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  1. I’m certainly not mad about the pick. I hope that he’s got some fresh ideas and will use Rodgers in a way to extend his career. I would love to see the uptempo offense where we are snapping the ball with 10 seconds on the play clock. I just feel like it gives the offense an edge, they know what they are doing the defense is trying to figure it out. The Rams run their offense in that manner and I really like it. I will not be surprised if some big named players are gone this offseason and maybe we dabble in free agency a little more this year.
  2. Eagles D has played a really nice game so far, when they aren’t leaving footballs laying around.
  3. Last thing the coach said to that return man “don’t effing fumble”, judging by how he was carrying it.
  4. I feel like McDaniels will be offered the job, but I honestly hope I am wrong. I would rather see Carmichael or Swinney.
  5. I think we have both on tap when we are allowed. I think having Rodgers in place as well as Adams, Jones and a good pick will make taking the Packers job easier. I am just hopeful we avoid a retread like the two we interviewed already.
  6. I hope they requested interviews and we didn’t invite them. Two of the worst coaches possible. Please let’s not invite any more retreads.
  7. He will probably be back before Josh, so you got that going for you.
  8. Just by this post will make me visit your site. Some things I like to see will involve coaching changes that can lead to better or worse situations for players. I feel that’s good info and one of my leagues has open waivers after the season up to the rookie draft. So I am able to add/drop when I want. The draft being another good topic. Opinions/predictions on rookies, maybe before and after the draft. Sometimes a lesser talent goes to the perfect situation and out produces guys ranked and drafter higher than him. See Darius Leonard
  9. IDP Guru is okay. He doesn’t update at the end of the week. He needs to have like a Sunday morning update on his home page, sometimes it’s nice to get another’s opinion when, say a guys out and your trying to snag the backup and there’s a couple options.