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  1. Ballparking: 10k in appliances (range, hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave) 15k for cabinets 5k for countertops 4k for hardwood floor 2k for lights 1k for cabinet hardware 3k for who knows what
  2. Got a contractor on the fence on helping us with a kitchen renovation. He and I have spoken and walked through the job. Estimating about $40k in appliances, flooring, tile, etc., leaving about $35k for labor. We'd really like this guy to do the job (he's done work for us before and did my friend's house and business kitchens). After initially being very interested, he's being non-committal. He seems a bit worried about finishing his current job and then wants to move on to a personal job at a second home. So, I'm thinking of offering him a $2,500 cash bonus for taking and completing the job between March 1 and April 30. Question for you all. Do people do this? Does it work? Is $2,500 reasonable? Too much? Too little? What else should I consider?
  3. Finally closed this earlier this week. What an ordeal. Can't believe I've been working this thing for about 4 months. FYI, our appraisal was a grand (Bay Area).
  4. He's got the macho coach-talk part down. But pull back the curtain, and we see he's a bit of a dope. He's celebrated for winning a single Super Bowl, when he really should be admonished for not having figured out how to use Aaron to have at least two more appearances, and maybe as many more wins. He's a coattail rider. I love the fact that he's with Dallas. I hope he stays there for a decade.
  5. Repost for @wilked Actually, I do have a non-contact voltage tester, or at least a "pen" that tells me if a wire is hot or not. But these are hot for sure. I use that light bulb. Yes, we are finishing the attic and one of the roof windows is going exactly where those wires are. We are rewiring the entire attic space, so we plan to abandon what's there in K&T. I'll probably cut it out. There is only one receptacle but we need about a dozen, we are putting in 4" cans for lights, and maybe a couple sconces. Need some electrical for the TV on one wall, etc. But, what I need now is to clear this line so the guys can install the roof window and that job starts next Thursday. I'm trying to get an electrician here without much luck.
  6. Thanks for the response Wilked. Always appreciate your input. I do not have a non-contact voltage tester. I can turn off the fuse for this circuit (old school glass fuse that I'll unscrew), but the circuit also powers our master bathroom and the ceiling light in my son's room. Suppose we could use extension cords for all that, but my wife might divorce me in the process. Here are pics. Run goes to ligh tbulb Run from center of room that goes to light bulb
  7. Roofers get here next week. In addition to the roof, the crew is installing 4 roof windows and 2 skylights. I've been working in the attic for a couple days now, rebuilding the knee wall framing for electrical and added stability. I look up and CRAP, there is old knob and tube wire running through the rafters right in the spot we plan to put one of the roof windows. So, wondering what I can do to the knob and tube. Can I cut the two lines, pull it out of the rafters (the lines end at a light switch that I can't access), then tie the lines together and put the lines in separate junction boxes? We are replacing the electrical, but that's a few weeks out easy. I just don't know about this stuff. Any electrical expertise would be awesome. Thanks!
  8. I can't send your PM for the t-shirt contest.

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  9. I have a similar problem with my back. L5 disk is all but gone. My doctor gave me the same information as you. He said at some point I need to contact a neuro surgeon to discuss but told me that success rate was meh and that I would likely get relief for a year or 2. Sucks. What kind of meds are you being prescribed? My doc put me on dilaudid.