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  1. I like the signing. Maybe seeing less snaps per game will help him stay healthier during the year? I dunno. Scared for his future on a personal level though. That's a lot of concussions. 7 confirmed.
  2. *yawn* This is just lazy. You said you trust Elway's judgment when it comes to QBs but history says that maybe you shouldn't. Edit: of course that doesn't mean that he can't ever draft a good one. Perhaps it's just laziness on both sides. Maybe I'm just tired. Anyways I'm cautiously optimistic in regards to Lock. He definitely is surrounded by a lot of young talent. I don't have any idea where he's going in drafts but I imagine that he can be had pretty cheaply.
  3. Give me the guy with Mahomes. Lock has got a lot to prove.
  4. Seems to me that he should have tried to get Sanders+ from that guy if he wanted to move on from Kamara so badly.
  5. These were the first words I mouthed as soon as I read your thread title. Reading your next post I can't blame him however.
  6. In a surprising turn of events Lamb went before my pick. I selected Dobbins. Thanks again to all who answered.
  7. I've never done a trade like #2 before. The owner at 7 desperately wants a top rookie RB and there seems to be a consensus top 4. I like Swift but I worry about the landing spot. I have an embarrassement of riches at the WR position that's why I was looking at RB myself. I put the trade into a calculator found on this website (picks 4 and 24 for picks 7 and 17) and it came out about even. I envisioned myself getting Akers at 7 and then taking two of the WRs that are typically clumped together at picks 14 and 17. I've got some more studying to do. I appreciate the conversation. Our draft isn't for a while now. I'll let you know what I decide to do.
  8. Good morning FBG, I'm in need of a RB (bunch of riff raff after Kamara and Mixon) and I have a couple of questions in regards to my pick 1.4. 1) I can stay put and take who's left of Dobbins and Swift. 2) If Akers makes it to pick 1.7 then I think that I'll be able to package Dobbins/Swift and pick 24 for Akers and pick 17. Of note is that I have Henderson and Brown on my roster. I do worry about the Rams o line and the general direction of the team however. Which option would you prefer? Thanks!
  9. I think it's a combination of there being so many good RB/WR prospects and Kmet ending up on the Bears. I haven't seen any rookie drafts outside of the 1st rd yet but it wouldn't surprise me to see him go mid to late 3rd rd on average, depending on ones need at TE. 4.09 seems like a good value to me.
  10. Swift, Akers, Vaughn, Jeudy, and Reagor. Swift - organization Akers - o-line Vaughn - reminds me of "draft the RB that the Patriots take" that used to exist and how many of those guys ever worked out? (whether that's fair or not, just what it is for me) I've got to see what this whole experience will look like in TB. Jeudy - not sold on Lock, 3 good RBs on roster, Sutton and Fant as well, can/will Lock support them all? Reagor - Eagles seem like a team that likes to spread the ball around, and I needed to pick a 5th player.
  11. Not surprised by the Kinlaw pick. Another speciman on the Dline. That's our bread and butter. Was more surprised by the trade up for Aiyuk but he seems like a player that Kyle will enjoy scheming for in this offense. Overall I like the picks.
  12. I thought they'd go Lamb if he were still on the board.