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  1. I missed Chark because I was hoarding a couple of those. You're right, sometimes it's better to hit doubles than always waiting for the home run.
  2. I'm gonna have to drop him because of short benches. I'm dropping him over Hill and Singletary, for what it's worth. The talent is there, but McCoy being so involved makes me think that this won't be Thompson's year. One of the two guys ahead of him will have to get hurt for him to be fantasy relevant this season.
  3. Tre’Quan Smith. I had a feeling the rookie would break out with Ted Ginn out. Glad I picked him up before the weekend!
  4. Green Bay's 32 points against the Bills last weekend respectfully disagree with this. Of course, they only got me 2 points the week prior, but that doesn't support my narrative!
  5. Was leaning Boyd by the slightest margins. Thanks for confirming!
  6. Their defense has looked legit as well. Might be worth picking up after NE if you can get them.
  7. I like the Packers for the next three weeks: Week 4: Bills @ home Week 5: @ Detroit Week 6: C. J. Beathard led SF squad, at home.
  8. I dropped Luck the other day, but today's performance only validated my decision in my mind. Fitz is my starter as well. Whether it's due to the new dink and dunk coaching philosophy, the shoulder, or lack of WRs beyond Hilton, Luck isn't the same player he was in years past. This can change in future seasons, but unfortunately, I expect most of the stat-lines we see in 2018 will be of the 175 yard 1-2 TD game variety.
  9. I think that substitution at the end tells us all we need to know about the state of Luck’s shoulder health and his prospects for this season.
  10. Walk in Touchdown for Goodwin. He's going to be just fine.
  11. Anyone who's watching the Chiefs game see him out there running routes? I know he had a rush and a catch early in the game, but he's been very quiet on the stat sheet.
  12. I'm starting Goodwin over Ginn and Allison. The matchup is way too juicy to pass up in this potential points bonanza, especially now that Eric Berry is confirmed out.
  13. I decided to go Packers over the trendy streaming options of Browns, Jets, Cowboys and Dolphins because GB plays the Bills week 4 (and Detroit week 5). A couple of other teams in my league stream this season, so I figured I had to act now since I probably won't get GB next week with my 12th WW priority. They're going to DRILL the Bills when they play them, so it'll be worth it. I also doubt if GB plays much worse than those other four teams in week 3. GB has every chance of doing as well as any of those teams in this weekly streaming crapshoot.