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  1. No. I've never personally encountered a situation like yours. The only way I know of to save this info would be to create separate DD files to accomplish this. Thus the 100 separate mock leagues. When does the selection of draft slots occur? At the draft? If so, how in the hell does anyone in your league even begin to prepare for a draft like this? If this is the case, every one of you is totally winging it on draft day! You have the best tool available to you here with the DD. If you are the only one using it you are way ahead of everyone else, even if you have to set up 100 mock draft scenarios to prepare ahead. In fact, even if you don't set up 100 mocks, the DD will give you the best shot of finding value at each of your picks on draft day, regardless of which pick is yours. If the draft slot selection process is completed, let's say a week, ahead of the draft it would reduce your mock leagues to only 10. Much easier to run a bunch of mocks, obviously. That being said, 100 mock draft scenarios for one league is extremely hard to wrap your mind around prior to draft day. Best of luck to you!!! (And, even though it doesn't need to be said, I'm glad I don't have to deal with that scenario in any of my leagues.) draft day. i pushed to have keepers and draft selections picked ahead of time, but lost to the majority. just like any league that you don't know your draft spot till draft day you just have to prepare tiers and mock a lot to figure out what kind of team you feel comfortable with. but this is all off topic
  2. is the keeper and draft position information stored by the program in an editable file? Even if i could do it outside of the program it would be much easier
  3. You are correct, if you change your teams draft slot, the keepers will not follow. It's a bit of a hassle, but you will need to set up 12 separate mock leagues for each draft slot with keepers set up accordingly. Just wondering, do you get to choose your draft slot? Seems a bit odd to me in a keeper league, but every league has it's unique parameters and I guess if it works for you guys, great! What about the other 11 teams? When you mock from different slots, the other teams may be in different slots also, no? You would literally have to set up 144 mock leagues to have all of the bases covered, with all teams drafting from all 12 draft slots. As far as ESPN and CBS rankings/ADP, they have never been a part of DD. You will need to set up your own ADP file with those rankings if you want to mock with them. There is a thread with info on setting up your own ADP file, but not sure which. Try the FAQ thread first. Sorry if this doesn't answer all of your questions. to answer your question, we have an NBA style lottery based on previous year record which determines in what order you get to pick your draft spot. ie: the worst record has the best chance of getting which pick they want. thankfully it is only a 10 team league so i only have to setup 100 leagues. FUN!
  4. unless i'm not understanding how the setup works it seems that keepers are assigned to a draft position not a team. this sucks if you are trying out multiple draft slots because you have to set up the keepers every time. Am I wrong on this, and if not does anyone have a work around? instead of all teams in the mocks either using ADP OR VBD can you assign it to each team individually? this would lead to a more accurate representation of the draft. also, I know i'm puzzled as to why espn's rankings/projections are not an option. there are a few of my league mates who are slaves to those ranks and it would be useful if they were an option. i know cbs is similar but the subtle differences are there and i want to more accurately represent the mocks.
  5. what are the enhancements. you don't need FBGs blessing to at least tell us what you have done to it