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  1. This is the wrong way of approaching Survivor Pools. You are not trying to get to Week 2 by picking the biggest spread favorite. You are trying to strategically pick teams who hold the least amount of future value. Whether you get knocked out Week 2 or Week 10, it doesn't matter. You are trying to last to the end with the best teams to pick from towards the end of the season. You don't want to get all the way to Week 17 and have to be picking the 17th-32nd ranked team to win. I'm going with the Bills this week, they hold NO future value! Jets are a dumpster fire.
  2. Check out DFS Gold. I don't think you can see them all in one page, but you can see each weeks winning lineups for all FanDuel and DK tournaments, just scroll down and click on the Score number to see the lineup. Pretty cool site.
  3. Team looks decent, not the biggest fan of those WRs, but you're looking pretty good at RB. I might have went WR round 3, instead of taking Gurley. And Carr will do just fine for you.
  4. I don't think KB's ceiling is that much higher then Crabtree's, but I might give KB the edge because he is considered his teams #1WR, where as Crabtree is more 1B for his team. I personally don't want either guy on my team, both will probably give you 75-85 catches, 1,000 yards, 6-10 TDs. But if I had to pick one I'd lean towards KB.
  5. I never heard of the guy, but watched a few videos of his, I thought they were well put together and the videos had some good tidbits of information. I'm not sure what kind of "insider information" or differentiating points you are looking for, to help you determine if a player is over hyped or a value play.
  6. If you are waiting on QB, 8th-10th round seems to be the sweet spot. You can get somewhere in the 5th-12th ranked QB in those rounds. Or just hold off and be the last to pick your starter, and you probably won't be that far behind the 8th-10th round QBs. If you take away the top 5 QBs from last year's QB scoring, the difference between the 6th scoring QB and the 12th was 26 points. Those 5-12th ranked QBs are really all the same.
  7. He's the 12th RB off the board in PPR leagues, I feel like he's already being drafted at his ceiling, with not much room for upside. How much higher then RB12 could he possibly finish the season as? I don't see him cracking the top 8 at the RB position. Over hyped at his ADP now, I'll pass. I'd rather have Kareem Hunt around the same ADP. Andy Reid has had a top 10 PPR back in like 9 of his 13 seasons as head coach.
  8. This right here is a big reason to take a risk on Gronk this season. He literally can get a $5 million dollar incentive bonus, on top of his $5 million base contract. How much more motivation does he need with this type of incentives? They just lost Edelman, Tom Brady's security blanket over the middle. Those targets are now up for grabs for everyone else. They brought in Cooks to get a deep threat to stretch the field, that's more room for Gronk to work the middle/underneath of the defense. He is eating Avacado smoothies, Kale chips, and other crap Tom Brady eats. He said he's given up the alcohol this year. Those party years might be behind him now, he realizes he only has a few years left at his age and injury history. Why would he agree to eat hamster and rabbit food crap like Brady, if he wasn't zoned in this year? He used to think practice and preseason was a joke, now he's saying his preseason reps were important, even after he didn't make a catch in a preseason game, he just got to run his routes at game speed. Dude is focused this year, he's a changed man it looks like to me. Writing is on the wall, if he can stay healthy, he might just be the highest Non QB scorer in PPR leagues this season, and maybe even in standard leagues too. I play fantasy football to win the championship, not to be middle of the league and barely limp into the playoffs. It's all or nothing, go for broke, and hope Gronk can smash this year. I also have a feeling New England wants an undefeated season including the super bowl, this might be there best team yet under Brady/Belicheat. Edited to add this: If Bell or David Johnson both hit their ceilings this season, Gronk might be one of the only players who might be able to match or get close to the ceilings of Bell/Johnson. And you better hope the person picking 1st or 2nd doesn't get a chance to follow up their picks with a Gronk/next best WR on the 2/3 turn. Good luck trying to catch a Bell/Johnson, Gronk, and a top 12 WR start.
  9. Do I need a DirecTV subscription to access NFL Sunday Ticket? No, it's not necessary to have a DirecTV subscription. Each Anniversary Edition includes a code that can be redeemed to access the full 2013 regular season (17 weeks) of NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices. My understanding is a unique code comes in the Madden 25 game box, and that code can be redeemed to access NFL Sunday Ticket on PC. I don't think you need to tell Direct TV anything. Should just be able to enter your code online and get access to NFL Sunday Ticket that easily.
