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  1. one team left. Miami let me know if you're interested...
  2. Hi, I am interested.  I run my own Dynasty league with idp going on 11 years.  

  3. 16 team Dynasty Startup recruiting for GM's - (5 teams taken) 25 starting positions. 11 IDP and 14 offense (including coach, punter and offensive team (OL)) 10 taxi squad 46 game day total roster spots $75 using league safe full salary cap league matching NFL Salary Cap Franchise tags Extensions 1 copy of each player Using AFC teams only at this time. 1 conference with 4 divisions Veteran startup AUCTION to be held in February. Rookie draft in May. Looking for GM's with IDP and salary cap experience AFC Dynasty League league bylaws located in the league links section - check 'em out! DM or email: if interested. Tell me about your experience including example leagues... Looking for active owners who plan to be around for awhile.