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  1. confirmed, they were in fact receivers
  2. You obviously felt you were getting a player with similar or more upside in the deal, if not, you would still have DJ. So, something in the details made you lean one way and im pretty sure it wasnt him adding the 2.01...
  3. Do your miles reset from college to the pro's? 50 games in college, 1007 offensive touches, add 550 offensive touches in the NFL while missing essentially all of this year, thats a fair amount
  4. my thinking is this, in regard to my statement of "nothing for the future" DJ is not winning him a ship, or making him a playoff team. But, its reasonable he could accidentally win him a few games. This worsens his position in the draft, which makes his picks less valuable. So its directly hurting his ability to use his picks as assets for acquisitions. Also (theoretically) hurting his team assuming the prospects he uses them on, are not as good as the earlier picks would've been. He has zero valuable assets aside from DJ at this point. So what would he do, trade DJ? If you're going to go thru all that, just keep your picks, they are more valuable to your team and your efforts of a rebuild. Unless you can trade DJ for a multitude of other good picks (which you could've done with the 1.01, probably more profitably too) I dont see how this team doesnt need to be blown up again in 2 years. So, in summary, he gave away a potentially generational prospect and another potentially good player at the 2.01, for one player, 5+ years older with a lot of miles on him. So yeah, his future is pretty bleak. At least if you draft barkley you can bench him for a year and essentially tank. If you trade for DJ, benching him isnt really an option and doesnt make sense, so you will trot out a less crappy team every week and skyrocket his squad to.... the middle. Which is worse than the bottom.
  5. I dont disagree. Just saying, IF youre intent on trading the 1.01, and your team looks like his does..... He did it wrong.
  6. He wouldve been better off trading the 1.01 for 2-3 other picks this year, and then flipping those for more picks and just punting this year. Instead he punted this year and got nothing out of it for the future
  7. lots of FA options as well, they could go either way I think
  8. if the 2nd ismid to late, its a wash for me, if early, then I like that side I feel like Brate is likely to be worth a roster spot more than that 4th would be, or any perceived trade value it has gimme the 1.04, by a fair margin, even if you dont use it, by the time draft fever sets in fully itll be worth a lot I feel like that is very light for AB, but it might be time to start selling
  9. Evans I think i take benjamin, but i could see some scenarios where the eifert side is best. If benjamin is like my wr 6-7, and i really need a TE, I think its not too bad. FFPC is TE premium right?
  10. If the 1.10 pick was mine, and i was presumably a contender, id do this all day for the 1.01, if my team was middling I think id take the package
  11. I respect him as a man, but off the field accolades or screw ups have never been a deciding factor in getting into the hall, not sure they should be
  12. I could go either way on the first one. If it ends up being a top 5 pick, I think thats a winner. This second deal is just silly. In a league where you arent required to start a TE and have to start at least 2 RB, I still take the Engram side.
  13. This seems to happen every year. Before the off season everyone is really excited about 3-4 guys, and then the rest of the class comes out, people see more of the prospects and get excited about them. Then they realize the class is deeper than they thought, creating more excitement and discussion for the rest of the class (if its warranted or not always remains to be seen) I think this is just where we are in the cycle. People have time to pick prospects apart more, comb over stats and "tape", theorize landing spots and factor that in to some sort of early success indicator or whatever. This started with a few players being hyped, mainly Saquan, Guice, Sutton, maybe Chubb, Ridley to an extent. Now we are a few players deeper, Michel, Washington, Kirk, Jones. Next will be the most athletic TE and some lesser known WR, and the pattern repeats itself as the dynasty community has more exposure to mocks and twitter and yada yada