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  1. Also, I play magic sports to get away from the flogging of every day life. So......thanks to all of you for making this deal go down. Much appreciation to @sinngatorblutoandeveryoneelseincludingthechubbman for all your work
  2. So I'm the "Settings Guy" for all three of the magic football leagues I commish or co-commish. My home league is in its 19th year while the other two have been around for at least six. Regarding the bolded, this is what I deal with each offseason. Several years ago, I decided that controlling volatility was a fruitless endeavor. There will always be fringe scores. You just hope to have them or not be on the wrong side of the blowup. Here's the worst part of the situation for the commish for our league: Magic football: QB / RB /RB / WR / WR / TE/ Flex / PK / TD (most basic lazy setup) Magic soccer: F / M / D/ GK (basic setup with a lot of flexibility inside each position except GK) Volatility is not able to managed as easily in this format because there are basically half of the position groups available to spread around point opportunities. I have no problem with negative points for the standard reasons (red/yellow/goal allowed/other). Aside from one of the three magic football leagues I run, there are no minuses. Just my
  3. Donald Fagen: Jimi Hendrix:
  4. Regarding the bolded, that's hilarious
  5. @Eephus, @GOB There's a race going on right now Here in the states on Motor Sport TV
  6. Dude, watched every episode sober , how did I miss that? ETA: I'm going to go back and watch the last season of the Clone Wars, so maybe I missed it in there.
  7. Just finished re-watching Clone Wars and am going back through Rebels. My favorite character from Clone Wars was Asajj Ventress. Also got to like Cad Bane and Hondo Ohnaka while watching. I would like to see Ventress, Bane and Hondo make an appearance as bounty hunters looking for Mando and the kid. I know the second season is in the can and none of this is likely, but a guy can hope, right?
  8. I like the new scoring system Much like @shader said, it's interesting. Way less emphasis on having a player get a start versus getting in with 20 to go and making some impact plays. Also. @Kumerica, before the games started I wondered why you didn't have a GK starting against me and was ready to reach out. It took me 5 or 10 minutes to go through the reports to figure out that both the Man City and Man United guys you have are part of postponed fixtures. Once again, Fantrax made this hard, not the schizo rule makers of the league.
  9. Understand The problem you're talking about isn't something that can be solved by those nerds, @ feinblutogatortheblutarskysinnwhateverthehell Hate to come off as a get off my lawn guy, but the old way was better. Unfortunately, Fantrax felt different (I don't use the App, but my desktop experience has declined with the latest updates.) As for the defensive scoring, we've chose this path. I'm fine with it. Actually happy to have a new challenge to sort out.
  10. Kumerica's GK scored 4 more points than Alisson. Anybody wanna guess who he started? Forget it, I'll just tell you. Nobody, read that again, Nobody. His dudes were doing the same thing as us today
  11. Unless I missed this: 17.------- Antoine Griezmann (Player) Barcelona 2020, why not
  12. Apologies for the delay. I hadn't slept for almost two days when I finally faded last night. I held out as long as I could.
  13. Darn, would like to help, but I have more than enough tough projects to handle
  14. You can still get out. Blink if you need help Otherwise, it's on you pal