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  1. I am not sure if he is forcing his way out or not, but I heard the other day that his doctors haven't cleared him even though the team doctors have. Really weird situation, Kawhi doesn't seem like the type to pout or try to force his way out, but if he feels like the Spurs are putting him in a position to hurt his career I get it, or maybe he is being a cry baby and wants out and doesn't want to risk the massive contract he is about to get.
  2. More like Johnny Whunitas, am I right?
  3. 0 - 4 on the 1st night. I hope every one bet against. If you feel like sending me a cut of your winnings my PayPal is
  4. I don't think he is a bad coach, but I think he is limited. We are all also excited for this epic series between them and a healthy Warriors squad and I have a feeling it will be a let down like last years finals.
  5. Houston looks so good right now, but I can't get over the fact they are coached by D'Antoni. Just like when he was in Phoenix and we always thought they would break through against the Spurs.
  6. I guess that is where we differ. I am not high on Diggs at all.
  7. Big overpay? I offered 1.05, 1.08 and 2.01 for Cooper in a league and got an instant decline with no counter.
  8. Just based on sheer volume of qbs I would bet at least 1 would be elite.
  9. 14 team league, standard ppr scoring start 1qb 2 rbs 3wrs 1 te 2 flex Team A give Antonio Brown, Jack Doyle, and Lamar Miller Team B gives 1.8, 1.10, 2.08, 2.13, George Kittle and Cooper Kupp
  10. The more I think about, hear about, or read about this game, the more I realize Izzo lost this game. Sure the players didn't play well, but he put them in a horrible position that entire game. It stinks to realize how much the game has evolved and he hasn't.
  11. LeBron gained 7lbs during game?
  12. Got it figured out, thanks. The problem is when I downloaded the downloader app I clicked do not share with this app.