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  1. This is not a sporting event. Nor is the issue about anatomical differences. This was a societal issue, where in theory, my argument would be we are all equal as human beings. But what you're suggesting (or what im inferring from your comment a few posts ago) is that if Joe Mixon got into a bar fight with me, it would be more OK, or at the very least, less unacceptable. I disagree for the most part. I am unwilling to label this guy a total scum bag who is crazy and violent because the evidence doesn't suggest that, in my opinion. Until we see a pattern to suggest otherwise, I am chalking this up as being a very stupid mistake. From 2 kids, who were obviously immature about the situation and didnt handle it the way they prolly would now. In the future if we come to see he is some serial batterer, and is constantly violent to people who are obviously weaker than him and cant defend themselves (or anyone really), throw him to the wolves.
  2. *** You also have to understand that self defense is a thing. She absolutely initiated the physical aspect of this conflict. A lot of people gloss over that fact. I do not, in any way condone his actions. He for sure escalated the situation, and antagonized that group and her specifically as the argument kept going. They were both stupid, and played a role in the incident. He obviously shouldn't have followed them into that bar. He obviously shouldn't have struck her. But not because she is smaller, or a woman. Because he never should've gotten into such a stupid dispute in the first place, and never should've made the mistake of adding fuel to the fire by following her when they were clearly trying to be away from him. It shouldve ended there on the sidewalk, IMO. I think its odd that you see a distinction in violence depending on your gender. A woman hitting a woman, is still violence. It's not "more acceptable" violence. Violence toward anyone is unacceptable. I am very much for gender equality, but stuff like this is what makes it more of a joke to some people. For every time you agree that women should be paid equally, or treated equally in society, or not treated solely as vessels for your offspring, when you claim that someone hitting a woman is more egregious than any of form of violence, its very condescending Imo
  3. Im sure some folks will approach his perceived value differently, but its mostly due to the Zeke effect IMO. Before the previous 2 drafts where people warmed up to the idea of round 1 RBs again, after a lull. The FF crowd especially will act as if he is someone different than he was a month ago. or Two months ago. Im positive that he will go in round 1, however, these interviews teams are conducting may have an impact if he doesnt interview well, or responds poorly to some questions about his past.
  4. about the same as will fuller's but really though, if he ends up somewhere like Det, TB, Bal, maybe Was, I think these are ideal spots for him
  5. many things in life involve risk, as long as you arent over exposing yourself to it, the payoff can outweigh the cost in a lot of cases for the right price I would have invested something in any of these guys while they are/were suspended
  6. imo, the only way his arrow points down is with Brock at qb. Its literally the only way their qb situation could be worse than last year. Fortunately there is a next to zero % chance he is their opening day starter, so I would say at the very least, he stays where he is currently valued at
  7. I see the next vernon davis with this kid, have to think wherever he ends up is going to be a spot that is prepared to use him with the skill set he has. I doubt itll be a normal rookie TE situation where they have a tough time getting on the field due to the learning curve of blocking in the NFL. In one of my TE premium leagues I have 2,4,7,13,15 , Im going to make an effort to grab him
  8. tough to evaluate with his recent injury history and unknown future imo if healthy and the scoring system is balanced or tackle heavy, id have a hard time not thinking mid to late 1st
  9. i am old enough to remember when he was the 'bad' mike thomas
  10. this fournette is a bad fit in Car, he likely would not do well playing in the shotgun and i highly doubt theyre gonna make cam play in a way thats uncomfortable for him not sure what the actual numbers of total snaps outta the gun vs run plays from under center are, but i really doubt they are close in Car