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  1. I remember a few years back there was articles and an optimizer for CFL posted weekly. Is this still going on? I cannot find it anywhere if it. Any suggestions?
  2. What are the differences and which one do you guys recommend? I have used the Classic for years with great success. Last year I used the Dominator and have mixed opinions on it. I usually use one of these during my drafts.
  3. Anyone have one of these i can use? Thanks been looking everyone and cannot seem to find one this year.
  4. Do not do this trade. This is one sided. Ty will keep his volume as he's still a top tier wr. Freeman will lose value as coleman comes back. Gio isn't a bad rb2 when you have those wrs. One word of wisdom. Scour the waiver daily for rbs. You will find those one week gems.
  5. Which GPPs to play? Which ones have the best chance to pay out? How to tell which contests are worth playing?
  6. Who are you drafting late that poses the best values? PPR.
  7. Does anyone have an mfl10 roster where they took both luck and gronk that they can post on here?
  8. Could anyone lend a hand for my next two picks? This is my team so far. Im at pick 12.12 and 13.01 Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB 335.2 11 7.01 Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB (S) 354.5 11 1.01 Gordon, Melvin SDC RB ® - 10 2.12 Ivory, Chris NYJ RB 141.6 5 8.12 Spiller, C.J. NOS RB 62.6 11 3.01 Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR 268.9 9 6.12 Tate, Golden DET WR 251.6 9 5.01 Watkins, Sammy BUF WR (P) 188.8 8 4.12 Wright, Kendall TEN WR 158.0 4 9.01 Allen, Dwayne IND TE 116.5 10 11.01 Witten, Jason DAL TE
  9. I don't think its really worth it in a best ball league. I just dont think the value your gaining at tight end outweighs the value your losing at WR or RB where you could get Graham, your losing out on guys like Lamar Miller, CJ Spiller, Brandin Cooks and several others. You could grab Dwayne Allen in the 12th and a flier and be set.
  10. My first of many to come. How do you rate it? Bradford, Sam PHI QB (Q) - 8 13.08 Brees, Drew NOS QB 340.0 11 7.08 Mariota, Marcus TEN QB ® - 4 16.05 Anderson, C.J. DEN RB 180.6 7 1.08 Ellington, Andre ARI RB 177.5 9 3.08 Foster, Arian HOU RB 263.2 9 2.05 Ivory, Chris NYJ RB 141.6 5 10.05 Sproles, Darren PHI RB 139.8 8 12.05 Cooper, Amari OAK WR ® - 6 6.05 Hawkins, Andrew CLE WR 151.6 11 20.05 LaFell, Brandon NEP WR (P) 198.3 4 8.05 Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR (P) 179.1 5 5.08 Matthews, Jordan PHI WR 177.7 8 4.05 Royal, Eddie CHI WR 167.7 7 14.05 Allen, Dwayne IND TE 116.5 10 11.08 Hill, Josh NOS TE 61.6 11 9.08 Williams, Maxx BAL TE ® - 9 15.08 Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def 111.0 7 17.08 Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def 115.0 6 18.05 Titans, Tennessee TEN Def 94.0 4 19.08
  11. I just got Big Ben at 8.09, he's going to be a monster this year and easily a top 5.
  12. I love him, ever since he was a rookie against the rams, I knew he would be good. Now I have learned to avoid him because his injuries worry me too much. This is so unfortunate because as you can see, when he plays hes great.