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  1. Felt like this one had some talent but WR has been a vast wasteland in NY under Rex.

    It is actually because of Mark Sanchez sucking and Geno Smith having a mostly bad rookie season.

    The one year Sanchez was not totally inept (2010), the Jets WRs had good numbers.

    Good point but no WR has broken 1,000 yards under Rex and we are going into season 5 or 6 here. In a passing dominated league you would think in that time at least 1 guy would hit the number.

  2. Not lifting weights but went from 270 in late June to just under 240 last I checked. Walking about 45-60 minutes(2.5-3.5 miles) almost every day. Bad thing is I broke a toe at a pool party last weekend, have not been able to walk as much this week.

    I cut alcohol, that was tough at first but made the weight drop a lot easier. I eat whenever I'm hungry and I increased fruits and vegetables a lot. Cut sugar out unless its fruit, I eat a lot of fruit and smoothies, sugar cravings dropped almost completely.

    Hummus and carrots has become the midnight toker snack. Co-workers are the worst, constantly shoving crap at you all day no matter how many times you say no thank you, I'm good, you enjoy it, they never stop celebrating birthdays except mine.

  3. CFA fries are the worst thing on their menu IMO. Usually limp and cold.

    Breakfast is where it's at there.

    Seriously? I've never had a waffle fry at CFA that wasn't piping hot. Don't you eat in one of the pews inside? And even if I did, a simple "Hey this isn't quite right" and suddenly 6 alter boys, 4 nuns and 2 clergyman come running out to assist.

  4. Somebody about 100 pages back called this exactly as it went down. Basically, he goes easy on Rice and goes hard on Gordon, knowing there will be a backlash and planning all along to come out with this hardened stance on domestic violence afterwards to cover his butt and come out of it all smelling like a rat....I mean...rose. What a sleazy, slimy little bastard.

    You should come by my office and we can discuss this.

  5. Just because Gordon does not have much chance of winning does not automatically mean there is no incentive to go to court. As already mentioned, if he gets a TRO and can get 6 games in before having to serve his yearlong suspension, then he could accrue a year of service time.

    Another option is he gets a TRO and then starts making his case not through the courts but through the media. If Gordon started mouthing off about the testing policies, the rules, the light suspensions for batterers and abusers, etc. on a regular basis as his case was heard, the NFL would have an incentive to negotiate a reduced sentence.

    If Gordon were to continue to shoot his mouth off and tarnish the NFL's brand, even if the league would ultimately win their court case 100%, they still might be inclined to reduce the suspension just to shut Gordon up. Once the games count for something, I wonder how long the league would want Gordon as the top story on Sports Center over Manning's 6 TD game or Charles 200 yards rushing.

    I don't know if a judge could issue a gag order to a player not allowing him to provide an opinion in a public forum or not. That one is out of my league in terms of legal knowledge. If a reporter asked him a question and he answered and it made out to the universe, is that on Gordon or the reporter at that point?

    I am not suggesting that Gordon will try any of these things, only that it seems like he can still maneuver his way around some if he wanted to try to.

    :lmao: You're a riot with these little jabs. Are you kidding? Is the NFL worth more than Disney? I'm not sure but the NFL will make life miserable for ESPN and that's why the majority of the time ESPN has their nose stuck up the NFL's sunshine box.

  6. I started thinking about all that college football and the NFL and so I called the internet warlord known as ATT U-Verse and for just an extra $100 a month I can get the sports package and cable with no contract or extension. That's gonna cost about $500 for the NFL season.

    Now I also was reading that you can get NFL Ticket thru Apple for like $250 or less, anyone know much about it?


  7. As awful as the Incognito/Martin saga was, make no mistake that Miami has one of the worst HC in the NFL. Nobody survives what he did last year and not even take a smidge of the blame, incredible how the owner runs things down there.

    It wouldn't shock me if the Bucs are smart enough to jump on him, sign him, they got lots of vets or leaders on that team that will crush Incognito if he were to get out of line and I doubt he would. Truth is he was doing great in Miami until that situation happened. Scratch that, he was a jerk to a female at a golf event but we really didn't hear much about that until the other story caught fire.

    Great news for the skill position players who I was already liking. Bucs are going to surprise a few people. McCoy/Lovie, Sapp/Dungy, let's start there but the similarities including a journeyman QB are pretty startling. Should shock no one that Lovie Smith is running the Tony Dungy playbook for putting a team together, he's done it before. If anyone can take Rex Grossman into a Super Bowl as a starter, Josh McCown should be an easy return for Lovie :)

  8. We'll see. I usually don't care what guys did in college, cause the pros is a whole different ball game. There are tons of guys who lit it up in college with big plays and whatnot who got to the pros and suddenly found that their speed wasn't so special after all.

    He's not special he's efficient. He's efficient at finding holes and gaining positive yards. He's efficient at picking up the blitz and simply setting Tannehill up so he can deliver the ball, that means more snaps IMO. He's efficient in pass catching even if he doesn't do a lot with it and just plunges ahead.

    Jack of all trades, master of none.

  9. Uniforms are terrible, no defense needed. I was watching the game at a party last night and even the chicks were making a stink about them. They are butt ugly, period. Look like something from the old Euro League and since the owners also own Manchester United, maybe they got the idea abroad.

    Were the chicks at the party butt ugly too?

    Really the only factor that's important. I would say many were not up to FBG code, perhaps a couple 7s lurking about, 1 yoga instructor, mostly friends dressed casual.

    Is this actually the Bucs thread and not the uniform thread?

    I think they are set for a great season. #2 in the division behind the Saints, possible wildcard if things go right. I'm worried about the OL with some big losses but then again they weren't playing that well so maybe some fresh faces will be good.