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  1. Wasn't there a mole on "Charlotte's" face when she went to see Dolores in her apartment that wasn't there before?
  2. I thought it was really good. Damn Dolores..... Whew
  3. Not sure if anyone has ever had Country Boy Shotgun Wedding. Pretty, pretty good...
  4. Disappointed in ending and show overall. Knowing now what I know now, I would have skipped this mini-series.
  5. Would this help the situation (bolded and underlined) at your current employer? Sounds like it would be a good fit?
  6. From my experience, I went from an airline MRO engineering position where I was responsible for landing gear. We were having issues with leaking seals. The company I reached out to offered a solution that I implemented successfully. I told other colleagues from other airlines about our success with the product which led to me being courted by the seal company. I worked there a little over 3 years. Allot of travel and self-induced stress (meeting quotas, sales numbers, customer visits, etc). It was very easy to get back into the aviation MRO industry as my experience was very desirable in that market. I had multiple offers on the table once I made the decision to look elsewhere outside of the sales realm. Sales had it's perks, and I was successful, but it just wasn't for me. I hope this helps you come to a decision and honestly, I would not have done a thing different. It's all part of the learning curve figuring out your career goals and aspirations. Good luck!
  7. When he tackled that guy, I was cracking up....
  8. Went from Engineering into a sales/tech advisor role and I only lasted 3 years. Went back into engineering.
  9. I like the MDZ, it's my go-to diet soda now.
  10. I just paid my house off and still have all of the mortgage docs from when I bought the house and all refi docs. Are these really needed to be saved?
  11. Where are you located? Earlier this year, in Cincinnati, I75South, a truck spilled Lime all over the highway causing many people to have this stuff on the cars. Couldn't get it off.
  12. Saw in in Dolby digital. I like the movie. Trench warfare was crazy in WWI
  13. Just watched it. I liked it allot. Ending stalled a little but overall I don't think I would have cut anything out