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  1. 1 PPR, 0.2pt/rushing attempt Pick 1: Hunt vs OAK, Crowell vs GBP, or Lewis @ MIA I haven't sat Hunt all season and he has burned me for weeks, but OAK at home... Thanks!
  2. I know they've flopped the last two weeks, but what about the Ravens D at Oakland against EJ Manuel, a banged up Crabtree, an ineffective backfield, and who knows what is going on with Cooper?
  3. FWIW, someone in my league just spent 43% of their blind bid budget on Carson. Dynasty PPR, 12 teams with 22 active, 2 IR, and 4 TS slots.
  4. Went back a few pages but didn't see any... would anyone care to share their updated 2017 projections for Hunt with Ware out of the picture? I don't know what to make of this backfield personally.
  5. Agree West is jag, otherwise, disagree.
  6. Happy to correct if I'm missing some etiquette here... not a big poster, but I've been a follower of these forums for years. This thread in particular is a valuable resource, lot of great contributors here. A little puzzled about which part should've gone to AC tbh... posting a completed trade which gets a few replies evaluating it seems to be the norm.
  7. You asked. Perhaps I missed some fancy internet sarcasm in your first reply, I did think you were curious about the outcome, but the trade had already been executed. And I'm hardly the only one making value statements about trades in this forum. Seems like the underlying logic is as, if not more, valuable than picking the winning side of the trade. I don't see any advice requests in my post... but just in case, I'll solicit your stamp of approval before the next one.
  8. Agree with you about how raw he was going into the draft. Not sure if you buy Harmon's process but he definitely saw improvement from year 1 to year 2: We know how 2016 turned out, but it seems like the argument can be made that he has improved quite a bit.
  9. It got accepted. I really appreciate the debate on it. Still mulling over whether this was a win or not and what to do next. He seems QB and offense dependent in a way some of the true stud WR1's aren't. I've seen the explanations about scheme and usage to explain away 2016... but dropping 500+ yds and 8TD's on just 7 less catches seems pretty damning. I totally get that in the fantasy consciousness ARob still holds near 2015 value; I would have never paid that for reasons above. (Not claiming to be an accomplished trade-master.) I've got hopes, but I'm strongly considering packaging him up and shipping him off while he still owns that high value mindshare. There's a lot of ARob easily votes here, but this was a bit closer in my mind. I think Tyrell potentially has similar upside to Arob (better measurables and QB, 1K yds in yr 2) and it's possible the absence of KA actually hindered his production last year. Miller gets a lot of disrespect here... maybe I'm a diehard, but I don't see how a season behind a crappy line with a nonexistent passing game proves he can't handle the load... he carried that team. How could he not get hurt... everyone saw him coming. Not trying to create a tangent here, but I see these guys ascending this year... right now ARob's trajectory is negative.
  10. ...3rd round of the most historic draft year for WR's in NFL history.
  11. 12 team, 1pt PPR, 4pt PassTD... QB / 2RB / 2WR / TE / 2FLEX (RB,WR,TE) / K / DST A gives: Allen Robinson B gives: Lamar Miller, Tyrell Williams, 2017 3.01, 2018 2nd Really curious about opinions on this one.
  12. I don't have an opinion on Marshall vs Perine (or Kelley). I do think Marshall is an interesting player to keep tabs on though, and think the bolded above is overstated. I'm curious where your opinion about him being a bad football player comes from since it seems to differ from other prospect reviews and footage I've seen (not claiming to be a great tape analyst here). We're stipulating that his measurables are close to, if not elite. The narrative on him that I've read and seems valid is that he started off hot and then dealt with a major injury, a followup compensatory injury, and finally got buried behind the deepest RB corps in college ball when he was healthy. During his freshman year, and during the limited carries he had his junior year he played exceptionally well. I know... highlights. But check out the very first play. It seems like he has a decent feel for what's going on; no hesitation, quick cut to the hole, maneuvering through traffic, and then showing off that speed: (again, not claiming to be a scout) Matt Waldman 2016 RSP: "Marshall can play in any run scheme because he has the speed and quickness to work the spread, but the patience, footwork, and power, to run an I-formation zone or gap scheme." In reference to his draft year season, "Marshall was a different back last year [2015]: He ran harder, ran from more compressed offensive alignments, mostly earned carries between the tackles and from the I-formation, and he faced more defenses that knew he could still bite them in the ### if they played only one safety high. Marshall played 11 games in 2015 and carried 68 times for 350 yards (5.1 ypc) and scored 3 rushing touchdowns." This is just an excerpt (hope you don't mind MW!), the rest is definitely worth a read. MW had him ranked as the 5th best RB, 4th postdraft, from the 2016 class. If you combine that narrative with his ideal size, elite measurables, and the opportunity in WAS... it seems a stretch to completely rule him out. Dynasty owner here with more hope than optimism... just looking for info/opinions.
  13. Any dynasty owners following Doctson's progress and current value? I'm considering trying to land him via trade, but not really sure what he's worth. Washington's front office, cousins potential departure, the non-contact dual achilles injury (which seems a little more worrisome than a more traditional injury that gets fixed and is nonchronic), an increasingly crowded field (Reed, Pryor, Crowder, Thompson...), and above average age all concern me. He ticks the athleticism and college production boxes and if things swing the right way the opportunity could be there. Lot of ifs though. Thoughts?
  14. I am here too, but I have to be honest... taking an RB first overall makes me nervous when I could be targetting a potential WR1 with maybe twice the length of time in his prime. How many of you are considering trading out the 1.01 to take a top WR+ in 2017?