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  1. You can’t really be that upset over Henry. Come on. The guy didn’t rush for 60 yds in any game this season. Not to mention he’s a complete 0 in the passing game. 2 rec’s is his max all year. The guy averaged 8 ppg for crying out loud. Anyone who started Henry was basically forced to due to injuries and wanted to puke entering him into their lineups prior to Thurs nite. It sucks seeing that on your bench but it’s no different then any other scrub on your bench going off. Now when u plug him in for next week and he goes 12-33 with no score, then it will really sting GL
  2. Anyone see Kamara’s 1 total yard in first half? How did he look? thx
  3. Derrick Henry?!! Completely worthless all year only to blowup week 14 of course. Against JAX of all teams. Can’
  4. Probably should have remembered there’s a toilet bowl in this thing. Have a team that would be 4th OA with Barkley/McCaffrey/Chubb/Lindsay. Only I left 2 dead spots in the lineup last 2 weeks. Including the QB with Chubb on bench. Sick Toilet bowl brag. Probably threw away 1500. Why couldn’t this team find its way into a crappy league?
  5. Here’s my best chance: QB: Cousins, Jackson, Prescott RB: Kamara, Lindsay, Ware, Lewis, Penny, Mcguire WR: Hill, Gordon, Golloday, Shepard TE: Burton/Higbee Def: New Eng/Buff K: Elliot/Gould Lost AJ Green as well. Would have made this one really potent. Hoping Gordon saved his monsters for the champ rds.
  6. This is just the 1st of his moves. They’ll upgrade at C. Could make a move for a 1b and/or OF. Or once Alonso is up for good, McNeil goes to 3b. Also will add more pen help. Brody is all in with this team. Could see Wheeler being dealt for an OF also.
  7. It’s a great deal for the Mets. They’re in win now mode. Championship level staff, build around it. Locking up arguably best closer in game at 24 years old for 4 years? Anyone who thinks this is a bad deal for the Mets is just lost. Were prime years Kimbrel and Kenley Jansen worth a teams’ top prospect? Of course they were. Worth more even. Brody believes Diaz is that guy now. He’s worth 4-5 W’s on his own No brainer.
  8. Pretty rough year for da Gildz. At least results wise. Had a bunch of ~ 145 pt teams that all missed. Usually you get a couple of those slip in. Just was in really tough leagues this year. Couple Bell teams mixed in just to salt the wound. 2 teams in. 1 looks like a legit contender to me. The other is solid but not sure it has the juice to contend. Plugged in a bye last night to drop out of 3 slot. (Had 4 locked up). The 2 seed has Conner/Zeke/Mixon. Yikes. Wanted to avoid that. Will probably backfire like my fantasy season this year. GL to all and happy holidays.
  9. Nothing sweeter then watching your teams out of contention putting up 220+. Big Len welcome back! About 7 weeks too late. A main team with Watson/Fournette/A Jones/Thielen/Thomas and will be watching from the sidelines. ?
  10. Well that was a horrendous week. Season likely ended for a bunch of teams. Main team plummeted fast. 3-0 to 3-4. Yikes. Thomas and Theilen going to waste surrounded by trash/injured guys. Special thanks to Bell/Fournette/Freeman/ and Howard for destroying 1/2 my teams. Down to a couple gems now only. Which also happen to be in 2 of my toughest leagues. When it rains..
  11. It’s 3 games. He’s never going to get enough volume to be a consistent producer. With a healthy Gordon, he’s getting 10 touches/game and never sniffing the GL. Starting a 10-touch rb is pretty dicey imo. Gordon goes down, all bets are off.
  12. Ekeler has 11 targets in 3 games. I like him and own him. But he’s not winning anyone leagues this year. Barring a Gordon injury. Appears to be a Gio/Mixon type situation. Similar size, usage , skills etc Gordon I think comes thru when it matters. I wanted 1/2 a season + champ rds out of him. I think he’ll provide it
  13. Wouldn’t call Gordon/Edelman oops picks. Nothing has changed with Edelman. And frankly, as a Gordon owner, what’s not to like. Sure he’s given you nothing for 3 weeks. But he’s now in probably the best situation possible. And by all accounts should be a big factor moving fwd. I drafted him with the uncertainty he even shows up to camp. Would u prefer the slouch Amari Cooper who’s chit the bed for 2 of 3 weeks? With Ekeler, not sure I see what you guys see. He’s a fine bye week filler. But unless Gordon goes down, he’s still just a 10-12 ppg guy. At best.
  14. Kamara is just absurd. He and Thomas both. Only plus is there aren’t many Kamara/Thomas combos. Only 1 league of mine even had that option available. Fellow owner Zeke here. Passed on Thomas for Mixon. Could still work out in the end. Loving Thomas wow. He and Theilen carrying my main team. Now if Fournette would actually come back and play, I’ll be cooking with some gas.