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  1. I just remember Nick Foles targeting Nelson Agholor like his life depended on it at the start of last season when Wentz was out. Huge PPR upside for this guy. He's like Julian Edelman but 4-5 rounds later.
  2. Wait until he gets his annual injury and trade for him dirt cheap
  3. I'm gonna be so mad if I don't get any Tyreek shares this season. It looks like he's gonna be so much fun to own. I have one more draft. If I don't get him then, I might just join another league and reach for him, lol
  4. How bad of a teammate could he be? I thought for sure Seattle would keep him for the RB depth
  5. I was hoping to get Bibbs after waivers, but I guess I'll have to use a waiver now...
  6. Every Booker owner should have Bibbs as the handcuff, but he's not worth paying attention to for anyone else.
  7. I would try to trade Reed ASAP before more bad news comes out. A lot of people might now realize how serious this could be. Also in Yahoo his projections are still up as if he'll be okay. I'm trying to package him and upgrade at another position.
  8. Before this week I was trying to trade Beckham for AJ Green. I would still do that. Maybe package him for Antonio Brown if you can?
  9. I am giving up on Dixon for now. West looks too good at the moment. Dixon might have end-of-season potential but I'm probably gonna need the roster spot for other players.
  10. Rawls is done for the foreseeable future. Maybe, maybe he makes some noise toward the end of the season but it would be silly to waste a roster spot for that. You have to adapt and move on quickly in fantasy, or you'll be left behind.
  11. The Sunday and Monday night games are the best place to find potential adds before they shoot up the waiver lists. If fringe players on your bench disappoint during the main Sunday games, drop them immediately and take chances on guys, especially on backup RBs with potential. McKinnon last week, Howard this week. Worst case scenario, you drop them afterwards. I try to keep one flexible roster spot for spec adds like these
  12. Good news: C-Mike is finally "the man". Bad news: Seattle offense still has massive issues. Don't let this Niners game fool you
  13. Wentz > Bortles. I'm making the move now and taking no chances
  14. Think about it. If he continues to plays QB, then he gets to throw it *to* Josh Gordon. Plus, at WR he won't have defenses focused on him too much. My gut feeling tho, it's all Miami's fault. They are the same defense that made Dak Prescott and Jimmy Garoppolo look like Pro Bowlers