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  1. Seany.D

    2018 Rookies

    k. I don't agree, go look at his ability in coverage for his size and I think you'll see a player that should at least be No.2 LB prospect. IMO
  2. Seany.D

    2018 Rookies

    Tremaine Edmonds should be no lower than No.2. Some deeper names, probably not for now but to keep an eye on is LB's Trey Williams and Fred Warner. Warner especially if he can ever prove he can handle the trash inside at the next level. he did well at the Senior Bowl and by his numbers in college, has an ability for big plays.
  3. Seany.D

    BJ Goodson

    It was a matter of 1. actually winning the starting job 2. would get earn the trust of the coaches to be a sub-package player Goodson did and with flying colors. He will be on those rankings soon. And as an owner that drafted him last year, I'm very happy about not only his talent, but his commitment to be a solid pro. He's going to be around for awhile.
  4. Thomas Davis needs no introduction but after's BJ Goodson all the way for me. I have him in my dynasty leagues and have since last year draft. He's dedicated to his craft, has investment and I do believe he's now not only earned but will be given a 3-down role as the teams defensive quarterback calling plays. He's got the fire and focus to be a very nice player in this league. Underrated. Go google some articles about him and read up for yourself.
  5. I'm in a couple IDP 16 team leagues. We start drafts on Thursday (May 4th) and Friday (May 5th) so I will post those links here. Thanks for starting this. May 4th - May 5th - The may 4th league is a startup, but has the scoring rules of the footballguys league that Sig, Waldman, Bramel, Norton are in. The May 5th league is in it's 6th's season and has competitive point scoring for IDP's, but not the same as the league listed above. Both are PPR leagues. hope that helps. both are 6 rounds, and will likely take from 5 to 7 days to finish.
  6. you'll want to check out Jene's rankings and write up if you haven't seen that yet. He should be listed as a safety by MFL in the end, he's going to wear Sean Taylor's number he used as a rookie to honor him. I really like him in the fit he's going to have, considering him as a 2nd round pick in my 16 team league. Jene seems to be high on him based on his ranking as well.
  7. looks like on MFL they are sticking with him being a LB. Not sure on other sites like ESPN and so forth. Jene Bramel talks about this on the last IDP podcast show, so check that out.
  8. well said GroveDiesel, hard to believe a back surgery is minor.