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  1. DAYS 4 & 5: Friday and Saturday, January 5-6, 2018 I shall combine Friday and Saturday. There aren't as many details, but I took my first picture on Saturday evening. So the next few days are critical, in that it is critical that the infection be controlled. If the redness and swelling do not decrease, I am in big trouble. I'm sure that you guys don't know and don't care, but I am an avid runner and cyclist. I am getting super paranoid that my foot may not completely survive this. I take my antibiotics with religious fervor. By late Friday, it is apparent that the antibiotics are working. The redness shrinks inside the original mark on my foot... the one outlined by the nurse in the ER on Thursday night. I make a new, smaller outline indicating the current area of the infection. However, the pain and swelling remains unchanged. It will be excruciatingly painful for 4 or 5 hours followed by a period of lesser pain. And this cycle will continue for the next few days. During one of the episodes of intense pain, I begin to squeeze the area of infection. I want to see how much I can tolerate... and also to see if anything comes out from the puncture site. If you have ever seen a pus squeezing video, then you know how they can be so disgusting and exciting at the same time. I am able to squeeze about a tablespoon of pus from the wound. I am both relieved and a little concerned. Is there more... is there a deeper abscess? Do I need to get this looked at again? I call some friends with knowledge of these matters, and I am calmed to learn that this is normal. If there were an abscess, it would not be draining from the wound. The body is simply fighting the infection, and these are the by-products. Keep the area clean, and keep taking antibiotics. If the infection gets worse, go back to the doctor. On Saturday, my wife and daughter leave for a volleyball tournament. They are gone for most of the day. I am disappointed that I will miss my daughter's tournament. She is the libero for her club team, and she is a rock star. Anyway... by Saturday evening, I am feeling pretty good. The area of infection has gone down even more. My foot is still red and swollen, but the pain has gone down considerably... and I am able to get up and hobble around without much pressure pain. My wife texts later in the evening asking for a picture. Here is what I send to her...
  2. Currently looking for a place to stay and a private instructor. Got any recommendations?
  3. I had exchanged several texts with the wife throughout the evening. If I recall correctly, it finally ran out of juice right about the time I was discharged from the ER. And funny you mention my name getting called, and me not being there. I had to pee so badly, but I didn't want to go to the bathroom for fear of missing that call. So I sat there for four hours with an enlarging bladder.
  4. DAY 3 continued: Lots of people come in to the ER after I do. It seems like more people are coming in than are going out. Eventually the waiting area starts to thin out a bit. I notice the couple of people who came in right before me are getting called back. It is now 10:00pm. I AM NEXT!!! 30 minutes later I am called back. (and so much for the hope of getting called back sooner because of my status, I waited for nearly 4 hours!) I am ushered into a small exam room. But it has a bed and it has a television. I change channels until I finally settle on The Untouchables with Sean Connery and Kevin Costner. It is the bridge shootout scene at the US/Canada border. I am relieved to be able to put my attention on anything other than my foot. But I keep my foot elevated. The pain is not as intense. Eventually the doctor enters... listens to the history... and performs his exam. He wants to take more x-rays, and then make a decision based on how these look. One of my fears is that either the nail penetrated into the bone... or that the infection has now invaded into the bone. In either case, osteomyelitis would be a serious complication. This would certainly require IV antibiotics, and could possibly require surgery to remove any affected bone. And if it cannot be contained, it could require further, more serious intervention. Thankfully the x-rays come back clear, and there is no infection to the bone. There is however, a still serious issue of cellulitis that has spread throughout my entire foot. The original antibiotic that I was prescribed is able to prevent infection from Pseudomonas (a gram-negative bacterium). And while this was an important consideration, it was unable to prevent an opportunistic gram-positive infection that I am now dealing with. So the ER doc decides to change my antibiotic prescription, and I should hope to see improvement over the next 24-48 hours. He is also kind enough to give me another prescription for pain. Before I leave, one of the nurses, with a pen, marks the perimeter of the area of infection. Assuming one takes their antibiotics as prescribed and it is effective... the area of redness should decrease in size over time. The perimeter of my infected area essentially contains the entire top of my foot... medial to lateral... and up to where the lower leg connects at the ankle. It is now midnight. I am discharged. I pick up my meds at another nearby 24-hour pharmacy. This time it is a very nice, brown (Middle Eastern?) pharmacist who kindly fills my prescriptions much quicker than he could have. I am very appreciative of this dude. I'm pretty sure he feels the desperation in my presence. I take my new antibiotics... and I take some pain pills... and I go home to try and sleep.
