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  1. Everyone can agree to disagree if he should have signed the contract, but quit using the argument that he is getting paid so much more than all the running backs in the league because it is an anomaly. First the franchise tag is supposed to pay you A LOT, especially if you are tagged more than once. Second almost all the other best backs in the league are still on rookie deals. Last he is probably the best all round running back in the league, if not he is top 3.
  2. See if you can package the 2 pick and something else to a team that is light on talent. Is there a team that just has Leveon, DJ, A. Brown or something like that? 1.02 and Derrick Henry might do the trick and if not it will get the ball rolling.
  3. Thanks everyone, he actually pulled the offer before I could respond, but this is the 3rd or 4th time we have had talks. I am sure it won't be the last.
  4. Can we bet these line? Wizards = over Hawks = under, I would still take the under if they played 100 games. Rockets = over Lakers = under Mavericks = under Clippers = over
  5. I agree about rather having LeBron and the Lakers then LeBron and the Cavs, but that doesn't mean they will give the Warriors problems. In reality the Lakers could win a game from the Warriors in the playoffs and they gave the Warriors more trouble than the Cavs.
  6. LeBron can play defense, but will he? Rondo hasn't played defense in like 6+ years, not even once. This team will not give a healthy Golden State fits. It might be a minor speed bump. You know that bump you slow down for just out of curtiosy, but really you could speed up and jump it if you wanted.
  7. another big name that fits better will come a long and want a trade. I know you are upset with this off season, but be patient.
  8. No way do you want KAT and Embiid together. This isn't the 80's, no matter how much D. Jax wants it to be.
  9. No thanks. They should keep Bayless until the trade deadline. He will be a great salary match/expiring deal.
  10. Can we put the Lakers win total in perspective? It took a 16 game winning streak to end the year for a young and up coming 76ers team to break 50 wins in a weaker Eastern conference. Even if we put the Lakers on par with last year's 76ers, do you really expect the Lakers to have a prolonged win streak at any point in the year in loaded western conference?
  11. He already has to explain why the Kardashian's are famous, does he need to add the birds and the bees in the same night?
  12. Update the thread title. Kawhi heads to the North, learns that if stay in your igloo and cuddle with polar bears it really doesn't get that cold.
  13. That is a death lineup alright. The death of the Lakers playoff chances.
  14. Giddy Laker fans with money are less than 4 hours from Vegas. What are the odds? I see 6 - 1. They would have to be around 15 to 1 for me to take a chance and it should be 12 - 1. Hell i would give 10 - 1, but we have all seen that dance play out before. Let's just say Vegas knows people will get on the Lakers and LeBron even at a bad price. Let's say they hit the over just barely on wins. That is going to put them from 4th to probably 6th in the West yet they have the 3rd beat odds.
  15. Can't do that. Neither Westbrook or Schroeder are good enough shooters or defenders to have out there at the same time.