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  1. At least we know his floor is *checks notes* negative 3 points.
  2. Possible that HOU is looking to move either Duke or Hyde to NYG and CJ would be the replacement?
  3. Good point. But the optics on this fight seem worse. The fact that it continued down the tunnel and didn't fizzle quickly doesn't bode well for Fournette IMO.
  4. Pats have been chewing time all night. You gotta score but this is too much time.
  5. If Gordon can stay healthy (in all ways) that connection with Brady could be brutal.
  6. Corey Grant got moved to the IR. Sounds like this is a depth move for the Jags. With Fournette banged up, Charles might see a few carries a week. Probably more of a boost for Yeldon who won’t have to should entire load.