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  1. So awesome you no longer post at FBG, thank you for your consideration.  :hifive:

  2. He must be rostered in all leagues right? Hammys are bad and we know Houston has some experience with them, do they hold Foster out longer?
  3. If Ellington can get to 20 touches a game consitantly, I think the odds of him being a RB1 are great, really great. But if he keeps getting 12-18 without a TD like he has, he may just hang around RB2/3. His potential is up there, they just dont use him when they need to, the offensive play calling is pretty bad in Arizona.
  4. What are the predictions some have Jackson this week?
  5. Rolling with Harry Douglas over either Kelvin Benjamin or Reggie Bush in one league. He's guaranteed to screw you all now though, sorry. Me too. Going with Harry Dugless over Colston and Benjamin.
  6. With Tavon Austin hurt and all the other WRs not named Quick a pile of stink, how does he look value wise? I know Austin is a young QB, but he may rely on a guy like Bailey for catches.
  7. According to NFLN, a new drug policy has been reached, it is breaking news on their screen.
  8. I hope he keeps his pace of 15 targets a week, white WRs get very little respect for some reason from NFL DBs. They may pay attention now. Drafted him in every league and traded for him in every dynasty if I didnt already have him. Just excited, carry on.
  9. I thought his license was just suspended The company is letting a guy on a suspended license drive a car? There must be a start date on his suspension or something. If not, he is already starting to make bad choices again.
  10. I wouldnt give last nights dump for Richardson, let alone a guy who is on his way back to elite fantasy value.
  11. No, you don't. I love how you cut down quotes to mis leads people, you, ojaays, rizzler and Soulfly do the same thing. Hmmm. How many alias can one have on a message board?
  12. he mad. I notice that was in response to something you said. Hmmm, convenient you left that out. If one thing can be said for Soulfy, facts and him dont get along. You are wrong and have been wrong from the moment he got suspended. Deal with it. Denial is awesome.
  13. Multiple posts by Soulfly in here saying 4-6 games. More importantly to him, he's a Browns fan, he gets their best player back. Soulfly may not have been 100% correct, but all the haters were 100% wrong. For me, I can only laugh at the uneducated people that come in here, with their bias opinion, and tried to make this about Soulfly. I come here to talk football, and maybe edumacate some of the less worthy posters that need to know stuff. Are you his keeper or the same person? Also, I laugh at the uneducated people coming in here and not realizing Soulfly is making this about Soulfly. I know people who play in leagues with you, from what I hear you need the edumacation. So maybe you should talk less and listen more.
  14. What did you get banned for? Last time I noticed you here, you were (for you) on model behavior? I dont have a clue what he got banned for. Oh, and I already got a PM from Soulfly with his excitement. Get this out of the way now, quote me where before Gordons suspension of the time Soulfly said the CBA would be changed and that is what would allow Gordon to play? I thought so, he is a bias Gordon owner who said he wouldnt get suspended, he did. Said his appeal would be over turned, it didnt. Then he said Gordon would sue, he didnt. Now after the new deal that will be in place, he will still be suspended and is only getting out of it not because of his own actions or the league was wrong, but because the NFLPA exhausted every possible resource to get him off before having to make back room deals. While Gordon may play and even I am happy about that, you have not been correct about anything what so ever at any point. Glad you are excited though, good to see you happy and upbeat after having to be silenced. In the face of devastating intellect and logic like this, I hope Soulfly doesn't crawl under his bed. he wrote a novel which in the end still says "his methods may have been off, but his answer was correct" #SoulflyLife So, he will still end up suspended, which you said he wouldnt? how are you correct in any way?