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  1. Penny Good deal for both sides. I assume the side getting marty has bench space. D, A, B Gimme penny and collins gimme the package Packers Rbs side. But close. If Foreman was further along in his recovery I would take that side.
  2. This is a quote you would expect to see from Cleveland or something. Trade back into rd1 to grab a qb with seemingly no plan
  3. I have also seen him listed at 6'8'' in the past. Not sure which is correct.
  4. Fournettflix killed this startup
  5. 12 TM PPR, not involved. Building Stacks is Team B from the trade above Buildin' Stacks 3 gave up Collins, Alex BAL RB;Valdes-Scantling, Marquez GBP WR;Andrews, Mark BAL TE; Year 2019 Round 3 Draft Pick from Baba Yaga;Year 2019 Round 4 Draft Pick from Buildin' Stacks 3 A Team Has No Name gave up Montgomery, Ty GBP RB;Henderson, Carlos DEN WR;Reed, Jordan WAS TE
  6. Goofing around on Flea and I think I have a pretty good scoring system in place for what i am trying to do. Basically, award big pts for disaster plays and poor performances, etc But for players that play, so big penalty for inactives. Anyone have any experience with this type of format? Any suggestions?
  7. DLF has him at 46 overall, RB16 just behind guice and chubb. So something like 1.03-05 ish range in rookie picks. Might be a little rich for a non titans fan. I got him over this past season for what turned out to be the 1.12, tried to flip him and got no reasonable offers or counters.
  8. Im not super sure this is a great indicator of whether or not penny is good or not good. Mixon and Perine split carries, i think everyone agrees Mixon is/will be a better player. But in 2016 mixon played 2 more games, and had less carries, less TDs and more fumbles. Guice didnt beat out Fournette in games where Fournette was healthy. 2015 LF had 300 carries, to guice's 51. I think it just happens sometimes in college football. A coach is loyal to a guy, cares about seniority, or just has a system in place that works and they stick with it.
  9. disappeared is right, i feel like a pay attention to players who matter and I dont recall ever seeing or hearing about it
  10. not arrested, but still, seems like a pattern
  11. you just commenting on NFL players in general, or did Hunt hit a woman before? *nevermind thanks google
  12. aaaand he punched a guy in Ohio, per sleeperbot
  13. I think I agree. Situation is, I ended up with Ridley and I really am not that excited about him, but I understand he has at very least some perceived value. There are owners in my league who I think I could get a deal done with for 1 of the players in that list. Just curious what the Dyno community thinks. I could certainly hold/taxi. His value shouldn't drop much if at all in a year. I could likely easily flip him if I dont see something I like in a year. But I think that moving him for one of these guys could be a good move. Just not sure his value will ever reach that of cooks or landry, who are only 1-2 years older and already established.
  14. If moving Ridley, what needs to be added in your opinion on the Kirk or Jarvis side. Or added to Ridley for Cooks? Thanks
  15. Value rank these guys. 12 team ppr Ridley, Jarvis, Cooks, Kirk