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  1. I do not understand the Shane Vereen hype. I can accept that he has played some great games from a FF POV...but I truly think some FF owners out there are not thinking clearly. That could be because they have already drafted or own Vereen in dynasty. Of course everyone that has posted nice things about him will cry they don't own him in any leagues but we(SP) know better. Vereen's top 10 rush att per game over his 1st 3 seasons: 14, 11, 10, 10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 5...I don't see a guy that will command 14-16 carries a game, he is at best 8-10 guy IMO so the bulk is gonna be via receptions. Now before I roll those numbers out, think about this for a second, you really believe that BB and Brady are dreaming at night of throwing 5 and 6 yd dumps to Vereen on their way to the Super Bowl? Vereen racked up 47 receptions in about 8 games last year so everyone has him penciled in for a cool 100 this year. I remember when SJax went over 90 one season in receptions and everyone was positive he would catch at least 75 balls the following year and I think we all know how that story ended. RBs that can make a living in the NFL as mostly receiving threats are far and few between, very few can continue to produce year in and year out. One of the best ever IMO was a FB from Ohio State named Keith Byars. If you are doing projections and you have Vereen at about 80, I think you're making a big mistake. 1st of all, why pump that big of a number in there? How about 50 receptions and perhaps 800/900 total yards, 5-6 TD? Why the need to try and blow this guy up when you have Ridley with 450+ rushing attempts the last 2 seasons and a very versatile rookie in James White who seems like he is going to get some piece of the pie there and seems the most poised to be a 2 or 3 down back on entire drives. I'm not suggesting anyone can be a 300 touch guy in this offense, BB just doesn't do it that way lately, oh the days of Corey Dillon. So I'm not trying to pick a fight with Vereen supporters but I find it a little extreme how many balls people are counting on him to grab. Gronk, Edelman, Amendola(while healthy), the rest of the WRs who will have to be better. And I just want it to be said, do not put it above the Pats to go out and sign a WR or trade for a guy late in camp as the season is ready to roll that could shake this up big time. A lot of WRs have been linked to possible trade discussions. I realize it's the off season and everyone is trading everyone but it would seem like NE would be ripe if the right situation presents itself. I'm not anti-Vereen but I sure am not eager to run to the podium. Not sure where I see his ADP but to this point it feels a little high for me.
  2. Miles Austin Absolutely, as long as the hammies are good then for 8 weeks you got a guy who will see a ton of targets. He has been A-1 in camp, leader in the locker room and has brought a veteran presence they sorely need. If he can stay healthy(so worn out) he should be a terrific find in the double digit rounds to have for bye weeks and unexpected injuries.
  3. Anywhere in here is acceptable but do understand you have rough waters ahead getting in range of making the playoffs. 1.09 WR Dez Bryant 2.04 RB L.Bell 3.09 WR Andre Johnson 4.04 RB Bishop Sankey 5.09 RB Ray Rice 6.04 WR Josh Gordon 7.09 TE Greg Olsen 8.04 WR Golden Tate/Reggie Wayne, pick a flavor 9.09 QB Tony Romo 10.04 QB Jay Cutler Now this would work and I can see where a trio of Dez/Gordon/AJ for the playoff stretch could be pretty lethal. You got 3 starters at RB, a decent TE, solid 1-2 punch at QB assuming you were the 12th team to draft a QB.
  4. -Good agent -Naive owner -HC who could care less about public opinions $19M a season, QBs are going to get $25-$30M a season very soon. If you think Dalton's agent could pull one over on Mike Brown you got another thing coming. The Bengals could get out for as little a 2 years /$25m total. Really a $16m/year average and a lot of that is at the end. He has escalators based on playoff round/winning Super Bowl. -QG Bill Cosby: "If you think I was put on this Earth to be your slave, you've got another thing coming" Seems like it is backloaded which makes it a prove it to us deal while still keeping him under contract and happy as long as he produces. We'll see how this plays out but I like how you and a few others found some details on the money and actually what he will make over the next 3 years.
