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  1. notoriousbill

    The Curse of Oak Island

    Marty Lagina is worth $100M according to a Google search. He sold his energy company for $68M and owns a winery. Rick is worth $2M is a postal worker.
  2. notoriousbill

    Survivor Contests - Currently Week 11

    Going with Carolina by default. Just can’t take Arizona.
  3. notoriousbill

    Ryan & Gurley or Rodgers & adams

    No way I trade Gurley (at least for what was offered)
  4. notoriousbill

    Footballguys powers needed

  5. notoriousbill

    TE Starter PPR - Graham or Rudolph

    Thanks all, love this forum.
  6. notoriousbill

    Steelers or Panthers DST?

    Carolina. As Travdogg says
  7. notoriousbill

    TE Starter PPR - Graham or Rudolph

    PPR, 1 PT/10 YDS RUSH/REC, 6 PTS TD I have Graham in there now. Thinking with Diggs out maybe Rudolph has a shot of outscoring Graham. TIA.
  8. notoriousbill

    The Haunting of Hill House: On Netflix

    On a scale of 1-10, maybe a 5-6. The ending really brought the show down imo. I am not a horror show fan either.
  9. Do not like the Thursday night games. I did like MNF when it was the marquee matchups. I'd like to see them eliminate Thursday and Sunday Night games and make MNF the "flexed" game (I.E. the marquee matchup of the week)
  10. notoriousbill

    I am in TE Hell - Help

    I could waive Chris Ivory (BUF) or Robert Jones (TB). I added Ivory in the event McCoy was hurt and/or traded.... I added Jones due to Barbers injury...
  11. notoriousbill

    Mid 1st in 2020 for Cooper? (Dynasty)

    I would do this.
  12. notoriousbill

    I am in TE Hell - Help

    PPR league. I have Reed and Rudolph. Watson is available. Should I waive one for Watson or just hold tight? I can assure you once I waive one, they will be immediately added since TE is so scarce and they are more name recognition guys... TIA!
  13. notoriousbill

    The Haunting of Hill House: On Netflix

    Just finished it. Ending kinda sucked.... If I had a do-over, I wouldn't have watched it. I just didn't think it was that good.
  14. notoriousbill

    Worst food ever?

    Cottage Cheese is atop my list per a previous post. Also on my list: Liver, Curry, Bell Peppers (Not a huge fan, if mixed in a fajita, maybe a couple. green, red or yellow),
  15. notoriousbill

    Office Pranks...anybody got any?

    Years ago we "re"routed the bathroom vent fan duct into the bosses office vent. He would come out of his office all of the time complaining. We would be in there meeting and the smell would get bad and those of us that knew what the deal was would ask him if he had issues (gas). We never told him before he transferred but the next guy heard through the grapevince and corrected it. It was humorous while it lasted....