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  1. Note to sharks: Week 1 is brutal but hope if you don't own Wallace that you can find a hurt owner come week 2 because the schedule gets a lot easier for Miami. Look for Wallace and Tannehill to be easy buy low types. Tannehill could be on the WW in some redraft leagues.
  2. I'm also really tired of it. He was suspended 16 games, we'll pick this up in January.
  3. Cracker Barrel Outstanding breakfast menu, lots of options and delicious biscuits. Country-fried chicken with gravy, corn, mashed potato. Someone said its torture, hardly.
  4. Seriously? I've never had a waffle fry at CFA that wasn't piping hot. Don't you eat in one of the pews inside? And even if I did, a simple "Hey this isn't quite right" and suddenly 6 alter boys, 4 nuns and 2 clergyman come running out to assist.
  5. The new Excitement Whopper topped with...
  6. You should come by my office and we can discuss this.
  7. So Gordon supporters played the game as heads they win and tails we lose, sounds about right.
  8. You're a riot with these little jabs. Are you kidding? Is the NFL worth more than Disney? I'm not sure but the NFL will make life miserable for ESPN and that's why the majority of the time ESPN has their nose stuck up the NFL's sunshine box.
  9. When I am going to break the code and have fast food, not much is better.
  10. I gotta do a search of this, keep seeing that word. What's an MOP? Must not be a good thing.
  11. I started thinking about all that college football and the NFL and so I called the internet warlord known as ATT U-Verse and for just an extra $100 a month I can get the sports package and cable with no contract or extension. That's gonna cost about $500 for the NFL season. Now I also was reading that you can get NFL Ticket thru Apple for like $250 or less, anyone know much about it? Thanks
  12. FYI...just because I dislike the new jerseys does not mean I don't like the guys wearing them or at least some of them.
  13. As awful as the Incognito/Martin saga was, make no mistake that Miami has one of the worst HC in the NFL. Nobody survives what he did last year and not even take a smidge of the blame, incredible how the owner runs things down there. It wouldn't shock me if the Bucs are smart enough to jump on him, sign him, they got lots of vets or leaders on that team that will crush Incognito if he were to get out of line and I doubt he would. Truth is he was doing great in Miami until that situation happened. Scratch that, he was a jerk to a female at a golf event but we really didn't hear much about that until the other story caught fire. Great news for the skill position players who I was already liking. Bucs are going to surprise a few people. McCoy/Lovie, Sapp/Dungy, let's start there but the similarities including a journeyman QB are pretty startling. Should shock no one that Lovie Smith is running the Tony Dungy playbook for putting a team together, he's done it before. If anyone can take Rex Grossman into a Super Bowl as a starter, Josh McCown should be an easy return for Lovie
  14. :raiseshandmeekly: Now who has the money to buy them? The over 40 crew or the hipster doofus crowd?