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  1. You need to let go of this narrative. You can love your country and still criticize the way they do things or the way they handle the situation. It is actually part of our freedoms. Plus no one wants to read you bringing it up in every post every single day, in my opinion.
  2. Really agree with this. It is ashame that he won't have a full off-season to show it. I think the first 6ish games he will share with Johnson, but after that he will be so much better or Johnson will get hurt and it will be off to the races. I also love the fact that Detroit's receivers are vertical threats. It should open up some dump offs and running lanes. He has sleeper appeal to be the best rb of this class.
  3. As someone in education I wanted to send our child to private school, but we decided that the extra attention I can and will pay to my childs education would make up the difference that a private school would provide. We also thought the money would be better spent if we saved it for college and could afford to send her anywhere if it works out. We also do school of choice and send our daughter to a better public school. We live right on the border of that school district so it isn't a far drive. The school district we actually live tests lower than the state wide average every year and usually grades out as a slightly below average school.
  4. The toys and vacations and retirement come out of those savings. So we are probably spending 60ish percent of our month income and then other is going to savings, toys, retirement etc. The other thing I just thought of was make sure to pay yourself first. We always did that even during the early years. You and your family's happiness is a bill, the most important bill. My husband always told me that early after we moved in together. He dropped out of college and has always had jobs he hated. He always told me he couldn't make it through the day if he knew all his money was going to other people. So even if it meant being late on a payment we always had money to put away for the eventual lake house, or a vacation. He always would call the credit card companies and get them to waive late fees. I remember he even got our bank to give us overdraft protection up to 2000 dollars right after we got married despite having no assets as collateral.
  5. First way is to look to up an income class calculator. Every year for the last 5ish years when we do our taxes we look one up and we have almost always been middle class, one year we had a really good year and were upper middle class. When I got married my husband and merged bank accounts and at the time we set it up that all income went to the checking account. We then sat down and broke down our monthly expenses and that is how much we would make sure would be left in the account. From there we went through the left over money and start prioritizing what we wanted to do with it and where it would go. We then set it up through our bank to have our account have sub accounts that would deduct money from the checking on the 1st and 15th of every month. So as an example we had these sub accounts. Vacations, Roth IRAs, boat, house, car, kid, one account for each of us and every 2 weeks money automatically comes out of the checking and goes into those accounts. As far as percentage we are saving every month (money that comes out of the checking) I would guess between 30 and 40 percent. We had lots of debt/income loss to dig out of early in our life. We moved in together in 2004 and those first 6 years were tight. We lived probably worse than check to check because a lot of time my husband checks were spent as soon as they hit the account and my tip money from bartending was our food money. I am not trying to brag, but here is a perspective of where we are at right now in life. 1 kid that does 3 to 4 activities/sports a year. Have a lake house with a boat we bought new in 2015. We max out retirement accounts almost every year. Since we bought the new house in 2015 we have put in all new windows, finished the basement, put on a new deck, got a new furnace, getting all new doors in September, plan on building a garage, redo the driveway, and siding the house in the next 12 months. We take 4 vacations a year. 2 week long ones and 2 shorter ones. (Maybe not this year because of covid) A second boat maybe in the works if our daughter likes to tube/ski/wakeboard. That is all I can think of at the moment. If you need/want better details feel free to ask or pm.
  6. You speaking for women. You should give yourself the laughing emoji.
  7. Maybe I am just lucky, but I don't see how it is that difficult if you make a decent living. You just have to know how to manage money. My family is very middle class, but we easily afford these things. I am not going to post all the details here, but if you want to know details feel free to pm me.
  8. While this is good news for Trump it is a little misleading. This is taken from their website. I don't know a lot about how they get their data but the bolded seems suspicious. For elections from 1912 to 2016, the PRIMARY MODEL picks the winner, albeit retroactively, every time except in 1960 and 2000.
  9. Lol you make it personal everytime and everytime someone says something you don't like your go to is "get outta here with that" or "you aren't open to other peoples opinions" But hey keep thinking you are the good guy with all the answers. That is why you are back here under a new name after being banned. Good luck to you.
  10. No only Democrats because they are evil amd he doesn't like them.