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  1. Lockett is probably out for a while, possibly the season. Can DK handle the top spot? Wilson went to DK on the sideline for a jump ball 3x last night in key situations, each incomplete. I'm guessing that worked well in practice. DK's got the size. I'd bet on him being one of the next big WR stars, hopefully without the vanity.
  2. This game is capping off a great weekend of football. LSU-Bama, Packers-Carolina, Dallas-Minn, this game. Good stuff. TNF Raider game too.
  3. Nice to see him go back to Metcalf. That dude is going to be a star.
  4. How many more years do we have to listen to these guys announce games?
  5. DTV is about $160 (includes NFL Ticket). Internet is $40. Cell for two persons is $215 (includes paying off two phones so that expense will go away soon). So i fussed a little bit and customer retention transferred me to "VIP" customer service. Just another layer to try to get to. Got $35 off/month, free Ticket for rest of year, and a $200 GC. Good but not great. But I'm in for another 12 month contract. Who knows what we'll do next year.
  6. Two phone calls, chatbox, and I'm still getting nowhere. This isn't quite the experience it once was. Time to think hard about alternatives. Current bill is around $415/month for TV, mobile and internet.
  7. If you cave, even a little bit, you may be setting a precedent you don't want to set. Who knows what pops up down the line. Just my opinion.
  8. Top 5 SWC (someone should start an SWC appreciation thread)
  9. We moved to a new house at the end of May. We were in the house for five days before going on a three-week trip abroad to visit family. Things were hectic, to say the least. I scheduled ATT/DirecTV to set up TV and Internet. Dude comes and asks where to put the satellite dish. We walk around the house, consider options, and decide on an out-of-the-way spot on the side of my garage where it could A) hit the satellite, B) be supported by the wall (can't go on roof anymore) and C) be out of the way. Dude does the install. Two nights later, we are having dinner outside with a friend and the neighbors, who we had met and liked, poke their head over the fence and mention that the satellite dish is now smack in the middle of their view of the San Francisco Bay, a view they had enjoyed for more than 30 years in their home. We were mortified. In our haste, we didn't consider how our (my) decision would affect our neighbors. We called DirecTV and asked them to move the dish asap and they did so before we left on travel. We also delivered a care package with some crackers and wine as part of our apology. Our speed and effusive apologies went a long way to repairing a rough start to a neighborly relationship. We screwed up. We admitted we screwed up. We apologized. And we fixed the problem as quickly as possible. Point is, it's not on you to compromise in order to establish/maintain a good-neighbor relationship, it's on him. He should be over the top in his effort to fix this. Absent that, I'd take it to him. Don't let him get over on you.
  10. Really well-done Frontline on the Camp Fire that burned down Paradise last year tonight.
  11. Refinancing a new loan we just signed in May. Will go from 4.0 to 3.625. Jumbo. Will reduce payment ~$325/month.
  12. My kids will read this some day. Thank you for sharing.
  13. FWIW, my Grizzly Peak suggestion was thinking you were in Hayward. Great drive, close to lots of good food. If you stay the night tomorrow or drive to SF, tomorrow night should be a nice one looking down on the bay.