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  1. Yes, because a Mayor elected in a rust belt city where many people work at AM General, or for the RV industry, and has a rich historical heritage of the Studebaker plants doesn't have any idea how to appeal to that crowd.
  2. Repeat after me: The stock market is not the economy.
  3. "No doubt some on the right behave as badly—though when they do they don’t become media heroes. But the irony is that the main beneficiary of all this is Donald Trump." Nobody made a hero of Kim Davis either for refusing to serve gay couples in a public position, did they?
  4. "No doubt some on the right behave as badly—though when they do they don’t become media heroes. But the irony is that the main beneficiary of all this is Donald Trump." I am sure Fox News didn't make this guy a huge hero or anything.
  5. Why stop there? I think we should just feed all poor people Soylent. Win-win. No more fat, sick, and poor people.
  6. You know what? You are correct. I have a lot of good friends that are good people and Republicans. The GOP isn't full of crazies, so it bewilders me why good Republicans continue to allow all the crazies to sit in the driver's seat of the party.
  7. Here you go CE... I heard a comment from a Republican strategist on the radio yesterday. To paraphrase, 'the coming civil war within the GOP will not be between Conservatives and Moderates, but between those that can do the math and those that cannot.'
  8. In a campaign you cannot give into the possibility that the polls are incorrect. People will stop working for you.It isn't in the interest of the pundits for it to be a blowout either, because then people will stop listening to them.People making bets, if they're smart, use the best information out there as a hedge against risk. That is why FBG's is so popular. I've made a mint in my league over the past 12 years because I have information superior to everybody else. They are interested in the facts to make money, and they apply the information without passion and emotion if they are going to make money at betting on elections. Silver has a superior election polling model out there that has proven itself in two elections now. Could he ever be wrong? Sure, but I wouldn't bet on it anymore.
  9. Talking points apparently already went out. Here are your top 4 reasons.
  10. Your hero failed.America failed, and it's too stupid to realize it.still have your money out of the market?you bet your sweet ###It's hard for someone to be as consistently wrong about things as you have been, yet you don't learn.He's the George Constanza of the FFA. You just need to do the opposite.
  11. Real patriot you are.:goodposting:There almost no one in this forum I really don't like, but...He's a clown. Everybody likes a clown.
  12. No surprise that you have learned nothing. There is no fiscal cliff to worry about. They will do something at the last minute. They always do.This breaks down the debt and deficit issue pretty well.