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  1. I've got Gordon or Shady in my flex. I'm second guessing Shady
  2. Yup. I agree. The explosion won't be there but maybe hope on a lot of jump ball TDs *crossingfingers
  3. What are thoughts on the Jets? Seem like a solid unit points wise and the schedule looks pretty decent. I've been rolling with the Titans but jets seem like they have the better schedule
  4. What I saw was him just grabbing and squeezing it which looked like him extending it. Just the mechanism of the injury looked like it could be a turf toe mechanism
  5. What does that even mean? Not being snarky, just not sure what you mean with that. Not sure I'm seeing the same thing as you.
  6. I'm not sure I'd even play McCoy or Darwin this week. Decided to pick up Mostart this week due to not sure who will play most .just not a good week to play one. I wish there was a juicier matchup
  7. My fear is he will be facing the Ravens and won't be as productive. I'd like to put him in my flex if DWill and Shady are limited.
  8. I drafted him willing to wait. Injuries have caused me to juggle a bit but recent events with injuries have me still holding.