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  1. was his offer I had a couple 1sts, asked if 1 would get it done to take his temperature. He said would need to be a 1st+, which is fair. Expected to be asked for both 1sts. I asked what the + needed to be, he said at least another player. Ok, vague but fair. I asked him to give me some sort of range or idea of what type of player, he just responded with 'gallup'. Who is my 5th or maybe 6th receiver. I just sent it hoping he wasnt joking. I think he thought he was being cheeky by moving on before hunt comes back. I wouldve probably given him both 1sts (mid and late*) if he asked, even with this draft class. I dont think hunt is a long term threat, and even in the short term if he is, this is still probably the cheapest i could acquire him for.
  2. 12 team ppr sent gallup and likely late (playoff almost certainly) '20 1st got nick chubb
  3. i like sutton a lot but wouldnt move a top 1st and brown for him. maybe not either individually depending on my roster
  4. Sorry I ran over you guys' dog. aight, ima head out
  5. 12 team ppr Sent Preston Williams + '20 1st (likely late) Got Mike Williams
  6. Traded him and a late '20 1st for Mike Williams. Thoughts
  7. probably not significantly they paid up for ingram, id think that he would be the lead/early down guy most of the time and hill will get some reps in those spots when ingram needs a breather
  8. pretty gross you cant really walk away from $350, so you can either accept the challenge of putting in the effort and trying to win (and walking away next year) or, you can write it off as $ spent on entertainment and try and blow up the league from the inside out
  9. Yeah I agree. This owner has been basically the bad side of all the trash trades ive posted in the last few weeks. Same guy who paid a '20 1st for hunt
  10. 12 team superflex not involved Team A gets: Drew Lock, John Ross Team B gets: Mark Andrews, Dede
  11. 12 team super flex , not involved Team A gives '20 1st Team B gives Kareem Hunt This trade went down yesterday as the news was floating around about hunt maybe being in a fight. Team B sent me multiple offers for hunt because he assumes I don't read things, but apparently there are some people in this league that dont. Team A is also the Chubb owner which is even more puzzling to me.
  12. Im old enough to remember when sony was better than chubb because he had the pass catching upside....
  13. 12 team Superflex,m a few deals, not involved in any Team A gets- Metcalf, Golladay Team B gets- Evans Same team B gets- Foles, '20 2nd Team C gets- Haskins Team A from the above deal gets- Derek Carr Team D gets- Brees