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  1. No way. Could you imagine if your team was neck-and-neck with five other teams for the final play-off spot and one or more of your stars has to sit?
  2. There are only two things that strike true cold fear in me. These are one of them.
  3. 1982-1983 Rush- Signals Night Ranger- Midnight Madness ZZ Top- Eliminator Def Leppard- Pyromania Journey- Frontiers
  4. Holy ####balls! What an amazing movie! So many moments of absolute awesomeness.
  5. I'll take it a step further. Cream Cheese does not belong in any desert. Period. Only in savory foods.
  6. Awesome sandwich...but I'll take a well executed Cuban or Lobster Roll over it any day.
  7. It's all good. I find that maple is one of those flavors that you either really love...or really don't. I just don't like the chemical aftertaste of fake syrups.
  8. Smoked Gouda cheese tops all others. Not close.
  9. Saturday Night Fever when I was 13. Both of my boys were shown Fast Times at Ridgemont High when they turned 13. Neither would admit to me if they had seen an R rated movie prior to that.
  10. He puts a lot in the offering plate...
  11. Both of you guys are nailing the good reasons. Let me add one more. I've been asked in interviews 'why would I choose to be a manager'. My answer was pretty simple. There's nothing like taking a kid off the streets, out of high school (or maybe still in) and developing him into a manager and watching him (or her) succeed. Or taking someone who is "challenged" and giving them a purpose in life through the job. No amount of money can beat that.
  12. Joe, it's not all about the money. It's also very much about the manager. You could pay me $100, but if you are a bad manager- I'll walk in a heartbeat. I have no doubt that I would work for you without question- even if you paid me less than another restaurant. For these reasons: 1- You are principled. Over and over again, I've seen you stick to your principles without waivering. 2- You have a great communication style. You have a way to get to the heart of an issue and asking questions before making demands. 3- You have a great work ethic. I can tell this by the businesses you've built and the people you attract. 4- You care. It has shown here many times when you have agonized over decisions, but at the end of the day, when a decision needed to be made- you made it. Many restaurants are run by people that don't have people skills, or can't figure out how to get people to do things. I've seen managers that hole up in their office, leaving supervisors or lead associates to run the after day. And there is a direct correlation in turnover percent. If you have great people skills, and set a great example with your personal work ethic, you will retain a good core group of associates. But you will always have the fringe associates that turn on a regular or semi-regular basis.
  13. You are right. It's all in how you balance your budget. The biggest two expenses are always food and labor, but there are other factors such as rent/mortgage, equipment costs, electricity, credit card usage fees, etc. And labor is not just what you pay in hourly wages, it also includes benefits, unemployment insurance, holiday pay. Any way you cut it, the total profit margin is pretty thin and mis-managing any of them can ruin you really quick. ETA- Oh yeah...serving alcohol can change things up as well. High profit margin, but a whole slew of other issues. Especially if you get a slick bartender that decides to go in business for your bar.