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  1. MGM. Wow. Been quite a ride since I bought a chunk at $22.06. I should have put an order in to sell at $23. JFC.
  2. Yep, received. I'm still trying to put my gratitude into words. You crushed it GB. Pics soon.
  3. I read the article. Sorta meh. I even thought it could help CYDY get some attention. No such thing as bad press. Personally, I don't really care if NP is dragged through the mud a bit. Again, I'm here because of Patterson and others, not because of NP.
  4. Article doesn't say she backed him, but does suggest she has access to $ (she funded his trips to China, whatever that means...unusual language to describe how a married couple spends their money). I do think it possible, maybe likely, she bankrolled his purchase, and he leveraged that to become the CEO. Again, he's not where he is based on merit.
  5. This is what I've read, but didn't want to pass along something I can't substantiate. His wife bought the drug, allowing him to install himself as CEO. Makes sense.
  6. Yeah, same dude. How he wound up CEO of this company remains a mystery, but I stand firmly that it was not on merit. I think he had access to some deep pockets very close to him.
  7. I'm a bit on the Capella train here though. We have a drug that might be helpful with an outstanding safety record. People are dying, no different than folks with "terminal" cancer who are down to last resorts. LL qualifies. Trials can continue, but seems to me that someone should package a thousand vials of the stuff, get on a plane to a country with more lax regulations, and find a testable population to see if this stuff works. I'll sell all my CYDY at my current loss if this means we can go back to some normalcy. I'd like to take a vacation, see my kids in school, go to work in person... Maybe it's not a miracle drug, but we're not taking the most expeditious route to finding out, and COVID is a raging freight train hitting us disproportionately harder than much of the developed world. Not even close really.
  8. Trump is running out of time. If LL is going to help him, he's going to need 10,000s doses administered soon if he's going to influence the election in his favor. That's not looking likely. And if LL can't help him get reelected, I'm not sure he GAF. But others do; what can they influence?
  9. In the UK press release, this little gem: The Company will subsequently prepare requests for pre-submission meetings in European Union member countries. If I'm the USG, I'd be getting a little anxious about this.
  10. An hour before Sara Eisen posted about CYDY, she posted this. Then the BP, CYDY, LL peeps hit her so hard that she seems to have actually looked up CYDY, prompting the follow-up tweet. We say that we aren't well known, but hardly a MAB discussion goes by without the LL army mentioning LL in spades. I see it all over the internet. We get more play than many, many MABs. And yet, we can't get out of a hole. I don't like conspiracy theories, but I believe something/someone may be working against us. The drug is safe and may save lives. Give it to people in need and let's see if it works. On the other hand, we are a $2.5 billion with no revenues. Maybe we are where we should be.
  11. From another board: played a bit with the numbers to see how statistical significance works tool used: settings: two-sided, 95% confidence so far DSMB looked into result (after 28 day passed) for ~100 patient data it's 2:1 Leronlimab to placebo ratio, let's work with 66 in Leronlimab arm and 33 in placebo arm assume 30% mortality for critically ill patents source: thus expect ~10 deaths in placebo arm QUESTION1: what death rate in Leronlimab arm is the limit of p=0.05 significance at current sample size (~100)? QUESTION2: assuming death rate for the Leronlimab arm be HALF of the death rate of the placebo arm, what sample size is needed for statistical significance? QUESTION3: what death rate in Leronlimab arm is the limit of p=0.05 significance at sample size of 1000? ANSWER1: placebo 10 death out of 33, lerolinmab X death out of 66 X=8 is the limit for significance and the death rates are placebo: 10/33=30%, lero: 8/66=12% that is, the death rate for Lero must be 2.5 times lower at this sample size ANSWER2: 14 death out of 46 in placebo arm and 14 death out of 92 in Leronlimab arm is the limit for the results be statistically significant ANSWER3: placebo 100 death out of 333, lerolinmab X death out of 666 X=160 is the limit for significance and the death rates are placebo: 100/333=30%, lero: 160/666=24% that is, the death rate for Lero must be 1,25 times lower at this larger sample size ==> the sample size DOES matter and matters a LOT that is in order to win, you need 2 things at least: 1. a good drug (according to Dr. BP we have it) 2. LOT of data the negativity from Citron and Co. here does 2 things: 1. bashes the stock price, that is hurting CYDY's ability to finance the trials --> less data 2. destroys patience confidence --> less data some experts is statistics should comment and correct if I'm on the wrong track...