  10. From the Amazon page, For fans who are already DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using your current DirecTV username and password. My take, if you have DirecTV, but don't have Sunday Ticket, you'd still only get the NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices. The deal doesn't seem to be that good for current DirecTV subscribers, vs. trying to call and push your luck with the retention department. The Madden deal only really seems good for people who can't get or don't want DirecTV service. Because even if you are a new DirecTV customer, they throw in NFL Sunday Ticket for free anyways.
  11. I agree with this and what butcher boy are saying. I don't think this is the year to try and play QBBC, with how deep the QB position is. QBBC sounds like a solid theory, until you have to decide every week who you are going to start. And to try and judge from last years SOS is like a crap shoot. With team defensive rankings changing so drastically from year to year, you may think one of your QBBC has an easy match up, to find out that team he's playing is now a top 10 defense against the pass this year. You can grab a nice QB1 in the middle rounds, between rounds 6-10, depending on how far some of them drop this year. And do you really want to have another decision on who to start at QB every week. Get your solid QB1 in the middle rounds and be done with it.
  12. Sounds like you quoted my thread post from the AVS forum, this is all true based on my experience from last year. Anyone want more detailed info feel free to PM me. Yeah, I found your post when I was googling reviews of the streaming quality. I hope we can watch on the PS3 this year too. On the Amazon page, one of the FAQ questions says this: Can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket on my PS3 by purchasing the Anniversary Edition? No, this only provides access to NFL Sunday Ticket on computer, tablet, and mobile devices. But I'm hopeful we still might be able to view it on the PS3 too. If not, not a big deal, still want to watch Sunday Ticket regardless.
  13. If you sell the game you definitely should get $60 back for it, considering it's the $100 anniversary edition. I'd ask $80 and go as low as $60. For $40 it's hard to beat this deal, assuming you don't have or want Direct TV. I remember last year they had NFL Sunday Ticket streaming on the PS3, but it cost $300 I believe. That was too much for me to pay for just NFL Sunday Ticket. I would have probably signed up for the PS3 streaming if it were $100-$150 range, but not $300.
  14. Here is the link to Madden 25 Anniversary edition on Amazon. And from the product description: Exclusive Offers From DirecTV For fans who are not currently DirecTV subscribers but are able to receive DirecTV service, they will receive a promo code entitling them to $10 off per month for their first year of service and one year of NFL Sunday Ticket Max at no additional charge.For fans who are already DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket Max subscribers, you can access NFL Sunday Ticket on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices using your current DirecTV username and password.For fans unable to receive DirecTV service, each Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition will include a unique code to access the 2013 regular season (17 weeks) trial of NFL Sunday Ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices- including access to the award-winning Red Zone Channel.So with the description here, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be able to stream the NFL Sunday ticket games live, from your PC hooked up to your TV. As long as you can stream them on your PC, which from the above it states you can, then hooking up your PC to the TV wouldn't affect anything, EDIT: If you aren't going to use the Madden game itself, just get the NFL Sunday Ticket code out of it, and then throw it up on Craigslist as soon as you can, I bet you could get $75 for it, being that it's the Anniversary edition going for $100. Someone might not care about the NFL Sunday Ticket code, but they want the anniversary edition for the other in-game benefits. EDIT #2: There is a limited amout of Anniversary edition copies, I believe 50,000 for each system. Also when I ordered my Amazon pre-order, they did not take any money out of my account. So I'd assume they don't bill you until the game ships to you in late August.
  15. I did some digging to find out about the quality of streaming NFL Sunday Ticket. Below is a link to a review of all the streaming options for NFL Sunday Ticket, on the PS3, PC, and iPad. I also found something interesting in another forum thread. "The code from Madden grants a Direct TV account (established by registering a username and password at the DTV website) access to the tablet/computer version of the Sunday ticket, fortunately, that access also worked (and hopefully will work this year) on the PS3 app (the PS3 app would require you sign in using a DTV account)." Because from the above linked review, it seems like the streaming quality on a PS3 is better than streaming quality on your PC. And I have a PS3 to try this on. So hopefully the code works like last year, and I can access NFL Sunday Ticket on my PS3, if it is indeed better quality. Either way though, I can deal with average quality, as long as I can watch my Fantasy team players.
