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  1. Allen for Inman and Henry sounds about right
  2. meh, misquoted a bit, but basically yeah. The point I was making there is that if he had punched a man, he would have "character" or "maturity" issues and it would be written off as a man being dumb in the heat of the moment, as opposed to scum of the earth woman beater. Its weird to me that people think that way, but its very prevalent. If he indeed is guilty of assault, I feel like the league should take action. It would be nice if the league was consistent on these things in terms of what the punishments would be, but with these assaults (general assaults involving NFL players, i mean) there is usually much to take into consideration, and so I understand the subjectivity and need to investigate. I believe in due process, so it doesnt bother me that maybe punishment is delayed in some cases to ensure that the accused is able to defend themselves and tell their side. Ultimately though, if they did something wrong, they should be subject to punishment from the NFL as well as the legal system.
  3. unless its a lock top 3 pick, im not even considering the williams side i like davis a lot and am really high on godwin
  4. Youve provided plenty of unintelligible posts with your stance about the qb situation and how you feel about them. You keep reiterating your point, which still, at this point nobody understands. You seem to think something you brought up or reposted proves Evans is not as good as we think he is? Or something. Hard to follow your ramblings. Either way, I disagree. The evidence doesnt support that thought and Im going to ignore you now
  5. Its not an analogy. Its a fact that Glennon was his qb and was pretty bad. Pretty sure you are just trolling at this point, so have fun
  6. 12 team ppr start 2-4 rb, 3-5 wr julio and kamara ar15 and gurley current roster without the above players ingram, hill, mixon, perkins, crowell, lynch evans, dez, coleman, davis, mike williams, tyrell
  7. Im not sure what youre missing with my posts but ill reiterate some of my opinions; evans is an elite talent although i believe winston is an ascending talent (nothing like freeman) i also saw evans produce with glennon, and manziel. So ya, id say he is gonna be a stud in almost any situation regardless of qb you keep bringing up non-evans things in this thread as if youre trying to force some evidence on us that he is or will be bad, if he was going to be bad for any of the reasons you mentioned, it wouldve happened already. It hasnt
  8. Yeah, I don't disagree with any of that really. I am a Crow believer, own him everywhere i can. But I didnt have to spend anything to own him, so I am lucky to have gotten in on the ground floor i suppose. I feel like this is the time of year where hype driven ADPs smash any "value" that mightve been, since now people are drafting a fairly unproven player in a seemingly positive situation who is trending upwards, at their likely ceiling without actually ever seeing them achieve that yet. I feel like he will do well, and likely have a career season. Just not sure I take him over some other more proven assets in that range. By this time next year though, he very well could be creeping into the 12-16 overall range and it wouldnt surprise me a bit
  9. second round is too high, in a perfect storm i believe his ceiling is in that range, but drafting him there at this point is too ambitious
  10. Anyone know the ADoT for this last season? Im curious how many balls were contested right at or near the catch and lead to a reception and yards, but an almost instant tackle. That is an odd stat for sure *Edit, found ADoT data Interesting article. Im not sure im digesting this correctly yet, but at a glance, it would suggest that a lot of his targets are down field (obv). His lack of YAC to me would suggest that he is making these catches but not outrunning anyone after. Or maybe being tackled in the process pretty often. IDK.
  11. for fantasy purposes, I think his (Evans) production since he has been in the league would be pretty compelling evidence to the contrary at this point
  12. If true, that is an abomination, and people should be fired
  13. unless the setup of this league is very odd, and kills WR value, i dont think davis slides to 5th in too many drafts take whatever RB is there and look for godwin in rd 2 imo
  14. If anything the only thing this points to is Jameis' decision making skills still evolving, and not so much anything to do with Evans. Not sure why this excerpt is relevant here