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  1. THIS recording, in fact, of Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G Major, III. Allegro Why it works for me: 1. I love it for concentration--being baroque, it is less about melody and more about harmony and rhythm. Layers of sound. 2. It is allegro, so I always find my toe tapping or my head bobbing while it is playing. 3. Because of its layered form, I will literally put it on repeat and play it on a full plane ride if I'm trying to read or edit something. 4. This recording, in particular, plays the piece at *just* a bit of a slower pace than almost any other that I have heard. I like the rhythm to be just a bit more relaxed, less frenetic, than other recordings of this piece.
  2. Holy crap, I think I found Josh Gordon's Drone-Hype Video!
  3. Agree, but I would think that the sensation for an uber-confident NFL exec who scooped up Gordon for peanuts would be pretty similar to a fantasy owner this season who got Gordon for basically nothing at the end of a fantasy draft. You thought you were getting a steal. That feeling is why I believe that Gordon's got another strike left... if only one.
  4. Bud, if you find it "galling" to tell somebody to go post on some other fantasy football message board for 2 weeks... I really want to live your life. No joke.
  5. My guess is that every team (if 5 are really interested) would be offering the infamous "conditional 7th rounder" for him. Makes you think someone would have to go a round higher to get him?
  6. Given its proclivity for a seemingly interminable lifespan, THIS should be the new title of this thread...
  7. After reading this link, you've GOT to think a trade to the Cowboys just makes too much sense, doesn't it? Jerry will overpay (as always) AND be over confident in his abilities to shepherd along a troubled soul (Dez, Hardy, Gregory, Pac Man, etc. etc. etc.).
  8. You're like the Colin Kaepernick of the Shark Pool, man. Mad props.
  9. You missed the update on Page 482! PLEASE KEEP UP!!!
  10. Have seen this sentiment a couple of times in this thread. Not picking on this specific post in particular, but is there some notion that the Browns did NOT do a good job with this, or are we all just talking out of our asses?
  11. Yeah I know, when a story comes out about a guy having a gimpy hamstring flare up, I immediately think "drug relapse." Who doesn't?
  12. And guys, let's get a sense of the importance of the bigger picture here--if the quoted post above turns out to be true, THIS THREAD LIVES ON INDEFINITELY!!!!!!!!!
  13. Okay, if they cut him for stuff NOT relating to drugs... WTF?????
  14. Aaaaaand now you've laid your finger on his point...
  15. Well, there's really only one way to find out--make that joke, and see if you get two weeks off!