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  1. It sure was and one of the experts answers was basically who cares because you need to wash your hands. The hand sanitizer hoarding is as big of a head scratcher to me as the toilet paper?
  2. Guess I'm in the minority here, but I've thought Williams looks like jag personally. He's had a couple of nice runs that I've been impressed with, but it's the O-line & volume making him look good vs Williams looking for real. Just my opinion.
  3. My group (12 of us) always pitch in and get something. Myself & one other guy contribute zero $.
  4. Lock is healthy just needs to get in some reps. Rypien is on the practice squad and will pry be called up for this week to serve as the #2. Trading for or signing anyone at this point is a complete waste. Roll with what we got...
  5. Between his play on the court and his contract the guy is a complete drain on this team. I'd say closer to the 200 mark than top 100.
  6. They aren't throwing because Joe Flacco.
  7. Loving AEW Dynamite. LOVE. However I think Riho as champ is terrible. I'm with Brad 100% here.
  8. Think there is some over-reacting going on in here IMO. Obvious cut? Ya no. Unless you play in a 3 team league with short benches. Expectations for him need to be lowered considerably from where he was drafted. But also keep in mind, they played the Bengals last night. Not to many games on their schedule where you can say the Steelers will be playing with a comfortable lead all night.
  9. So started taking 50mg once a day for about 3 weeks now for my Crohn's. Placebo or not, I have noticed small improvements in my day to day anxiety, stress & most importantly general Crohns symptoms. Enough so that I will continue taking it.
  10. 12 team re-draft, 1/2 ppr I was offered Juju (I have nothing at WR) for Aaron Jones (I have Chubb, Carson, Mack & Jones). I accepted it.
  11. Another terrible call yes but tough to say if it was a pick 6 as Sander's quit immediately upon hearing the whistle.
  12. Think he's referring to the proposed Butler to Houston trade that Houston wants to happen.