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  1. Wow nice score. Oh man Adams so close. That td drop was so gross also. You must have felt that one. Sick year tho. Need so much Lady Luck in these champ rds. Health especially. Left a lot of $ on my bench also. Can’t complain but I guess I can. Hard to be so close and not get there. Oh well there’s always next year.
  2. Thanks. Ended up tied for 5th. Me and the other guy will chop 5th-6th prizes. Barring a stat correction. 😬 Wouldn’t have won the big prize even with Miller doing well. 2nd wasn’t too far off tho. Guy in 7th finished .2 pts behind us. With Stefon Diggs playing. Didn’t record a catch for final 24 min of game. It’s a cruel game. The Scientist teams did nada. Why he’s been a ghost. Who acts like a jerk? The guys here or other place ?
  3. The guy in this league from the 12 hole is taking the whole thing down. Without a Kicker no less. Dude smashed this draft. Drake/Ekeler at 6/7. Hooper in 8. Lamar in 14. Smokey Brown in 15, New Eng D etc etc. So much for needing CMac or any top rb in the draft to take this down. Season finally comes to end tonight. Had my best year yet across the board. Was leading the overall at the NFFC all weekend until last night. A 20-burger from Miller could have snatched up the title. Wasn’t meant to be thanks to that dreadful, good for nothing, just horrendous Mitch Trubisky. Now will fall to around 6-7 if I had to guess. Both mains should cash. Could have made some noise if not for brutal injury luck. Cook/Godwin and Ridley. Why not take away Lamar while you’re at it. GL to anyone playing for something tonight. Scientist we’ll see ya next August as usual. I’ll now be donating some $ to the FFPC Playoff challenge. ✌️
  4. Well I officially hit the brakes on the “Miles Sanders hype train”. It’s a full derailment actually. His vision might be the worst I’ve ever seen. Literally runs face first into defenders who are not even trying to tackle him. I’ll say this, he’s really good when no one is within 20 yards of him. -Tilted
  5. Welp that was fun! FBG teams are squadoosh. What a gross day. Mains are at least live. Alvin Kamara, never again.
  6. Like the 1st one more. Don’t see the upside needed on this one. Allen has a brutal champ rd schedule also. 10 teams in there I’m sure 1 of them will give you a nice run. These TE plays are driving me mad. Have to choose 1 out of Andrews/Gesicki/Higbee/Griffin along with Sutton and Mixon in flexes. I mean there’s no chance I pick the right 3 to play. Humble brag I guess but I prefer I had the decisions made for me. GL. -Won Time
  8. All the sudden there’s like 20 playable TE’s. Going to be some tough flex decisions to be made.
  9. Was flying high at halftime. Clinched 1 main, up ~ 22 in the other with Cook vs Rudolph/Myers. All I had to do was dodge a Cook injury...🙄 All in all, pretty big year. Cashed both mains, won 2 FBG’s, both of which needed to win to get in the dance. A third clinched the automatic bid but face planted in rd 1. Overall 5 teams in, 2 mains - 3 FBG. House $, time to dance! Teams below. Need Cook to be ok and those main teams have a chance... Main #1 QB: Lamar, Watson RB: Cook, Lindsay, Sanders, Hunt , Drake, Henderson WR: Hopkins, Godwin, Mclaurin , Davis , Isabella TE: Olsen, Gesicki, Witten, Ian Thomas K: Tucker, Gay Def: Balt Main 2: QB: Winston, Jones RB: Cook, Sanders, Jonathan Will, Breida, Murray, Laird WR: Julio, Godwin, Cooper, Ridley, Diante Johnson TE: Gesicki, Kaden Smith, Alie Cox, Hockenson (Meh) Need Gesicki to keep balling K: Maher, Seibert Def: Pitt FBG #1 QB: Murray; Foles (Oy should have scooped up 3rd QB) RB: CMC, Conner, Damien Will, Hines, Laird WR: Hill, Jeffery, Metcalf, Tate, Crowder, Manny Sanders, Isabella TE: Engram, Gesicki, Higbee K: Tucker Def: NE, GB FBG #2 QB: Watson, Jones RB: Fournette, Mostert, Damien Will, Jonathan Will, DJ, Darrell Will, Henderson WR: Hill, Parker, Sutton, Gallup, McLaurin TE: Andrews, Gesicki, Griffin K: Zane G Def: Chi, Tenn FBG #3 (Crown Jewel) QB: Lamar, Watson RB: Kamara, Henry, Mixon, Freeman, Samuels WR: Godwin, Gallup, Sutton, Mclaurin, Hollywood Brown, Samuel TE: Andrews, Gesicki, Griffin K: Fairbairn, Seibert Def: Balt Lot of the same guys across these teams. Gesicki on all 5. Cupcake champ rd schedule. Lady luck, time to dance baby! GL to all teams remaining. Scientist, if I take this down I’m buying you a team next year. Only 1 caveat, I draft it. 🤣 Let’s do this! -Won Time!!!
  10. Is Jonathan Williams gonna be “that guy” this year? Hope so. Picked up 3 shares including 1 Main. Ended up going against him in 3 spots also. Never easy. Always wondered why this kid never got a fair shot. Every time he plays he looks the part of a lead back. Im sure Mack is back and crushes his soul but while he’s out, it’s J-Will’s time to dance. 🕺 -Won Time!
  11. Those teams look strong. Everyone looking at CMC as the key but TE’s can be the real difference maker. If you don’t have any of those top end options you’re likely screwed. Such a dumpster fire of a position. Have a Barkley/Evans/Kittle/Henry team that missed out on the 2 seed by .4. That one is going to sting if it doesn’t get in.
  12. Crazy year so far. Got in 9/11 teams. 2 seeds in both mains. Lost a couple 2 seeds last night but got 2 more in so I’ll take it. My favorite team was in serious danger of missing out. Down 50 pts for 4 seed. Had a monster week 11 coupled with a dud from the team I was chasing. In. Got both Barkley teams in. Need him to get right for week 14. My CMC team also feeling it. Conner/Hill/D Will/Engram. 3 full weeks to get healthy. Here’s a couple of my favorites starting out with the team that barely made it.. QB: Lamar, Watson RB: Kamara, Henry, Mixon, Samuels, Freeman WR: Godwin, Sutton, Gallup, Mclaurin, Hollywood Brown, Davis, Isabella TE: Andrews, Gisecki, Njoku Def: Balt QB: Winston, A-Rod RB: Barkley, A Jones, Drake, Pollard, Edwards WR: Allen, Lockett, Gallup, Woods, Hollywood, Samuel TE: Jonnu, Hollister, Witten Def: Balt, Buff GL to all still in it. -Won Time!
  13. So much riding on Mike Williams tonight both for and against. 🙈 -Won Time