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  1. This. Making a fantasy football league that better mimics the importance of the QB position is a good thing. (I play in a 2 QB league).
  2. Absolutely.
  3. Guys, let's face it: Rico's not suavé. Time to move on.
  4. Through Week 15 (before he went to IR), Howard was TE #13 in my league (TD-heavy, non-PPR). As a rookie.
  5. So you would be okay with a trailing team intentionally getting a false start to stop the clock every time they got a first down and had a running clock? Sounds kind of hokey to me.
  6. ??? Of course it does. The clock doesn't run while the refs blow the whistle and throw the flag, run onto the field, explain the penalty, etc.
  7. Ummmm... no. Say a team gets the ball at their own 30 with a minute on the clock and no timeouts. You don't think offensive teams would lineup incorrectly every time they made a first down just to stop the clock? What do they care about 5 yards in that instance?
  8. If you are a runner, yes. If you are a receiver, not so much.
  9. Not the play of the year, but I absolutely LOVE the design of this play. I mean, seriously, who is going to pick up the FULLBACK in pass coverage when it looks like he whiffed on a run block?
  10. Yes. I really like this comparison.
  11. Any NFL executive who traded a 3rd-round pick (or a 4th) for Josh Gordon should be fired on the spot. Draft picks are valuable these days, and this guy is COMPLETELY unreliable. He is one bad test or DUI away from a lifetime ban. I agree--no way Gordon is traded. The Browns wouldn't get anything for him, and his talent makes him worth keeping around. That depresses his potential fantasy value immensely, IMO. Still probably a WR2/Flex guy that you should be able to LATE in your fantasy draft (which makes him a good value). If you can get him late, DRAFT HIM.
  12. So in other words, you're the guy in your league who everybody hates. Curious if any leagues reserve some prize money for All-Play (or Roto-) Win Percentage, even if you still award the lion's share of the prize pool to the head-to-head winner? Our league is considering this--so for example, the owner who went 12-1 (and probably had the best All-Play record in the league) would get his/her league entry fee back, or some such.
  13. "Yeah, but take away that 80-yard TD run..." Isn't that always the argument folks use when they want to downgrade somebody? His season is his season--he played 5 games, not 4, not 6. ETA: Your post may have been in inside joke in this thread--apologies if I missed it. I didn't read the whole thing.
  14. Not sure what all the hate is about (at least about "being relevant"). In my league, Gordon scored 39 points in 5 games played. Projected to 15 games played, that would have been good enough to be WR23 in my league (1 pt per 10 yds rush/receiving, no PPR)... with probably the worst QB situation in the NFL. I don't own Gordon, nor really plan to. But you would be an idiot to NOT take a late-round flier if he's available on a guy with that kind of potential. It's a swing-for-the-fences late round pick that can help win you your league. If he flames out, cut him--no harm, no foul. Now if you're planning your 4th-round draft pick around a guy who is this unreliable in his personal life, then you probably need your head examined. This thread just sounds like it's full of a bunch of butt-hurt folks who have burned early-round picks on this guy in the past. And I would probably be gun-shy, too. But to doubt this guy's talent by comparing him to nobodies is sort of, well... dumb.