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  1. Looking at another forum, people are saying that since the death rate is so heavily skewed towards the elderly, the effect on the economy long term will be beneficial because of the quick transfer of wealth from the aging boomers to the younger generations without the years of expensive health care they would normally have to provide their parents. Pretty grim.
  2. So if I take the field to win the tourney and then there is no tourney because 80% of the population is a zombie, does that bet pay out? Are the Las Vegas sportsbooks considered essential services that will stay open?
  3. This isn’t going to mess with the NCAA tournament is it? If this does start to really mess stuff up here, what is the timeframe? I’ve been hearing “the next couple weeks” since mid January.
  4. People who use their fingers to whistle trying to get someone's attention. Thanks for the heart attack, jackass.
  5. Well, the whole reason Gosh sent this virus down from the heavens is because of people taking his good name in vain.
  6. I met Ronnie Lott once as a kid. My mom took me to an autograph signing. When we got to the front of the line, he started flirting heavily with my mom. It didn't go anywhere because my mom was too shy and it was too close to when my dad had passed. But I ended up getting an awesome personalized autograph (other kids just got his name on the photo). I still give my mom crap for not making Ronnie Lott my stepdad.
  7. There's a difference between a vacation and a trip. Disney is almost always a trip. You need the vacation after it's over.
  8. People showing up to work sick is going to continue until we change the work culture in this country. Right now, time spent physically in the office is equated with hard work which is complete nonsense. I'm at work only 7-7.5 hours a day and work circles around people who have to stay late because they are either terrible at time management or BS half the day with other people in the office. Then they get congratulated for putting in so many hours.
  9. I sold potato salad to Joe Morgan once. Fred Biletnikoff knows me by name.
  10. Gonzaga, San Diego State, Baylor, and Louisville are the only top 16 seeded teams to match the criteria for past NCAA champions since 2002. - Top 25 Ken Pom Ranking, 4 seed or better, - Top 25 Ken Pom offense ranking, - Top 40 Ken Pom defense ranking, - Win regular season or conference tournament. Only 2014 UConn has broken this in the last 17 years.