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  1. They will turn into typical OTC stocks After that, I will follow LK until I either profit, or, lose by a slim margin. Like @chet said, losses can be strategic.
  2. My, "Magic Football Winnings," account: ALSK / APPS / DAC / DSKE / EDN / LK / NRT / WTI @Captain Fantastic, I believe, recommended DSKE, bought 100 at $1.27 each. Now at $2.54, will hold for a little while longer. Positive news has been coming from them the last few weeks. 52W High is $5.17 Can't remember if @BassNBrew or Oz threw it out, but, WTI is performing well. ALSK pays a good dividend. EDN is a three month thing. APPS is a three month thing. NRT has an ex-divided coming soon. Same with DAC. LK is a loser right now.
  3. Somebody needs to tell the Robinhood people about LK
  4. Eff it, it's not real money so what do I care, 100 shares of LK @ $2.75 Now, ETA: Also, now, watch it like a hawk
  5. That's a "Star Trek" pic, right? That's a "Star Trek" pic
  6. Gotta say, so glad Bundesliga played this weekend. Recorded four matches and am working on magic football leagues while taking in soccer action (watching Koln/Mainz now). All I need is the Ahhhh to get started These are the Monday's I remember
  7. I answer to, "Bro," more easily than my given name. My nephew and niece even call me "Uncle Bro" Could easily tell you the story, but, who cares. Well, my sister cares. She hates that her children call me that
  8. NASCAR is back this weekend. They'll probably broadcast every lap ran on big Fox
  9. So how long before the European super league gets started? Much as I don't want that, if these big clubs were ever going to be able to justify it, now is the time.
  10. Yes, thanks. My apologies for holding up the draft yesterday. Actually missed the timer by just a few minutes last night
  11. Got myself some @ 3.39 in the magic football winnings account
  12. Went in on another, "not liked by the public," stock today. Consol Energy (CEIX), opened in the $7.40's, waited and caught it at $6.90/share. This is down off a 52-week high of $33.90. I know a lot of people hate coal, but much the same as HAL, not going away in the near future. This is another long in that particular portfolio.
  13. Regarding the bolded, exactly how I feel I won't take all QB's, just not possible. However, deciding positional value with regard to roster spots is something I always wanted to do for a league, in a best player available setting. No PK's, TE's, D, IDP heck yeah, sign me up. After all, this is Fantasy (insert Aldo Nova youtube link)