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  1. I thought smith was pretty good in it. Getting back to being the fresh prince....spent way too many years chasing that oscar trying to be denzel.
  2. The backdrop/world to Bright was great. Would make a excellent comic series.
  3. LOL at how white this place has to be for all the posters to know instantly who this garrison keillor dude is.
  4. Sure, lets set Polpot free while youre at it.
  5. From one minority to another: gtfo here with ortiz and his horrible 'english'
  6. Because only "buttonhook" from the ffa cares.
  7. I have a hard time deciding if roknrole fails more at life or the op of this thread. Some funnyazz responses but wheres the Jeanine-from-Louisville alias.....
  8. Jones above Silva for me simply for the fact that Jones has not even had one legitimate loss yet.
  9. Jones is now the GOAT. Arrogant punk that he may be, this is the greatest MMA fighter I've ever seen.
  10. Has anyone mentioned that this reads exactly like something that welcher CSTU would post.
  11. WT flying F happened to this board? Back in the day, itd be pages and pages of laughing at a loser like this. Now it's tons of unsolicited "helpful" advice that really doesnt help the thread achieve it's maximum potential.
  12. Fack Boston and their ####ty sports teams. Makes all New York teams likeable by comparison.
  13. The only thing I am certain of is that LeBron is better than Kobe.