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  1. You have to pay extra to acquire studs, why on earth would anyone be interested in a lateral move for an elite talent?
  2. same, have a start 2 te league with gronk and clay, but with gronk dinged i grabbed ASJ just in case
  3. Thread is for completed trades. maybe AC sub or Dynasty Value thread are more appropriate
  4. Couple deals from week one, not involved in any 12 team TE prem ppr Team 1 got AJ Green Team 2 got 2x 2018 1sts, 2018 3rd One of the first is from a very bad team, projected very early, one is projected very late. 3rd is also late. Team 3 got Jordy Team 4 got 2018 1,2,3 round picks, projected mid-late, picked 8th last year Team 5 got Perine, 2018 late 4th Team 6 got 2018 1st, projected top 3
  5. 12 tm TE premium, Q,R,WW,T,Flex x4 Sent Fleener Got 2018 2nd, 2018 3rd 3rd could be early to mid, 2nd likely to be early
  6. i moved him into a flex spot and hoping to leave him in, if things get sketchy I have Kamara i can slot in
  7. Thoughts on Fleener in a TE premium league? own him in two spots, sorta like this years situation, have an offer of a likely high 2nd round pick next year for him in one league diversifying a little bit sounds ok with a player like that, is that enough in your opinion?
  8. according to DLFs top 200 list, there are a couple guys in their top 20 that depending on roster construction, I might swap him for, but it would still be a gamble sammy, TY, baldwin, mostly due to situation and or age Hunts potential workload is intriguing, I feel like in the future Hill, and kelce will compliment Hunt and we could see a lot of solid individual weeks depending on opposing game plans for each of them, but for 2/3 to be relevant weekly is going to be tough will Alex Smith and the lack of other WR threats
  9. You might end up getting a good player but nobody is giving you Evans for Hunt imo
  10. Id expect a slow start mostly due to him missing so much of pre season activities. I think they are transitioning away from the exotic smashmouth stuff, they put a lot of resources into receiving weapons for MM this off season. Id expect his second half stats to be very nice
  11. its a start 1 qb league, I have dalton and carr. Brees is likely an upgrade on them this year, but if you break the trade down like this julio for zeke crow for brees it looks less good, imo. IDK tho, it is tempting. DTC has it rated 60.5 to 48.1 in favor of the julio side for what thats worth
  12. 12 team, ppr, te premium Q/R/WW/T/ 4x flex Being offered Brees and Zeke, for my Crowell and Julio I am absolutely turning this offer down, mostly cuz I just dont need Brees. I am intrigued however by Zeke and something else for this price. Current Rbs; Ingram, Mixon, Lynch, Crow, Hill, Perkins, Kamara, Henderson Current Wrs; Evans, Julio, Dez, Tyrell, Boyd, Coleman, C Davis, other misc guys The guy offering has 3 1sts next year, 1 likely pretty early, the other could be anywhere. He has no other players he could reasonably give so, I am thinking of maybe countering for a pick at least, what say you? Counter with a pick More than 1 pick decline alltogether?
  13. is bortles money this year not gtd?
  14. the same guy throwing him the ball now, is the same guy who threw 14 tds to him on 150 or whatever targets, except now the defense will be kept more honest in theory his targets will go down overall but they will mostly be better throws to theoretically a more open robinson