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  1. GL man. Sitting 8th OA in FBG at the moment. No one left tho. May hang onto top 10 we’ll see. Best of luck in champ rds. By the way they should be upping these regular season finishes. 1st overall of 10,800 teams gets 3k? Come on now. That’s harder to do then any 3-week sprint.
  2. Coooooots! Message me on here and I can give u my details. Don’t think u can transfer funds on the site can u? Lost the auto bid on that Carr pick to end the game. Can’t make it up.
  3. Welcome back! Hope everyone is safe and well. Early start to the FBG this season. Probably will be drafting more teams then ever before...Here’s the 1st: From the 3: QB: Brady (13), Burrow (16) RB: Zeke (1), J Taylor (4), Swift (5), Henderson (9), Armstead (11), Benjamin (17) WR: Julio (2), Evans (3), Boyd (6), Edelman (8), Mike Will (10), Claypool (18), Duvernay (19) TE: Fant (7), Howard (12), Olsen (14) K: Butker (15) Def: TB (20)
  4. Hi Limpy!

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      Limp Ditka

      Gildo! buddy! How about them Bravos?

  5. Take a break....please.  

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      Da Gildz

      Hahaha you even saw this.  Take a break also.  I guess when cheering for a crap baseball team, it makes u want to stay on fantasy boards all night long.  L.