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  1. I definitely see that happening on occasion, but really there are only a handful of TEs that would demand that type of attention, like Kittle. But unlikely he covers him every down, that would be a waste of an asset. But only they know what is the plan for him. Joseph has already said Simmons is a LB first. Every great LB around the league does other things to make the team better. You think Kuechly only sat around waiting for a rb so he could get a tackle? Of course not, I am definitely not saying I expect Simmons to lead the league in tackles, but I do expect his FF numbers to be good. He will cover TEs on occasion he will also get sacks. Obviously how they use him will determine how good for FF he really is. I drafted him in one league and was glad others passed on him. Like I said, we shall see.
  2. Very possible. But in mho this only happens if he’s constantly covering TEs or slot wr. If he’s playing Lb just on sheer athletic ability he will always be around the ball which should translate to tackles. Zona has already said he will be playing LB, I think the stat sheet is gonna get stuffed by this guy. Consistently. But we shall see.
  3. Only speaking in FF terms how many missed the boat on Darius Leonard? Now he’s the best FF linebacker in the game. I can easily see Simmons right there at the top with him, he has once in a lifetime athletic ability and some size to go with it. He is truly a freak, I am anxious to see how he is used in the Zona D scheme.
  4. I truly hope I can come back to your post and say how incredibly insightful and correct you are. But for now and on the surface this draft does not look very good. But I am hopeful that they saw something that literally no one else saw.
  5. Or worse. EQ was the wr I liked best of the 3 when drafted. Maybe he will show something, but my confidence is low.
  6. Having looked at everything and all our picks and watched all the draft gurus break down every teams picks. The Packers 2020 draft is the worst I have ever seen or definitely the worst Packers draft I recall in 40ish years of being a true fan. I don’t think I have seen anyone give them higher than a D grade and a couple E/F’s. What’s even worse to me is the Vikings had a great draft and Detroit did pretty good as well.
  7. No doubt and it showed by teams all playing up. Because we had no deep threat on the team.
  8. Clearly we see something in Funchess that he himself doesn’t or can show. He’s a big slow WR, that has had flashes of good play with lots of average play. His best catch % was 57% on a season with at least 50 plus targets. In 2018 when he had 79 targets and 44 catches and a drop percentage of 14% highest in the NFL. Sure I hope it works out since we decided to skip the position in the draft. But past performances make it unlikely.
  9. I read a couple places, CBS and the draft network neither give him much credit for shedding blocks. Also zero coverage help and no lateral quickness. But, if he can catch you, I’m looking at you AJ Dillon, he can tackle you.
  10. Wow a Lb. That isn’t fast and can’t cover and can’t shed blocks.
  11. You make some excellent points CM, I just see as a fan things I think should have been addressed that weren’t. I never claimed to be as smart as GMs or coaches. I just know we got got absolutely embarrassed by SF twice. Because our D could not get off the field. Now we passed on multiple good players that could have most likely immediately impacted our team to select nothing but back up players. Just as a fan I think that sucks.
  12. I totally get your point. I just personally do not agree. There were still excellent receivers and LBers still on the board, both of which we needed way more than a project QB. Then the next two picks were just as bad, a lumbering RB that can’t catch and a TE that is nothing special. I can only react as a fan, I don’t get to be a coach. My reaction is that the Packers brass has totally F’D this draft so far. We have done zero to help a Championship caliber team.
  13. Worst draft ever or at least in a long time? Two picks totally scrapped. Really these guys are clueless.
  14. Patriots need a QB. BB would be a happy camper. I think.