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  1. The higher buy-ins I believe are 14. The leagues I’m referring to here is the Online Championship (12 teamers). Their equivalent to the FBG tourney. Interesting format. No playoffs. 13 week reg season. 1 and 2 seeds win the $ with automatic entry into their “Champ rds”. Prefer the playoff format in the FFPC. But your chances at the big $ over there in NFFC are greater.
  2. Mid season pulse check for da Gildz. Currently in playoffs in 7/11 teams. Including the 2 mains. But not a single 1 seed amongst those 7. Wild. Of the remaining 4: 2 are squadoosh, 2 others have a chance. NFFC straight beasting. 3/3. 1 seeds and most total pts in all 3. Wish the season ended after this week. #prayforhealth -WonTime!
  3. Dude you’re at 139. That’s sitting right around 150? Lol. Your other team is toast. If you’re gonna be transparent, be transparent.
  4. 150 a week and 4-2 is pretty solid for a baseline. I’m getting royally screwed by the schedule gods this year. Just lost my main putting up 170+. Meh. Good thing is I’m putting up solid pts in most places. My Saquon teams unfortunately look toast. My CMC team better get in. That team looks fierce. Be nice also if Kamara turned into the beast we all expected. He’s been pretty disappointing all things considered. Oh yea and that Hopkins guy also. Hey DHop what the hell is going on over there ??? 1 thing looks certain, zero-RB teams took it on the chin this year. Wow.
  5. What a week! 💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥 👀 Miles ready to take over. Get that shlub Howard out of his way. Welcome back Tyreeeeek!
  6. Yea but the data is skewed towards 1 guy. Went thru top 30 teams and 20 of them have Mccaffrey on them. And it’s 52% of top 200 have the top 3 pick. It’s all CMC man. Barkley hasn’t helped his teams much and Kamara has been good but far from dominant. Gonna have years like this with special backs. He’s 12 ppg over Kamara at the moment. Just insane. Hard to have this guy on your team and not be good. Still have faith in Miles. Just gonna be longer then expected.
  7. Assuming u mean getting CMC is a crazy advantage? I’ll agree there. Has the same feel of those early years of Tomlinson. If not better. What can ya do tho. They’ll never go to an auction format. The other corner did have Cook available to them in 90% of drafts. And I’ll argue the 3/4 turn has been better then the 2/3 one. Having said all that, it’s hard to imagine the winner of this thing not having CMC on the roster. Averaging 32 ppg. Geezus.
  8. Yes very brutal. He’s only averaging 18+ ppg and is RB7 in terms of ppg. Playing in the worst possible scenario thru 4 weeks of play. Definitely will get worse as the team gets better tho. He’s no Tarik Cohen 👍 Lefty who is that great at the top of the draft outside of CMC? Then the bottom 2nd/ top 3rd has a bunch of landmines also. My worst team right now out of 11 went Saquon/Evans/Kittle. Probably my favorite start of all. Haha
  9. Pulse check. Someone check on Scientist. Crazy week. Lot of pts scored. Not a lot of W’s tho. Gonna be 2 and 4 seed hunting. Schedule gods have been especially brutal this year. Both mains look like contenders. Be nice if Miles Sanders became a thing at some point. May have whiffed on that one. -Won Time!
  10. Bizarro-world fantasy week. It was all monster lineups or complete duds. Never seen a week quite like this one. The zero RB crowd took it on the chin this week. Has to be worst “elite WR” week of all time. Julio / Odell / D Hop / Allen / Theilen / Amari. Not a single one in double digits. A lot of blood shed in week 4..Have a feeling we won’t hear from Scientist until next August. Stay with us man!
  11. Scary Terry....noooooooooo #Scientistmush
  12. Welp Jordan Howard straight ruining Miles Sanders. Catching screens just to twist the knife.
  13. If 100% didn’t = 2 teams, then yes. Get Danny Dimes on those 2 tonight and get Miles into your lineups this week. I’m gonna get you over that 150! 👈 💥 👍
  14. It’s all public man. Just click on the teams. Went after him everywhere. I’m just pissed I didn’t get him on the other 4.