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  1. That's a problem area for Dak, IMO. He always seems to throw behind receivers on crossing routes, makes them break their momentum reaching back for the ball. Could just be my impression.
  2. I have seen so many runs where the RB lowers his head to show the crown of his helmet to finish off a run and thought, "Sheesh, if a defensive player did that..."
  3. I had considered him earlier in the season, but for his style of play, he's already pretty old.
  4. I hate this guy. It is ALWAYS the same story with him. When I don't really need him to step up, he goes crazy. Need a big game? He does this crap. Can't stand him. Shame on me, I guess.
  5. Crunchy, and I really couldn't distinguish a big taste difference from the Honeycrisp. It's a good apple--very good, IMO. So price point will guide my purchases from here on out--whichever one is cheaper (Honey or Cosmic Crisp) in the one that I will buy.
  6. Do you have access to a fridge? If so: 1. Chobani yogurt (I recommend raspberry) 2. Nature Valley high-protein granola 3. Blueberries 4. Baby carrots 5. 1% milk 6. Oh, and a Honeycrisp apple. Forgot the apple. It's like dessert. Lots of protein, low calories, keeps you going during the afternoon. Minimal prep on the weekend, can carry you through the week.