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  1. Watching Monterrey v. Queretaro and the announcement that Fox Sports is providing CONCACAF Champions League matches this season.
  2. Do any of you have Currency holdings/positions? Been some time since I kept track of these types of options.
  3. With regard to the bolded, that's my question. In the past, these fell under the "Qualified Dividends" category and were favorable to own under the federal tax structure.
  4. Do any of you have Municipal Bond holdings?
  5. Any of you have thoughts on Virgin Galactic, SPCE Back in October it was trading at $12 and today it closed at $14.84 I've seen some good news about the company in the last two weeks and wondered if this is one to pick up.
  6. Before I get caught up in the crappy week to come, thanks @Sinn Fein, for keeping the League Website up to date.
  7. Happy to be an alternate if you need somebody
  8. Tender your resignation immediately. You ruined Christmas for everyone
  9. Been out all day, anyone seen word on who made the trip to the desert for Liverpool?
  10. A little clarification. I thought, "How is it possible that you're the leading scorer and not in 1st place?". Sorry for the misunderstanding, your team is way better than mine. Just look at the point totals between us. Hope that makes more sense.
  11. What happened? I don't keep up with the overall stuff. Was it a stat change like what the NFL has?
  12. Another thought, do any of you guys have buyer's remorse about any of the draft picks you made and still have on your roster? For me, it's Moise Kean of Everton. I watched most, if not all, of his Juventus matches last season and was thrilled when he was loaned to the Toffies (pretty sure it's a loan with the option to buy, could be wrong). Dude has not performed at 1% of the level displayed last season. I'm going to hold onto him though. Hoping the light finally turns on in January/February and he comes good. Probably fool's gold, we'll see.