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  1. I like everything about the upset except for the fact that its in Nova's backyard and St. Mary's has far to travel.
  2. The one two and three seeds this year are the best in the kenpom era overall. A lot of analysts are saying their final 4 is pretty chalky as a result.
  3. They played Duke and beat them in non conference. Duke was at full strength including Zion. Gonzaga was missing their leading scorer from 2018. He is now healthy. I’ll let you decide how they match up based on that.
  4. It’s been proven that historically, playing in tight competitive games has no correlation to tournament success. That’s not the only part of your post that is completely wrong but we’ll start there.
  5. They got seeded where they are because of their competitiveness with top teams this year in their non-con, and as you put it, the pummeling of the WCC. Gonzaga doesn't pummel the WCC every year like they did this year. It was something crazy like a 27 point margin of victory average over the entire regular season conference play. There's usually some level of competition when they go on the road or against St. Marys/BYU. This year there wasn't any with the exception of the egg dropped in the conference tourney. Last year they were 32-5 and got a 4 seed, which was pretty accurate. 2016 they were 28-8 and got an 11.
  6. Yup, so all these teams can do is schedule a tough non-con which Gonzaga does, and pass the eye test, which Gonzaga does. Spouting the usual tropes about the WCC and Gonzaga's SoS and basing your conclusion on that is lazy analysis.
  7. Gonzaga's in a lose-lose with most people. Lose one game in conference and it's all anyone focuses on. Win out, and the narrative is how bad the WCC is. They don't get seen a lot because of playing on the west coast so no one can really do the eye test.
  8. Wow, the committee really used performance metrics in seeding this year. Last year, was the first year the actual seeding was somewhat close to the kenpom expected seed and this year it's even closer. Not many over or under seeded teams. LSU, Marquette, and ASU are a bit overseeded. Wisconsin, Auburn, Florida, and St. Mary's are a bit underseeded. The 1, 2 and 3 seeds are the strongest they've been in the kenpom era overall. 8,9 and 10 seeds are slightly below average. All seeds other than these that tend to hover around the yearly averages.
  9. Thanks, my twitter feed is filled with NCAAB analytics. Come April, it'll need a lift.
  10. If we let flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, and creationists to vote, then there's no reason 16 year olds can't.
  11. No denying that the WCC drags their SoS down. The problem is trying to identify how good they really are in spite of this. It comes down to how much trust you put in the metrics that adjust for SoS. And they all say that the Zags are an elite team this year. Kenpom, Sagarin, Torvik, Haslam, all of them. Cincinnati hovers around 35 in all of these metrics. Louisville 20th. That's the difference and its a huge difference. Also, within conference play, they absolute demolished every team like they never have before including USF and BYU by 30. Top 40 St. Mary's by 48. If they were only as good as a Louisville, I would've expected more close games. But those consistent margins of victory are an indication of an elite team IMO.
  12. The bolded is definitely where we disagree. I think no more than 5-6 losses for this year's team and still in the mix for a high seed with other elite teams. Keep in mind if they played in the ACC there would be no need for them to schedule as tough a non-con as they do.
  13. That article puts it better than I can. It was written about the 2017 team that made the finals , but this year's team is better than that one was. A lot of what you are saying is simply not true. Louisville would be very successful in the WCC, but so would a lot of teams. That doesn't prove anything about how good or overrated Gonzaga is. I don't know how you can look at this year's non-con, as well as their tournament success over the last few years and not think they absolutely belong somewhere in the mix with the top power conference schools. You say you're a stat nerd, but the data doesn't support your opinion here. And I disagree about kenpom. It's a great measure. Along with Vegas lines, efficiency data has proven to be the best predictor we have. Sheik, you're a great poster who I respect, but you're wrong here.
  14. Team A is ranked 2nd in kenpom. Team B is ranked 82nd.