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  1. Over 100 of the World's most renowned researchers in the field of Aids were en route to a conference in Australia, many of them were speakers at the conference set to begin this Sunday. That's gonna leave a mark.
  2. And by extension we are to blame for many other tragedies caused by us arming a bunch of crazies in other parts of the world. I've forgiven myself and moved on, you should do the same. I'm joking but if we are gonna use this argument we might as well just disband and allow another country to come in and take over. Either you can forgive America(your mother country) and realize no country is perfect or perhaps you don't have the iron constitution it takes to be a true American
  3. The explanation the U.S. gave when supplying the Syrian rebels was that if we didn't someone else would, like Saudi Arabia. I'm sure Russia will say the same thing.If we are going to hold Russia responsible for the actions of those with their weapons, then do we do the same with those with U.S. weapons? Because there is a good chance the guys that killed ambassador Stevens was killed with weapons we supplied Libyan rebels to overthrow Gaddafi. And, it is highly likely some of these ISIS guys are using weapons we or Saudi Arabia gave to Syrian rebels, because we had no idea who they were, and some were Al Qaida. America has and will always have blood on its own hands from previous mistakes but does that mean that we just not even raise an eyebrow when this kind of stuff happens? I'm asking because we have a new generation of under 35-40 crowd that seems to feel pacifism is the wave of the future. OK, so its pinned to these rebels in the Ukraine...20-25 Americans if reports are correct were killed on this plane. Either Russia disbands these rebels or we do it. I can't believe they were controlling the crime scene when an ABC reporter who was first on the scene yesterday was not allowed past a certain point at the crash site. Who is in control there now?
  4. The rebels obtained the SAMs either by literally taking them from the Ukrainian military or by being given them by the Russian military. Are you saying that the weapon that took down the airplane was Ukrainian?
  5. Just scrolling over the video clips from the morning talk circuit and I cannot believe what I am hearing. I'll give you an example. On MSNBC this morning or Morning Joe, some guy who can barely form sentences is trying to come up with a plausible explanation about how the folks who committed this atrocity were mistaken in thinking the plane was another cargo plane...I'm saying to myself WHO GIVES A #### if it was a mistake or not, my question is what the hell are these fighters doing with such sophisticated weapons in the first place? And if they are being supplied by Russia, what then? I understand we can't start a war with Russia but how is this acceptable on any level? It's so aggravating to see a large chunk of the media here trying to come up with some explanation to justify the actions of these murderers and I cannot understand why. Obama and the administration is not going to launch a war against Russia but that doesn't mean the media should not be placing the blame squarely on Putin and putting as much pressure as they can on journalists around the world to report the truth here. Did I read that some journalists in Russia are resigning?
  6. Any chance you can stop doing this? TIA Just watch the TV sparky. If you are watching the TV for the selection and then you refresh this thread you will never have to worry.
  7. Cleveland not nearly as good at trading up as they are down and I don't particularly like the selection when this team could really use a shot in the arm at QB. You have a chance to grab a playmaker like Manziel to pair with a top 5 top WR like Josh Gordon, you gotta take that shot. They bring this on themselves.
  8. Cleveland looks like they traded up 1, think someone else reported that a few posts up as well.
  9. So I'm ruining Christmas, is that what we are saying here?
  10. no spoilers no spoilers bruh ??? I don't understand. The TV is behind online? Don't read the thread, don't know what to say, what else are you here for? Watch the TV and enjoy.
  11. Cleveland should just keep trading down and see what else they can fleece some teams for.
  12. Bucs with a chance to take Manziel and pass, little surprised. Like Evans though, should be the Bucs WR1 by 2015/2016.
  13. Glad the Falcons make a pick to improve the pass protection, only good things for White, Jones, and Ryan.
  14. Bills give a 1st in 2015 and a 4th this year to move from 9 to 4 and last year Miami gave up a 2nd only to move from 12 to 3 IIRC, seems like Buffalo gave up way too much here.
  15. The cold confines of Orchard Park in late November and December, better hope Watkins gets his points early in the season.
  16. I'm not a fan of the Bortles selection. Feel like Jax will languish a while longer despite many of the pick by pick announcers wanting to rate this an A+ selection tonight.
  17. Meet the Press on NBC, terrible ignorance on your part or bonafide fisherman. The WH sends this lady days and days after the attack and turns her loose on Sunday Morning talk circuit with Meet the Depressed and she is saying repeatedly that this attack was a result of the video made circling the internet. C'mon now, enough of that malarky. And since that is not debatable and is in fact an actual factual fact, then accept the fact that Hillary and the WH knew this was not sparked by a Youtube video. You're drifting dangerously close to the birther conspirators friendo, is that where you want to be?
  18. And yet he was a spokesman for Weight Watchers or whatever about a year ago. Simultaneously pimpin Applebee's, guy is a complete cartoon character.
  19. Yet a child rapist like Lawrence Taylor still exists in the HOF. That's odd to me. Or a person who committed a double homicide in OJ Simpson, allegedly.
  20. Your avatar Goodell seems like he's on a similar path There's a reason he is the face of this name.
  21. His ego over the years far outgrew his place in sports. Berman thinks he is a legend like Cosell, he simply is not.
  22. Hernandez told police he rented a vehicle for Odin and that he had no idea where Odin was(We know that to be a huge lie at this point). He also never asked police who died when they said they were investigating a death. In conjunction with that statement police have video of Hernandez that night and eye witness testimony that he was driving the vehicle with Odin in it. Add in the fact they found the clothes that match up with the videos...even if we don't get much deeper into the case, this alone pretty much implicates Hernandez and is one of the reasons I don't see any way he can walk. Juries do not need suspects to admit they did it or have video showing the whole crime in order to convict. We have lots of people in prison, some of whom probably should not have ben found guilty. There is so much evidence against Hernandez that it's shocking. I have never seen so much evidence point to someone being guilty prior to trial. It's mind boggling other than fishing in here how someone could defend Hernandez at this point.