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  1. If not for the failed tests, the DC win legitimizes Jones as the GOAT.
  2. Now the first page has "when do grills go on sale" threads.
  3. Have been here since the time when this place was clever, interesting, and funny. There were periods when this place had such interesting threads that I left the window open and refreshed throughout the day.
  4. Roknrole posting useful stuff for once.
  5. This applies to ALL healthcare providers I've seen. If they dont look like they care, then they probably ARE too busy to care.
  6. Curious what their biz model is? Do each individual writer get paid based off of clicks to their stories?
  7. Speaking of weah, although the weah name sounded familiar when i first heard of Timothy Weah a few months back, but just realized his old man is George Weah. The only African to ever win a ballon. ....and his youngest kid just happens to be born in NYC and not milan or paris. Should end up being the 2nd best player for the usmnt in this generation.
  8. The best part is the focus to follow a long developing play like that to the final shot.
  9. WTF is this lame ish? You were far more interesting when you argued with and insulted these people all the while reporting them for merely annoying you.
  10. Brilliant....threaten the person's credit rating over $10.
  11. And at a optometrist, where orders should run into the hundreds....Shows you what kind of petty person the owner is.