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  1. Just FYI if I offended anyone with any post I made I apologize. It’s not my intention, most times when I am posting I am joking around, obviously when it’s your own team in a game like this it’s easy to get heated. My personal feeling is we are all entitled to our own opinions whether anyone else agrees or not, it’s just rude to tell someone their opinion is wrong, when it’s just an opinion. No ones is more right to anyone but themselves. Anyway, I’m moving on from this cluster.
  2. I agree with you and felt it was a bad call live. But just posting what the head official said and why it was called. So by that standard it was correct, but as you said, it’s not consistent.
  3. Please read my posts completely. I have said multiple times the Packers got the breaks and the Lions got jacked. I don’t feel the need to keep apologizing for crap officiating that GB benefited from. But I do think saying those things were going to happen is pretty weak. The Lions couldn’t score TDS on us and had about 100 total second half yards. Prater was on fire though for sure.
  4. From Blakeman on the personal foul: Tracy Walker Penalty Question: On the helmet-to-helmet contact with Tracy Walker, it appeared he was going for the ball. Does the defensive back have the right to go for the ball? Does that offset any incidental helmet-to-helmet contact? Blakeman: "That's a good question, but the reality is, it is strict liability for a defensive player. In this case, he may be going for the ball and not intending to hit the helmet, but when there's helmet contact, it is a foul in that situation." Question: Even if he had come up with the interception, that doesn't change the ruling in any way? Blakeman: "Even if he did impact the helmet and then intercepted the ball, it would still have been a foul."
  5. I personally can’t guarantee what would have happened if no calls were missed or mistakenly made. The Lions May have fumbled the punt or roughed the kicker or thrown a pick. What you think would have happened, we will never know as those things did happen, so the alternate ending remains a mystery. Terrible officiating has been the most consistent thing in the NFL this season.
  6. What should have been a great game, decided by the good teams on the field and then discussed. Has turned into lame arguments over what may or may not have happened if the refs didn’t blow the game. That to me is sad.
  7. I feel sorry for anyone forced to listen to Skip and feel like anyone that listens to him on purpose would have thrown a flag on Flowers.
  8. You need to shout it from the rooftops that we got a break and a lucky win. Then and only then will I or anyone else believe you.
  9. I have not been in a single game chat (any game) when one teams fans or the others aren’t talking about bad ref calls and how that team is the refs favorite or whatever. So far this year Pack 17th most penalized team and Lions 18th. Lions are the darlings of the league. Indy is the least penalized team. I have said it many times the refs have not been good this year. Which may be an understatement, but still, they are the same guys for both teams.
  10. Jordy is gonna get a call, he said he would play with the Packers already, in the offseason. I seriously doubt we trade for anyone. But who knows.
  11. Yes! We did it, greasing those palms really does work!!
  12. I 💯 agree it sucks seeing the refs F up a game. Every team has had the breaks go their way, as a fan of the NFL still sucks even when it’s my team.
  13. Dumbest play ever. Thank you Refs. Don't worry guys I fixed it.