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  1. 12 team ppr Team A gets - Ekelar, Z. Moss Team B gets - Tyreek, random 3rd
  2. its a bad move thanks for coming to my ted talk
  3. straight up who do we like more, and why? Shenault or Pittman
  4. How can you argue it doesnt change much? If it doesnt change much, then why do you want to reset?
  5. Sounds like you should just find an owner to replace you and leave that league. Then join another *shrugs*
  6. also, who are these people that "don't have time" for more than one league?
  7. 1st of all, I am not a fan of your idea, as proposed. However, I understand the wanting to shake it up feeling. A possible idea would be, put an end date on the current league. 3,4,5 years, whatever. At the same time, have a new startup, and that way, it doesnt completely screw teams in the other league, scratches the startup/new thing itch, and makes the not wanting to be in multiple leagues less bad. Thoughts? *if this was proposed already, sorry. only read so far before replying
  8. I doubt any NFL players (or very few) will opt out if there is a season. They likely wouldnt get paid at all, and still be under a contract similar to a holdout would be if they miss 'X' amount of games, so they wouldnt really gain any leverage imo
  9. Couple draft day moves 12 team TE prem ppr with IDPs received an offer of 7 total picks, 1.03, and 2.09, some 3's, 4's and a 5 , for Hopkins Was going to decline, but the 1st 2 picks were CEH and Ceedee, with Taylor somehow still there I took the offer overall net ended up being; JT, B. Edwards, Hamler, V. Jefferson, Herbert, Chase Young Traded one of the 4ths for Dede when it was otc
  10. got him at 7 in a 1 qb league this weekend... very strange
  11. 12 team ppr superflex Sent- Preston Williams Got- '21 2nd
  12. 12 team superflex what type of value are we placing on Kupp? He is easily my WR1 but my group is very poor as a whole. Kupp, Lockett, McLaurin would be my weekly starters. Looking to maybe move Kupp for a couple younger guys, or add to him to get a legit alpha