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  1. They recently pushed back the refurb. Rumor is Aug 8-Nov 19 but nothing official other than those who couldn't make FP+ reservations for April are now able to.
  2. We are in full planning mode for Oct 2016 trip. 6 days at Disney(MKx2,EPx2,DHS,AK) and 1 day at Universal park to park. Staying at POR. Debating doing MNSSHP but as of now we're skipping it. When we went spring 2012 BTMR was closed for refurb and looks like we are getting the shaft again.
  3. you have some time, but when you start reasserting, take a look at this page hit the 4 links for each park after the first few paragraphs, its amazing how much data these dudes have on this stuff...kinda scary actually. ETA: just found this page on their site with current FP+ availability ...its nuts! here is MK's example Thanks, I had not seen the FP+ pages before. I use Touring plans also easywdw, disboards and undercovertourist. We are going during one of the slowest times of the year so crowds and waits should be low if we hit the parks on the recommended days. Last time we tried to do too much in 5 days and almost died doing it. This time we are going 8 days plus 2 travel days with a day off in the middle. We are also not doing some of the kiddie stuff we normally did now that the boys are older. So far 2 days at MK and EP and 1 each at DHS, AK and Universal. One thing we are discussing is how to get from Disney to Universal, any tips appreciated.
  4. Starting to plan trip to WDW for Oct 2016. Going to include 1 day P2P pass to Universal. I have a lot of research to do with the new FP system.
  5. I put Graham in 5 min before kickoff over A.Morris.
  6. In a IDP dynasty league I took over a team and traded TRich and Christine Michael for 1.01(Watkins) and traded for Bradshaw, Beasley and Ware for McCown and Bailey.
  7. Waited on TE this year in one of my leagues, and with short benches, can't carry both, as there was too much value at WR and RB to burn more than one spot at TE. Seems like Ladarius Green has a more potentially explosive ceiling, but the floor is lower than Kelce who will likely put in steady production. Seems like Kelce might be the safer long term play, and Green still has Gates on the field with him, but I'm torn over who to roster between Kelce and Green. Neither are totally reliable every week TEs, and would rather pair them in tandem, but right now I have to contend with making a bet on one or the other. So week one, Would you play Kelce over Green? I am. That means Green will go off.
  8. NFL Network reporting Lynch is going to hold out for a new contract.
  9. Looking forward to see what he can do...
  10. Spent $1 blind bid on him last week. We'll see in a few months....
  11. They should just split the difference and give him $10Mil
  12. If he goes to the Jets does he drop in your rankings?
  13. Sounds a lot like Keenan Allen's situation last year.I was thinking the same thing. Could be a mid to late round rookie draft steal if he lands in a decent spot.
  14. This years Brian Quick? Over hyped, over drafted and struggles to find the field?