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  1. Golden tate still on my WW so I'm going to put in a claim for him
  2. What happens when Damien williams is back?
  3. Chargers ruled half their starters our for this game. Think I'm leaning Indy but still TBD
  4. I think that was a good reality check. Not impressed with LaFleur
  5. Taking Dallas for a nice stress free week
  6. what's tate's outlook with daniel jones when tate is back in 2 weeks?
  7. Rodgers isn't getting any younger. What brings the Packers closer to a championship? Improving an already solid looking defense with more depth and talent, or a late 2nd round pick next year? (that's what I've read the asking price is)
  8. 12 team half PPR redraft. Picked 2nd QB - Lamar Jackson RB - Kamara RB - Damien Williams WR - Lockett WR - Tyler Boyd TE - Hunter Henry Flex - Devonta freeman
  9. Regarding the electronic strike zone. It seems all broadcasts show some type of digital strike zone during the game. However, none of them seem to adjust the zone based on the size of the hitter - the zone appears to be the same sized box whether it's altuve or judge at the plate. I saw a note mentioning Manfred said something about "electronic strikes zones were the future" and I started wondering if there would be a 1 size fits all zone or customized for each batter based on size, their stance, etc. On a related note, there was a kid in the LLWS who was trying to draw a walk or something, so he stood at the plate crouched so low his butt was 2 inches off the ground. His head was 2 feet off the ground. Ump still called a regular strike zone as if the batter was standing normally. Was amusing and related to my question above.