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  1. I feel like Garrett should never play again for his violent act and for being a liar and trying to use racism to make it justified.
  2. Redmond sucks. Exactly why Green should have active so that clown didn’t have to play.
  3. San Fran D is too fast to throw the dump offs 5 yards behind the line. That stupid play was the end of the drive.
  4. Terrible PI and terrible time to make a weak call.
  5. Glad to see Raven Green activated. He played very well prior to his injury. Not sure how much he will be involved first game back, but seemed like they had plans for him before that injury.
  6. Good luck on Sunday SF fans. Hopefully we have a good clean game with no officials ruining it
  7. I think we have a Hunter Henry type player in Jace, I was looking at their combine comparisons, almost identical in all the important categories. But clearly he can’t show us anything from the bench or blocking, but I did see some solid effort while blocking vs Seattle. I do also like Henry but he can’t stay healthy. I would like to see a top MLB as well as that speedy slot guy. Also a good corner. While I am wishing. Lol This was done by some Cowboys writer, but the info is good.
  8. We have got to get a wr that has speed and can catch next year. Not much on the FA market, Green, Sanders and Cooper. I hope we a great draft.
  9. GB will have to be way better in SF. To me, on the first view, live I thought he was short of the first. But it was close and once they called first, and watching the replays I thought it would stand because none of the views showed enough to change it. As much props as Wilson gets these days, still not enough. That guy is amazing, I was exhausted just watching others trying to tackle him.
  10. That explains it. I have never once heard a ref say, we got some additional footage, then to make it worse after they said call stands, GB first down.
  11. Additional footage?? What the heck was that garbage. Good game Seattle, Wilson is the best. Freakin Seahawks never stop playing hard.
  12. Wilson is so great, exactly why I won’t be happy till the game is over and we win. Never count that dude out.