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  1. Starting TRich over Mark Ingram is tempting. Benching Alfred Morris. Starting Gio.
  2. He has been on the rehab field. Which means they are probably at least hoping to have him back. As others said, I doubt they would use one of their roster spots on a guy they know is not coming back this season.
  3. I haven't commented yet. I'm trying to contain my excitement about Ingram.
  4. Every single thread on the board is pretty much a WDIS-fest. Remember when this place was actually moderated? Two more weeks and the riffraff will clear out for six months. It's the fantasy playoffs. People care about his value this week (redraft), not just in "dynasty".Yeah, if you want to talk redraft value and look at snap counts, targets, etc. -- zero problem. I really don't give one single #### about who you're starting this week, though, and neither does anyone else. And that's about 90% of everything on this board lately. It's awful. Green was probably a recent pickup in redraft leagues, right? So then the issue becomes do you put him in over other guys and roll the dice. And who would you consider putting him in over? Sorry if you board police don't like it but who he is being started over in the next three weeks is directly related to his value in redraft. Why don't you just ignore those posts instead of complaining about them? There are a lot worse tendencies in the shark pool than offering comparison of what kind of decisions you are facing and what you are doing with them in the fantasy playoffs.
  5. Every single thread on the board is pretty much a WDIS-fest. Remember when this place was actually moderated? Two more weeks and the riffraff will clear out for six months. It's the fantasy playoffs. People care about his value this week (redraft), not just in "dynasty".
  6. I grabbed Holmes this week. I'm in a start 3 WR/TE league (no mandatory TE). I'm on bye this week so I have the luxury of waiting and seeing on Holmes. But he does strike me as possibly the type of guy who could make a splash for a team like mine. My WR3 position has been a bit of a hole this year. Right now I have a bunch of possible plug-ins. I'm looking at Bowe, D. Baldwin, Holmes, L. Green, G. Olsen, and C. Fleener. I'm leaning towards pairing Baldwin with Russell Wilson, but if Holmes makes some noise again this week I may take a flyer on him for weeks 15 and 16. I know no one cares about my team. The point being, Holmes could be one of those players who makes an impact for a couple weeks at the right time for certain teams.
  7. If you aren't in the playoffs it certainly is. Better luck next year. I don't see how anyone will be able to plug Harvin in at this point. There is a laundry list of guys I'd rather roll out who could have been picked up in the last couple of weeks. Harvin probably won't be fantasy relevant, but he may still make an impact in the NFL playoffs. Then again, you have to at least recognize the possibility that there are complications and he won't be able to be a difference maker even then.
  8. The upside is, Seattle is going to pull out all the stops to win home field advantage, its huge for them. This game against NO is huge since its also the tie-breaker. So yeah, everybody ought to cheer for the Saints. To be fair the game is far more important to the Saints. Hawks are a better road team than the saints, they also hold a larger lead within their own division. This is a must win for the Saints. It is a game they want to win it is not a must win. Spoken clearly like a Seahawk fan. Carolina breathin down your neck should make you nervous. They play the Panthers twice in the next 4 weeks, the Saints is hardly a must win. Sounds like someone is already setting up excuses. It might be a must win. We won't know for sure until the end of the season. But the Saints could easily look back at this game as being the difference. Yes, they'll probably make the playoffs if they lose. But they may not play any playoff games at home. You seem to be discounting Carolina as a legitimate threat to beat NO once or even twice.
  9. Baldwin over Nicks this week? That is my dilemna. Royal as an outside consideration. (WR3).
  10. If you can get one of those receivers, then yes you have to consider it. I don't see those offers. I am not surprised you aren't seeing these offers proactively. My point is that after this week, VJAX owners may want to make those offers and see how other guys value him. In non-ppr, I would not trade Jackson for any of those guys. Jackson was not just a true WR1 last year, he was a stud. He has that potential. Scenarios: Vjax is nothing more than a flex/bye player going forward: 0% unless he gets hurt WR3: 20% WR2: 60% WR1: 20%
  11. general consensus in here is they have an elite talent in Wilson and are not using him enough Definitely not the consensus, or even general consensus. Only the consensus of delusional David Wilson owners. He can't even get more than 3.5 YPC during garbage time when defenses are in the prevent. He can't break tackles, can't hold onto the football, and can't pass protect. They're probably using him too much. I would concur, it is definitely not a consensus. But for some reason the majority of people here thought Wilson was an "elite talent" despite reality. No offense but this is a 79 page thread about a guy who couldn't beat out Andre Brown and is only starting due to injury. Psssst. Wilson was the starter before Brown went down. Brown was going to be third down and goal line. Also, I hardly think the book is written yet on David Wilson. This season got derailed for him because of his two fumbles in week one. Not true, they were listed as co starters, and Wilson was returning kicks. But if you want to split hairs, you got me, Wilson is a elite running back who can't get short yardage, is a liability on passing plays who was the starter because he had one percent more of a time share than the stud Andre Brown who's coach thought the best way to utilize him was on kick returns. I am shocked he can't handle the full load. Oh look, another person who has absolutely not idea what they're talking about. Umm, no? There were news reports about Wilson begging the coaches to be on Kick Return duty still and the coaching staff was telling him no. He also didn't field any KR's during the entire preseason. You mean no reports like this one five days before Andre Browns injury where he is listed as the number one kick returner and Coughlin states that he will pick and choose when to utilize Wilson on kick returns and the special teams coach Quinn said ""That’s all up to the powers that be," Quinn said. "Everyone realizes he is a weapon. If the time and the place is right, then I think we’ll put him in after we consult with everyone." Brown's injury changed the dynamic. Wilson was not intended to be the full time back this year but had to be pressed into service. That is why after Brown got hurt he was no longer in the special teams discussion. It is outlandish to think that a team might use the leading kick returner from the past year, who is listed as their #1 kick returner, when the head and special teams coaches say they will use him on kick returns. People are shocked that he is failing and providing a litany of excuses. My explanation is he is not very good or has not acclimated to the pro game yet or he would have won the starting job outright and not been a part of the special teams strategy. My theory certainly holds more water than "this guy is great and the coach is holding him back" nonsense. It's just willful ignorance to think that the team situation isn't preventing him from having greater success. Have you watched any of his games? There are defenders in the backfield on every running play. The offensive line has been terrible. No NFL running back would be succeeding behind that run blocking. It isn't helping that the coaches are telegraphing their moves. The fact is Kevin Gilbride has not come up with one creative way to give Wilson a chance to make a play in space.
