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  1. I'll add my draft pick misery to the pot. Last 4 years 10 teams the highest pick I've had was #4 and that happened once. I've been playing FFPC since 2012 and only once did I get the first pick. Anyway this is from last night pick 11 Mahomes JG Sanders, RoJo, Breida, Harris, Lewis, Davis Julio, Juju, Diggs, Pettis, Humphries, Agholor Cook, Graham, Lacosse Butker Balt/Denver Here's to the waiver wire RBs!
  2. Ben, Watson Lynch, Hyde, Perkins, Stewart, Rodgers, Perine, Lewis Odell, Dez, DHop, John Brown, White, Golladay Walker, Bennett, Miller Santos, Steelers Can't decide if I like this team.