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  1. Based on your post: "...I've been was sober for over one hundred days..." #corrected
  2. Hey all: Let me be the first to jump on the "Huh?", "What's that?", "Come again?", "Whatdya say, sonny?" jokes. With that out of the way, a little backstory: my dad has been hard of hearing for the past 25 - 30 years. He is also impressively stubborn and has resisted efforts to get hearing aids. He has always gotten by on reading lips when talking to others. But he recently had a stroke that has impaired a portion of his vision, and now I worry that he is becoming increasingly isolated from the world around him. I am trying to revisit with him the idea of hearing aids in order to increase his stimuli from the outside world. So my request for help is this--do you (or a loved one) have experiences with hearing aids? If so, I would be very interested to hear them. My dad is on Medicare, but Medicare covers nothing for hearing aids. So price point is also a consideration (I know that I could get a good set of hearing aids for $5000+, but that price point is probably out of the question). I appreciate any insights/help you can provide. Thanks. P.S.: If you have a minute to respond and have relevant info, my dad is the kind of guy who you want to help. He was a family farmer (200-ish acres) until he retired, my mom stayed home, and my three siblings and I were fed, clothed, and cared for because of him. He was the CEO, CFO, manager, and workforce for the business that sustained my family. He loves my mom and has been loyal to her for more than 50 years. He worked his ### off, and was always, always there for the events of our lives, big and small. If you've got kids, there wouldn't be much better epitaphs than: "He was like pinequick's dad."
  3. I get my media through Amazon Fire Sticks. Those damn things have voice input on the remote... which I don't like, but I'm not going to pay for cable.
  4. Why did I have it in my head that this guy was always hurt? Went to Pro Football Reference, which indicates that he has only missed one game in his career (1 game in 2015). So durability is not an issue with him?
  5. For public education, one of the most corrosive narratives that has been popularized over the past decade or so is that of "teacher as public enemy" or "teacher as the lazy sponge soaking up the public largesse." It drives a ton of wrong-headed public policy initiatives. But ask most folks about the teachers who work with *their* kids, and they generally say nice things. It's sort of like comparing the favorability ratings of "Congress," and incumbent reelection rates... people HATE "Congress," but love their congressperson.
  6. If you are old enough to remember Haywood Jeffries, this mistake is completely excusable. #oilersforlife
  7. Okay... so had this happened after the 2 minute warning, you would be cool with it. Since it happened in the hurry-up prior to the 2 minute warning, you are not cool with it. But you don't think that rushing the play played a role in Jeffrey flubbing it. Got it.
  8. So you would feel better had they run that exact same play after the 2 minute warning and Jeffrey flubbed it then? ETA: Honest question...
  9. Folks in here are seemingly equating "rushing the Eagles' last offensive play" with "that's why Alshon flubbed it." I don't get it. Eagles lost because Jeffrey let the ball go through his hands. He's human. That goof happens whenever that play happens--before or after the 2 minute warning--it's called the law of averages.
  10. Dallas already used their 1st-round pick on Amari Cooper. I doubt they would go back to that well before Round 4/5.
  11. My top 3 running backs heading into this season: LeVeon Bell, Kareem Hunt, Leonard Fournette. #stacked
  12. Observations: 1. Dallas D is for real. 2. Randy Gregory had money on the Saints tonight. 3. So did Dak. 4. That was a horribly officiated game... on both sides. Awful.