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  1. I drafted Yeldon with my last pick. Have Cohen or Drake to pair with him. I am 22 points in the lead for the final playoff spot. Time to sweat it every year.
  2. ugh!!!!
  3. i have to start him today. I have Fournette, Yeldon, Clement, and Cohen as my rb's. Hope today is the day he breaks out.....they need to give him the damn ball.
  4. Smells Like Teen Spirit Lounge Act Something In The Way
  5. I may be going for round 2. Went to round 2 in 2009 at Bethpage. Rooting for Phil to win......doubt it though.
  6. ALS is horrible......The Catch....RIP
  7. Joe's Pizza on Carmine St in the Village. its by the bball courts on West 4st and 6th ave. Great pizza......most pizza is great in NYC.....except the $1 pizza shops
  8. anytime if feel the slightest discomfort, i stop what i am doing and then stretch a little. I haven't had pain like I did back in October, thankfully. I do a lot of stretching. I follow a couple of doctors on YouTube. I joined Planet Fitness and use their massage chairs and their hydromassage table.. I feel a lot better. Playing some golf now....well just pitch and putt, so far no back issues. Will have to look into getting a new pillow.....anything to feel better and avoid a flare up. Best of luck to all those suffering from back pain and sciatica.
  9. Rudy's in Hells Kitchen. Cheap hot dogs....gets a good crowd...old and young....tourists.