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  1. Yaddle definitely got to play with Yoda's lightsaber. I think the baby's name should be Yodel, son of Yoda and Yaddle.
  2. Office potlucks. Why yes, I would love a combination plate of cheese enchiladas, fruit jello mold, Costco croissants, and crockpot hot dog and beans.
  3. The baby Yoda is 50 years old. Yoda was alive and well when this baby was conceived.
  4. Can't wait for the thread 6 months from now: "Dognerds, my hybrid labracockerdoberdoodle is acting up and biting my kids. Tell me how to get rid of it."
  5. Vader needed his mask to breath. Kylo really didn't have a reason other than him wanting to be more like his idol, Darth Vader. I loved it when Snoke called him out on it.
  6. This is the only way I know of to get a dog. I don't go so far as to demonize breeders (except for some breeds), but there are so many great dogs that need rescuing, it doesn't make sense to me outside of extreme circumstances to go to a breeder.
  7. Jawas are awesome and that second episode was great. At this point I'd be totally ok with Abrams scrapping what he has for Episode 9, and just have Baby Yoda come in out of nowhere and save the day. Favreau seems to be totally in tune with what a Star Wars movie/series should look and feel like. Give him a trilogy please.
  8. Top 10 celebrities that I have slept with 1. Kris Kristofferson 2. Lena Dunham 3. Justin Timberlake 4. Marilyn Monroe 5. Miley Cyrus 6. Halle Berry 7. Amy Adams 8. Rita Ora 9. Kendrick Lamar 10. Halle Berry I am a very lucky guy. I've had sex with a ton of celebrities. Most have never been accused of rape. I hope to make a difference. My goal is to have sex with more celebrities than I did in this blog post. You can bet I am going to find some more celebrity sex stories. If you have any celebrity sex stories please leave them in the comments below.
  9. Rolling the dice with Kyle Allen vs. Atlanta in cash. Not too many RBs I like which pretty much cements CMC in my lineup. Also have Jacobs and Brian Hill in flex. For WR: DJ Moore has a great floor for that price. Having 3 Carolina players worries me a bit, but Vegas sees a super high point total here. Mohammed Sanu played 100% of snaps last game after only two weeks on the team and he had the Bye week to build more chemistry with Brady. I keep waffling between Marquise Brown/Deebo for the third WR. Waller at TE is a no brainer. Kittle is hurt, can't squeeze in Andrews, Hooper is hurt, Ertz will get shut down by NE. Cook wouldn't be a bad option either. Washington D at home vs. the Jets and their 31st ranked pass protection unit.
  10. Top 10 Fads of 2020: 1. Body Paint 2. Ventriloquism 3. Tissue Paper 4. Permanent Makeup 5. Hair Dryers 6. Cameras in bathrooms 7. Ceramic Tile 8. Laser Hair Removal 9. Fashion Stains 10. Sculpture with 3D Printing
  11. My best joke: Otis and shuke walk into a bar. Otis says "I want a beer!" The bartender says "A beer, sir, a beer" and Otis says "Why don't you just pour yourself one?" and shuke says "Well, I'd rather not drink one, but you might as well pour it into me."
  12. Boring afternoon at work. Bert: Ernie, I have to confess; I'm gay. Ernie: My wiener is too small for me! Ernie: You're too short for me, too! Ernie: I'm too old for you! Ernie: I'm too old for you! Ernie: I'm too fat for you! Ernie: You're too young for me! Ernie: Your wiener is too small for me! Ernie: It's too small for me! Ernie: I don't even need my own body to be happy! Ernie: It's too small for me! Ernie: I don't want anyone's body! Ernie: It's too small for me! Ernie: It's too small for me! Ernie: It's too small for me!
  13. Then let's get better at identifying the best baggage handlers.