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  1. Please be specific as to your accusation. Which post?
  2. We should start a gofundme for anyone 15 or under willing to record him/herself egging Dean Cain.
  3. So you just want an assurance that you won’t be held responsible if someone else uses your guns to commit crimes? Is this a correct assumption?
  4. So you can admit then that cars AND guns can be stolen to commit crimes... in addition to the actual crime of stealing it. Wouldn’t you want to be able to track the information on that gun (or car) to investigate any violent crimes associated with that gun?
  5. Australian Senator Fraser Anning punches 15 year old kid after getting egged in protest to his remarks about the NZ terrorist shooting. Fraser Anning’s remarks about Muslim immigrants following NZ shooting
  6. Actually, the article states that minorities are being searched at a higher rate despite the fact that contraband is discovered at a higher rate among whites.
  7. I own a couple of Mossimo button-down shirts. Are they worth anything now?
  8. I don’t have a problem with the trooper not knowing the law. The problem I have is that the trooper is being a jerk, and he won’t allow the guy an opportunity to explain himself. Why is it so difficult for the trooper to be friendly and listen to what the guy has to say? The trooper starts off by being confrontational, and he stays that way the entire time all the while not knowing the law.
  9. Driver calmly tries to explain the law to him, and the police officer continues to be a jerk. (with video) The video is pretty funny. The driver remains calm during the 5:30ish video. Meanwhile the trooper gets agitated and flustered. A brief synopsis is outlined below, but please view the video for the full context.
  10. I would think that free soloists don’t ever give up free soloing. Nothing in life would compare. Death would have to be a better option than quitting for these guys.