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  1. Overall, I support the BLM message, but I'm also in the camp of "Not during the Anthem". I think that by allowing that, you open the door for the next "important movement", and the next, and the next, until the playing of the anthem simply becomes a musical protest moment. What if the NFL could provide 30 seconds of screen time on the jumbotrons following the anthem for the players to get their message across? To me, that would be far more impactful.
  2. Joe, I'm in the camp of "What you sent was perfectly fine." Yeah, I understand that this is a football site, but once in a blue moon, other stuff in life transcends football and the escape it provides. You're the owner of this site...but you're also human. It's ok to vent about an event like this. And for those that don't care to read it, it takes almost zero effort to scroll past those five paragraphs.
  3. Cookies in a close battle. 1- Nothing beats a fresh chocolate chip cookie right out of the oven. Just edges out French Silk Pie...but... 2- I can make French Silk cookies 3- Cookies can be frosted like a cake 4- Cream cheese in desserts is disgusting- so you can have your cheesecake 5- I can make fruit flavored cookies as well- Love fruit flavors, can't stand the pulp/texture of fruit pieces 6- Can keep at room temp/easier to travel with than pie or cake Truth is, it would be super tough to choose between cake, pies and cookies, but gun to the head...cookies win.
  4. LOL!! Any self-pleasure never happens in front of a no leverage and how I knew it was just a scam. Besides, webcam is taped over.
  5. Got the same e-mail a couple of years ago. Did nothing. Nothing further happened.
  6. Yeah, we kinda figure at this point there is about a 2% chance it'll actually happen, but at the speed things have happened, we agreed to wait until June and see what it looks like then. My guess is that we'll re-schedule for next year. Personally, I don't care much for cruises, but my wife loves them and this has been on our bucket list for years. It was this or a trip to Italy.
  7. That's like IHOP for me. Every time I've eaten there, within an hour it's coming back out.
  8. McDonalds Quarter Pounder w/cheese. Arby's Chicken Cordon Blue Arby's Beef and Cheddar
  9. We have an Alaskan cruise booked for late July out of Seattle. It was supposed to be our 30th anniversary celebration and was booked prior to this blasted pandemic. We agreed to wait until June before we decided whether to cancel or re-schedule for a future date.
  10. Not to take away from you're list, but I just discovered this and thought it was cool. US Army band covering Time Stand Still. Just wanted to share with Rush fans.
  11. I'm pretty sure it would have to be Top 20 for me. I tried to make a homemade CD (turned into 2) once of just my favorite Rush tunes and at 85 minutes per CD, I could only fit about 16 on there. I had a devil of a time picking the final few. I'm also pretty sure that we would all have a different mix. I've found that as I grow older, my favorites have changed a lot. When my son was in percussion, he made me look at Rush in a whole new way, and songs that I once skimmed over became favorites. Again- thanks Ghost Rider for doing this. Still look for this thread first when I get home from work.
  12. I work in a grocery store, so I think I'm pretty safe. Wife has worked from home for years for Wells Fargo. She's safe.
  13. Hey Ghost Rider, thanks for doing this thread! As a life-long Rush fan, I've been following along and look forward to it every time I check back into the forum. Just wanted to pass that along.
  14. bad. I just skimmed quick and misunderstood. Carry on...