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  1. More likely in two weeks when they all get the rona.
  2. Ghostbusters and the Karate Kid are in the top 5 movies of all time.
  3. The Karate Kid is one of the best endings in cinematic history. WTF? “Put him in a body bag!!!!!”
  4. True story, in high school English class, we had to write a poem about how Romeo/Juliette were feeling before the suicide in Romeo and Juliette. I submitted the lyrics to Fade to Black verbatim and got an A.
  5. People are so stupid. Wife and I took a scenic drive down highway 1 south of San Francisco. Stayed in our car the whole time because we aren’t dumb. When we got to the beach areas, it looked like it does over a 4th of July weekend. Packed with idiots. Maybe only a third had masks. Nobody 6 feet apart. All of the parking lots are closed so people were parking along the road near very clearly visible No Parking signs. It did bring a smile to my face to see the army of cops giving all of these morons parking tickets. There is so going to be a resurgence of this thing. My fear is that pressure to keep things open will win out this time and instead of a second round of SIP, the spikes in deaths will just be an acceptable reality.
  6. Creepy movie. One of the better mockumentary style found footage movies out there.
  7. Yeah it’s supposed to get to 87 here by Tuesday. I already feel hot. Ready for winter already.
  8. Making the world rotate backwards to go back in time in Superman.
  9. In California here. It normally would have opened May 1, but they said it is opening June 1 now which is when the current shelter in place expires. No idea if they’ll expand the SIP after May but I assume if they do, it will be delayed further.
  10. Safari Found footage of a group of Americans on a safari in South Africa who obviously didn't check out their tour guides on tripadvisor and they they get stranded. Has some pretty tense moments. The threat here comes from the wildlife and they did a good job showing this on a limited budget. Found footage aspect makes it seem much more real in this case. Solid found footage entry.
  11. Had one after Labor Day last year. Shelter-in-Place diet is doing my colon no favors.
  12. I have a dental cleaning on May 18. I just got the text to confirm it. I thought for sure they wouldn't be doing these right now. Cancelling is a no-brainer, right?
  13. Once you get to page four and five of this list, it starts to get very obscure, as in, "this was a video some guy uploaded to youtube and I'm counting it as a found footage movie" type of obscure. On the first page, #83 Hangman is a good one one and relatively obscure.
  14. Yeah, I agree with this review of that movie. V/H/S is still the king of found footage anthologies.
  15. My quarantine thing has been to go through the list linked below of supposedly every found footage movie (it's definitely not comprehensive) and fill in any I haven't seen which is about 50 movies. I've added them to my watchlist. There's another 20 or so that I cant find streaming anywhere. So far, nothing great to share.