  5. DAY 3 continued: (part 3) Off to the ER... a relatively small community hospital... maybe a 100-bed hospital, but a busy ER and a busy Women's Center. It is now 6:30-7:00pm. I have packed a small bag of clothes, toiletries, and my meds. Not sure yet if I will be staying overnight. My wife was out running errands, So I call her to let her know what is going on. I tell her not to do anything until I know my fate. As I limp into the reception area, it is impossible not to notice the number of people in the lobby. I would guess anywhere from 50-75 people in there. 'Holy ####!!' Well, I thought... let's get on with it! I fill out paperwork and sit through the triage process. When the nurse asks me what my level of pain is... I respond with "between an 8-9." I'm hoping that with the presenting injury/infection and the level of pain, maybe I will be a more urgent case... and I will get called back sooner. I find an empty spot and take my seat. Gonna be a looooooong night. I am wearing a grey, drabby old pair of house slippers. They're not attractive, but they're pretty damn comfortable... and they can be easily donned and doffed. The pain at this point is pretty intense. And it would only get increasingly worse over the next several hours. There is an older gentleman who is registering his wife, and they come in right before I do. This woman gets called back immediately. She must be dealing with something serious. A couple of hours after she went back, she had several family members show up in the ER ready lend their support. (thought that was nice) An old guy sitting next to me takes a call on his cellphone. It is obviously someone he knows and cares about. He has a very thick, rural, redneck accent... very normal for this area. And he is speaking loud enough for a 20-foot radius of people to hear. I don't remember the exact content of his conversation, but it was a bunch of personal stuff, and the whole thing starts to annoy me incredibly. I am exchanging some texts with my wife, giving her updates. My phone battery is at 15%. Not enough power to waste time screwing around on my phone. I want to save that for any potential emergency communications. My foot begins to really hurt now. I want to elevate it, but I don't want to do that in this crowded lobby in front of all these people. I find some open space at the farthest end of the waiting area... down a short hallway next to the bathrooms. I manage to arrange a couple of chairs together so that I can lean back in one chair and prop my foot up in another. It is throbbing. I take a pain pill. Massaging the foot helps to relieve some of the pain too. I sit... I wait.
  6. Since you guys are not enjoying the story, I will just stop here. Sorry if I have bored you.
  7. DAY 3 continued: (part 2) It didn't take the PA long to determine that I have cellulitis. She says that she can switch antibiotics, but she is afraid that we might not have enough time to evaluate a new one. If the new one doesn't work, things would get much worse, and I would then require IV antibiotics. And I must admit that I had this same thought as well. Other option is to go to an ER for evaluation. I feel like she leaves the decision up to me... whether or not to try a new antibiotic or go to the ER. I choose the latter. Off I go. It is now 5:30pm.
  8. Dude! It's been a little over a week that I stepped on a ####### nail. I figure it's pretty obvious that I am still recovering. I am trying not to give away the more important details. Chill. There's plenty more to come.
  9. For sure! I stood at on the top level of the abandoned coliseum dropping bombs on one for 30 minutes just so that I could obtain a Lynel's hoof.
  10. Either that game is really hard. or video games have passed me by. The Divine Beast bosses are just way too difficult. I have managed to kill two of them. Two more to go. I do have the master sword though, so there's that.
  11. I don't believe that I have said what the diagnosis is. I have only expressed my suspicions. Clearly you are having trouble following along, but no need to argue.
  12. Yes I did. Several posts up... Day 3 (part 1). Try and keep up!
  13. I hear you. I guess I have pretty good insurance, because I never a paid a co-pay throughout this ordeal. And I didn't have time to schedule appointments. I needed attention immediately.
  14. Fair question... but a PCP would essentially have done the same thing. Injury>treatment>antibiotics>recover. Antibiotics aren't working... >new course of treatment. I just needed confirmation that the current treatment is not working, and then a recommendation/order for a new course of treatment. And this is what happened. Was not any more trouble, and it didn't cost me any more money. And probably saved me some time... for this is an "urgent" care situation... bordering on, and approaching "emergent" care.
  15. DAY 3: Thursday, January 4th, 2018 (part 1) Wednesday night was a rough night. Lots of pain and discomfort. I think I managed to get a couple of hours sleep here and there, but it wasn't really sleep. At this point I didn't have crutches (would get those later today), and therefore it was as though my foot was getting repeatedly smashed with a sledgehammer just to get to the bathroom. And then... while in the bathroom... I had to lift my leg as high as possible while doing my business. The pressure was just too much. So I wake up on Thursday, and I cannot tell if it is noticeably better. At most, it is maybe the same. I felt pretty good on Wednesday evening when we all went out to the movies. In fact, my doctor friend had texted during the movie asking me how I was doing. I later responded that I was feeling better. Still had some pain and swelling, but better. Come Thursday morning however, it is now worse. Around noontime, most of my foot is light red, and it appears to be swollen. The skin is very elastic and edematous... like pushing on a waterbed. My thought, at this point, is that the antibiotics are not working. Do I have a resistant strain? Is this a flesh-eating bacteria? Am I in danger of losing my foot? ####!!! I don't know. At the very least it looks like I am developing cellulitis... an infection of the skin and underlying tissues. I decide that it is probably time to go back to see a healthcare professional. Hop back in the truck and go to my local urgent care just down the street. It is about 2:00pm. This is not my foot (started taking pictures of my own foot on Day 5), but it is similar to what my foot looked like by this time. And just as two days prior, the waiting area is full of people. One woman with a towel covering her face... she is severely congested and coughing up loads of mucous into that towel. Another young woman has come in because she has sliced her hand with a knife... I get a brief glimpse of her... has dried blood all over her hand, but it doesn't look too bad... probably needs some stitches though. And then there are a few other people there likely with flu-like symptoms. So I wait about an hour to an hour and a half before I get called back. I wait a little longer in the exam room, and I am finally greeted by a Physician's Assistant. I explain the history... she gives my foot the cursory exam...