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  1. So maybe have all commishes follow the same rules? Just a thought.
  2. Right and you’re telling me all commishes act that way? Please. There’s the grey area.
  3. Yea I don’t like this grey area when you’re dealing with overall contests. If it’s solely based on the discretion of the commish running it (which it sounds like it is) you’re going to see these random/rare decisions because the guy had somewhere to be or he was pissed off and said screw it, let’s go. The guy made 1 call and started the draft. With 2 rds autopicked. You’re talking ~ 10 min delay if that. Defending this commish is embarrassing. Then again, you’re never wrong on anything.
  4. You’re going to defend his actions regardless. All I can say is I’ve been a customer for 6 years and have NEVER seen a commish start a a single draft w/o an owner present. And ive seen owners be late quite a few times during that span. I’ve waited upwards of 15 min a couple times even. The “pleasant draft experience” isn’t really affected much. It’s a lot better then having 1 owner auto draft for however many picks. Not to mention you’re also giving the rest of the owners an advantage over all other owners in this contest. Frankly you shouldn’t even run a draft unless all owners are present. When it’s part of an overall contest. Online satellites different story.
  5. And you defend him starting the draft w/o an owner present? Please that’s embarrassing. I’ve done 30-40 of these at this point and have never seen this done before. People pony up a good chunk of $ to do these. Owner could have had an emergency of sort. Who knows. If commish waited a reasonable amt of time for this owner (which doesnt appear to be the case) then its somewhat acceptable. I’ve been in some waiting 10-15 min for owner to show. It sucks but it’s the right thing to do for everyone in the league. Especially with an overall prize at stake.
  6. Wow that is awful. That commish needs to be removed from working further drafts ASAP. Been in way too many of these and never have I seen a commish start a draft with a player not present. That is absurd. FFPC owes you and everyone else in that league some answers.
  7. Tough draft. Didn’t love any WR at the 4/5 turn. Jefferey and Marv Jones were the best available and don’t see much difference between those guys and the guys going 2-3 rds later. Figured lock up TE and see what’s left at 6/7. Having said that, if those top 3 backs stay healthy, I don’t believe I need any miracles. Need to find a WR perhaps along the way. And I’m gobbling up all Watson i can find at end of 6th.
  8. From the 1: QB: Watson (6), Winston (18), Manning (20) RB: Bell (1), Freeman (2), McKinnon (3), Riddick (11), Ekeler (15) WR: Crowder (7), Woods (8), Goodwin (9), Lee (10), Lockett (12), Enunwa (17), Cole (19) TE: Graham (4), Engram (5), Hurst (13) K: Gostkowski (16) D: Minn (14)
  9. You liking the rookie rbs at all this year? Haha. Looks solid Zeke. TE’s are pretty gross but enough firepower elsewhere to make up for it. If Martavis escapes a suspension, that WR core will be hard to beat. Picking the right flexes every week will be a challenge. Good luck.
  10. Nah Scientist. Don’t see much value there. Hunt falling to 12 was nice tho. Was sitting on this gem for a bit. A Gildz special here. May not draft another one after this. Eh what am I saying, of course I will. From the 7: QB: Watson (6), Manning (19) RB: Gordon (2), Ronald Jones (5), Jamal Will (8), Martin (12), Breida (13), Barber (14) WR: A Brown (1), Baldwin (3), Theilen (4), Hurns (11), Martavis (15), Godwin (18), Westbrook (20) TE: Burton (7), Njoku (9), Hurst (10) K: Tucker (16) Def: Den (17)
  11. Its solid. Arod/Bell/ and that WR core will be more then enough to contend. Could have been special tho. That Jordy pick just sticks out like a sore thumb. You had 3 legit WR’s, top QB and the duo of backs there. No need to take Jordy who looks washed up anyways. I barely wanted him in rd 10 let alone the 7th. You probably had Burton/Kittle sitting there ripe for the taking back in May. Team would look monster if u had either starting for u. Watson is 48 years old and Hurst will be the guy to own in BMore. Good team. Could have been even better.
  12. i like the Chubb pick.
  13. Yea don’t agree with alot you said there. You’re drafting a lot of these guys hoping they perform to levels they haven’t performed to yet. Regarding DJ, he also rushed for 1,200+ and 16 tds that yr. Dont believe the ancient statue of Carson Palmer was the reason he went bonkers. He caught 80 balls because he’s a ridiculously good receiver. Zeke has 26 and 32 rec’s in his 2 yrs. I think he’ll catch more this year for sure but still a wide gap from Bell/DJ. They’re virtual locks for 70+ rec’s if healthy. Cowboys being better on offense? How could you even make that case? Allen Hurns is the best receiver on the team. No Dez, no Witten and a lesser Oline then they had last year. Where are they better? Also Dak was really exposed last year. I see defenses loading that box every game and making Dak throw the ball. Something he’s shown he cannot do consistently.
  14. Don’t really like this team all that much. Zeke at 2 over Bell/Gurley/DJ seems like a stretch. Unless Zeke’s catching 60-70 balls which we haven’t seen him do yet. I actually prefer Barkley to Zeke even. McKinnon in 2? You’re paying for the upside here. Like his skills and situation is great, he’s just not the most durable back to rely on. I love him in the back of 3rd/4th rd. Which means I won’t be owning him this year. Don’t like the WR’s at all. Davis won’t be good enough consistently to warrant that pick. Volume just won’t be there. Benjamin is on a crap offense and never has been a volume guy. Don’t expect that to change on a run first team. Don’t see much value anywhere else really. Good luck tho.
  15. Another one from the 8: QB: Rodgers (5), Goff (17) RB: Barkley (1), Howard (3), Drake (4), A Jones (7), McGuire (19) WR: Thomas (2), Kupp (8), Goodwin (9), Nelson (10), Ridley (12), Kirk (14), Enunwa (15) TE: Rudolph (6), Brate (11), Clay (13), Gathers (18) D: Phi (16) K: Prater (20)