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  1. 4 squads in overall top-30. My goal was to take down FBG and Main Event. Coots you can send that hundo via PayPal now or wait till it’s official. Let me know. GL in 2nd half all. -WonTime 🍾
  2. The Barkley/Melvin G one dead but the other one is really nice. Looks like 1 of my middle tier teams. GL scientist ! Don’t disappear on us
  3. They emailed earlier. They’re moving the Friday waiver to either Sat or Sunday morning. Now that they gave out their freebie week to the teams who took advantage for 3 weeks, they’ll set a new waiver time for all.
  4. Why you so salty man. Lol. Relax you do your thing, I’ll do mine. There’s nearly 11k teams in this thing. If I can’t be happy owning the #1 overall team at the moment, why play. Or #4 overall in main. Few teams in there only. If you think I’m a big volume guy, your head is in the clouds. I’m a fraction of what the heavy hitters put in. They’re maxing out on entries. I’m nowhere close to that. Unfortunately this contest is going to favor the mass entries. If that upsets you, there’s always satellite leagues u can join. GL
  5. I have a lot of teams because I win. You have 2 teams every year because u don’t win. Try winning sometime and u can afford more teams! It’s a novel concept.
  6. 2 top-10 Overall FBG teams at the moment. Top -50 and another top-75 Main. Put that in your beaker and smoke it. #WonTime
  7. Jacobs, Mixon, new workhorse in JT with the Dak cowboys stack? I should have agreed to the 1st bet! 🔥 Coots, Ill let you back out now for 1/2 of the $.
  8. My favorite main so far. This one was from the 8: QB: Watson (7), Wentz (14) RB: Henry (1), Drake (2), Gibson (8), Vaughn (12), McKinnon (13), Michel (15), Benjamin (16) WR: Odell (3), Ridley (4), Hollywood (5), Fuller (6), Hardman (9), Mims (19) TE: Herndon (10), Irv Smith (11), Knox (18) K: Lutz (17) Def: NO (20) 🕺🎨🤑
  9. I’ll do a hundo side bet. I think my team is better. But with Covid/injuries, anything can happen.
  10. The one with DJ/Bell? Lol please. That team is mediocre at best. I’ll side bet u there easy. And that’s with a trashed Guice pick.
  11. A lot of Bell/DJ and Gurley? Yikes. Coots living in 2016?
  12. Yea forced the Zero Rb one here. Not a fan and why it’s one of just a couple zero RB teams I have this yr. Having said that, I fully expect 2 of those rooks to pop.
  13. Last FBG of season: From the 6: QB: Murray (7), Mayfield (17) RB: J Taylor (4), Swift (5), Dobbins (6), Vaughn (12), McKinnon (13), Ito Smith (16), Eno B (19) WR: M Thomas (1), D-Hop (2), Odell (3), Kirk (8), Reagor (9), Shenault (14) TE: Jarwin (10), Thomas (11), Howard (15) K: Gay (18) Def: LAR (20) GL all this year. Way too many teams drafted. Last main coming up next week. #WonTime 🎯
  14. In honor of opt out day: From the 1: QB: Wentz (13), Burrow (16) RB: CMC (1), Swift (6) Dobbins (7), Breida (8), Kerryon (11) Justin Jax (14) WR: DJ Moore (2), Allan Rob (3), DK Metcalf (4), Hollywood Brown (5), Hardman (9) A Brown (17) B Edwards (20) TE: Jonnu Smith (10), Irv Smith (12), Sternberger (15) K: Koo (19) Def: LAC (18) 👀