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  1. Which side of this proposal you like? 12 team, ppr, can start up to 3 rb McCoy, D Henry or Mixon, 2.01 For some reference, side giving up shady has the 1.01, fournette, and gurley team giving up mixon has Dalvin and Mixon and no 1sts if its turned down
  2. Tb is a spot i see him mocked to a lot. I think for FF purposes it would be a solid spot
  3. may be the first person to describe him as that lol
  4. Abdullah sucks. Blount is old and only useful very situationally. He would likely split time with Riddick. I think they have been searching for a guy to lean on in the run game for a long time. I like their offense, i dont personally think Chubb is useless on 3D, so I think it would be possible in a lot of scenarios for him to eat into some of Riddicks snaps when the situation is ambiguous for run or pass. Maybe Ideal was too strong a word. I am not sold that Cam will continue to be option 1 in Gl situations for much longer. I also do not think that CMC is someone they should want to use as a work horse. He is much more valuable as someone they can utilize all over the field. Giving him 15+ carries along with his routes he runs would be poor use of his skills imo. Not saying he isnt a capable runner, just that he has so much more talent besides that. Idk if there are too many places where he would reasonably get taken where 3 down work is a possibility. The teams that come to mind that need a solid potential work horse also still have situational COP or 3D backs,Washington, NYG, NYJ, Miami (if youre low on Drake) come to mind. As far as potential work horse stuff, maybe Indy, i guess Pitt if the Bell situation goes south
  5. Size and measurables from the combine have him somewhere in the area of Carson Wentz, or a poor mans Cam Newton. Cam has a career 58.5% comp %, Wentz to this point in the NFL is at 61.5. If you believe that some of Allens woes in this category are not his fault and he might be slightly better than his numbers show, maybe he is around the Newton mark or between in theory. So you have a guy who profiles between the two athletically and maybe statistically? Could be very promising.
  6. Raiders, Lions, Panthers, Bucs are the ideal spots IMO maybe a few other places that are timeshare but dont quite suck, Miami, Philly, NYJ
  7. I think its just a perfect storm really of a guy with major talent and an elite qb that is able to make the most of his skill sets. I think he wouldve ended up being a good wr still on another team, it wouldve just likely taken a little longer for him to develop.
  8. IDK for sure either. I would assume, if there was a link to those numbers and some sort of area where the player would win, it would be on in or out breaking routes, near the sideline, timing routes where the throw is out before the player has changed direction. I would also assume that doing well on some sort of burst or explosive movement test would coincide with this, if true.
  9. i feel like there is a drill designed to make you bend at the hips a lot, cant remember what its called tho
  10. Who wants to make evals from a horse, that just sounds uncomfortable and unrealistic. Did you see this on tv?
  11. no nerve struck If you wanna beat your head against the wall making evaluations from your couch that arent accurate, have at it. Was just trying to help by pointing out some data that conflicts with your observations. Maybe try a bigger TV?
  12. Whats the success rate for your patented "sitting on the couch and guessing" method? You are trying to create a narrative that isn't backed up by anything. If you don't like the guy, fine. You wanna say he isn't a leaper, or upper body strength isn't great, fine. But you chose to say he looks stiff. Maybe on the play you are remembering, he did. Agility drills where you have to run and lean the entire time disagree with your narrative tho. here is another link that disagrees with you
  13. True about Brees, and dyno circles. It very well could be a mistake, but here is the link;
  14. I was only addressing the comment that he was stiff and not limber, which appears to just be false. regardless of whether or not its a success indicator.
  15. 3 cone times Sutton 6.57 Treadwell, 7.05 Ridely, 6.88 Moore, 6.95 Kirk, 7.09 Washington, 7.11 Michael Thomas, 6.80 I am getting a bit of a Michael Thomas vibe from sutton lately. Most dynasty guys were pretty low on MT compared to the other guys in his class. I feel like athletically they might be similar.