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  1. Seany.D

    2018 Rookies

    k. I don't agree, go look at his ability in coverage for his size and I think you'll see a player that should at least be No.2 LB prospect. IMO
  2. Seany.D

    2018 Rookies

    Tremaine Edmonds should be no lower than No.2. Some deeper names, probably not for now but to keep an eye on is LB's Trey Williams and Fred Warner. Warner especially if he can ever prove he can handle the trash inside at the next level. he did well at the Senior Bowl and by his numbers in college, has an ability for big plays.
  3. Seany.D

    BJ Goodson

    It was a matter of 1. actually winning the starting job 2. would get earn the trust of the coaches to be a sub-package player Goodson did and with flying colors. He will be on those rankings soon. And as an owner that drafted him last year, I'm very happy about not only his talent, but his commitment to be a solid pro. He's going to be around for awhile.
  4. Thomas Davis needs no introduction but after's BJ Goodson all the way for me. I have him in my dynasty leagues and have since last year draft. He's dedicated to his craft, has investment and I do believe he's now not only earned but will be given a 3-down role as the teams defensive quarterback calling plays. He's got the fire and focus to be a very nice player in this league. Underrated. Go google some articles about him and read up for yourself.
  5. I'm in a couple IDP 16 team leagues. We start drafts on Thursday (May 4th) and Friday (May 5th) so I will post those links here. Thanks for starting this. May 4th - May 5th - The may 4th league is a startup, but has the scoring rules of the footballguys league that Sig, Waldman, Bramel, Norton are in. The May 5th league is in it's 6th's season and has competitive point scoring for IDP's, but not the same as the league listed above. Both are PPR leagues. hope that helps. both are 6 rounds, and will likely take from 5 to 7 days to finish.
  6. Sorry to hear that cost you a big game. Yes, stat corrections come out every Thursday and often IDP stats are affected on this day. It sucks, I lost games in the past because of these changes, but stats aren't official until Thursday.
  7. He plays for the Patriots, that's what happened.
  8. I haven't looked too deep into on any tipoffs on game plan for the Skins, but Cravens would be interesting and preferred after his 60 snaps last Sunday, in terms of talent and better big play ability. I could see them use him to shadow Dak, kinda like they did at times against Rodgers last week. Plus, you know the Cowboys will sustain drives and pound the rock that is really good for linebackers and those that play close to the line. We saw John Norton touting both Ravens linebackers last week against Dallas as strong matchups, and I don't see any reason that Cravens wouldn't stand as a great matchup. As for Whitehead he's had a solid "fantasy season" because of opportunity. There has been talk that Levy might play, but I don't really trust the Vikings to sustain drives or stick with the run with regularity. I'm sure you know but that's not a script you love for linebackers most of the time. At least I don't. I'd role with Cravens if you play for a higher production this week. If you just need steady points to win, just go with Whitehead. Cravens has big play potential but if they go away from him in the game plan, he could to very little for you.
  9. You can do what you want but NO WAY I'd do that deal, and if I were the other guy, I'm hoping you make the move. Clark has taken another step in his career that is for sure snap count seems fine but....Rivers has a terrific schedule for throwing, you'll hear many experts talking it up on podcasts this week even. And Mack is a stud that is starting to hunt. The back end in Oakland is playing much better and I believe that will continue. That helps set up the running game that we saw last week and better balance in terms of play calling for the pass. All that adds up to the Raiders winning more football games, playing with leads and giving one of the best edge players in the game more time and opportunity to put up impact / fantasy championship numbers and that's what he's been doing of late from the DL position. Heck, Luck may be younger than Rivers. But if that guy keeps taking the punishment he's taken, he may go down with another injury anyway.
  10. First off, you can do whatever you want in the end, but....... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can assure you it's not a healthy practice in dynasty to trade away young talent like Funchess, especially when that talent is responding to the coaching and dedication they are putting into the game. This is what is happening with Funchess. What you really want to be doing is setting yourself up to be the guy or girl that builds up IDP talent so you can flip it for guys like this, not the other way around. As for Funchess, he might be your WR6, but his stock is going to rise, it's just a matter of opportunity, and then at some point if you move him, see if maybe he alone or paired with another player can land you a dominant RB, TE or even receiver. Tackle heavy names to keep an eye on if they are around Nate Irving - Colts Zach Orr - Baltimore Jonathan Casillas - Giants DeVondre Campbell - Falcons Todd Davis - Broncos those are some, of course I'm not sure who you might be able to land, but if worse comes to worse find some of these names on other teams rosters and make a cheaper move to keep a very valuable asset like Funchess.
  11. is but shouldn't for those in dynasty leagues as his role seemed clear after the team resigned him. I like him, although some even in Detroit media (for what that's worth) were pounding the table for the team to draft an inside linebacker. I think he's underrated but not by upper management on the team and the coaches. They clearly like him and what they saw from him two years ago inside when he filled in for Tulloch. I like that he has experience rushing from outside and has played in coverage. I had to battle with another savvy IDP owner in a league to get him in FA in March, but I feel if he can put up a respectable amount of tackles weekly, his big play potential makes him an interesting sleeper this season. We shall see.
  12. Seany.D

    Tampa DL

    Picked up Gholston at low cost in my dynasty league. Good run stuffer, good overall tackler from what I have read and racked up the tackles last season. Turns 25 later this year, and should be a free agent next offseason, so even if he doesn't get a full 3 down snap count this year, it could very well be there for him on a new team. If he can have a role of close to 800 snaps and pick his sacks up to 7 or 8 a year he would be a terrific DL2 to depend on weekly. Right now, I would probably bring him in as depth and just see how it goes...can't remember but I think they either kicked him inside to tackle on 3 down or have talked about possibly doing that this year to keep him on the field. Have to see how it goes, but get him as a backup on your team if you're in 12 or deeper league started 3 or more. That's a good start. McCoy is who he is at this point, but supporting help around should make things a little better and I believe he's now 2 years removed from a major injury so that's good. Ayers was brought in to be a starter and make an impact on the rush so he could be an immediate DL3 on draft day that could out perform. All and all I like the Bucs lineman, if you are getting them at a respectable value and not overpaying. McCoy in DT start leagues is a starter of course and has more value there but that should go without saying. Hope that helps.
  13. you'll want to check out Jene's rankings and write up if you haven't seen that yet. He should be listed as a safety by MFL in the end, he's going to wear Sean Taylor's number he used as a rookie to honor him. I really like him in the fit he's going to have, considering him as a 2nd round pick in my 16 team league. Jene seems to be high on him based on his ranking as well.
  14. he's had multiple issues....let him go.