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  1. A question to consider, and part of the reason why I didn't throw out Europe '72, is should the album be of a single show? If memory serves, Europe is pieced together. Phish's A Live One is too. As an old tape collector of Dead shows, I'm a bit of a purist on this question, but perhaps it doesn't matter really.
  2. Hincapie does classes too. Hasn't in a while, I don't think. They've paired up on a few classes too.
  3. Have some pretty significant cash proceeds from the sale of our house. Let's call it very low 6 figures. Want to use it for some renovations to our new home, but we may not spend it for a while still. It's in WF right now but can move to Fidelity quickly. Getting 1.x% interest. Thoughts on what I should do with it for the short term?
  4. I don't know who this dude is and it doesn't seem I'm missing out on much.
  5. Bought another 850 CYDY. Fingers crossed.
  6. These LED bulbs are outstanding. Really powerful normal-looking light. Also available at Costco.
  7. Low hanging fruit for Deadheads. Grateful Dead, Cornell May 8, 1977.
  8. Bought 500 shares of NVDA in 2010 at 23 based on an FBGs analysis of the stock. I think it was DD. Wandered down into the teens, maybe even single digits. Maybe a year later, I sold it when it hit 23 just to get out of it. Sigh.
  9. Forgot I bought 1000 shares of CYDY at $1 when this thing started. Nice surprise.
  10. Last weekend's refinishing project. Before After
  11. Clever! Any benefit to bolt vs. nail? Should I nail in two places on each end?
  12. Nope. I'm friends with about 60 people. Some I see regularly, or did pre-COVID, and we all high five each other. Wilpers Saturday morning 9:45 a.m. live ride was an example (west coast time). When you are riding, you can filter by who is taking the ride at that moment, and you can filter down further to just people you follow and presumably follow you.
  13. Wondered if I'd ever get a PR again. I don't seem to get close to what I was doing when I started Peloton riding two years ago. Decided to punish myself for my poor showing on Friday. 20 minute Robon Arzon Climb ride averaging a 9.1 rating. Got the PR. 369kj, 308kw, and most importantly, enough calories so I can have a beer.
  14. Thanks Todem. Pretty much consistent with what my broker said was going to happen when I spoke to her 4 or 5 weeks ago. I got my HELOC application into WF the day before they shut down HELOCs, so I think I'm good. They're following up with me, which is a good sign. Up to $250,000 at 2.875% is what it was a couple weeks ago.
  15. Todem, Chad, how are jumbo rates looking now? I'm interested in a cash-our refi. Currently at 3.625 with excellent credit. LTV on house is about 60%.