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  1. On the flip side though he could be more like Spiller, C.J. Anderson or even James Starks after his nice run on the way to the super bowl in 09. There are comps both ways I am just wondering if someone is going to give you high rb2 price for him is it better to move on and find the next guy? I am still unsure.
  2. Texans are pretty good against the run, so if I had any decent options I wouldn't bother trying to decide between Ivory or Yeldon.
  3. Not that it is a bad trade, but you are glad you moved from the Broncos offense to the Bears offense.
  4. Is Collins a sell high in the off-season? I l know Forsett was a lot older than Collins, but this has that one season wonder feel to it.
  5. Rodgers has been practicing for like 3 weeks now, and he is about 1000 times better than Foles.
  6. Why do people assume Rodgers will be rusty? Was Foles rusty when he came in this past week?
  7. This, if Wilson doesn't win the MVP this year they should stop giving out the award.
  8. It took me a while, but I finally realized who he reminds me of, he runs a lot like Marion Barber III for the Cowboys a few years ago, hard to tackle, runs bigger than he really is.
  9. I am a believer, I think the Ravens would be morons to take a running back back in the first 3 or 4 rounds unless someone dropped to them.
  10. Here is my longshot QB - Wilson - 41, Winston - 29 RB - Crowell - 6, CMac - 111, Abdullah - 16, Cook - 79, Hunt - 225, West - 48 WR - Parker - 100, Garcon - 43, Ginn - 88, Anderson - 110, Hogan - 194, Wright - 72, Agholor - 44, Goodwin - 48 TE - Graham - 63, Henry - 24, Ertz - 153 K - Prater - 41, Walsh - 100, Zuerlein - 108 Def - Eagles - 34, Rams - 21, Bucs - 36 I really need Crowell, Abdullah, Agholor, Goodwin, and Henry to show up big.
  11. Can someone tell me how to find those stats on ownership? I would love to see who I need to carry me.
  12. If it was a name wouldn't it be Hey, Penis, ?
  13. Because hot tub time machine, back to the 80's yall!!!
  14. Yeah I think there are aliens, I also think they have been to Earth or close to Earth before, but I believe that we are so far down the evolutionary chain compared to them that they used to come here to try to help us better ourselves with their technology and such and then seen how we used it that they just don't bother with us anymore and wait for the day that we kill ourselves off.