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  1. I am thinking of starting him over Jacobs and his fractured shoulder. If cook is out I will for sure but ....
  2. Sitting him for Diggs,chark, and DK for the flex. Don't like the combo of SD def players returning and new QB.
  3. He looks phenomenal! A good QB will do him wonders. Look how he was with Keenum.
  4. I thought the same. I am seriously debating dropping him for Fells. It would be my last FAAB transaction. I'm just not sure I know who to ride out the season with due to Kittle's injury possibly being longer.
  5. With the force from the front probably PCL or ACL.
  6. Hate carrying 2TE but I have this weird feeling about the use of Kittle. Not necessarily this week but if SF locks up playoffs and home field. ....they are shutting him down. Picked up Gieseki for the nice playoff schedule,just in case.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if he's on the did not practice list for awhile
  8. I'm so tempted to move him for Latavius as I have Kamara.