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  1. Good point. But the optics on this fight seem worse. The fact that it continued down the tunnel and didn't fizzle quickly doesn't bode well for Fournette IMO.
  2. Pats have been chewing time all night. You gotta score but this is too much time.
  3. If Gordon can stay healthy (in all ways) that connection with Brady could be brutal.
  4. Corey Grant got moved to the IR. Sounds like this is a depth move for the Jags. With Fournette banged up, Charles might see a few carries a week. Probably more of a boost for Yeldon who won’t have to should entire load.
  5. BB is more of a special teamer than a running back for what it's worth.
  6. James White looking good. Looks like another year of requiring a crystal ball if you want to use the Pat's backfield.
  7. lol I do this specifically to troll people. I'll toss in a "he's gonna be good this year" and a "wow he was still on the board?" to mix it up a little.
  8. Wow. That sounds incredibly and unnecessarily complex.... but it's your league heh. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the cap and waivers. So say you want RB"X" on waivers and you have 10$ left after the draft. Is ten the max you can bid on RB "X"? Is it not a FAAB system but a waiver system? In which case, where are the values for WW players coming from? Wait I think I got it: you pick up RB X for 10$, but you're already maxed on your cap, so you have to drop 10$+ worth of players. In that case, what's the max you can bid on a FA? Is it 200$ (in which case you'd have to drop your entire team)? Seems like this system makes the WW an extremely convoluted and complex process that can easily be tanked by a doofus who doesn't want to compete anymore and I'm not sure what the "gain" is.
  9. This doesn't sound typical of anything TBH. Are you sure you don't have a separate purse for FAAB?