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  1. Sorry, forgot to add, I would make it clear that I do not want onions, on anything ever
  2. Pepperoni Green Peppers Mushrooms
  3. Damn, you should be on radio
  4. Thought this was going to about something else Voted yes, you only live once, Go.For.It.
  5. Voted to make the trade. Bell is looking for loot, whenever he's a full timer, he's gonna blow up
  6. 12 Team League / Point per Reception Starting Zeke Elliott for sure ------- Looking for the second RB. Not opposed to hearing about a third RB also. My other RBs: Doug Martin / Marlon Mack & Nyheim Hines / Jeremy Hill / T.J. Logan / S. Perine / Ingram (Suspended) Why not? Foles is the QB, Blount is gone, Ajayi has limited work coming into Week 1, WR group thin at best, Ertz is the only player that will probably exceed his floor. When I note that Blount is gone, not seeking 1-yard plunges, mostly note this to say he might get a goal-line play or two out of the backfield. GO
  7. Have you made it to 16? Happy to fill the final spot if you need a dude
  8. Awesome
  9. Guess he doesn't know how to play the, "Don't you know who I am?" game Spurs fans around the world are covering every inch of the internet right now to see if the people who arrested him are Arsenal supporters
  10. First time I've ever rushed to the waiver wire to get a backup GK
  11. Come over and say, "Hey," to me sometime my friend
  12. No, my little guy is inside of that big bastard (Weighed in a 4.5 pounds today)
  13. Had a stray cat show up in my yard over the weekend. You ever heard of a, "junkyard dog?" Well, this guy is a junkyard cat full of love. Got back from the vet a short time ago and while he looks dreadful, the vet gave him a clean bill of health. As soon as I can get some weight on the little guy, gonna get him vaccinated and have him snipped with plans to make him the newest member of our family.
  14. There is no such place. Charlottesville is in VIRGINIA Just want to set the record straight.