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  1. draft is at 2 et but if need be will be pushed back after everyone pays up. 4 spots left, first come first serve.
  2. I think it is also Staffords fourth straight year with 4,000+ passing yards. Nice!! how about those 19 Td's though!!
  3. Stafford is still ### though, don't get your hopes up. Get ready for lots of red zone picks and choking in the playoffs.
  4. Why did I buy into this hype train... Most overhyped player of the year and one of the biggest busts
  5. Anyone possibly see an uptick in catches for Morris? that is what they are working on with gruden. I like him to have a better year in PPR.
  6. is he a go this week? i picked up matt flynn but i think pryor is looking like he might play...
  7. Sounds like he could be back soon
  8. I don't see Forte hitting double digit TD's... he has been poor at the goal line his whole career.
  9. Deep down I don't think he really wants to. true, he was made for it