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  1. Smith reportedly had a strong camp and has been productive in the preseason. It is surprising to me that he isn’t climbing the depth chart faster in NO. Not like there is much at the position, aside from Thomas. —I suppose patience is required...
  2. Was reportedly a lackluster performance by Hines yesterday. Just one game, so hopefully he plays better going forward.
  3. TQS had 4 catches for 48 yards, but how did he look to those that watched the game? I didn't see it. -Thanks!
  4. Best is an interesting comp, and similar size (a little taller, maybe?). I loved watching Best at Cal and with the Lions. As a Hines owner, maybe I am drawn to this type of skill set?
  5. Hines went about a round earlier than Wilkins in my dynasty league. After both were off the board, a couple owners mentioned they see the two Indy rookie RBs as having similar value. As the Hines owner, I don’t agree, but I respect what both bring to the table. When I listened to the post-draft interview of Reich and Ballard, I got the impression that they hope to use Hines in a bunch of different ways, but see roles for multiple backs, including Wilkins. I definitely think it’s a full-blown committee, if things work out as leadership hopes.
  6. I had the same dilemma at 1.10 a couple weeks back. Also went Perine, but there is a lot to like with Hunt, too, imo.
  7. I agree with your point here. RBs have a small window to produce, in general, and those drafted in the mid-late rounds are not as frequently given the benefit of the doubt by their teams, so they have to click pretty quickly in the league. I know in dynasty, talent trumps situation, but I think situation for a mid-late round RB is pretty important, due to the short window and ease of replacement or lack of NFL investment in said RB.
  8. I drafted Jamaal Williams in the mid-late second round of a dynasty league that loves its RBs. Toward the end of the draft, I hedged and picked up Mays as a little insurance (attempted to grab Jones in rd 3 as well, but was too late). Anyhow, when I studied Mays, he sort of reminded me of Shonn Green (I'm a Iowa Hawkeyes fan). Mays wasn't as productive in college and wasn't drafted as high, but I see some similarities in their build and style. I don't know enough about Mays to say much about him other than I like him as a late round dart (or insurance for Williams and/or Jones owners).
  9. Have to admit, I thought DJ would see maybe 5-7 touches this week. I'm surprised CJ was leaned on so much more than DJ. The matchup with CHI is a favorable one, so I'm hoping DJ can markedly outperform CJ next week.
  10. I didn't love the pilot, but my expectations were probably too high... and I likely need to be more patient in letting them develop the characters.
  11. So, after last week's game and now with Cobb not making the trip to KC, it really does seem like the lead RB gig is Sankey's to start the season, unless maybe he has a horrendous performance vs. the Chiefs.
  12. Very excited to see what David Johnson does on Sunday at Oakland. Sort of wish the Cards had a Fri or Sat game...
  13. I see it pretty similar. Preseason game 1 was a bad outing for Sankey. Game 2 was much better, not awesome, but solid. 14 carries for 60 yards, cumulatively so far is decent, though there is far more to a RB's performance than the stat line, obviously. 7.5 YPC is solid now? Largely echoing the previous poster, whom I quoted, and Rotoworld used the term as well, I believe. The reason I didn't get too strong with my chosen word was it was only six carries, and a couple/few of them may have been meh (reading through posts earlier in this thread). End stats certainly look nice, though, and Sankey definitely showed some burst and determination on the 18-yard run that I saw.
  14. It's an interesting story and one I look forward to seeing unfold this season. Wish Hayne the best. Hope he makes the team and has an impact of some sort. With his spectular play on ST and doing well running the ball I think he's a lock for the roster. ETA: My prediction: Hunter is gone. Yeah, definitely seems like he has earned a spot... and could be at least a contributor on ST.