  12. You and many others in this thread have tunnel vision. You only see things in terms of fantasy football production. He has actually shown an incredible flash several times. He is 21 years old in his 2nd season. The jury is still out, people.
  13. Hopefully you hit on one of your later RBs who you can start until Wilson shows something. What exactly are you suggesting? Wilson should be dropped? Traded? Dropping him should only be done in shallow leagues and you may be kicking yourself later (you may not). In my opinion he is a hold because you are not going to get much for him anyway - why sell for pennies on the dollar? Just hold your investment and hope it matures. Wilson's career is just starting. He still has a lot of time to develop as a football player. His season is only 1/4 through. How many times do we need to see teams turn things around in the NFL until we start to get it? Will he ever be a Jamaal Charles? Probably not. Jamaal Charles is an incredible football player. But that remains to be seen. Football is a team game and right now Wilson's team situation isn't going to be helping him excel. Maybe in the future things will look brighter.
  14. I wouldn't be so sure on that one to be honest... Scott blew multiple pass blocking assignments last weekend. Which is what led to Wilson being out there more in the late game when they were down by a considerable margin. Coughlin and Gilbride won't miss that when they go into the film room this week. And from what we've seen Wilson has seen vast improvements in his protection. Wilson had 25 snaps to Scott's 21 and Jacob's 7. I wouldn't be surprised if that looks more like 35, 11, 7 this weekend regardless of the score and situation in the game. You've obviously seen far more of NY than I have this year, and generally seem to know what you're talking about, but IMO you're not looking at Wilson or the Giants realistically at all. 44 yards with .33 TDs a game at 2.7 YPC is something I'd want zero part of, even if Wilson was a lock to play close to 100% of the snaps. I feel your pain as a Steelers' homer -- but I'm not going to pencil in any of their RBs as a FF starter anytime soon either. Bad o-line play is a stone cold RB killer. Do the Giants end the year with 700 total rushing yards? I think you know the answer. I wouldn't have any confidence starting Wilson, but things can only get better. This team could still find some rhythm at some point. Not much you could get for Wilson anyway, so why not hold?
  15. I think you and others are missing the point. A lot of us are just observing that the current game plan is not a recipe for success. As scary as it may be to trust Wilson... what are the other options? Without balance on offense this team may only win 4 games. This doesn't have to do with David Wilson saving the Giants. This has to do with them finding a recipe for success - a game plan that gives them a chance. A lot of us believe that Wilson would need to be a part of any such game plan.
  16. but how was he mishandled game 1? he had an absolutely horrendous game and I can't see how anyone would think otherwise. game 2, there may be some argument but the game script was that they were behind in the 2nd half and he's not yet a good pass protector, therefore, he's not going to play. They also don't like him around the goal line for whatever reason and that's why Brown was the GL back and now it appears that Jacobs is. If it's a close game where Eli doesn't have to throw all day I'd expect Wilson to get more carries but at the end of the day right now he's a 2 down back when the game is close or they are ahead (which they haven't been yet). While I can't disagree that Wilson was bad in the first game, I can disagree that the 2nd game was not mishandled. What you ignore is what happened in the first half. They came out running an arena football team offense. They only gave Wilson carries out of the shotgun. Eli is no Aaron Rodgers - he is going to throw a ton of picks if they keep this up. I just think they need to do whatever it takes to establish a running game. Different formations is a start. Committing to running the ball is the second part of the equation. Wilson may fumble, but the other option is to have Eli throwing all day and that will result in turnovers as well. I think the jury is still out on Wilson being a fumbler. He has 3 on his career. He isn't going to learn and get a feel for the pro game, and the offensive line isn't going to get into any rhythm, with the way that this situation is being handled. In my opinion the coaching staff is overreacting quite a bit to what happened in week 1.
  17. A few observations: 1) David Wilson looks great in that video of his rookie season highlights 2) The Giants abandoned the run before the game even started against Denver. They came out lining up in the shotgun on seemingly every play. I didn't check game logs, and I'm not going to, but I estimate 5 or so of Wilson's 7 carries came out of the shotgun. 3) Wilson looked very awkward running the ball against Denver. He is trying too hard not to fumble and is clearly not playing relaxed and natural. In my opinion, the coaches are botching this. This team won't go anywhere if they don't establish a downhill run game threat. Play action passing is non-existent. D-linemen are free to pass rush without concern for the run game. They need to stop ruining David Wilson's talent with these extreme measures to protect the football. Let him play ball. You let Eli Manning chuck four interceptions every game but you won't give David Wilson a shot to contribute to your football team because he turns the ball over? Line it up in the I-formation and give this kid 15+ carries a game, consequences be damned. Support him. Cause what you are doing right now is not working and will not work. They are going the wrong direction.