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  1. Not to get distracted from the thread (I personally just refer to the team as "Washington" and my buddy's wife who is Native *hates* the name), but wasn't that poll conducted by the Washington Post? That's not some ragtag news organization, nor one that skews right. You can disagree with the opinions expressed (I do), but I don't think that they are necessarily inaccurate in this case.
  2. Do you talk trash about all the top-15 players at their position in fantasy football? He is a good fantasy WR (currently WR #13 in my league). What exactly is your point?
  3. This. Last year's showing was... well, a mirage. Dude had 183 carries in his (5-year) CAREER coming into this season. In none of those years--except for last season--did he average over 4 ypc. His current career yds/rush stands at 3.6. To put it more eloquently and more succinctly, "he's not a good RB." At this point, any arguments to the contrary are perceptual screens attempting to protect the purveyor from the cognitive dissonance that they invested draft capital in a player who, in a couple of words is, "not good."
  4. DYNASTY: P. Barber is UFA after this season. If R. Jones is on your waiver wire, you have to roster this guy, right? Right??
  5. I need a 3-0 defensive struggle with both teams held to under 100 total yards and a ton of turnovers. (In other words, I'm ahead by a little and played out, and my opponent has a bunch of folk playing tonight).
  6. Isn't this how half your pool gets eliminated in one week? No one will *ever* see the Dolphins winning a game... until they do.
  7. Really? Don't they have one? If the QB simply refuses to check down, always scrambles and spins away and ends up throwing deep... do you really need a pass catching back? Dude has been there for almost 20% of their season and they haven't really utilized him yet. Not sure if that's the coach's scheme, or a QB who simply does not check down. And if the QB won't use him... why have him around?
  8. Dynasty. I would be bummed if I picked him up and Brees were the starter in 2021. I could live with sitting on him through 2020, though.
  9. Well gawdammit guys, I came in here for somebody to talk some sense into me! You're not helping... #fingerhoveringovermouse
  10. Would you go get him for free off the waiver wire if you could? Payton just got an extension... do you think that he has Hill penciled in as his starter at some point (i.e. maybe next season)?
  11. If Josh Allen is a pretty valuable fantasy QB in Buffalo, am I *way* off base to say that Taysom Hill should be at least as valuable if he were the starting QB in New Orleans? Josh Allen doesn't have Michael Thomas to throw to, nor Alvin Kamara to hand the ball to. Payton clearly has a crush on the guy, and is an innovative enough offensive mind to work the offense around his talents. I just don't see a ton of upside with Bridgewater... while with Hill there could be? Talk me down off my crazy-ledge here.
  12. Happiness is relative. When you spend nothing on a guy--because everybody else presumed that he would be out of the league by Week 3--and he looks like he is the bell cow in Houston's offense... that feels like good value, yeah.
  13. He did? In my league (non-PPR, TD-heavy, 1 per 20 yds rushing/receiving) Hyde has had 4 points each week. Duke has had 3 points and 1 point. YMMV. I suppose it's only "crowing" relative to the dire predictions that were bandied about for Hyde. To paraphrase Twain, it would appear that the reports of his death were an exaggeration.