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  1. I’d rather have 3 top 20/24 picks than 1 on a new team. Now if your still getting all your normal picks with the 1st, that may change my choice. The thing is would you rather get 1 elite guy vs 3 very/good guys.
  2. I think White will because I feel like he’s going to be in a great position for high tackle volume from day 1. He is also a ridiculous athlete, I think he will be a stud and my choice for DROY at this moment.
  3. Anything to see with Leon Jacobs? Rookie last year, played some but I really didn’t know much about him.
  4. Obviously like every draft pick, it’s wait and see, but certainly didn’t love it at this point.
  5. I’m certainly not mad about the pick. I hope that he’s got some fresh ideas and will use Rodgers in a way to extend his career. I would love to see the uptempo offense where we are snapping the ball with 10 seconds on the play clock. I just feel like it gives the offense an edge, they know what they are doing the defense is trying to figure it out. The Rams run their offense in that manner and I really like it. I will not be surprised if some big named players are gone this offseason and maybe we dabble in free agency a little more this year.
  6. Eagles D has played a really nice game so far, when they aren’t leaving footballs laying around.
  7. Last thing the coach said to that return man “don’t effing fumble”, judging by how he was carrying it.
  8. I feel like McDaniels will be offered the job, but I honestly hope I am wrong. I would rather see Carmichael or Swinney.