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  1. So you think another 6-7 backup QBs will go off the boards in the at most 19 picks (presuming OP had last pick in the 6th)? Literally over half to 2/3rd of owners will want to use their first or second draft pick on a backup rather than filling a starter WR, RB, or TE spots? Sorry but I play in a 10 man 2QB league and that would never happen. In a 10 team the quality of your starters is way more important than the quality of your backup, even in a 2QB league. Also, I disagree with your ranking of Romo vs Tannenhill and actually prefer the later outright this year. I know opinions vary on that however.
  2. 10 team league. So that's 20 QB starters with probably most teams carrying a backup. For sake of argument we'll say that every other team keeps two quarterbacks and OP keeps one, that's 19. So unless one of the other owners drafts his backup quarterback before OP drafts his second running back, that means OP will likely be able to draft a QB in the QB20 range (e.g. Tannenhill instead of keeping Romo). Meanwhile his League requires 3 wide receivers to start and has a Flex so that's means that ~35 WR might be held. So that means instead of Decker you're looking at drafting a Michael Crabtree type for your WR2. I feel a lot more confident with Tannenhill as my QB2 than Crabtree as my WR2.
  3. Probably still doesn't matter, but are in in a dynasty league? If redraft it's an easy decline, if dynasty and your WR corps was weak it's still a low offer but perhaps the core of a better deal for you. Help with mine please?
  4. I'm going with Option C. Keeping Eli and Cousins sounds tempting in a 2QB league but I'd still rather make up the difference in production from Cousins compared to someone like RG3 than try to capture the production difference between Julio and someone like Eric Decker. Help with mine please?
  5. I'd go with Jordy over Gordon since I have little faith that the later can continue passing drug tests. I'd rather pay more for the guy who I don't always have to worry about being one party away from being banned from the league forever. Help with mine please?
  6. I'd pick OBJ, Allen, and Reed. That's two WR1s and potentially TE1 for the season. While Lewis represents the best value relative to ADP to keep in the 20th round I don't think he provides the best value to your team and chances of winning the championship. Help with mine please?
  7. My five would be Nuke, MIller, CJ, Decker, and Big Ben. In a vacuum I would have picked Dion Lewis over Decker but in a 3xWR league I don't think you can forgo taking any WRs at all as keepers. Help with mine please?
  8. I'd say Hopkins, AJ always seems to miss at least some time with injuries and Nuke has played every game 3 years straight. Help with mine please?
  9. Agree with others it's a fair deal. The better side is whichever one benefits the unique needs of your team more.
  10. Johnson has a much lower floor than any of the 3 WRs listed even in non PPR.
  11. Looking for input on keepers. In a 10-team PPR league with 4 keepers each. Price of any player kept gets subtracted from our $200 auction budget and those not picked are eligible to be kept by new owners. Rosters are QBx2, WRx3, RBx2, TE, Flex. Looking at other rosters the likely mix of keepers from other owners seems like it will be something like 8xQB, 8xRB, 10xWR, and 2xTE. My QBs from last year aren't eligible to be kept this year so my first 3 keeps are Keenan Allen ($3) and ARob ($4) at WR and Lamar Miller at RB ($30). Trying to decide the last spot is harder. Dez seems overpriced at $57 but picking him would lock up 3 (theoretically) WR1s on my team. Michael Floyd is only a buck but is a wildcard, I could see him putting up huge numbers or being a waste of a roster spot (especially if Carson Palmer gets hurt). Dion Lewis for $12 offers interesting upside but I'm only required to carry 2 RB on my team (versus up to 4 x WR depending on who I fill the FLEX spot with). Which do you pick? WHIR, please leave a link.
  12. I think "QB proof" is hyperbole. I think Arodin's assessment from post #2 is right on: "Solid fantasy WR2, but somewhat streaky, a la Watkins or Bryant." I think depending on the league he might be either severely underdrafted or overdrafted in redraft leagues, more likely over He'll likely be a huge value in DFS leagues for the first few weeks, perhaps criminally so.