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  1. One more thing to get and then the package goes out. Shooting for shipping middle of next week.
  2. I grew up in Wisconsin, and clearly, my stalker has some strong Wisconsin roots. I could not be happier. What a score! And check out the hat I get to wear to the parade today and at the block party after. Perfect for the 4th. Only hard part will be making sure I get home with it still on my head (I'm not working tomorrow). I haven't lived in WI for 30 years; friends have told me for years about New Glarus beers. I've never had one. That ends Saturday night when my good buddy who has a great appreciation for beer comes over. What a treat. And the shirts rock too! Thanks GB. You killed it! Haul Hat close up New Glarus beers Glasses
  3. (there's no master list afaik so not sure if these have been mentioned) Looking forward to seeing where some of these shake out: Sweet Virginia Fingerprint File Hundred Years Ago Sister Morphine Torn and Frayed Loving Cup Jigsaw Puzzle
  4. Thanks for getting me in badmojo! Beer: yes Liquor: yes Weed: no Hats: yes (prefer trucker, snapback) T-shirt: prefer regular type shirt, not jersey knit; also probably won't wear racy or offending shirts (I'm in full dad mode these days; soccer games, gymnastics, etc.)
  5. Too late to get in? Can't believe I missed it this year. I think I'm an original.
  6. I've called into question fantasy football "expertise" for two decades on this site (actually I hardly post/care anymore). Fantasy expert is a sham of a title. That said, Waldman is legit. Outstanding analysis of plays, players and coaching calls, broken down with great use of video. I read and watch his stuff during the season, and pretty much skip the rest. He helps people understand the game better.
  7. Not only am I Bose NC headphone guy, I'm also neck pillow guy and small-travel-pillow guy. I do the coast-to-coast 12x/year, plus some other travel here and there. I've taught myself to sleep on planes with the pillows. i actually don't put the neck pillow on my neck, I wedge it between the seat and window, and then I use the small pillow to make a flat surface. I don't mind looking like I'm high maintenance if I can sleep. That's an easy trade off. And another plug for Marriott. Outstanding customer service, great variety of brands, easy to book reward stays with points. And they made me lifetime platinum last year even though I was still short of the mark. I do have the Chase card. Safe travels dudes.
  8. Bought a 13 lb prime-grade prime rib roast at CostCo. I believe it was $11.49/lb or thereabouts. Too big for Xmas dinner for 8, so sliced off some very nice steaks on each end for later use. Wound up with maybe an 8 lb roast after trimming. Butter, thyme, mexican oregano, black pepper blended into a paste and layered on the roast. Sticks very easily to the meat (which had air-dried in the refrigerator over 5 days, by the way). 500 degrees for 25 minutes over a pan containing mirepoix, garlic, beef broth and red wine. Smoked like a mother but all good. Then convection at 350 until internal temp hit 120. Took it off for 30 min while i made the jus, which started with a rue using the fat from the meat. It was excellent. Thinking next time I'll buy another CostCo roast and slice it into ribeye steaks. Hard to beat that price for prime grade, right?
  9. How do you think the Cousins to Diggs combo works out? I'd be putting a lot of eggs in that basket. Guess I'm surprised to see Cousins not well ranked this week, but I don't know much about the Lions secondary and Cousins is poor on the road. Guess I'm going with Goff but still torn.
  10. Well if I couldn't suspend disbelief I'd be missing out on a s-ton of great TV. Nothing wrong with melodrama. It's just a genre.