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  1. All of this is true, but the dude DID play QB in college. It's not like Payton's trying to convert a halfback or WR into a quarterback.
  2. Wow, this sure is an optimistic view. So your boss is your boss because he/she is smarter and better than you? That's how you think the world works?
  3. Yes, it used to be free up until the middle of June or some such. Fantasy football has turned into more of a year-round game.
  4. Did anybody else look at "the move" in the 2nd link above and think, "Uhhhh yeah, that whole play was an illegal block in the back." The "move" that Swift made would have gotten him killed and lost yardage--he wouldn't have made anyone miss on that play without the illegal block. With that said, it's one play. I haven't seen Swift a ton, so he's probably a good one. It's just that that one play did not make me think so.
  5. This. That play (the "want to" part of it, not the stellar hands) reminds me of Emmitt. Not big, not fast... just good.
  6. From Encyclopedia Britannica (I know, what??): "Though Smith was relatively small—he stood only 1.75 metres (5 feet 9 inches) tall and weighed 96 kg (212 pounds)—and lacked great speed..." Emmitt ran a 4.7 at the Combine... (3rd paragraph of link)
  7. Maybe it's the jersey number... but this guy looks like Emmitt Smith to me, only shiftier, maybe better receiver. Same size, same "speed." Probably not as good of an inside runner. But I love him.
  8. That's a problem area for Dak, IMO. He always seems to throw behind receivers on crossing routes, makes them break their momentum reaching back for the ball. Could just be my impression.
  9. I have seen so many runs where the RB lowers his head to show the crown of his helmet to finish off a run and thought, "Sheesh, if a defensive player did that..."
  10. I had considered him earlier in the season, but for his style of play, he's already pretty old.