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  1. Yes, also wear eye protection and hearing protection. And, because I'm a dork, heavy pants along with long or compression sleeves no matter how hot it is. Add boots to the mix also. Funny thing is, I haven't trimmed/cut my grass since August 22nd. We haven't had any measurable rain in over two weeks here.
  2. Made one of my Top-Ten Favorite tunes, ever Bummer
  3. Are you a commissioner? There are lots of people that can't handle being in a magic football league. Not understanding your reply
  4. No need to apologize. Gronk has been available the whole offseason. It's a 35-man roster and he's been floating around the top of my, "Why Not," list. Hell, I'm more than happy to make a speculative pick up considering Andrew Luck was my QB1 on the same team. Gronk coming back this season is a way better bet than Luck coming back at all.
  5. Not coming at you @flapgreen, just my thoughts on your question. I commish three leagues and some people are never happy. Ironically, the same dorks that make the most noise are generally the last people to come correct on fees Then, when you ask said crybabies if they want to handle the money, you get that mealy-mouthed garbage about how they can't step up for one reason or another. Frustrating
  6. After what we've witnessed over the last 36 to 48 hours, all bets are off
  7. Whether you're serious or not, Gronk was a free agent in my 12-team PPR league (Dynasty) and I just put him in my last roster spot. 🤞
  8. Watched the whole season this week. Didn’t know what to expect and enjoyed it. Will keep watching.
  9. Now that Burfict has actually been around Antonio Brown, I wonder if he has thought to himself, "Man I really effed that dude up."
  10. Happy to join if you'll have me Thanks
  11. @Christo's old team name will always be my favorite BareChested Matadors Rising, will always be my second favorite