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  1. When you need to point out that the offense was worse than normal, and also omit the other years of 1000+ 10+ production, i feel like its not a good argument. The giants offensive firepower in saquons rookie year is light years ahead of where the rams were in his 2nd year. More talented playmakers at almost every position. If saquon is running against as many stacked boxes as gurley was in year 1 and 2, i will delete my account
  2. Harry. Dont overthink this imo
  3. Pwingles

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Wentz, Dalton, Carr Was offered a 1st from a playoff team, could be anywhere from 9-12th. I took it. The pick will be worth way more during draft fever time, but having other capable qbs doesnt hurt either when making that decision
  4. Pwingles

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Lamar Jackson, 12 team, 1 qb leagues time to sell or HODL?
  5. i was recently offered a late 1st and mckinnon for him
  6. Pwingles

    [DYNASTY] Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    4 team league, no bench
  7. Team B has Russ and Trubisky still Team A has only liability streamers but is fairly strong elsewhere.
  8. 12 team, ppr deeper rosters, 1 qb Team A gets- Wentz Team B gets- '19 from current first place team, likely in the 10-12 range, and mike williams
  9. Pwingles

    N'Keal Harry - WR Arizona State

    Next Evans, imo
  10. Pwingles

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    Marlon Mack value in picks or comparable players? 12 team PPR, can start 1-3 RB
  11. Someone needs to start a gofundme so the jags can go get teddy
  12. Pwingles

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    ppr scoring Shady or DT?
  13. Pwingles

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    what would someone need to add to Ingram to get fournette? Assuming LF owner is only mildly worried and not full on panic mode