  5. Until I read a story where it says that only $10M or so of this is guaranteed then I think it's perfectly fine to be critical. Pete Prisco is an NFL brown nosed as are about 50-75% of the media who cover the NFL and are paid for their analysis. Sure it's a great contract if the Bengals win the SB, what a fantastic column Pete. Thanks Faust for the link
  6. This is a real interesting story to follow...for as good as White has looked in camp the word is Vereen looks fantastic...I just don't see Vereen not being a very big part of this offense if he can finally stay far as real football goes the Pats have a chance to have a real nice backfield this year...there's a lot of quality young talent there... Absolutely but Vereen is not a threat in the run game, at least so far in his career. A few hand offs but his main returns are on reception totals out of the backfield. Ridley and White are going after a different piece of the pie IMO.
  7. -Good agent -Naive owner -HC who could care less about public opinions $19M a season, QBs are going to get $25-$30M a season very soon.
  8. Manuel threw for about 200 yds and a TD+ per game, a 77.7 rating, 20 years ago he would hailed a Savior but in today's NFL that won't even get you into the top 2/3 of the league. There's a lot of questions here including Marrone who I don't know is especially qualified to develop a young raw QB.
  9. Speaking of dense. Let's get the definitions right. Where I live there is a place called burger-fi, not sure they are everywhere but basically it is a chain that has burgers and fries that add up to about $10-$15 depending on what you order but they have a beer selection that puts them in a different dimension than 5G. The beers are like $3 or $4 for a 12-16 oz pour and a good chunk of it is craft beer. If you are gonna charge what 5G is and want to enter the gourmet zone than I think you better act the part. 5G is limited in what you can order similar to In N Out, 5G prides themselves in burning the burgers to kingdom come and back with very little flavor, even the way they serve those greasy fries in a brown bag and offer no plates or silverware to grab them with, they might as well say 2 savages walking thru the door because that's how they treat you, like a bunch o savages in that place. I just do not understand the appeal of 5G. If I could perhaps get the burger cooked to order then maybe that would give them a leg up but no. No shakes, burger quality is no better than In n Out, I defy anyone to say 5G literally is tastier bite for bite because I just do not agree. Even if 5G charged what In n Out does I still would go to In n Out, to each their own.
  10. If you are putting more than four things on your burger, does it matter how good it is? Seems at that point, you wouldn't even be tasting the meat. Kind of like buying a high quality steak and having it cooked well done then smothering it in A1. Med Rare, Onion, dijon mustard, pickles and tomato but i don't need them as long as I have the other two.
  11. Not the most unbiased of news outlets for the Dolphins but it seems like the rookie is doing very well.
  12. I'm not buying at his current price but as a fan I hope I'm wrong. Ditto. I owned him in almost every league last year and I absolutely reaped the benefits. I'm a fan. I just don't like the asking price. Now if he goes out there and does it again this year and we see a trend towards dominance and perennial off season top 5-10 status, sure I'll pony up the 2nd for him. I think he'll be solid this year, just don't think he can eclipse anything like he did last year.
  13. Smash and 5 guys are gourmet to you? Go to Houston's and get the burger made from fresh steak ground up and then report back if Smash and 5 Guys are gourmet burgers or "the next level". I'll take In n Out over 5G any day all day. Plus In n Out is half the price. If I am gonna spend $10-$15 for a burger, fries, and drink, it sure won't be 5G.
  14. I think Allen is going on the 2/3 turn in redrafts, I believe in 2015 he will not cost a 2nd round pick again. It's a little high IMO.
  15. Those that are very Pro-James White, what are you running up for attempts and yardage for Ridley? Are you just tossing him aside? Any chance the incumbent can start the season as the lead RB?
  16. So at worst he's the starting running back on likely one of the best offenses in the NFL next year?I meant at least. Thanks English professor!!!111 What's the best case scenario for comparison?
