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  1. Wouldn’t pay that much mind to season average as your basis for contending. Just need to get into the champ rds. You get in the dance averaging ~ 150 you have a chance to contend. Maybe even lower. Season avg worth 25% only. The winners are often nowhere near the top of the leaderboard entering week 14. Also wouldn’t worry to much about DJ. He’s too good. These things usually even out over time. Those monster games will come. Be happy you didn’t draft Bell instead.
  2. I think I have 3 maybe even 4. Barring injuries of course. Here is the crown jewel at the moment: QB: Cousins, Winston RB: Kamara, Lewis, Lynch, Penny, Lindsay, J Kelly WR: Green, Hill, Golladay, Fuller, Gordon, J Brown TE: Burton, Eifert, Goedert, Johnu Smith 200 in week 1, likely ~ 180 this week A couple others I like just as much long term but have been in ~ 150 range to start out
  3. Wow owners emptied their wallets for Lindsay. Got him in only a few spots. I’m thinking he’s more Tarik Cohen-esque this year then a league winner. Still should be pretty solid. Booker is probably useless now. Guess we’ll see. GL in week 2
  4. Every league is different. I bid on Peterson in all my leagues he was available. Differing bids everywhere. Got shutout on all but 1 league. And sure enough that league happened to be my lowest bid of all. There really is no rhyme or reason to it. You could be in a league with 5-6 aggressive bidders or 1 only. Or none. I would say this, if you need the player badly , don’t be afraid to overspend. If you’re right on the guy and he hits, you’re getting a whole season of production essentially. And hes worth every dollar u spend on him.
  5. Nice. Had a 200 point squad. That one looks like it has serious potential (Kamara/Green/Hill/Gordon with solid players around them). Couple others I feel pretty good about. Main was solid at 160+. And a few clunkers. Mostly due to Goodwin/Baldwin. Mixed bag overall.
  6. Oh my. Did this one break 80? Just messing with u Scientist. I had a couple clunkers myself. Not sure they were this bad. This one you may want to get an early start checking the toilet bowl matchups for
  7. Looks solid. Could be light at rb if Williams doesn’t keep him the gig. If he sticks all season, this is a really good team. Did J Kelly get sniped from u? The Gurley owner in mine was waiting to grab him at 14/15. Nice draft tho. The elite qbs are such values in these mains. Crazy.
  8. Thielen there is pretty safe. What’s not to like ? Should be a solid WR2 at worst. WR’s after Thielen went Baldwin/Landry/Fitz/JuJu. Was planning on taking Baldwin/JuJu in the 4th. Collins was a nice consolation. RB’s after Lewis went: Thompson / Williams / Hyde. Really only liked Lewis/Williams in that spot. This draft went TE crazy. 10 were gone by 5.8. Usually you see a couple of the 2nd tier TE stragglers fall to mid 6th. Not in this one. So not too crazy about Doyle. Hoping QB/D and K make up for the TE deficit. Pretty happy with the finished product tho. Should contend for playoffs barring injuries.
  9. The big one. The main. The finale. From the 8: QB: Watson (8), Trubisky (20) RB: Fournette (1), Collins (4), Lewis (5), A Jones (9), J Kelly (14), Riddick (15) WR: Thomas (2), Theilen (3), Davis (6), Cobb (12), Gallup (13), Taywan Taylor (17), J Washington (18) TE: Doyle (7), Watson (11), McDonald (19) D: Jax (10) K: Gostkowski (16) GL all on the season.
  10. Assuming this is your main? Think it’s solid. Would have preferred doubling up on WR at the 3/4. Baldwin as your WR2 looks a lot better to me. Really don’t like those WR options after Goodwin. Hunt is going there in most mains I’ve seen so far. Basically flipped positions with CMac. Engram was solid there. These drafts have been pushing TE’s up considerably. Burton has gone rd 4 in each. Really high on him also but not sure I can make that leap. Qb’s also have been pushed way down. As drafted it should be fine. Probably going to look like a lot of other teams tho. Draft seemed pretty standard by the looks of it. These other ones had a lot of wackiness going on.
  11. Yep u got me. It’s a great team for sure. Really solid. It’s also identical to my 1st team. What a dream that was. Only yours has lesser WR’s. You learn from the best. Well done and GL.
  12. See how you waited until end of rd 4 for Engram? You should have taken him at 3.3 if you loved him that much. Get your guy. #ADP GL.
  13. Mine is always better.
  14. Yes obviously. There’s also a reason why players go where they go. Getting “your” guy is usually the excuse for not knowing how to draft from the corner. Lamar Miller is never the best rb at 4.1. He just isn’t. “Your guy” or not. If he is by some weird rb hoarding draft, you just pass on rb there.
  15. Miller at 4.1? Wow. Can’t get behind that too much. Although I’ve never been a Miller guy. Njoku also stands out at 5.12. You passed on some other big TE’s there im assuming. You’re paying for the Njoku breakout with that pick. Could happen but i would have went with a more proven TE in that spot. Goedert also looks like an extreme reach. What can you really expect from him as the TE2 on his own team?? Don’t get that pick at all to be honest. Not in round 10 at least. Then the puzzling qb picks. Eli and Taylor are barely drafted let alone in the 15th for Eli. Unless you know something we don’t, seems pretty bad passing over the other QBs in that area for Eli. Having said all of that, the team is better then your draft. Ha. Good luck.