. One night, I was listening to a song that just absolutely blew me away. I had never heard anything like it before, and I was simply hooked. I hoped that at the end, the DJ would mention the artist/song. For whatever reason, I was sleeping on the floor in my room at the time... my head underneath my desk. When the song finished, the DJ gave me the info. I quickly grabbed a pencil and wrote it down on the underside of my desk. I didn't want to forget. I don't remember if I wrote down Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but I definitely remember writing down "TRILOGY". I've been a huge fan ever since.
  6. Yeah, it's hard to argue that Serena brought most of this upon herself, and as a result, ruined what would have been the best moment in Naomi Osaka's life. Serena needs to own that. i hope that with some time and distance, she will. That said, that chair umpire is a ####! You just cannot call a game penalty at that moment. I'm guessing it was in impulsive response in the heat of the moment. And had he thought about it, and recognized that it would give Osaka a 5-3 lead in a potentially deciding set in the Championship Match at the US Open, he might have rethought his decision. Can't do anything about it now. Glad I witnessed something that will likely be remembered for a long time.
  7. Can I assume that the OP is reconsidering her position in this argument?
  8. I also didn’t like when Serena was protesting the point penalty, she was giving the chair a tongue lashing and mentioned that she “has a daughter” and so therefore she cannot be “ a cheater”. That seemed like a stupid thing to say.
  9. The match was still undecided when he gave the game penalty. And it was over right there. Osaka was now up 5-3. The chair umpire absolutely caused this mess. I understand that Serena should have known better, but you don’t call a game penalty in that moment of a grand slam championship match. You just can’t do that for this very reason. The ending and trophy presentation were so awkward and uncomfortable. Osaka gets cheated out of her first grand slam title celebration.
  10. And now for the most important question... Given your family allergies to dogs... if you happen upon a puppy and Hitler both hanging from a cliff about to fall to their deaths, and you can only save one of them (and you have to take them home to live with you too), would you rescue the puppy or Hitler?
  11. I don’t think so.
  12. Sounds like you guys were aggressive in treating the cancer. Follow your doctor's orders and stay positive. Don't let them make you think this is all normal. It's not. And they are just doing their jobs. But you should be cautious and curious. This will likely be a great learning and life experience. Best of luck!
  13. Watch out you might find your house being targeted for showing your patriotism. Installed our American flag on Labor Day. Looks nice. And I live in a mostly conservative christian community, so I am not so worried about being targeted.
  14. Are you suggesting that I am not allowed to not be proud of traditional, white, christian, American culture? For the record, I never said any of the things in your post. And also for the record, I support those who either do not have power, or those who do not want power.
  15. While watching the Hawaiian kids play in the LLWS the past couple of weeks, I have been wondering if Trump would consider them US citizens. I imagine he views them much like Puerto Ricans or illegal immigrants.