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  1. There just cant be an ultimate, end all be all strategy that works for every league size, roster size, format, etc. Its too dependent on so many variables. In general, I would lean toward studs vs depth. A situation where I wouldn't automatically be looking to move a high upside young guy for a current stud would be, if it hurt more than it helped. In the sense that it might help my team stay middling. Another would be if my starters made me week to week contenders, but the bottom of my roster was very high upside younger guys. If i have evans, julio and dez in a start 3 wr league, im not out there shopping corey coleman , who might be my wr 6 to upgrade my wr 4 spot, when in a year or two he could be a wr 1 or 2. A situation where i would entertain moving some youth for an established guy would be to keep an already competitive team strong. Id ideally be in a spot where my roster was still going to be solid for 2-3 more seasons, so i could move my next years 1, or a couple early picks for some solid production guys who have even higher upside. Just depends on your roster for me in most situations.
  2. you could take or leave hill or miller imo if there is a penalty to keep a player, it would greatly change my opinion would you be charged for 4 keepers if you only kept lace and KB?
  3. overall i like it, but you are pretty thin in a lot of spots, cant comment too much on your IDPs cuz idk the scoring but if you dont get enhanced scoring for DL then David is the only good one IMO I like mariota as your qb, dont like having 2 real life backups as your fantasy backups, one injury and you are in tough shape Rbs look to be thin, lewis and mathews are all but irrelevant perine and williams are unproven, woody is prolly fine wr starters look solid, im counting williams as a starter until white does something that matters, i like reynolds as a prospect but idk about his situation te looks great, love engram and gronk, i agree with a post above about you taking gronk where you did, but if he stays healthy no reason he cant be relevant for 6 more years
  4. IMO, its only an overpay if you have a hard time replacing those other points weekly you will likely come out just fine on you wr and rb points you lost, you will likely lose out on a decent amount of ppg from your qbs, but you can more easily pick up that slack with good team management weekly. If this is 1 qb, I think you paid a big price but you also got by far the best piece, in the best situation If 2 qb/ super flex and not dynasty, i like it less
  5. half play for the same team, and none are good. does it really matter?
  6. this belongs in the complaining about crappy offers thread
  7. I think mixon will be very good, and i want to like parker, but I think the side getting DJ is clearly the better side
  8. without any context or rosters, this is really, really bad for the team giving up allen IMO Allen > 1.03 1.09 = Moncrief (not in my actual opinion but that seems about his normal price) so the side giving up allen is giving up the 2.01 and another pick? I value mocrief as about the 2.01, so in that context, its even worse
  9. Taywan Taylor is wayyy late imo Zamora shouldnt have gone ahead of anyone he went ahead of The quality of available FAs makes this draft hard to guage
  10. QB is passable, more veteran depth would be nice though. Not sure what the deal with glennon will be and how much of a help he will be in case of a dak injury. RBs look good. May look to add one in the rookie draft. WRs are ok, may get a lot worse after this season. Obv fitz may fall off, Decker injury ?'s, which leaves you in a pretty bad spot since the rest of your core outside of manny is very young and unproven except thomas and meredith (sorta, qb concerns me tho) TE is ok, I think that if Howard is there at 1.07, or Engram/Njoku there at 2.04 you should entertain grabbing them. Any minute you could lose one or both of witten and walker. Higbee is an idiot and could do some off the field stuff that lands him in jail. Vance, i really like, but who knows how hoyer will play. The 1.07 range looks like this in most places ive seen, a range of Howard, Williams, Ross, Kamara. All these guys help in some way. I also think i would rank them in that order if they were all available, in terms of your teams make up.
  11. I feel like im the only one that hates CMC in Car. Goal line opps are likely in short supply, so we are hoping he has a lot of out of the back field passes, and dump offs I guess? I feel like Cam is statistically at the bottom of the league for stuff like that, but id have to go and research where i saw that at.
  12. if theyre not, they prolly should be, given the success the pitt backups have had in his absence dunno about early mid 2nd but late 2nd seems like an easy choice if youre a bell owner
  13. i agree
  14. If you need difference makers sooner, Id go Fournette first, mixon 3rd (assuming davis goes 2nd) If you are in a position where you can take a player that isnt an instant starter for you, then Davis may be the better long term option, and still get LF or Mixon at 3.
  15. I like this idea, Hopkins is almost 25, Thomas just turned 24, which is weird to think about since Hopkins has been in the league a bit. Id honestly lean Hopkins, and if Thomas made it to 14 just deal with having a tough decision that likely has not a lot of downside