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  1. With Burfict gone for the year, Nicholas Morrow might be a good target. 6-1 with a TFL and a PD yesterday.
  2. Denzel Perryman returned. Of course, from my experiences with him, it won't be long before he's injured again.
  3. Jenna Laine ESPN Staff Writer A source confirms that the Bucs are placing safety Justin Evans on IR but with the possibility that he can return to the active roster later in the season, as first reported by The Athletic. In order to do so, he'll have to sit out eight games. This wasn't a major surprise. Evans has suffered multiple setbacks with his feet and an Achilles injury. If Jordan Whitehead is on your waiver wire...go get him. 7 Tackles and 1 Assist week 1.
  4. Someone to keep an eye on tonight is Nicholas Morrow. I heard whispers at the end of camp that he's pushing for play time. Josey Jewel could also be a target, but Todd Davis being out might skew his results.
  5. I just saw on twitter that he was in on 42% of snaps. I won't be of much help with DL as our league plays a team DL vs. individual DLs.
  6. So...who are we going after? A couple that I have on my radar: LB- Neville Hewitt- Mosely with a groin injury LB- Cole Holcomb S- Tracy Walker- 9 Tackles + INT CB- Tre Flowers- 9 Tackles, 1 Assist + Fumble Recovery Who's on your radar?
  7. Don't forget Duke Johnson. Until Houston gets another RB, he has the lead role.
  8. The average number of transactions for each team in our league is about 119 for the season, which is about 7 per week. Last year, I did almost 200 waiver moves. The draft will get you about 40 percent there- it's the waiver wire/trade management that wins a championship. No different than any other league. For what it's worth, the waiver wire is pretty cut-throat in our league.
  9. I know times have changed and line-up stuff is easier to access, but, again, those in my league who have done both MUCH prefer the best-ball format to choosing line-ups. It's not close. I think there is a misconception that Best Ball is draft and forget. We still do waivers and trades through the season. It's not a draft and forget thing. All you are doing is replacing the choosing players that week with having your best players score for you. Everything else is the same. Also, half my league does work regularly on Sundays and don't have quick access to make changes on the fly. Especially between 10am and 2pm when all the last minute news and GTD's are hitting the wire. Gotta love the restaurant world.
  10. Myfantasyleague supports it. We've been doing it for several years now. Would never go back to choosing lineups.
  11. No way. Could you imagine if your team was neck-and-neck with five other teams for the final play-off spot and one or more of your stars has to sit?
  12. There are only two things that strike true cold fear in me. These are one of them.
  13. 1982-1983 Rush- Signals Night Ranger- Midnight Madness ZZ Top- Eliminator Def Leppard- Pyromania Journey- Frontiers