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  1. Looks like he's getting shipped to MIA
  2. I have always wanted to do a real money auction, redraft league. With a min-max budget system so the prize pool is at least "x" amount of dollars, with possibly more. Say between $50-$200, with a $1 min bid. Would be a fun mix of strategies for the drafting/budgeting
  3. just an update I did follow thru on this attempt. still only own him where i drafted him
  4. shipping to a contender, id want a 2nd. shipping to a bad team, id take some picks that were later, but would insist on it being multiple if i couldnt squeeze a 2nd out of them
  5. hes not top 10, however in that league format he is a bit more valuable than a non 1.5 te ppr isnt FFPC short bench? If so, I can see the appeal of getting a good young wr and offloading some picks that you wont roster anyway
  6. I like the Henry side
  7. for the 1.08 alone, i lean Alshon. another pick in the top 25 tho, id likely take it
  8. yeah, I would try to get an RB thrown in there as Gally said at 1.03 you still have a great player coming to you and Parker may help your wr group if he ever gets it together There will also be value there at 1.12, there will be a good player at every position available there If you can get an RB in the deal i say take it
  9. I would honestly punt this year. Use your picks as best you can, it should improve your team a ton. Move guys like Perriman and White and tate for picks next year IMO
  10. likely this ^^ But if you are dealing with a squad that is thin at RB, and deep at WR you might pull something like that off
  11. you happen to have a list of who is being kept, or who you presume is being kept? Sounds like this person isnt keeping Howard, and depending on how many quality RB are being kept VS how many WR, it may be a good deal or a really meh deal
  12. it would take at least this for me to move evans I think its fair
  13. i doubt the redbull and vodkas are getting him injured every season
  14. 3 seasons ago, you could say the same for someone like hopkins I don't fully disagree with your opinion, but I like to think that true talent will eventually find a way
  15. Stephen Anderson in Hou might be a nice stash