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  1. @cheese, you still interested in joining up? How about you, @BassNBrew? We'd be happy to have you. @Eephus, are you really out? Also, @Bluto Blutarsky, @tommyGunZ, @Moe., how about you guys?
  2. Wing lovers, tell me why chicken skin, or any other skin, is good for you? Gross stuff
  3. @rockaction: Mystic Pizza wasn't good before or after the movie Also, concerning Conn. locations, Mystic Disc, located not more than a two-minute walk from the pizza joint, was/is one of the best music stores in the history of the world
  4. I know, wrong thread, but, @Sinn Fein, you had brought up another league where people would draft teams from domestic leagues and get points for various accomplishments this season. Let me know if you want to organize such an endeavor. I'll be happy to shake some bushes to get people interested. Hell, since @gianmarco doesn't want to stay in this league, maybe he'll jump in this. Just sayin'
  5. Come on man, you know what you gotta do. Send Christo the money and start getting ready to fight for Liverpool reserves
  6. @Christo, this year's entry fee sent @Sinn Fein, no scheduling conflicts for me this summer
  7. You how something just feels right? Have a look, Hat tip to @BobbyLayne
  8. Just want to take a moment to Thank @BassNBrew for running these preseason drafts I appreciate all your work
  9. My sincere apologies for taking so long to acknowledge you all. Congratulations: League Champion @JMon348 Runner Up @gianmarco Outstanding seasons: @Sinn Fein and @TLEF316 Thanks also to: @Eephus and @Christo for the work you do for our league Hope to see you in August