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  1. looking for the trade thread?
  2. curious how this wouldve been judged pre season Hard not to go with Hopkins in almost any scenario right now though
  3. if they treat him like a TE it might be an upgrade FF wise
  4. I think in real life football, its probably a positive move for the offense in that it will open up some other options they didnt have before. For FF purposes, he went from career 58.8% comp qb, to a career 62.6% qb with a better running game. Both qbs target the TE a lot, and have few other options outside. He really is going to a very similar situation, not sure his actual value changes, but his perceived value will go down because a lot of the fringe fantasy community thinks Cam is good, and tyrod just runs a lot.
  5. I feel like they rushed it. Game one he played well, had a lot of targets and was obviously a big part of their offense. Im not panicking. Im hoping for a nice back half and playoff stretch for FF.
  6. What martavis deserves is exactly what he is getting, with the attitude he has been putting out there (very publically i might add) since he returned from suspension. He's upset that Ben is upset because Bryant let the team down..... too damn bad, its true. Ben expects an apology to him and the team and hes mad? They deserve one, suck it up. If he thinks his FA venture is going to be super lucrative, he is likely wrong. A lot of people would like his services, but i highly doubt he is getting a huge deal with much gtd $$ on this next deal. Maybe the one after.
  7. Yeah, if it comes to it, he will just be benched. Until circumstance dictates he should play. You'll see less and less of him. Theyll just use DHB as a downfield guy, even if they never complete a play to him, thats about the same out put theyre getting from Bryant right now so they lose very little by just keeping him there and not giving into his tantrums. Wouldnt surprise me to see him as a healthy scratch one of these weeks coming up
  8. Yeah, I agree. At this point nobody is gonna pay the price his talent would command if his situation was cleaner. Steelers arent paying much for his services now, they have invested time though, unless this turns into a crazy percy harvin type scenario where he is fighting people and whatnot, he isnt getting cut or traded during the season, imo
  9. wentz ahead of Goff, Cam, Trubisky and Watson IMO
  10. lol, its not like many experts werent suggesting you temper your expectations this week against an underrated defense or anything
  11. The bears had success with it a few seasons ago
  12. 12 tm, te prem ppr q/r/www/ te-wr flx/rb-wr flx sent 2018 late 2nd, big ben, z miller got jimmy graham context, he lost rodgers and needed a qb, is winning his division. I am currently top in the league, my te are not great. Have fleener, JT, Njoku, Gathers and miller prior to trade
  13. I could see the argument that Chi isnt great, no real pass catching threats, means more stacked boxes for a RB who isnt the best pass catcher. All this adds up to maybe Kamaras floor is safer due to rec's in a ppr format. Not sure I would agree with it though.