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  1. Yea I saw fantasymojo tweeted out his draft picks since they started. Definitely quite a few rd 7’s early May. Even into June there was a few drafts with him falling there. One owner got him rd 11 in mid May. No clue how that’s even possible for 11 owners all passing on him for 10 rds. And it wasn’t even when the news first broke. Odd. Another guy got him rd 9. Those are the outliers. Mostly went from 7th-4th rd May-Yesterday. Now to 2nd/1st.
  2. Mid 2nd rd pick now at the latest. If not 1st rd. Insane value for teams already drafted. Was going 5th in real early ones.
  3. No suspension for Hill. Whoa. 🤑🤑🤑
  4. Looks pretty dam strong. WR’s a little thin at the top but you probably will only play the 2 WR’s most weeks. I like this one a lot. You hit on any of those bench WR’s this could be a monster. GL.
  5. Not to defend Flacco because I agree he’s pretty bad but he’s had trash at WR his whole career. Boldin and an ancient Steve Smith were his best options in 11 seasons. Both guys also had solid years with Flacco. The list of WR trash in Baltimore is an extensive one. I would sign for that Steve Smith season out of Sutton: 79/1065/6
  6. It’s a fair concern for sure. I’m definitely not a safe drafter in this format. Funny side bar, Hunter Henry with his week 12 bye was a pick away in rd 5. Was going to snap draft him. 🤣
  7. I Appreciate the feedback. Respectfully disagree. Hill in rd 4 is well worth the risk IMO. No other WR in that area has even close to his upside. Sure he can get 8 games and I’m screwed. He can also get 2 and be a 2nd rd pick in August. 4th seems like a nice risk/reward price to me. If it is 4 weeks which most think is the case, the replacement player + 7 weeks of Hill will still post a solid point total from that WR spot. I did try to minimize the risk somewhat with the Watson pick. He should be among the top 2-3 QB’s pt wise come years end. Even a Chicago D to an extent. They could easily pull a Jacksonville last year and suck. But if they are a legit top D again, I’m getting a decent points edge in that spot over other teams. No chance to win the league is a bit strong. If Fournette is good and say Gurley is out, I would have 2 RB1’s that week. Neither scenario is that crazy. Plus playoffs are a crapshoot. I’ve won many playoff weeks scoring 120 and lost plenty 150+. Just get there is always my approach.
  8. From the 5 hole: QB: Watson (7), Garrapalo (18) RB: DJ (1), Damien Will (2), Fournette (3), D. Henderson (5) , Richard (14), Snell (16) WR: Hill (4), Pettis (6), Sutton (8), Allison (9), Isabella (13) Gallup (15) TE: Andrews (10), Reed (11), Thomas (17) K: Elliot (20) Def: Chi (12), Minn (19)
  9. I usually like your teams Jemima. This one? Meh. Not bad by any means, but nothing about it seems that good either. I’m not that high on Ertz this year, at least 2nd rd again. I think Goedert takes a decent step up. Also not super high on those WR’s after Keenan. Most are WR3 types at best. Godwin I’m mixed on. All signs point to him being a big time player but I still have my reservations with that offense. It’s a balanced team all in all , safe. Don’t see a ton of upside tho. GL
  10. Looks pretty solid to me. Nice balance overall. I probably would have went elsewhere at 12 with Ryan already in the fold. That will only cause you headaches all season picking which QB to start. Don’t love the TE’s but for where you got them seems like solid value. At least Rudolph. The 11th seems like a bargain. If Burton can become the guy we’d thought he’d be last year, then there’s plenty of firepower here. Overall nice draft. CMC falling to 4 is a nice coup also.
  11. Would have went Fuller there in a snap call over Jones. Sutton and Guice as well. Frankly wouldn’t touch Marv J before rd 9. If not later. You should have went TE there. Assuming a McDonald, Cook, Njoku type was there. Sure no one will likely duplicate Kittle. But he had a crazy year. Getting a TE who can catch 70+ with TD upside is still a huge win. Can make a case for all 3 of those TE’s hitting that mark. Not saying it’s terrible. Flexing the Pats rb and Boyd is ok. Not ideal imo. Frankly I see White still being the back to own there in New England. Just believe you’ll find a lot of equal teams who have far better QB and TE options then you will have in your lineup.
  12. What was the strategy? No offense but not a fan of this team. Not strong in any area really outside of WR if Hill plays. Seems like you whiffed a lot in those middle rds. Who was your 7th rd pick even? Don’t like it whoever it was. Would have invested more in TE and QB. Going to be behind the 8 ball with this one. GL
  13. Thanks for feedback. I’m real high on Kyler. Think his floor is probably Lamar Jackson but can actually throw the ball. Darnold also as a backup I like. 2nd year, improved offense, solid weapons around him. He can also add in some rushing yardage. What’s not to like. Bell will help that entire offense and especially Sam. Engram u don’t like in rd 5?? Think he’s a steal there lol. All signs point to a huge year for him. Assuming he can stay healthy. Ebron I didn’t like taking there. Or Alshon for that matter. Didn’t like any WR really in that area. In hindsight, Pettis was the guy I should have went for over Ebron. But he did score 13 tds last year, if he’s Luck’s goto option in red zone , he can’t score 8-9 tds? Was targeting a couple of those handcuffs just didn’t get them. If 1 of those top 3 backs go down, I’m likely screwed. That’s ok tho. Isabella I disagree with your meh response. Ha. Dude could be lethal with Murray running around in backfield. Could see quite a few bomb td’s from that connection. Should start from day 1 also. Sanders in 13 seemed like a nice price to gamble. If he’s 70% of what he was, I’d take it there. GL this year. Post some of those teams.
  14. Inability to put up high scoring weeks? Each of those 3 backs can put up 30+ any given week! I preferred D Will as my flex vs the WR’s available as his upside is top 5 rb. Come on Scientist Yawn.