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  1. how much variance you think we are gonna see in guys like taylor and godwin's ADP once the draft is done, and likewise when the camp narratives and hype starts? i really think godwin is gonna be the steal of this draft
  2. went with the bolded in the first two deals, 3rd deal is pretty meh, seems like someone made a trade just to make one
  3. I think if you had say, the 1.09 in a 12 teamer, if im in the 4 or 5 and i dont have a look at LF or Cook or some sort of deperate need that needs to be addressed, im listening to that offer from the 4(maybe) or 5 hole. Gonna be some good players left there, and any need I needed to fill could still be done.
  4. In the league in question where the offers were coming from, he finished RB 14, 73 overall. Its ppr with TE premium. DJ was no1 rb and no 5 overall, 406.8 total pts, vs 206.1 pts, sandwiched between gurley and lat murray. Those figures are just for some reference since your figures were non ppr. I think his arrow is pointing up, I like him as a player, and have basically nothing invested in him. I took him in the startup a couple years ago and have just been sitting on him really. Nobody in this league is as high on him as i am tho, so getting a 1 is pretty much out of the question at this point and time. Might just be a better move to hang onto him. Just worried the browns do some really brownsy thing and take an rb at 12, then his value is all but shot this season.
  5. I think he is likely worth a mid to late 1st in most leagues. This classes depth might make it difficult to move him for that this year tho
  6. 12 team ppr, not involved team a gets - K white, T Lockette teamb gets - 1.09
  7. So effectively you turned the 1.01, 2018 1st and a 2018 3rd into; 1.07, 1.08, 1.12, 2.02, 2.04, 2.08, 3.02, 3.07 not bad
  8. 12 team, PPR, TE premium Q/1-2 RB/3-5WR/1-2TE Team A gets 1.01, '18 1st likely early to mid Team B gets 1.04, Corey Coleman
  9. I think in a perfect storm of teams needing RB help and then drafting in a need based way, its not impossible for him to slip in that scenario. Its just so unlikely and also, not smart IMO But yeah, I agree he is not really ever falling to 6 unless some time between now and then some weird injury or character concern shows up
  10. i dont see too many scenarios where he falls that far, regardless of league format
  11. This is progress, it gives us some insight as to how you negotiate. The problem is, the answer is not $100. The answer is to tell that person to set themselves on fire. It makes sense to me, why this series of events doesnt make sense to you now
  12. thats what i was thinking, except D Rob was not the #71 player in ANY league last year soooo
  13. if i offered you $1 for $100, what would your counter be?