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  1. 10 team league make qbs less valuable and Shady for any random 1st is fair and more than I would pay. I would take the Dak side in a vacuum, but this is pretty close.
  2. Lol, you are guessing and making some wild assumptions.
  3. Maybe his legal team said not to?
  4. What tight end do they take this year with their 1st round pick?
  5. Decker was healthy all year last year. How did that look? I have said this all along, Without Tate he will be good. With him, he will have a good game every now and again, the rest of the time he is unstartable. Are you really trying to tell everyone in here that this quad injury turned him into a 4th or 5th receiver and the Lions kept putting him out There? That is nuts.
  6. You can't be this naive. Tate had a mental funk to start the year and broke out. Jones was who is always is last year and into this year. His targets trended up because the Lions were getting blown out the last 2 weeks, no other reason. Then your mile long list of excuses. First a quad injury, then if was Stafford's hand, which didn't happen until week 14, and that was why Tate started playing better, except he started playing better in week 6, then it was he is facing top corners. In PPR he isn't even in the top 32 in PPG.
  7. The Pistons. New arena, Drummond has talked about growing up and being more dedicated to basketball, Boban with more minutes, and SVG gives the most honest interviews ever. When I am not on my phone I will link his he just build a bleepin wall comment when he was miked up for a game.
  8. I did address his funk. He was benched because of it. He was fine physically, I don't know what was going on in his head and most people don't. So last year Marvin was bad because after 4 weeks because of a quad injury, this year it has been number 1 corners taking him out, and now they don't have enough time? How many excuses are you going to make for the guy? Sorry, but there are plenty of other guys without these perfect conditions that still play well and put up fantasy numbers.