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  1. Not only am I Bose NC headphone guy, I'm also neck pillow guy and small-travel-pillow guy. I do the coast-to-coast 12x/year, plus some other travel here and there. I've taught myself to sleep on planes with the pillows. i actually don't put the neck pillow on my neck, I wedge it between the seat and window, and then I use the small pillow to make a flat surface. I don't mind looking like I'm high maintenance if I can sleep. That's an easy trade off. And another plug for Marriott. Outstanding customer service, great variety of brands, easy to book reward stays with points. And they made me lifetime platinum last year even though I was still short of the mark. I do have the Chase card. Safe travels dudes.
  2. Bought a 13 lb prime-grade prime rib roast at CostCo. I believe it was $11.49/lb or thereabouts. Too big for Xmas dinner for 8, so sliced off some very nice steaks on each end for later use. Wound up with maybe an 8 lb roast after trimming. Butter, thyme, mexican oregano, black pepper blended into a paste and layered on the roast. Sticks very easily to the meat (which had air-dried in the refrigerator over 5 days, by the way). 500 degrees for 25 minutes over a pan containing mirepoix, garlic, beef broth and red wine. Smoked like a mother but all good. Then convection at 350 until internal temp hit 120. Took it off for 30 min while i made the jus, which started with a rue using the fat from the meat. It was excellent. Thinking next time I'll buy another CostCo roast and slice it into ribeye steaks. Hard to beat that price for prime grade, right?
  3. How do you think the Cousins to Diggs combo works out? I'd be putting a lot of eggs in that basket. Guess I'm surprised to see Cousins not well ranked this week, but I don't know much about the Lions secondary and Cousins is poor on the road. Guess I'm going with Goff but still torn.
  4. Well if I couldn't suspend disbelief I'd be missing out on a s-ton of great TV. Nothing wrong with melodrama. It's just a genre.
  5. JFC this show was crazy. Loved it but you gotta have the stomach for it.
  6. The Boxster is a great call. Find one that hasn't had the IMS bearing replaced. They go for cheap. Then replace it. If you're handy, do it yourself. That's what goes in that car and it scares the S out of owners, so they sell the car before they have that problem. Google it.
  7. Yeah I was iffy on that one. Fair enough. No question Bears Packers, Redskins Cowboys, Ravens Steelers, Raiders Chiefs.
  8. One of the NFL's great rivalries? Not sure about that. I'd put the following ahead: Packers Bears Packers Vikes Raiders Broncos Raiders Chiefs Giants Cowboys Redskins Cowboys Steelers Ravens Steelers Bengals Eagles Redskins Jets Patriots Packers 49ers Probably a few more...
  9. Packers fan. Any other team and I'm probably trying to go back to sleep.
  10. Anybody have a link for the game? I'm in a hotel in Europe. Thanks gents.
  11. Really sad what's happening here. I like the guy and think he's got it, but the Raiders are career-killers.
  12. Picked up this Victorinox watch a few months back. Very happy with it. Always been a fan of this brand. Got it for half the price advertised here. Joe Buck wears a nice looking watch. No idea what it is.