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  1. Sorry to hear about the passing of your father. T's and P's do you and your family.
  2. good list so favorites on the list right now, The Killing Moon and Do You Wanna Hold Me?
  3. That is really cool... Nice of you, the Rock, Roman.....👍
  4. Disagree, Sonny Jurgensen would be second. Had a worse winning % than Namath and Eli. Better stats than Namath though. Eli will get in, IMO.
  5. 2000 Miles- The Pretenders
  6. Desperate too....may role with JD over Ballage.
  7. He hurt his hammy.....doubtful for sunday per the score
  8. Adam Gase waits until the last day of practice, Friday, to give qb Luke Falk first team reps.