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  1. I think the fact that this guy is making an effort to get politics out of his programming (thank god) and the results of your poll thus far speak for themselves. Maybe, just maybe I can tune into ESPN again.
  2. WTH was that? I could barely get through that skit, terrible.
  3. This. I have no idea when this happened but I love it. Big Ryder fan and think it would be awesome if Hawkins breaks his streak on the biggest stage of them all.
  4. Find the right waffle recipe and get yourself a good waffle iron and they are the clear winner here. French Toast comes in 2nd and pancakes the clear cut loser of these three.
  5. Wife bought one for each of us roughly a year ago? Great pillows at first but today, neither of us like them. IMO - Look elsewhere.
  6. Same story as most in here. However I have recently just gotten back into things (Ebay) buying cards here and there that I just like. Haven't gone crazy by any means thus far, but I do have a question for the OP or others that are up on the hobby. What is the best way to look up values? Back in the day it was spenda few $$ for the most recent Becket Card Monthly, is that still a thing? Looking online it appears Becket only has a subscription service now?
  7. Up at 6:00. Get son fed, dressed & off to daycare by 7:00. Gym by 7:20 Protein drink, poop, shower and up to work at 9:15.
  8. Don't have time to link it up for you, but we bought the Coway AP-1512HH off Amazon a little over a year ago. We love it. Have had 2 other people go out and buy the same one after visiting our house a couple of times. It makes a noticeable difference.
  9. Always in the mornings. Honestly assumed most people did?
  10. I own Chubb, am a Bronco's fan and am starting Chubb with confidence. He may not get the yardage as we have done well as of late against the run and it appears Wolfe will play and we will get Marshall back at LB. However, our secondary is decimated so I see Baker and the Browns O as a whole having a nice day. On the flip side, Keenum has been bad and has zero threats in the passing game. I don't have the numbers but this offense has allot of 3 & outs and I see that being a trend as Joseph for whatever reason is not a fan of running the football (18th in the league) with consistency. I'm seeing 50-70 total yards with a minimum of 1 TD.
  11. Rock is so not dead, it just isn't as mainstream as it once was.
  12. I admit, as bad as he can be at times, he's still better then 99% of the ESPN personalities.
  13. This. Been a Prime member for years and absolutely love it. I think I've had one shipment not arrive within 2 days and I live on the prairie!