  16. This has nothing to do with getting a better deal haggling with Direct TV, but........ has an exclusive offer, when you purchase the Madden 25 Anniversary edition on their website ($100), you get access to the NFL Sunday ticket on computers, tablets, and mobile devices- including access to the award-winning Red Zone Channel. As a NON Direct TV customer, who can't even get the service, this deal worked out great for me. I buy Madden every year anyways which costs $60 by itself. So for another $40 I get access to NFL Sunday Ticket on my computer, which I can just HDMI out to my big screen, and watch all the NFL games. Even if you aren't a Madden video game buyer, you could just resell the game and get at least $40-$50 back, or team up with a friend who buys the game, and just split it with them so you get the NFL Sunday Ticket.
  17. They basically need one or both of the 2 guys that were with AH the night of the shooting, to flip on AH and say he pulled the trigger. And since we have still not even heard the names of these 2 men, and the fact they were picked up the 1st day after the murder, leads me to believe they have already turned on AH and will testify against him.
  18. They still have not found the murder weapon right? I listenend to the arraignment. They basically have full video footage off the 4 guys driving all the way to the industrial site where the muder took place. Overnight workers near site heard 5 gunshots, and shell casings were found at the scene, as well as in the rental car driven by Hernandez. They have video footage after the murder of the men arriving at Hernandez's house with guns clearly visible in hand. They proceed to the basement where the surveillance system is shut off. The victims last text messages to his sister were, guess who I'm with? she asked who? He responded NFL, then his final text message to her was.......just so you know I think we havent heard about the other 2 guys with Hernandez because they are probably talking to prosecutors to save their own butts. Still going to be hard to pin murder charge with no weapon, or if no witness throws Hernandez under the bus.
  19. Regarding his release............ Here's the full statement from the team: "A young man was murdered last week and we extend our sympathies to the family and friends who mourn his loss. Words cannot express the disappointment we feel knowing that one of our players was arrested as a result of this investigation. We realize that law enforcement investigations into this matter are ongoing. We support their efforts and respect the process. At this time, we believe this transaction is simply the right thing to do." Read more:
  20. No loyalty at all. The dude hasn't been charged with anything yet, much less convicted and they're already giving him the cold shoulder. I think it has more to do with the media circus and helicopters swarming around the stadium, than it has to do with no loyalty.
  21. This is a bit ridiculous. Fleeing a murderous drug dealer on foot is preferable to a car chase? No thanks. You run, I'll take the car. fter How is it a bit ridiculous? Let's say Hernandez didn't know the dealers, this was setup by Odin Lloyd. The dealer(s) don't even know who Hernandez or the other 2 men are. After the deal went sour, Odin get's shot, and the 3 other guys scatter and run out of panic. Are you going to risk going back to the car, and having them follow you home, so the dealer(s) know where you live, and who you are? That seems a bit ridiculous. And why would Hernandez rent a car, if they weren't going to do something shady? Because he wouldn't show up to a drug deal driving his own car with his "Herndz" license plate. Again this is speculation at this point, but from what's been presented, that's the only plausible scenario I can think of.
  22. Like someone else posted already, my guess would be a drug deal gone sour. They go to meet the dealer(s) after partying, deal goes bad, and the guy gets shot. Hernandez and the other guys panic and flee the scene. They don't go back for the car in fear that something happens to them too. Also it's a lot easier to escape on foot, then risk being involved in a car chase, and possible shootout with the dealer(s). So they walk/run back to his house and call it a night. That's the only plausible scenario that could have happened in my opinion. If Hernandez or the 2 other guys shot the dude, I doubt they'd be stupid enough to leave his body out in the open, and abandon the rental car (that's in Hernandez's name) near the scene. Don't make any sense.
  23. It's not looking good for Hernandez at this point. Posting the Fox News Boston link below again for those who didn't catch it earlier in the thread.