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  1. And nobody should be shocked by this.
  2. Dude in the front row giving the “white power” hand symbol too.
  3. If you haven't listed to Rachel Maddow's new podcast "Bag Man"... you should give it a listen. It is strikingly similar to what we are seeing today. And most people (myself included) are not familiar with it at all.
  4. Tom Skerritt

    Stormy Daniels scandal thread

    Has it been mentioned in here yet that Stormy Daniels is the porn star on the VHS tape that Andy (Steve Carrell) attempts to masturbate to in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”?
  5. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    It’s already happening.
  6. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    And by the way, STV would have prevented Trump, and it would have prevented George W. And it's possible it would have prevented Clinton in '92.
  7. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    I see your argument, but it is highly unlikely. If you're getting 3% of first place votes, you're not getting many second place votes either.
  8. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    Yes! And it may take a little longer to determine a final winner, but it also does eliminate the need for runoff elections.
  9. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    Yep, I think you’re correct. You can set a preference for as many or as few as you want. As soon as the leading candidate has 50%+1 vote, that candidate is declared the winner.
  10. Tom Skerritt

    Single-Transferable-Vote - STV

    Listened to a recent RadioLab podcast yesterday that explained a new voting system called Single-Transferable-Voting (STV). It is generally applicable when there are multiple candidates with multiple ideologies. Essentially it is a way to assign a voting preference to one, some, or all of the candidates on the ballot. There are "Rounds" of tallying votes to determine the order of the candidates. After each "Round", the candidate(s) with the lowest tallies are eliminated from consideration. And then the votes that were cast for those eliminated candidate(s) are re-distributed based on the next voting preference. These votes are added to the respective candidates in the following "Rounds". I think the main effort of this was so that your vote continues to matter even if your preferred candidate is eliminated from contention. Your vote counts regardless. And what has been shown is that a candidate might not be everyone's first choice, but if they are mostly high on the list for a majority of constituents, they can become the particular elected official. I found it pretty fascinating. It is an attempt to fix a somewhat broken democratic voting system. I think we have seen that the two-party system here in the US is a mess. The Electoral College is a joke. A few states already have begun using STV in local and federal elections, i.e. California, Wisconsin(?), and Maine. Another interesting side effect of this system is that it eliminates negative campaigning. In fact, it has shown to create cooperative campaigning. Candidates are working together and playing "nice". It was very refreshing to hear. Was wondering if anyone is familiar with this?
  11. Tom Skerritt

    The migrant caravan

    These migrants are actually attempting to enter this country legally, right? I mean... they have to get here first, right? And it is my understanding that they can only request asylum in person at a border entry point, right?
  12. Tom Skerritt

    Christians and Faith and Politics - Thoughts?

    These are white people who believe this crap, right?
  13. Tom Skerritt

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    My wife told me that she heard a statistic that voters under 30yo are up ~600%, while voters 60yo+ are up ~95%. Cannot really extrapolate anything from this yet, but certainly seems promising.
  14. Blame to be had on both sides. Need I remind everyone that Obama saluted while holding a cup of coffee, and he used grey poupon on a hamburger.
  15. Tom Skerritt

    USA Shootings

    Kroger killer did the same. Killed two people in their 60’s. One of them was with his 12yo grandson buying a poster board for a school project.