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  1. Hernandez told police he rented a vehicle for Odin and that he had no idea where Odin was(We know that to be a huge lie at this point). He also never asked police who died when they said they were investigating a death. In conjunction with that statement police have video of Hernandez that night and eye witness testimony that he was driving the vehicle with Odin in it. Add in the fact they found the clothes that match up with the videos...even if we don't get much deeper into the case, this alone pretty much implicates Hernandez and is one of the reasons I don't see any way he can walk. Juries do not need suspects to admit they did it or have video showing the whole crime in order to convict. We have lots of people in prison, some of whom probably should not have ben found guilty. There is so much evidence against Hernandez that it's shocking. I have never seen so much evidence point to someone being guilty prior to trial. It's mind boggling other than fishing in here how someone could defend Hernandez at this point.
  2. The .22 was recovered from Florida linked to the guy he shot in the eye in Feb.
  3. Defense attorneys look scared, immediately attacking the media circus, using the fact he is a "homeowner" as a reason to let him out on bail.
  4. Girlfriend was questioned, Hernandez told her to stop talking to the police but police say she was cooperative
  5. Agreed, he looked pretty shocked how much the police know, the other 2 suspects must have told them everything they want to know.
  6. Victim's family is seen crying and leaving the court room, they just realized that Hernandez really did this, they are in complete shock.
  7. Yes, it seems like he set up Lloyd and knew he was going to murder him over some smack talk at a club. Hard to hear the audio.
  8. Thanks, has the charges scrolling across the bottom, seems like 1st degree murder charges.
  9. We got to this point a lot quicker than I originally thought
  10. Oh and props to the Pats for doing the right thing no matter what the outcome of AH and his pending trial. They owned up to Hernandez immediately and washed their hands of him. Tebow signs and then Hernandez permanently gets kicked off the team. Let's keep track of any other Pats players. I better watch out or else I might get Tebowed.
  11. Just incredible. Hernandez headlines what has been a pretty turbulent off season for many players. No team is going to pick him up and I doubt Roger will even have to make a formal announcement although he could permanently suspend Hernandez but usually the law overrides and the Commish doesn't really have to say much. A lot of good little notes and posts in this thread, seems like the SP was a step ahead of where a lot of other media outlets were reporting, nice job SP.
  12. We are all doing so much speculation so who knows but I guess I'm the kind of guy that can see a scenario where a young man with a lot of fame and money might think of it as simply as "Man, if they come in here and see my huge stash of drugs, I'm going to lose my paycheck and get suspended and be forced into the drug program. And because I am a known sports star, they would probably make a big deal out of this." Smashing the phone makes perfect sense to me because if the cops stumbled across stuff like that, they absolutely want to look at your phone records because if you do a drug deal via phone, you're in deep stuff. Remember, Jamal Lewis served time, not because of the drugs but because he commited a felony of using a communication device to traffic drugs across state lines. I don't pretend to know any angle beyond guessing, just like the rest of you guys but I'm just saying keep a very open mind because there are MANY MANY other possible reasons other than "HE DID IT!" Excellent, don't agree with it all but excellent.
  13. So the 4 of them leave the bar together, these guys don't know when/where Lloyd left their party?(I'm guessing they have not told police when they lost track of Lloyd) Are we to believe that? And then the body is discovered 1300 feet from the house(like how I did that), all evidence from that night has been destroyed. Just trying to keep a short list of the high points here.
  14. Very hard to discuss much of this without stepping on Hernandez owner's toes. I posted it before but maybe it needs to be done a few times to sink in. There really is nothing that owners could do to prevent much of this so rather than taking out hostility or embarrassment you have of owning him, forget about that stuff and just realize this is part of the game. I understand in high stakes dynasty leagues this could potentially cost you some money but that has no bearing on this thread. Thankfully no one has been burned in redraft on this guy. I hope at some point we find the truth of what happened however I don't think that is ever going to truly happen here. And props to the cops for not rushing into anything, taking their time, methodically going over evidence and being very cautious with the media and not showing their hand too fast. Hernandez is not going anywhere and if he does then he will only look more guilty than he already does. At the least without knowing everything, it doesn't look good. You can paint it all kinds of ways but I thought Anarchy had a great summary a few posts up.
  15. Great post Kutta, that said i don't think it will allow Hernandez to play in 2013 with this hanging over him.
  16. thanks for the information bro I said it way upthread but I'll say it again. Giving up anything you value for Hernandez is a mistake. If you even think you might use a player in a lineup, don't trade him. I'm seeing Fleener plus a pick, etc., given for Hernandez and I think that's madness. Those of you giving up decent value for him really don't get it, but in time you will: Hernandez is worth just about zero. The obstruction charge is just the tip of the iceberg. He is NOT getting off lightly on this. He is a criminal, going away for awhile, and he is most likely done in the NFL -- permanently. You aren't being a shark buying low, you are giving players away for nothing. Stop making stupid trades to obtain him!!!!! I think this sums it up best. It just seems to get worse by the minute and now police are finding secret safes in the house, it might take a few weeks/months for it all to be revealed but by the time that happens his stock will be a total zero. I have never seen a player go form that high to that low in such a quick manner other than injury of course. I do feel bad for Hernandez owners, I never new this kid was a knucklehead until pretty recently, maybe that was naivety on my part but I don't see how most owners could have seen this coming a mile away, no way and it's just unfortunate luck/bad luck for owners.
  17. Brady is certainly not 1st on my list of must have QBs but if he did drop a couple rounds that would make him a lot more appealing. Imagine Hernandez and Gronk both out week 1. The pats should seriously think about bringing Lloyd back into the cuts. They need something at WR or TE to stop the bleeding. That said I believe the RBs will be showcased and Brady will just throw short passes there plus Amendola and they still continue to move the sticks. Imagine because of all this Brady does have a down year, the next conversation by the media will be whether Brady should hang 'em up. It's coming, you watch.
  18. Manslaughter and 5-10 years is certainly possible. Put it this way, Hernandez is not likely to see a gridiron on Sunday anytime soon.