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  1. I got Boyd or him. I'm gonna see how he does this week but Boyd outscored him last week. Boyd seems like a safer play.
  2. There's really a bunch of defenses on my wire that I could use. I have Hou and Balt but thinking of picking up another def to play matchups. Det, Buf, Dal, and Jax. Jax and Dal have tasty matchups. Keep thinking I'm overthinking the Def play. Hate rostering 3 but it's appealing to cover the weeks that Hou and Balt Aren't good matchups.
  3. At first I hadn't even thought about it. Have set Ingram, Kamara as my RBs and playing CMC for my flex in a non PPR league. Now I'm debating putting CMC as my RB with Kamara and playing DJ Moore as my flex. In a PPR league I'd do that without hesitation. In a non PPR league I'm really debating. A win puts me in the playoffs. A loss would leave me on the bubble. Ugh!
  4. Starting him over Dak and Stafford. Feeling good so far
  5. So how good is buff def? I'm debating dropping Balt and finding a def to pair with Hou.
  6. My delimma too. Moore has a great upcoming schedule. Smith I fear is a product of double coverage on Thomas and kamara. I had coutee dropped him for the bye and he's still out there. I can pick up one of these guys. I think Coutee has a higher floor especially in PPR. I'm leaning Moore due to upcoming schedule. Tough decision.
  7. I think I'm going to throw him in over Boyd. Better matchup but both cin and det OL is pourous. Seems like a toss.
  8. I have KC and Balt now. Probably drop KC for Washington and dropping mike Williams for Denver. Feels weird to carry 3 def but that may keep me covered now and for the playoffs. I just find it hard to trust Balt
  9. I've got both QBs and am at a delimma. Ryan on the road at Cleveland or Cam on the road at Pitt. Ryan is playing at a real high level but I think Cam has the better matchup. Love to hear some opinions. Thanks
  10. Dropped him after week 3 for Coutee. Solely on hamstring issue and better offense. I just don't see the Cards getting better.
  11. They came right back to him after the fumble but not sure if that had to do with Gore or showing confidence in Drake
  12. As a fan of the Cards this is sooo disheartening. OC needs to be gone like this week. period. Maybe even the head coach. we have enough of a body of work by now to know McCoy is inept and Wilks looks like a deer in headlights. Shameful!