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  1. msudaisy26

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    Umm, okay. I was replying to the fact that you said McCarthy likes to use a committee, but he doesn't. He only uses it when he has to. So there is something else going on here.
  2. msudaisy26

    FBGLeeg Redux Basketball League

  3. msudaisy26

    FBGLeeg Redux Basketball League

    If I get stuck taking Zach Randolph or Jason Richardson on my team just so I can have a Spartan I am going to loss my ####.
  4. msudaisy26

    FBGLeeg Redux Basketball League

    I don't want to TALK ABOUT IT!!!
  5. msudaisy26

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    Just going off memory, last year the Packers backs all produced at rb1 levels while healthy. Montgomery had a hot start, Jones had a couple of good games before he got hurt and WIlliams was killing it until he got hurt towards the end of the year. Montgomery also had a good run at the end of 2017
  6. msudaisy26

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    This is good info, but misleading. 2008 was a split 2009 Grant was the lead guy and produced like it 2010 - Grant got hurt in the first game and Jackson stunk 2011 - Grant was coming back from injury and Starks had his unbelievable run during the playoffs thus forcing a split and neither guy was good 2012 - Green was their 4th string running back, this wasn't a committee. Starks, Grant and Dujaun Harris all got hurt that year 2013 - Lacy ruled 2014 - Lacy again 2015 - Lacy got fat and was banged up all year. 2016 - TY was a receiver and took over at running back because everyone else got hurt 2017 - Montgomery started the year got hurt, Jones took over and got hurt, then Williams finished the year. Green Bay has tried to go with a workhorse for the most part, but has been very unlucky with injuries. So in 10 seasons they have had 3 rb1's and 2 rb 2's and a lot of injuries.
  7. msudaisy26

    Official Christian McCaffrey Thread

    Since week 3 of last year he has had 2 games under 11 points in PPR scoring. One was last week and the other was a game where he got a concussion in the first quarter and you are worried? He has been the definition of high floor/high ceiling, win your week, and almost never lose your week type of player.
  8. msudaisy26

    Official Christian McCaffrey Thread

    Say what now?
  9. msudaisy26

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Now I feel dumb, but where is that?
  10. msudaisy26

    Dynasty: Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

    At least if he is overweight he has an excuse. Otherwise he is just sucking to this point.
  11. What do you consider deep rosters? There is no way in hell a guy like Jones ,MVS, Gabriel, Beathard, McKinnon should be on the wire. You dropped qb's in a start 2 qb dynasty league? Something is off about this league or you left something out. I am in a 14 team dynasty league with 28 roster spots and superflex. Guys like Orleans Darkwa are on rosters incase they sign with a team that needs a rb.
  12. I couldn't think of the name of that song. That is the song at the end of the show
  13. msudaisy26

    2018 FBG Subscriber Contest

    Where can you see a list of all the players and prices?
  14. OMG they read the FFA and have declared a full blown war. God speed Mr. Bender.
  15. msudaisy26

    Travis Kelce

    Gronk is like 5 months older than him.