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  1. All that needs to happen now is for AB to say he's going back to college and will be playing basketball for Duke University.
  2. I read the thread title and thought this could be the best Friday thread ever. Very disappointed here.
  3. KC/BAL is going to have terrible weather. Heavy rain/storms. Winds don't look too bad but it is going to be wet.
  4. I dunno. How high is the ceiling of a 36 year old running back on the Bills? I want high ceiling guys on my GPP teams. I did take Gore in cash because I see his floor being relatively high for his price.
  5. Leave a note but oh darnit the phone number I left was one digit off. How could that happen?
  6. I think David Johnson is a good pivot off the more chalk RBs. ARI vs Green Bay is a matchup of the number 1 and 2 paced teams, meaning more volume for everyone. CAR's run D and Pass D vs. RBs has been lousy.
  7. I could never go to one of these. Either the people would be attrocious looking and I'd want to leave or there would be a few attractive people and I would want to leave because I'd be embarassed walking around with a boner. And if my boner accidentally brushed or touched someone I'd get sued for assualt.
  8. I don't like pickles in that I could never just eat one or want them in a sandwich. However, I do like the taste of a sandwich or burger that has had pickles in them. So I always order with pickles and take them out.
  9. I don't know if that's true but all I know is I wish my job title was Taco Editor.
  10. Thought about it but there is such value at ultra cheap WRs this week I haven't had to. I have team iterations that have Zeke and CMc and either Mahomes or Jackson.
  11. I think either Dallas or New England D will be worth paying up for. Just set it and forget it.
  12. This seemed like an easy week for cash games. I never even did any real research on defense. Just rolled with NE. I wonder if the "load up on whoever is playing Miami" strategy will work going forward. Anything else just seems like overthinking.
  13. Pretty happy with my team despite losing Tyreek Hill for the immediate future. Carson Wentz $19 34.15 Lamar Jackson $12 46.80 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nick Chubb $25 10.00 Chris Carson $18 23.10 Duke Johnson $9 11.00 Matt Breida $9 3.70 Devin Singletary $8 12.30 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tyreek Hill $31 4.10 Tyler Lockett $19 11.40 Curtis Samuel $12 6.20 Larry Fitzgerald $12 25.30 DeSean Jackson $11 35.40 Michael Gallup $10 22.80 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- George Kittle $25 17.40 Mark Andrews $9 28.80 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brandon McManus $4 10.90 Steve Hauschka $3 6.30 Austin Seibert $3 1.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dallas Cowboys $5 5.00 Cincinnati Bengals $3 6.00 New York Jets $3 15.00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL 237.80