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  1. My favorite is the "Peyton Manning Syndrome" (PMS) that Rogers gets around the goal line. For example, a couple of weeks ago it was 1st-and-goal at the two. Play calls? Three passes. The 3rd was a 2-yard slant to D. Adams for the score. My takeaway? Rogers likes throwing TD passes. It is way more fun than handing it off for a short rushing TD. Anyone who owned Joe Addai (for the Colts) back in the day can sympathize. Addai could have had 20 TDs in one season in that offense if Peyton hadn't always checked to a 1-yd curl to Dallas Clark.
  2. So glad that I drafted Gronk over him (redraft). Ertz is a true lesson in the development of a tight end. I own him in dynasty (yardage light, TD-heavy league). Drafted him because of the hype, and for his first 4 years--EVERY YEAR--I heard, "Oh, this is his year to break out." And he never really did (at least getting into the end zone). Then last year happened. Now this year is happening. I seriously almost dealt him after Year 4. PHEW!!!!
  3. pinequick

    Why is everyone picking up Taysom Hill?

    You are carrying Bridgewater or Hill? Just curious...
  4. pinequick

    Why is everyone picking up Taysom Hill?

    Sooooo, if you're in a dynasty league, do you pick this guy up at some point? Seems like Payton loves him some Taysom?? Not a "next year" guy... but maybe in a couple of years?
  5. That's sort of what I was thinking, "The only thing left is a hybrid-TE type role." But wouldn't that be a dead giveaway every time he was in the game? "Oh, they're passing." Dez is a physical receiver and a willing blocker... for a WR. But as an in-line blocker on the line of scrimmage??? Color me dubious. Again, really perplexed by this signing. We had a guy in one of my leagues already sprint to the waiver wire this afternoon. I snickered. (Truth in advertising: I am a Cowboys fan and owned Dez on my dynasty team for years--I really like him. I just think he is washed up).
  6. I have absolutely no idea how this signing makes sense. New Orleans needs a big physical receiver who can work the middle of the field, snatch the ball, and be a physical mismatch against corners. Oh wait, THEY ALREADY HAVE THAT GUY in Michael Thomas. So what exactly is Dez's role going to be? He does not have the speed to take the top off the defense and open up the middle, so he doesn't replace Ginn's role. Check downs go to the backs. I am really, really puzzled by this signing. Don't see how it strategically helps the Saints at all. Very low expectations.
  7. pinequick

    Raheem Mostert

    That was one of the most gruesome injuries that I have witnessed... and it seemed such a weird way to get it, too. Just bracing from a fall. Poor guy.
  8. Great matchups... unfortunately Washington is taken in my league. I kind of had my eye on the Lions: 13 = Ram (ugh) 14 = at Cardinals 15 = at Bills 16 = Vikings Two of those look doable, although the Bills game is outside in Buffalo, soooo???
  9. I'm late to this party (so apologies in advance if I've missed some pertinent conversation here), but our league has limited transactions, so picking up the hot defense of the week really isn't an option for me. Curious if you guys have a feel for a defense that looks tasty in the playoff weeks (13 - 16)? Some good defenses (like the Ravens) are really not an option, IMO: Week 13 = at Falcons (yuck) Week 14 = at Chiefs (yuck) Week 15 = Buccaneers (maybe??) Week 16 = at Chargers (hmmmm...)
  10. Dorsey is a football guy (not a Footballguy, but still). I think he'll make a good selection.
  11. Without an injury to Evans/DJax, agree.
  12. pinequick

    Bengals and Chiefs

    Best 2-yard gain you will ever see. Jeez.
  13. pinequick

    Bengals and Chiefs

    Hunt now needs to carry it 34 more times tonight. Rest Mahomes' arm. It's over. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease.
  14. pinequick

    Bengals and Chiefs

    I love you.
  15. pinequick

    Bengals and Chiefs

    Towards the end of the first half, it looked as if the Chiefs actually realized that A.J. Green had suited up and was on the field, so they attempted to start covering him. If that continues, something should open up for Boyd in the 2nd half.