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  1. If this is a 1QB league what are you expecting to get for a QB of his age with a four game suspension on tap? Especially with only 10 starting QBs every week, 2.10 is a slightly shallow offer but worst you've been offered?
  2. One round, 2016 Eligibles only Superflex with Tiered PPR .5/1/1.5 RB/WR/TE Super flexible lineups, start 1 of each position, 1 superflex and 4 RWT flexes. My picks with a star. 1. Laquon Treadwell 2. Tyler Boyd 3*. Ezekiel Elliott* 4. Corey Davis 5*. Cardale Jones* 6. Derrick Henry 7. DeRunnya Wilson 8. Mike Williams 9. Christian Hackenberg 10. D'Haquille Williams 11*. Corey Clement* 12. Connor Cook
  3. Drafter wasn't prepared, he tried to take Treadwell who was drafted the year before and had been involved in 2 big trades in the 2 weeks leading up to the draft. He also won the league last year but his roster screams nosedive, he's got a bunch of 30+ guys and little youth.
  4. Got a devy draft for you to pick over, the league is Superflex, Tiered PPR (.5/1/1.5) QB/2RB/3WR/TE 1 SFLEX, FLEX R/W/T, it's a salary cap league but devy deals are cheap and all run 3 years so doesn't make much of an effect here, $1000 cap, 1.01 starts at $40 down to $10 at 1.12. QBs are hard to find and very expensive! The rule on devys is that they must have played their first year in college, so you could take Fournette but not a guy like Guice. Previously rostered: Treadwell, Boyd, Henry, Hackenberg, Clement, Tyner, North, OJ Howard, Linwood, Alex Collins (in the inaugral season last year the devy was 2 rounds, this year and onwards it's 1 round) 1 - Big Deuce - via Plumbers - Ezekiel Elliot RB 2 - SSS8 - via Evil Field Mice - Nick Chubb RB 3 - SSS8 - via SWNY - Cardale Jones QB 4 - EFM - via Brady Bunch - Connor Cook QB 5 - Big Deuce - Corey Davis WR 6 - SSS8 - via SWNY - DeRunnya Wilson WR 7 - SWNY - SSS8 - Brad Kaaya QB 8 - SWNY - via Kaep - Juju Smith WR 9 - Replacements - Leonard Fournette RB 10 - SSS8 - via - Stacked - Bucky Hodges TE 11 - Aces and Eights - Kyle Allen QB 12 - Big Sticks - Aaron Green RB My squad is SSS8 and I made some deals to come into the draft with four devy picks. I went QB at 3 because I knew they would go throughout the draft so I wanted my choice of QB and felt players I wanted would drop to me. This draft was done before DeRunnya got caught on the pot charge! My predraft board went: Chubb Elliott Davis DeRunnya Cardale Hodges Fournette But my gap between Davis and DeRunnya wasn't much and I knew pick 4 was going to be a QB so I figured I'd get one of the wideouts at 6 which worked out!
  5. Received a gem tonight: I send: Alshon Jeffery He sends: Tyler Eifert and Pick 2.05 (1.08 in actuality but it's a Superflex Devy and Mariota, Winston, Cooper, Gurley, Gordon, Strong, Funchess, Hundley and DGB are all gone) The only benefit of the doubt I can give is 1.5 PPR for TE
  6. I give: ODB He gives: 1.02 Reasoning: The guy you get at 1.02 should be ODB in a year or two. It's not that the value is THAT horrific (though it is bad), it's just that it makes no sense at all to do the deal.
  7. I turned down a mid 3rd in a devy league that would be equivalent to an early fourth, I paid a lot more for him and I'd rather take a punt on the rather long shot renaissance than a pick that is historically almost useless! Thankfully the only league I own him in, sometimes the trades other owners turn down are the best deals
  8. I don't know how much of a chance he has but according to Aussie friends of mine the guy will do everything he can to make it and he has plenty of athleticism and strength, it will be whether or not he picks up the game, a fun twist for the offseason if nothing else. Shame they can't make the Niners do Hard Knocks, they would be fascinating this year. Tomsula is awful with the media, Baalke is getting hounded for running Harbaugh out of town, Lawrence Okoye, Jarryd Hayne, the development (or not) of Kaep, would be great!
  9. If I had him I'd move him for a mid 2nd anywhere, but I didn't like him coming out and he's shown exactly what I expected so far; good enough to be the budget end of a RBBC at best! I could be eating crow later but I don't see it with Freeman.
  10. I think the actual completed trade I just posted in the completed trades thread is worse than most of the ones in here