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  1. Shouldn't take until 2024 to get back to the moon. Just have to dust off the set, hire some new cameramen, etc. Maybe this time the special effects can be improved.
  2. I mean, if this really were to happen and hundreds of thousands of people showed up, the military wouldn't just mow them all down, would they? That would go down as one of the world's worst atrocities a government did against its people.
  3. Why couldnt they just use the bathroom down the hall from the recording studio?
  4. Cool summers Awesome Food Affordable Housing Low Crime Proximity to a major international airport Not the South
  5. I love the SF Bay Area and in terms of geography and weather I feel its the best in the nation, but the realization that my wife and I will likely never be able to own a home here is having us looking at moving. We absolutely love Portland and if my current job ever had an opening there we would probably move in a heartbeat. Rain doesn't bother us at all and we're used to homeless people, being from SF. But there's also the fact that a lot of people in Portland hate California transplants.
  6. Can we still use the terms "pwn" and "pwn3d"?
  7. "Hello and welcome to Moviefone. If you know the name of the movie you'd like to see, press one."
  8. The French get way more vacation time than we do and take more vacations than we do. That's something I'd like to see carry over here.