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  1. Fixed it. 🙂 2nd RB is a tough call but I think the Packers will be huge this week.
  2. I fixed it, sorry. It was Sterling Shepard. I forgot to mention I do have to start ONE WR minimum. So I have to pick one of Moore and Sterling Shepard.
  3. I'd go James White and AP with those 4 choices. White mainly because of the PPR scoring. AP will be force fed the ball a ton and he can always break out a long one. If they Redskins get anywhere near the goal line we know who gets the touches as well. No way do I touch either of those WR's over those 4 RB choices though. Please see mine.................
  4. Definitely. Please see mine...................
  5. This. If Hilton is on the field you gotta play him, wait till noon and decide. I'd roll the dice this week with Lockett over Golladay. Please see mine...............
  6. Id go Ebron but it's definitely very close. Watson is way higher than Mayfield for me mainly because he's a lock for 40+ rushing yards every single game. His running sets him apart. Please see mine.............
  7. AP for sure. In standard scoring for sure AP will outscore him. It may take 25 carries but he'll get 60-80 yards for sure and Ware will be lucky to COMBINE for that against Ravens. Chiefs will use other backs and honestly, I'll think Mahomes sits back and just slowly picks apart that D all day, with very little runs. See mine please?
  8. PPR scoring, 100 yd bonus. Starting Mahomes, Netwon (SFlex), and Ellliot. (Normally Beckham as well) Need a WR from D.J. Moore or Sterling Shepard AND I need TWO now from the following group.......... S. Michel, J. Samuels, J. Jackson, S. Sharpe, D.J. Moore, and Doug Baldwin. I'm currently picking Samuels, D.J. Moore and Sterling Shepard now that Beckham is out. Baldwin is out, and even though Michel could hit 100 yards against Miami he never catches passes and with New England, you just can't be sure he gets all the carries with Burkhead and White around. Samuels simply cause its the Steelers RB and a great matchup seems like a no brainer. And with no Greg Olsen and the Panthers likely in a shoot out with Cleveland, DJ Moore stacked with Cam for me is critical. I picked up Sharpe with the Beckham news and debated him or Justin Jackson. Again, can;t trust Jackson will truly get enough touches to score and/pr hit 100 yards. PPR scoring for WR's is more reliable. 5-6 catches for 50-80 yards is always way better than a main ball carrier with very few receptions in out league. Thanks for any input and leave link, happy to return the favor.
  9. Super Flex PPR league with 100 yd and 300 yd bonuses. Current starters: QB: Mahomes RB: E. Elliot WR: Beckham SFlex: C. Newton TE: Njoku Need TWO from the following group: J. Jackson, J. Samuels, S. Michel, D.J. Moore, C. Davis, D. Baldwin Leaning towards DJ Moore and Justin Jackson. Love Jackson's matchup and predict lots of volume for him, decent chance at 100 yard bonus. Avoiding Corey Davis due to matchup, am worried Samuels will yield to a lot of committee work.
  10. Game is already lost, looking for most upside possible for points scored. I'm leaning towards rolling the dice with Davis since Mariota is playing. Have to assume 10+ targets playing from behind. Thoughts?
  11. PPR scoring, 3 point bonus for 100 yards rush/rec Rest of my team: QB: Mahomes RB: E. Elliot WR: Beckham TE: J. Smith (Njoku on bye) Super Flex: C. Newton Flex1: C. Davis Flex 2: ????????? I'm leaning towards Brown assuming Flacco is out, but with the recent news of Baldwin saying he's "pain free" and the Packers D being decimated with injuries I'm wondering if this is the week Baldwin finally scores and goes for 80+ yards. I also wouldn't mind a dart throw with DJ Moore since I own Cam as well.
  12. I have a bad feeling about about Bell BUT since you have Connor I'd make that offer. Your roster justifies it. Thanks for mine. I don't really want to see Bell either. I can afford to wait a couple weeks.
  13. I should have added..... I'm 3-4 and smack dab in the middle of the pack. I wouldn't say needing "immediate wins"
  14. Super Flex league. Only have to start 1 RB. PPR, bonuses for 100 yards. My normal starters are Mahomes, Newton, L. Murray, Beckham, Evans, John Brown, Njoku Other RBs behind L. Murray are Powell and Bell only. Had Hyde and he got traded. So I dropped him.
  15. 12 team Super Flex league. We start 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR, 1 SFlex, 2 Flex, 1 TE, K, D/ST PPR scoring with 3 pt bonuses for 300 yards passing and 100 yards rushing/receiving. Passing TD's are 5 points. My current starters: Mahomes, C. Newton, Hyde, Beckham, M. Evans, D. Baldwin, Ebron Reserves: L. Bell, Powell, J. Brown, A, Jones, Lockett, Coutee, Njoku QB's are way overvalued obviously in our league. I traded early in the season David Johnson, G. Kittle, and Stafford for Mahomes and Cam Newton. NOW the same guy is offering me David Johnson and Stafford for only Mahomes. My team is 2-4 and right now not gonna make the playoffs. 8 of 12 teams in my league make the playoffs. I'm inclined to say no even though DJ is slowly improving. The downgrade from Mahomes to Stafford is massive to me and Id rather wait out Leveon Bell and see what happens there, tolerate Hyde at RB, and sit with Newton and Mahomes instead. Thoughts?