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  1. 12 team superflex what type of value are we placing on Kupp? He is easily my WR1 but my group is very poor as a whole. Kupp, Lockett, McLaurin would be my weekly starters. Looking to maybe move Kupp for a couple younger guys, or add to him to get a legit alpha
  2. ha yeah, like i said, i initially offered teddy or DJ and a 1st, he countered with that so... I like it way better than giving a 1st
  3. 12 team ppr superflex Sent- Teddy, Cooks, '21 2nd, Bisi Johnson, Keesean Johnson Got- Josh Jacobs Other owner inquired into teddy or daniel jones, his qb situation was pretty bad. I offered teddy and a '21 1st, this was the counter i received *shrugs* I sorta viewed it as the equivalent of 3 2nd round picks for jacobs
  4. eh, he had less than 30 fewer carries than Kamara on the season. The passing game is where AK sees definitively more action 43 tgts vs 97 Id say he is more than a hand cuff because he has weekly value, not just value if Ak is injured. Even still AK is just very efficient with his touches. So add efficiency to his already higher total ( 252 vs 180 for Murray ) and he is clearly the focal point of the offense, Id still hesitate to call him a cuff tho
  5. Thats fair. I suppose I am just not as high on brown as others. He was my wr 5/6 and a boom bust type of guy with injury concerns, so in my eyes he wasnt as coveted. I don't mind if I am wrong in the short term. Brown will prolly produce better than a lot of rookies this year, but I am looking to acquire alphas or at least end up in a higher volume role. I dont see the 8-12 being the same at all. Personally I see a pretty big tier break after Jefferson, who i have at 9 overall. Ruggs, Higgins, Pittman, Aiyuk, Vaughn are all guys I like to a degree, but not looking to spend a first on. So instead of waiting and reaching for a guy I dont love, i overpaid for someone who I like more.
  6. Your point is fair and could very well be true. In the end Im just not all in on the expectation of volume or the assumption of efficiency without it. I also don't really buy that they are that great at evaluating wr talent in the drafting process. For example; Breshad Perriman, Hayden Hurst, Miles Boykin, Jaleel Scott, Jordan Lasley, Chris Moore,Tommy Streeter, Michael Campanaro, Aaron Mellete, Tandon Doss, David Reed, Marcus Smith, Justin Harper, Yamon Figurs, Demetrus Williams...This is going back to '06. Prior to that they used 2 1st round picks on wr 1 averaged 37/492/2 over 7 seasons, 2 of which not with the ravens, the other 39/502/3 over 8 seasons, only 5 with the ravens This is the list of wr theyve taken that have had any success, and if you want to add perriman to this list that is ok I guess Torrey Smith (kinda), Darren Waller (drafted as a wr, plays a different pos on a diff team, has 1 season success) Not to say they wont hit on one eventually like the lions a couple decades ago. I think at this point next year, if you ask people if they would rather have a come combination with 2 of Lamb/Jeudy/Reagor/Jefferson/Akers, or Hollywood and 1 of Higgins/Ruggs/vaughn, this won't look close. At least, thats the plan. We are also assuming he wont re injure the lis franc, which iirc happens quite a lot
  7. 12 team te prem ppr Sent 1.12, Hollywood Got 1.08 Also have the 1.07 thru a trade, and several early 2nds I like knowing that I will be guaranteed 2 of the top 8. After 9, there is a decent tier break and I feel like I can get 2 future starters in this spot.
  8. interesting trade here I wouldve thought the hooper owner wouldnt have had to add the higher pick 1.1 by a lot
  9. 12 team ppr Superflex sent 3.07, 3.11 got 3.02, 4.10 Some surprising names on the board still, dont expect the top half to get to me, but who knows about the others. curently pick 2.08 names on the board still are; Mims, Aiyuk, Shenault, Dillon, Gibson, Edwards, Claypool, Hamler, AGG, Hurts (superflex *shrug)