  17. "Hard to miss rookie running back James White getting some reps on the goal line"​I want to make you the GM or HC for New England, you drafted this kid, what would you have him do in practice? Please understand that I am not being a smartie here or play a 1-up game, not even close. What I'm asking is what would you expect the Pats to do with the rookie? I expect him to get a lot of work in camp, they know what they have with Ridley and I expect Ridley to start the season in the lead role between the Tackles and goal line initially. But I also feel White will make his prince felt by the end of the season which makes a 6th round ADP on Ridley and a mid teen round ADP on White makes for an easy draft both of them. I'm optimistic about White but not unless Ridley really Fs it up be it fumbles or ineffectiveness at finding holes. Why are you directing this response to me? I didn't write the article! The reason I posted this was I think it goes against the notion that this guy is just a pass catching back. I studied sevar Rb during NFL draft he was one of my favorites. When I heard people calling him a recieving back or a Vereen clone I didn't see that at all I see Matt Forte I see a do it all Rb. I also posted this to notice he's running with the 2nd team and getting goalline carries. Heading into Fantasy draft season I think this is relevant info. The backup Rb for New England is a valuable position. We all kno Ridley is a fumble away from the bench Vereen gets hurt! White is a combo back he's a injury away from real oppurtunity. Steals like him sometimes can help you win your league! Because I am sitting in front of a computer screen instead of across the bar face to face I appreciate the response, wasn't directed at you individually.
  18. Without going too far back into the appropriateness of considering Gordon an addict or not... passing 70 tests in 7 months is not at all inconsistent with someone being an addict. I've known a few addicts before, and while I wouldn't pretend they constitute a representative sample of everyone struggling with addiction, I can note that all of them were capable of getting and remaining clean for 7-month spans. What made them addicts was not their inability to get clean, but the struggle to remain clean. For me, a 7-month track record does little to assuage any concerns I might have on that score, regardless of how many times he was tested during that 7-month span. He could have been tested 10 times a day every single day for those 7 months, over 2,000 tests in total- the number is not nearly as significant as the timeframe they represent. Fair enough, but the other thing you need to factor in is, the league Is changing its stance on weed in the near future, and it's going to give much more room, not less. Weed will be a non factor in future tests after they change to a number likely to be more in line with what the Olympic committee uses. The league may change its stance on weed in the near future. The only reports we've had that they're working towards that goal suggest they they're interested in trading lighter weed penalties in exchange for HGH testing, which is a complete and total non-starter with the NFLPA. If that's true, then I certainly wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the league's substance abuse policy to change. I'm on record saying that I think the "Josh Gordon will never play again" talk is going too far. If I could bet on whether Josh Gordon will play again or not, I would bet without hesitation that he would. At the same time, while it's important not to overplay the risks and challenges, it's important not to underplay them, either. Even if the league changed the required levels to 50 ng/ml, I still wouldn't be comfortable owning Gordon. Clearly he's still hanging out with people who are smoking weed around him. Even after facing a year-long suspension for that, clearly Josh Gordon is still hanging out with people carrying so much weed that a police officer was able to smell it. The guy has failed four tests for weed (plus one for codeine), gotten kicked off of two teams, gotten suspended, and has proven twice in the past 6 months that he's still hanging around with guys who are carrying and smoking weed. Unless and until marijuana gets removed from the banned substances list (or, at the least, the league stops testing for it altogether), I will not be comfortable or blasé about Josh Gordon's ability to continue passing drug tests, no matter what the baseline might be set at. Greetings Mr Harstad, a few points if you don't mind. -If the test were 50, you probably feel like many other folks that Gordon would simply push it to the 49/52 mark and we would have the same circus all over again. I think that is reasonable based on his track history. -The cop smelling the weed...most decent weed even in amounts of a few grams(1/4oz=7g) is gonna be smelled thru clothes by almost anyone not just a police officer. You never been walking in the mall and smelled it even though no one is really smoking it?
  19. Nuttier than a fruitcake but glad he is back. Top5? Probably not but I bet he eats the lion's share there. They rely on him and I personally love to watch Lynch put on a clinic running the football. Not a Seattle fan but Lynch is one of the very best in the NFL. I put him ahead of McCoy, Charles, those guys are FF Superstars but Lynch is IMO on of the most vital RBs in the game. Yes, he has great folks behind him that surely would do well given the pop but that is what makes him more impressive, both of them pretty much sat and watched him last year.
