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  1. All good. You're right, Tackle is a much bigger need, but I would take one of the premier skill guys with one of the three firsts. Yeah, Clowney does want a lot, but there are several really good defensive players in free agency that could make a significant impact. There are also several guards and a couple of tackles out there as well. To me, This Free Agency class seems more loaded than usual. The point being that Tua's injury and the risk that it brings makes me look at different options. And Bridgewater is one of those options that I like.
  2. Like I said, I am certainly no expert...and don't pretend to be, but I am a fan of Bridgewater and think he's a pretty smart QB. I thought he did well for the Saints this year when given a chance to play. I'm just not sold on Tua and that hip injury. Especially if we have to try to move up to get him. Just my two cents- not that it's worth even a single penny. However, just for giggles- what if you could land in FA: QB- Bridgewater LB- Cory Littleton S- Anthony Harris Edge- Jadaveon Clowny Then, in the draft 5th pick- CD Lamb Picks 18 and 26- Best player Available You still have two 2nd round picks coming as well. I think the Dolphins could really upgrade by doing that. And if all else fails....there is that surfer-looking dude that plays for Clemson coming out next year. 😜
  3. Our league has used double headers for years in order to make an even schedule. We all hated it. This year, we are going to play-all to determine record. Every year, we seem to have a team or two make the play-offs by virtue of "schedule luck" (Have the second lowest score for the week...but just happen to be playing THE lowest scoring team). We called it the smoke and mirrors team. After the season, we took a vote and elected to go with play-all. As a side benefit, we can go with an odd-number of teams if that's the way things work out.
  4. I know I might be in the minority here, but if I were the GM, I would go after Bridgewater. He might not be as electrifying as Tua could be, but Tua's injury scares me. The Dolphins are in a terrific position to really turn their team around with the most cap space and 3 first round picks. With the cap room they have, they could land two or three high-impact free agents and then use their three first rounders to land best players available in the draft. Again, I'm certainly no expert, but as a fan, I could dig that scenario.
  5. If you like donuts. I got the best donut I've ever had in my life at Holy Donut in Portland. It was the Blueberry with Blueberry Glaze. Here's the link:
  6. If it's the one who won Super Bowl 3- then yes, that was him. It was just prior to the incident on air where he tried to kiss the reporter. To gain a little perspective, it was a night with thunderstorm delays and flights were several hours behind. The alcohol was flowing and everyone was making it a party. He was very much the life of that party and everyone had a good time. I said he was getting hammered, but it might have been just very well lit.
  7. One of the ones I came in here to post. Working at the airport I met a bunch and had short conversations with: Tom Cruise- He was shorter than I thought he would be Robert Irvine- Nice guy. Joe Namath- Got absolutely hammered in one of my restaurants and hit on just about every women there. But everyone had fun. Dan Marino- Totally arrogant Chris Carter- Rivals Sterling Sharpe (Met him, too. Shannon Sharpe was much cooler to talk with.) Todd Lyght- Cool guy to talk with. Was really fascinated with IDP concepts back in '94. Julia Roberts- Very nice, but really wanted to be incognito so our conversation lasted about three sentences. Jeff Gordon- Used to make pizza for him and Brooke. They would come in to my Pizza Hut after a race in Charlotte. Brooke was smoking hot, but a real #####. Ted Koppel- Erik Estrada- Dude was super cool and really wanted people to come up and ask for an autograph. Magic Johnson- Nice guy, but holed up in the corner of the restaurant on his phone. He didn't want folks bugging him. Those are the ones the come to mind right away. I'm sure I've met more.
  8. Yep. That's how I survived in my early 20's and in debt up to my eyeballs. But I was good enough at pool to own the table most of the night, drink all the beer I wanted, have dinner and maybe a few bucks extra...all for the initial cost of $1.25.
  9. The Jags would, just so they don't have to play against him. 🤣
  10. Props to your son on his drumming!! My son's first recital song that he played in front of an audience was Closer to the Heart. He chose that song because he could play the bells as well as the drums in the same song. He told me that he loved how Neil incorporated so many different percussion instruments in Rush's songs.
  11. This one hurts. I've been a life-long fan since I was a teen and discovered 2112. I've seen a bunch of their concerts and always came away amazed. The one thing I am glad of is that my son became a fan as well. He, being a percussionist in High School, took a particular liking to Neil. I took him to see Rush on the Clockwork Angels tour and will never forget how his jaw just dropped during the drum solos. RIP Neil. You will be missed by millions.
  12. Not to mention, Tannehill is pretty familiar with the Pats and their defenses. I'll take Tennessee.
  13. Bills are a tough "Blue Collar" team with a pretty good defense. I'll take defense over offense during the playoffs.