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  1. Women you find oddly attractive gone too?
  2. depends who's getting killed Fine people on both sides getting killed.
  3. White cop punches black teen in the face because apparently two white cops are unable to subdue one black teen.
  4. You are delusional dude. I want to like you because you seem somewhat reasonable, but this is some delusional #### right here.
  5. This is pretty much Joe's thread the other day though... whining and complaining about people whining and complaining.
  6. I agree with the ideas. I do not agree with the person advocating for them.
  7. Can you also agree that this fits the adages... Even a blind squirrel finds a nut, and... A broken watch is correct twice a day
  9. This is the most common misconception. I'm pretty sure that Broidy was not mentioned as a client. The third client was the Trump organization.
  10. Is Joe done whining and complaining about all of the whining and complaining?
  11. The Constitution is going to be fine, ninny. It's Congress I'm worried about.
  12. Do you really think the Obama administration is anything close to what we are seeing today?
  13. To be fair, it's a little bit more than including information from an existing pamphlet.