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  1. I don't know the answer to this question, but did all of his injuries occur during home games or road turf games? He was great on grass in Los Angeles/USC and Miami. I believe he injured his ankle in San Fran.
  2. But, but artificial turf!I agree with Shutout above. How do you explain a guy that looked that bad as a RB for how many years in an offense that powerful and then all of the sudden, he plays well and all season? Did he learn how to run in Miami? I can only think of one major difference between the spots and that being playing surface. The other difference is that the talent around him in NO was much higher and thus the guy should've had more room there than in Miami, so that works against the argument as to how well he played there. Maybe he found some motivation after being a complete bust for the 2nd overall pick? Maybe he started taking the deer antler stuff? I don't know. But that turn around is almost unprecedented. I can't think of anything else that could've caused it. I expect Bush to miss at least four games this year. And I expect the guy to be out of the league after next season. Maybe he hangs on as strictly a 3rd down guy, but he has plenty of money from all those endorsements he did before people realized he wasn't any good before was pretty good... That's one way to look at it. I see a team in New Orleans that can't make use of Mark Ingram, can't maximize Pierre Thomas, never allows Sproles to carry the ball despite looking very adequate in doing so, traded their best looking RB in Ivory, and Bush got off this team and instantly was better in Miami. He also went thru 2 offensive systems in 2 years, this will be his 4th different one in 4 seasons, the guy adapts and barring injury he is going to crush it in Detroit. I'm saying you are hanging your BBQ chef's hat on the Saints and I don't think that team is the best at judging what a RB can do elsewhere.