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  1. PPR can be easily balanced by also giving points for number of rushes. We give .4 points per rush (as long as the running back has more than 4 rushes) and 2 points per reception. It balalnces the WR's and RB's pretty nicely.
  2. I watched this game. Sean Lee had at least 4 instances where he had the tackle dead to rights, but the player blew right through him. He also seemed to be out of position several times, which is very unlike him. I think he got benched in the third quarter, but I saw him back in there during the fourth. TBH, he looked done.
  3. Canasta for me. Taught by my grandmother.
  4. LOL...I actually Copied the wrong link and got another guy doing the song. That's what I get for posting at 4am. Here's the right link.
  5. U2 covered it
  6. Stop Dragging My Heart Around Free Fallin' Jammin' Me
  7. Let's Go Crazy Purple Rain Darlin' Nicky
  8. Where the Streets Have No Name Sunday, Bloody Sunday Father Christmas
  9. Runnin' with the Devil Right Now Jump
  10. Yep. We pay about $80 a season. I usually sign up by June for an extra $10 off.
  11. I do this exact type of league. We use MyFantasyLeague. We have a live, on-line draft as most of the members are from Charlotte, but we have a couple from Florida. We also do best-ball with weekly head-to-head.
  12. My biggest pet peeve is the guy who tells you he's playing all summer, that he's super excited...then no-shows for the draft and won't answer his phone.
  13. I like most of your list with a few exceptions: Moving Pictures, Signals and Clockwork Angels are the three albums that I can listen to from beginning to end and enjoy every single song, so I have them 1-2-3. All the rest have at least one song that I consider "meh" and I skip over. Vapor Trails is very under-rated and I consider better than the three above it. Especially the song Ghost Rider. I would add Exit Stage Left as their live version of Jacob's Ladder is MUCH better than the studio version on Permanent Waves. These are all just little nit-picks and every Rush fan has their favorites. Most of your list is spot-on. For the record, Rush is the only band I know that could put on a three and half hour concert one night, do another the next night and never repeat a song. And you would have a great time at either one. I know, I know....I'm sure some will argue that...but I'm many beers down the road- so I thought I'd throw that out.
  14. I actually took the average over 5 years, but the past two years, receptions and yardage for WR and TE were significantly down. Closer to what you would have considered "normal" in the early 2000's. Generally, I don't react to single year swings, but I see a pattern where RB scoring is on the upswing. So, instead of just depending on yardage/receptions, I made first downs a slightly bigger part of scoring. It helps minimize the swings. Besides, our point of view is that getting a first down is important to the team in that it moves the chains and allows the team a better chance to score. Yeah, some insignificant players will get some points for scoring first downs, but by and large, the stars of the team get the majority of them. ETA- I re-read your post and get what you were referring to. When I began, I took a five year average but MFL would only give me the results of any changes for the past two seasons. I couldn't retroactively apply to years previous to that. Therefore, the numbers I posted were only for the last two seasons. Also, I had done the same work about 6 years ago and compared results, so I knew I wouldn't be just spit-balling it.