  20. "Hard to miss rookie running back James White getting some reps on the goal line"… ​I want to make you the GM or HC for New England, you drafted this kid, what would you have him do in practice? Please understand that I am not being a smartie here or play a 1-up game, not even close. What I'm asking is what would you expect the Pats to do with the rookie? I expect him to get a lot of work in camp, they know what they have with Ridley and I expect Ridley to start the season in the lead role between the Tackles and goal line initially. But I also feel White will make his presence felt by the end of the season which makes a 6th round ADP on Ridley and a mid teen round ADP on White makes for an easy draft both of them. I'm optimistic about White but not unless Ridley really Fs it up be it fumbles or ineffectiveness at finding holes.
  21. Here's a question for Soul and the board: Josh Gordon ends up getting a 3-4 game suspension from Goodell just because he can. Where does Gordon's ADP fall if he is suspended for 4 games? Last year he was suspended 2 games and he was drafted about the 7th round in many leagues. This year it could be a lot higher but he also was not coming off a league leading 1,646 yards. I'm gonna say Round 3 or 4 with a 4 game suspension but maybe someone would snag him in the 2nd.
  22. Good question SF, deserves clarity here. I am assuming Gordon would receive a 4 game suspension from Goodell even if he can beat the pot charge. Driving a car while passengers are actively smoking weed with you operating the vehicle, all facts not conjecture, I don't see any reason Goodell would hesitate plus the DUI arrest for someone that came into the league under a microscope to begin with. If he is cleared with no suspensions then I would re-evaluate him on my list and depending on where he slid in the draft if at all, then I would look at him. I don't fear him getting into trouble mid season, most players operate fine once the season starts, it's the off season and dynasty that would frighten me more. I am operating as many others are Soul, under the idea that he will likely face a suspension either 1 year or at least 4 games IMHO. He is pushing his luck whether he knows it or not and Goodell will sit down and make it very clear what is happening here. I feel like many fans this year who understand the complexities of Goodell and what he has done since taking over, it feels like many want to believe Roger has softened up and I don't share those feelings. This guy suspended Sean Payton for an entire season, he needs very little to go after whoever he wants. I understand the Payton deal had a lot of far reaching ramifications he wanted to nip in the butt. Still this guy has a track record of handing out stiff penalties and suspensions despite the Ray Rice verdict earlier this week which I disagreed with and deserved at least a double on the amount of games.
  23. Josh Gordon in 2013, 2 game suspension, Round 7 ADP with little track record in the NFL aside from some flashes: $$$ Josh Gordon in 2014, possible suspension, ADP(1st or 2nd should he play), Ridiculous expectations to repeat: -I won't even get into my feelings on Hoyer and the Browns and I love watching Josh Gordon play but I don't see the value that I pounced on last year. All I care about as an owner is winning and doing so in the playoffs when it counts. Finding the value and overlooked players is a big step in that direction so i likely would have to pass on Gordon in 2014 despite my love for him as a player and watching his games/highlights on Sunday.
  24. Redraft Was Joseph Addai special? I don't think you need to be all world in this offense at RB to be efficient and capable of posting steady RB2 numbers. If he can catch the ball then Quizz will have almost zero role on offense. If Freeman can run and catch so defenses don't key in on what he is going to do, that means a lot more opps IMHO. Great info whoever posted the links. Owners are not excited about Freeman yet and maybe so but if in Week 1 of the preseason he looks solid, expect his asking price to climb a lot higher.
  25. Even if he does beat the pot charge, Goodell can hand him a 4 game suspension for the DUI after he was suspended 2 games last year. I love Josh Gordon and quite frankly last season as a 7th rounder he carried me to league titles but I also am realistic about the guy i have in my avatar and it's not because I truly love the guy, hope you know it's mostly because I think he's a joke. That said, I am mindful that Goodell can do whatever he wants with few limits. Suspend a coach for a year even though it's never been done, CHECK! Suspend players for lowering the boom and penalize them to the point you change the entire complex of the game and also make yellow laundry take on a whole new fear in the waning moments of every competitive NFL game from weeks 1 all the way through the playoffs, CHECK! There are no limits to his power as far I am concerned. So he could easily just lower the boom for 4 games and say something like his off field conduct be it 2nd smoke, .02 over the legal drinking limit, whatever the case it is, Josh Gordon's internal clock seems to be set at 11:45 where most folks have theirs set at Noon, amiright?